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Brows -Essence -Eyebrow pencil

on 4/21/2018 7:21:00 PM


I bought this in 07 dark chocolate while browsing at ulta because of the price and plus I've had some luck with essence stuff in the past. Also it can be sharpened, which is something I prefer in an eyebrow pencil for precision.

The color is right on, it matches my brows perfectly and at first I really liked it other than the cheap little brush on the cap. I just used my own spoolie brush. It went on smooth and was easy to blend, so I thought I had found something great for cheap...that is, until I wore it on a slightly hot day.

I didn't sweat today but it was humid and my skin was oily. My sunglasses smeared this product above my eyebrow so badly that I was embarrassed when I looked in the mirror. Total fail, unfortunately.

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Lip Gloss -Essence -Shine Shine Shine Wet Look Lipgloss

on 4/21/2018 6:11:00 PM


I am a new fan of Essence cosmetics, after being so pleased with my first order, I decided to place another. In my latest Essence order, I picked up one gloss in the shade Happiness in a Bottle, it was a pleasant surprise.

My favorite glosses of all time are the NYX butter glosses, specifically the shades Praline and Tiramisu. I have worn these a lot since discovering them almost 2 years ago. I like the smell, the colors, and especially the feel of them on. They are truly buttery, maybe a tad sticky but liked the butteriness so well that I didn't really give it a second thought.

So why am I looking for another gloss? It's because the butter glosses contain mineral oil. I have used products that contain mineral oil for years without ill effects but going forward would like to limit the use of products with mineral oil which led me to try Happiness in a Bottle.

Well, this rivals the butter glosses in my opinion. First off, Happiness in a Bottle is a very close comparison to the NYX butter gloss in Tiramisu colorwise, HIAB is a hair more pink though. The best part though is that it's less sticky, again the texture of the butter glosses don't bother me but the fact that the Essence gloss was less sticky really jumped out. They also feel nice on and last a bit too. I never found the butter glosses to be long lasting but it wasn't an issue, I would just reapply.

Lastly, these are $2.99 where the butter glosses are $5, which to me is still inexpensive for a nice gloss, but the bottle is larger and it appears to have more product.

The only cons I can think of are the shelf life which is only 12 months, where the butter glosses are 18 months, but really not a big deal at the low price. And I am not wild about the applicator, it's okay but I really like the doe foot applicator of the butter glosses better. When you pull the wand out it pulls out a lot of product which many probably prefer, I prefer the opposite which allows me to have better control of how much I apply. I end up wiping quite a bit back on the tube, which oddly I used to do with the Intense Butter glosses. I like shine but not too much shine. After wearing glosses primarily for a number of years I find myself preferring tinted balms and lipsticks lately, but keeping a gloss or two on hand for when the mood strikes. I do have one lip brush, I may just use that to apply this gloss. Another review mentioned the smell, there is a sweet candy type scent to this gloss but once I put it on I don't notice it.

I give this 5 stars, yes I have a couple cons but it's not related to the product itself. Overall I like it quite well and would definitely pick this up again. I am tempted to try more colors but may just stick with this one for now.

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Lipstick -Essence -Matt Matt Matt Lipstick

on 4/21/2018 5:06:00 PM


I am new to Essence cosmetics but am impressed with what I have tried so far. Recently I raved about their Barely There lipstick which is a really nice mauve pink color. I placed another order and this time ordered a matte lipstick in the shade Perfect Match. Whoa! For me this is a perfect match, it is similar in color to Barely There but a hair less pink which is actually better for me. Some pinks make my teeth appear not their whitest so I tend to stay away from pink altogether. But this is a true MLBB color for me, I like a lot.

This though is probably my perfect pink, odd because I thought I found it in Barely There. Well, now I have two great pinks! Perfect Match is more matte though it's probably not a true matte, somewhere in the middle but Barely There is shinier where Perfect Match is not.

5 stars for this one...I am going to order another one, maybe two more from Essence. Shoot, maybe I will try a different color in this line. Anyway, I am glad I tried this, I honestly thought it may not work for me, too pink maybe but I am glad that I am wrong.

Eyeliner -Essence -Extreme Long Lasting Eye Pencil

on 4/19/2018 8:45:00 AM


Damn I wish it worked. It was clumpy as hell and melted off within an hour.

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Mascara -Essence -Lash Princess Sculpted Volume

on 4/18/2018 7:45:00 PM


I love the Lash Princess, False Lash Effect Mascara. So I decided to get the Sculptured Volume version, to see how it compares. The brush is a little different. It has a curve, unlike the False Lash Effect version. The brush is a little bit bigger. It apples very easily and builds up volume quickly. It has a fanned out effect and separates the lashes nicely. On me,it gets a little clumpy, if I am not careful. But that’s easily remedied. It really makes your lashes show up. I like this mascara and will alternate both of these mascaras.

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