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Fragrance -Dolce&Gabbana -Pour Homme Eau de Toilette

on 2/12/2019 5:54:00 AM


We have the 2012 version without the sticker on the bottle. I think the formula is slightly different than the 94 one, I don't think it has sandalwood and cardamom for example.

It's a nature lover's scent. It is so evocative of a beautiful part of nature, with fragnant vegetation. Opens with elegant citrus, not sharp or sour. Continues to a well done lavender, prominent but not reminiscent of the satchels in grandma's wardrobe. The sage is gentle and fresh, the pepper too isn't sharp at all. Usually spicy notes turn sharp, hot and pungent on me but this stays fresh. There's tobacco in the dry down that doesn't come through as tobacco, but is so well blended in the base, to the effect it makes the cedar smell like there's lichen or moss on it.
No sweetness from the tonka in the base.

It is aquatic, despite the herbaceous composition. It doesn't have that marine water/ all purpose cleaner aquatic smell, but it feels like the herbs are damp, as if growing near a clean lake.

It is almost unisex, but not quite. Perhaps layered with something else it would be.

On my husband, it smells like a herby lakeside. He finds it calming and wears it to bed often. On me it's airier, like the scent the wind carried over from the same lakeside.

Medium longevity and excellent projection, I can smell it from other rooms.

We both wear D&G scents well in general, so I'd recommend to D&G lovers, outdoorsy types and all who don't want a synthetic or sharp vibe in their fragrances.

I'll keep repurchasing for as long as I can find it for sale.

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Fragrances -Dolce&Gabbana -Light Blue

on 12/19/2018 8:37:00 PM


This is the absolute go to! If you love perfume and cologne you should love light blue. It is clean and citrusy and just plain damn good. Granny Smith apple with a little wood sent. I have never met a girl who does not like this perfume. Unfortunately it does not stay on for long so you have to spray more after a couple of hours. It is probably one of the top five best perfumes in the world.

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Mascara -Dolce&Gabbana -Passioneyes Mascara

Curled my lashes, formula was just ok, a little overpriced, there are better drug store products.

Fragrances -Dolce&Gabbana -Dolce & Gabbana for Women (Original/Red Cap)

on 11/29/2018 12:54:00 PM


I'm with the bunch who say "soapy", though for me, that's not a bad thing at all. I don't know whether I have the italian or German version, I understand that affects sillage and longevity, but anyway, mine is average. detectable from up close or if you're moving around a lot, but not like it leaves a trail and not in any way overpowering. The floral and powdery notes are not very noticeable to me until almost drydown, that's when I finally pick up on it's warmer and elegant aspect, though it's gentle and close to the skin-that's when it smells comforting, stylish, and like a "woman" to me. Otherwise, i agree with whoever said it smells like a clean bathroom, and I'm all about that clean bathroom smell lol. Surprised people recommend this for an evening out as I personally find nothing I normally associate with an evening out about it. I do agree despite the soapiness it's well on the "womanly" side, and a safe fragrance imo. I mean, worst case scenario you'll smell freshly showered so it's hard to imagine it offending anyone, at least if used moderately.

It isn't glamorous or shockingly good to me, it's just...wearable and friendly in that I can't see myself feeling nauseous from it. I'm a clean and cleaning freak so I'm biased about its "just washed" character. But the more you wear it, the more it's enticing, comforting, elegant notes start to present themselves as it's main features. Truly develops like a fragrance is supposed to, albeit in a light, demure way.

I also find it a fabulous fragrance to mix with other scents, especially if you want to lend an airiness to them. I find the floral note is reminiscent of lilly of the valley, or linden blossom, or violet even, and enhances other perfumes well without adding to any possible stiffling effects (perhaps even takes them down a notch).

I don't necessarily see myself repurchasing (it's close to impossible to find these days anyway), but I do think I will use it occasionally because I want to have a spritz of it available for when every other smell feels cloying and sickening and I just want something clean, light and airy. I find it excellent for extreme summer heat, but am personally not averse to using crisp fragrances in winter either.

I especially appreciate this scent seems to have an intimacy with the wearer, sometimes you have to sneak under your own shirt and sniff at your chest to get that reasurring scent made feminine by body heat and chemistry, so to me this isn't a fragrance you flaunt and disperse, and even if you did, on the surface, it's just a shower scent anyway. catching the other notes requires much more proximity and physical contact.

Foundations -Dolce&Gabbana -Perfect Reveal Lift Foundation SPF 25


I think the coverage is ok, it is a little too oily for my skin, it is not worth the pricetag. Mark under overpriced.

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