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The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. is an American manufacturer and marketer of prestige skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care products. The company owns a diverse portfolio of labels, distributed internationally in up-market department stores, and has its headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. (

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Recent Estée Lauder Reviews

Liquid -Estée Lauder -Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup

on 10/19/2018 11:21:00 AM


After all these years I finally tried this famous foundation. I was really disappointed. While it did cover up all of my acne scars and redness and it lasted all day and didn’t transfer at all, it was just way too mask-like no matter how I applied it. I tried applying it with a damp BB and it just did not feel comfortable on my skin and was almost too much coverage. It did not look natural at all. For me, fenty foundation is everything I wanted double wear to be. I will say this transfers less than any foundation I’ve ever tried which is kind of a miracle. But I much prefer fenty’s soft matte finish and seamlessness on my skin to double wear.

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Concealers -Estée Lauder -Perfectionist Youth Infusing Brightening Serum + concealer

on 10/11/2018 7:04:00 PM

I didn’t like this at all. The serum end has sparkly chunks of glitter in it and the concealer end doesn’t conceal and has a greasy texture that just slides around. I used both under my eyes so I don’t know which is the culprit, but one of them settled into my fine lines horribly and made me look 20 years older. And this product is also far too expensive for a concealer that doesn’t work. I’ve been a long-time fan of the cream concealer that comes in the little navy blue circular palette but they’re discontinuing it. I’ll need to find a better replacement

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Fragrances -Estée Lauder -Pleasures

on 10/10/2018 4:29:00 PM


I just adore Pleasures. I’ve consistently kept a bottle in my collection since age 17. I always crave it when Spring arrives. Flowers begin blooming, the birds are chirping, the sun shines again. Spring is the best time of year and I can’t think of a better perfume to celebrate the blossoming of nature than Pleasures. The most prominent note is lily-of-the-valley. It is fresh and floral and clean. Two sprays of Pleasures after a nice shower is just heaven. Pleasures truly is a celebration of all things floral. Apparently, there are notes of cedar, patchouli, and sandalwood included in the base. I get no woods, no patchouli, no amber; to me Pleasures is all about the flowers… Perhaps a little touch of musk. But, really, truly it’s all about the flowers. All flowers, all of them in one fragrance. I just love it.

I get a good amount of longevity from Pleasures. I apply about 4 sprays and can smell it 7 hours later. I get compliments, but mostly from women (I don’t think men are huge floral lovers). Some will not like Pleasures because it is floral. Most of today’s popular perfumes are sweet gourmands (Coco Mademoiselle, LVEB, Flowerbomb, Si, etc) or are citrus fresh (Light Blue, Acqua di Gioia). Fans of those types of scents could find a floral heavy perfume like Pleasures to be dated. Furthermore, ladies and gents that are into spicy scents might find Pleasures a bit boring or linear. Just remember, humans have been adorning themselves with floral scents for thousands of years- nothing about floral is old or dated or boring. But, if Pleasures isn’t your thing, I can totally understand. That just means more for me =)

It’s Autumn in America, which I also love (is there anything better than the months of May and October??!). However, writing this review, I’m wishing we could fast forward to Spring so I can spray some Pleasures onto a light dress, walk into the warmth outside and smell the honeysuckle and jasmine in the air. I guess I’ll enjoy my mums and pumpkin spice for now =)

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Treatments (Face) -Estée Lauder -Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex [REFORMULATED]

on 10/9/2018 3:23:00 PM


Nice enough serum but for the price i just tend to expect more...

Treatments (Face) -Estée Lauder -Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum

on 10/7/2018 7:20:00 AM


This product is full of silicones. The effect is there but honestly at this price point there are so many better products out there. Estee Lauder does not have great serums overall, it is either really good or bad. And my previous experience with two Estee Lauder serums have been bad. If there is one serum youd wana pick up, get the advanced night repair. It is great for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. Just give it a go.

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