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Fragrances -Etat Libre D'Orange -You or Someone Like You EDP

on 10/9/2017 6:55:00 AM

What a promising opening and disappointing dry down! The opening is a wonderful millage of citrus and mint that explodes off the skin. 2 minutes later it's still beautiful but wears very close with almost no sillage but still maintains that citrus/mint combination. However, just 10 minutes into the dry down all that remains is a very close spearmint note with the citrus barely there. The spearmint is photorealistic, almost like you're smelling the leaf, or also what my SO says is much like your basic toothpaste. 20 minutes in and it's almost gone. Now this is my chemistry that doesn't tend to absorb scents too much but I do have dry skin. I would definitely recommend sampling this before buying as the dry down may be off putting to some. And it may change a lot with different chemistries. If only the citrus stayed a little or the fragrance had better heart notes to bounce off the mint and give it more interest, I would give it a better review. But it may perform great in summer in the heat versus in fall indoors, but again I'd recommend putting out a few dollars to test rather than getting a bottle and having a negative experience. This falls into the "dang it" category.

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Fragrances -Etat Libre D'Orange -Fat Electrician

on 12/1/2016 11:01:00 AM

The names this group comes up with slay me. I see no correlation between the guy who installs cable and a tropical grass.

All that being said, this is a pretty potent vetiver, almost a vetiver soliflor. Dry, somewhat smoky, reedy, and mysterious. And it lasts.

Fragrances -Etat Libre D'Orange -Dangerous Complicity

on 11/22/2016 10:36:00 AM

I keep waiting for the fragrance-name-as-punch-line to rise to the occasion and make me go, "Ha! Nailed it!" ELdO promises big, and delivers small once again.

I do not know what "dangerous complicity" may be evoked by a fragrance that smells like the Bay Rum cologne worn by fathers and uncles of yesteryear. You probably have to be a certain age to have had men in your life who wore Bay Rum. Or, perhaps you were complicit in some religious ceremonies favored in the Caribbean where such a cologne was offered to various deities, along with cigar smoke and libidinal drumming. (But was that dangerous? I cannot say for sure.)

This reminded me of nothing other than those small jute wrapped bottles on the top shelves of metal medicine cabinets, beside the slit into which men dumped dull, used single blades from their safety razors. It does have a bit of animal heft in it to keep it interesting, so maybe this is Uncle Ned's Brooks Brothers shirt, in the hamper, on a hot day, after the commuter train broke down for an hour during the evening commute. A bit more "dangerous" than the juice straight from the bottle, but only if you fear a bit of sweat.

Notes: bay, rum, coconut, lime, flowers, spice and musk.

Fragrances -Etat Libre D'Orange -Fils de Dieu

on 11/18/2016 12:10:00 PM

Notes: Ginger, cardamom, lime, cinnamon, coconut, rose de mai, rice, leather

This is supposed to invoke the sun, and it is a very fiery, spicy fragrance. Cardamon and cinnamon dominate during the first few minutes. The lime comes in to give it a cologne like freshness, and lightens the dense spiciness. This is not sweet.

I loved the cinnamon/cardamom juxtaposed with lime. It reminded me a bit of chai.

However, it does not last at all, and thus I cannot recommend this unless you plan to reapply it several times throughout the day.

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Fragrances -Etat Libre D'Orange -Jasmin et Cigarette

on 11/17/2016 1:36:00 PM


ELdO is having a chuckle at our expense. The company comes up with these wildly outré names and sometimes the juice follows along and does something completely off the wall. But, sometimes it does not. This is one of the latter cases.

This is the third ELdO fragrance I have worn that has a wildly provocative name or concept behind it, and the juice is something almost retro and period piece.

This one is pretty. Most of the time when I smell jasmine, it has an orange peel zing to the opening and a diaper pail ending due to the indolic nature of the flower. On my skin JeC skips the citrus intro, skips the fecal curtain call, and does the middle part of the floral creaminess alone. It seems bolstered by aldehydes, and while there is a smokiness I attribute to vetiver in here, this fragrance does not evoke ashtrays. I am instead reminded of the sexy, grownup aldehydic florals of the late sixties and early seventies, such as Detchema. This is pretty like one of those. It lacks the weighty Art Deco orientalism of Habanita, and is not nearly as smoky.

If you were expecting something humorous or intriguing, you may not get it; at least I did not. If you want something that brings back the complex, pretty florals of the sixties and seventies, you should give this a whirl. It lasts longer than most ELdO fragrances.

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