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Fragrances -Etat Libre D'Orange -Charogne


Well this did take me on quite a journey! Even now I'm unsure whether to sell it on ebay or buy another bottle. The opening is an orange scented furniture polish, albeit an up market one. I sadly don't get any lilies. My main reason for buying it . Or indoles. I was hoping it would be like Lushs' Death and Decay. (Now discontinued) .Or even like Demeters' Funeral Home, which I adore but is so weak. There is an underlying cocoa cola smell, which is not unpleasant. A few moments of pure heaven when a gorgeous white flower aroma emerges. Finally a very warm vanilla, which is more like vanilla bean itself, which I love. You can tell it has been made with expensive ingredients for sure, but I really can't detect the lilies. There is nothing funereal about it, and it does seem like a strange mish mash of elements. Personally , I wish they had just done heavy, indolic lilies. I was going to try The Afternoon Of A Faun, but not sure now. Glad I only paid £50 on ebay for it for 100mls.
Well after wearing this for a week, I have changed my mind. ! It seemed to take this long to find a fit with my skin chemistry. Now I can smell the lilies and indole. Now the notes blend beautifully together. It's a wonderful, haunting , at times unsettling fragrance, and I love it. So glad I have found this perfume house. I have bought The Afternoon Of A Faun, not yet arrived.

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Fragrances -Etat Libre D'Orange -Fat Electrician

on 8/3/2018 7:28:00 PM

A beautifully creamy and sexy vetiver that's tempered with vanilla and opoponax in a way that reads "wet paint" but in a good way! Very cozy and comforting for either gender. I think this one's really special.

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Fragrances -Etat Libre D'Orange -You or Someone Like You EDP

on 7/9/2018 10:25:00 PM

Airy, luminous, and bright. It smells like a grassy mojito and feels perfectly mellow and casual.

Fragrances -Etat Libre D'Orange -Fils de Dieu

on 2/4/2018 9:12:00 AM

I’m a huge fan of Shalimar and this has some compositional similarities with a citrus opening, amber/musk base, and vanilla throughout.

But Fils de Dieu is much more than that. The tangy lime opening is electric and the rice pudding is so creamy and delicious. You also get cardamom and ginger.

This scent is an experience. If you’re new to fragrance and don’t understand why we’re obsessed, give this a shot on one wrist and you’ll understand.

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Fragrances -Etat Libre D'Orange -Dangerous Complicity

on 11/22/2016 10:36:00 AM

I keep waiting for the fragrance-name-as-punch-line to rise to the occasion and make me go, "Ha! Nailed it!" ELdO promises big, and delivers small once again.

I do not know what "dangerous complicity" may be evoked by a fragrance that smells like the Bay Rum cologne worn by fathers and uncles of yesteryear. You probably have to be a certain age to have had men in your life who wore Bay Rum. Or, perhaps you were complicit in some religious ceremonies favored in the Caribbean where such a cologne was offered to various deities, along with cigar smoke and libidinal drumming. (But was that dangerous? I cannot say for sure.)

This reminded me of nothing other than those small jute wrapped bottles on the top shelves of metal medicine cabinets, beside the slit into which men dumped dull, used single blades from their safety razors. It does have a bit of animal heft in it to keep it interesting, so maybe this is Uncle Ned's Brooks Brothers shirt, in the hamper, on a hot day, after the commuter train broke down for an hour during the evening commute. A bit more "dangerous" than the juice straight from the bottle, but only if you fear a bit of sweat.

Notes: bay, rum, coconut, lime, flowers, spice and musk.

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