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Highlighters -Cover FX - Custom Enhancer Drops

on 10/11/2017 11:56:00 AM


I first got to try this product when I recieved a delux sample with a Sephora order. It was Celestial and I loved it and still use it. I also purchased Halo which is simply gorgeous! I’m very fair NW20 or below, blonde, hair, green eyes, and very cool undertones for reference. The shade Halo is so pretty it’s a blue purple shift very holographic in how it looks on my skin. A little seriously goes a long way with these so this willl last me forever. It dries pretty quick but I have plenty of time to apply it. I like to use a small stipple brush and that applies it beautifully. I like to use this on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, inner eye, and Cupid’s bow. The shade is gorgeous and I think would look amazing on all skintones but pale girls especially would look great with this colour.

I love how they are luminous and not sparkly. Halo goes really well with all my blushes and I apply this first then my blush. It gives the most luminescent glow it’s just so pretty. The price is meh but it’ll last me forever so I’m not super upset with that. I will purchase more shades that’s for sure. Plus the dropper is a great way to dispense this product. I set my makeup with setting spray but with this I have never needed a retouch. The highlight just melts into my skin. All and all it’s a awesome product! Recommended.

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Powder -Cover FX - Powder FX Mineral Powder Foundation

on 10/9/2017 3:29:00 AM


I got it in the shade N25 which is suitable for my skin tone which is "Light". The powder gives me a natural look, it is light and comfortable to wear. Despite that, it can be built up to enough coverage whenever I want to. It lasts literally the whole day. It doesn't give a tacky feeling or makes my face looks oily. It blends perfectly with my skin and gives such natural look.

I would recommend this powder to those who want medium coverage that they can build up. And even though you wear foundation underneath (I use IT Cosmetics' CC cream) it will not make you face appear cakey.

The packaging is a simple, old school design. I paid for THB 1,650 at Sephora Bangkok (which converts to around USD 49) which is pricey, considering the package and the amount it gives you. However, the quality is excellent as I mentioned above, so it is a good trade off.

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Primer/ Corrector -Cover FX - Calming Primer

on 10/6/2017 9:07:00 PM

I tenatively like this primer. Granted I have oily skin but it is also sensitive and acne-prone. It does have calming properties that I can attest to. So far I haven't experience any breakouts in using this *cross fingers*. I like it when I use it with the Estee Lauder Double Wear (ELDW) foundation and provides a nice barrier between my skin and ELDW foundation. Might repurchase in the future if all works out.

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Liquid -Cover FX - Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation

on 10/6/2017 9:03:00 PM


This has got to be one of the most annoying foundation I have used to date. When I saw that this foundation was oil-free, I took it to mean that it was suitable for oily skin. Not by a long shot. For one, it will slip and slide all over your face like it is doing the electric slide. The primer I used initially with this foundation was the Cover FX Calming primer since I have sensitive, acne-prone skin that is also oily to boot. The primer is actually soothing and didn't contribute to any new breakout. But this foundation refuses to "sit still" for anything. I tried the Wayne Goss method in applying foundation for oily skin and that was a bust. What remotely worked for me was using NYX Angel Veil and then using Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder. It didn't slide as much, but it still didn't hold up like I wanted to. And I really like the shades that it offered and so far didn't break me out. It is hard to find a foundation that matches my neutral dark complexion and doesn't break me out. The shade I can wear is N100 and N110. Like the majority of foundations on the market, it oxidized on me hence I can get away with wearing the N100 or even N90 if I am feeling ballsy. The only foundation that doesn't slip and slide all over the place is Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and my shade is 6N2 if anyone cares. But I have to make sure I wear a primer with ELDW and at least double clean. Hence, I only wear it for special occasions. The search continues.

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Primer/ Corrector -Cover FX - Mattifying Setting Spray


I added this product because it kicks the crap out of Urban Decay De-Slick. My skin is VERY oily; I have to use an oil-control primer, pile on the powder, and top it all off with a mattifying setting spray if I want my makeup to survive my face. I know many people swear by De-Slick, but for whatever reason, my skin is just totally indifferent to it. It really never did anything for me by way of staying power, though it definitely didn't mess up my makeup/skin, either. In fact, De-Slick was basically invisible on my skin. I mention this because Cover FX's setting spray is the opposite, but in a good way. More on that later.

I decided to buy this setting spray because of its impressive ingredients list. I won't claim to recognize them all, but the key players I'm actually familiar with are kaolin, enatia chlorantha bark, and oleanolic acid. Of these three, kaolin is the highest in the listing, and I'm sure this setting spray has mostly kaolin to thank for its mattifying, oil-controlling properties. As someone who uses A LOT of clay-based face masks (for oil control, duh), I think it's brilliant that Cover FX decided to harness the power of kaolin and shove it into a setting spray. On a similar note, I'm also quite glad that one ingredient is NOT on the list: alcohol.

Now, I must follow my ode to kaolin with one minor gripe about the packaging. The instructions do specify that you must shake this setting spray "very well" before using. This is DEFINITELY true. But what you REALLY want to do is turn the bottle upside down and give a few raps on the bottom, as well. The bottle contains an agitator ball, which was a great decision on Cover FX's part. Just be aware that the ball often becomes stuck to the bottom of the bottle and needs a few blows to break free. I can't say for sure, but I suspect the ball gets "glued" to the bottle when the kaolin separates from the liquid and sinks to the bottom. (This was my experience with one awful, awful charcoal-based setting spray I used to own.) Other than that, the packaging is pretty unremarkable. I haven't experienced any issues with the mister, and the spray is pretty fine and even--no big drops on my skin or anything like that. It's a great setting spray; you just need to SHAKE IT like you mean it!

As for performance, which is most important: in brief, it looks great and lasts long. As I started to mention before, this setting spray is visible on the skin, but in the best possible way. If you're buying a mattifying setting spray, you're probably trying to tame oily skin. And if your skin is oily, you likely worship the powder gods like me (setting powder, not cocaine). This setting spray makes powder disappear. To be quite frank, I powder my skin so much I look a little frightening for the first 30 minutes or so of wear. The "Marie Antoinette" look goes away when my skin warms up the powder, but I'm telling you... This setting spray makes powder INVISIBLE. The skin is still matte, but not paper-matte. I wouldn't exactly call it a "natural" finish, but it's pretty dang close for a mattifying product. The first time I used this setting spray, I went a little overboard and panicked a little, so I pressed it into my skin with a Beauty Blender. Friends, I looked like a smooth angel. Pores gone, powder gone, makeup blended *perfectly.* De-Slick never did ANY of that for me, which is what really sets Cover FX's formula apart so much.

Just as importantly, this setting spray will KEEP your skin looking great. Thus far, the longest I've worn makeup with this setting spray is about 11 hours. I did blot once in that time, but that was mostly just me being paranoid. I tend to freak out when I see any kind of shine because it usually signals that a meltdown is immanent, but with Cover FX's formula, my face has never progressed beyond "dewy." (Apparently, that's what they call the "good" kind of shine.) No more does my foundation rub off, separate, or turn into hot, oily soup thanks to this setting spray. She'll keep you going strong for hours.

Lastly, the quick and dirty facts: $31 for four ounces, as of this writing. A buck cheaper than De-Slick for the same amount of product. Get it, shake it, beat it, spray it, love it, repeat. (I refuse to change a single word of that sentence.)

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