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Fragrances -Dolce & Gabbana -Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme - 2012

on 11/28/2017 2:51:00 PM


D&G Pour Femme is an interesting gourmand fruity floral that straddles sweet girlishness and breezy, effortless sophistication.

It pays homage to typical juicy-sugary "youthful" scents with its pink-tinged raspberry and marshmallow notes, but doesn't conform and collapse into the usual heavy, vanillic, musky or patchouli-laden base as it dries down.

The mouth-watering tangy fruits in the opening are lifted by airy white floral notes (orange blossom and jasmine). And underlying that is a delicate almost-creamy, almost-powdery marshmallow note that (on me) anchors the brighter notes but never dissolves into a syrupy mess. The composition balances "bright and effervescent" versus "pillowy and voluptuous". Quite possibly the only scent that I consider both gourmand AND fresh at the same time, and something I find I can wear no matter the occasion or season. I also don't find it getting cloying as some sweet scents can in hot weather, or after a few hours. I'm on my second 100ml bottle.

As with some "translucent" white floral based scents, I find my nose can occasionally get anosmic to it after a couple of hours. You stop smelling it but that doesn't mean others can't smell it, so check with others before you dismiss its longevity. A couple of light mists lasts on me through 4-5 hours of being out and about in humid heat, through physical activities.

Pour Femme is not a "trying-to-be-sexy" fragrance. It's a womanly scent with a playful edge.
The best compliment I ever got was from my man the first time he smelt it. He grabbed me from behind, plastered his nose to the back of my neck, said "you smell SOOOO gooooood....." and wouldn't let me go after that.

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Fragrances -Dolce & Gabbana -Light Blue

on 11/4/2017 4:18:00 PM


I liked this fragrance since it was very light, but it is too sweet.

Fragrances -Dolce & Gabbana -Dolce Eau de Parfum


I am really enjoying this perfume. It is very fresh, floral, and flirty. Definitely girly, I think this scent smells young but also elegant. This could be worn every day and not be overpowering. Although it smells lovely, it's not unique from others in this category. I will definitely use all of my sample size and enjoy it, but would not repurchase a full size bottle.

Fragrances -Dolce & Gabbana -Light blue eau intense

on 9/15/2017 8:23:00 PM


This edp is fantastic and if you like Light Blue but just wished it had less citrus and more flowers and musk then I think people will like this. I personally love this scent on me it lasts for hours and the sillage is moderate imo. It's a compliment magnet of a perfume. I get more compliments on this than of any other scents I own. I love musk and this with the Jasmine and Marigold are just lovely. I can smell the apple and it reminds me of the DKNY be delicious line except to me this is a real perfume. It's fresh, floral with a touch of fruit I just love that in a fragrance. The lemon is still there it's just not super pronounced. I prefer edp's to edt's for some reason and I believe this scent is becoming my signature.

I wear this daily as it's a great daily scent that is not offensive and I can wear it to so many things. I own many he scents but this is one of my favorites as I love white flowers especially Jasmine. Plus I love scents in the fruity floral range so for me this is a no brainer. Also the fact that it's heavier on the musk is right up my alley. Yes, this perfume is pricey but if you look you can find it for a little less and as time goes on it'll go down. I personally hope D&G never stop making this intense version, I think it's just so lovely! Love this scent so much. :) Recommended.

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Fragrances -Dolce & Gabbana -The One

on 8/16/2017 9:08:00 AM


My perfume wardrobe mainly consists of gourmands with a select few musk-based florals thrown in. Out of my entire collection this is my absolute favorite, there is nothing else like it. I have repurchased 3 times now! It is described as a fruity floral, but on my chemistry it comes across as a gourmand, almost pastry like. On my skin it smells something like a lemon custard, or a creme brulee - so fantastic, yummy and so hard to describe. It is not a flat scent, it definitely has depth and all of the notes dance with one another beautifully. I can wear this any time, any day, any season and it will always smell delicious. It lasts forever on me; the sillage is excellent and not overpowering. I wear it to bed and wake up still covered in The One's cashmere blanket. I can't get enough!

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