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Fragrances -Christian Lacroix -Christian Lacroix


Gorgeous bottle, first and foremost. If you love a great presentation, this one is not to be missed!
The fragrance inside is crisp and fresh AND yet somehow a hint of clean baby powder in there as well. My daughter complimented me on it when I wore it last night, which she rarely does as almost everything is stinky to her.
This is mostly ylang, peach, heliotrope and benzoin on my skin...That combo makes for the clean baby powder and the tarragon adds that freshness, a hint of zest and green to it that I really enjoy (not bitter green, fresh green). There is a hint of LOTV that I don't mind (too much makes my nose run, but I do love the scent). It softens to a skin scent in about an hour, but then lasts for HOURS as a pleasant cozy scent. Sad that it's discontinued, but the 125ml bottle can still be found for a reasonable price if you hunt for it.
A definite wonderful addition to my wardrobe!

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Fragrances -Christian Lacroix -C'est la Fete Patchouli

on 3/8/2015 10:10:00 AM


My favourite patchouli bomb. It is so well balanced and blended. A sophisticated fragrance that is far far away from the 60s crude patchouli. Not too sweet, woody and lovely. I actually think I'm a bit addicted to it! lol The sillage is moderate and the longevity is easily 8hrs.

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Fragrances -Christian Lacroix -Bazar pour femme

I am suprised that many people here don`t like it this fragrance from
my point of view is for all tests it combions a mixture of floral , sweets
& oriental notes

Fragrances -Christian Lacroix -Absynthe


I have to say I sampled this expecting to hate it with a passion, as I hated Lacroix's Rouge.

This fragrance is actually really nicely done. On my skin I get orchid, saffron, myrrh, woody notes and just enough anise to give it a refreshing, powdery, woodsy spicy tone. I've never smelled a fragrance so far that smells similiar to this one.

I really like the color of the bottle too, it just reminds me of the forest and of fantasy woodland creatures.

Overall, I really like this one, cannot say that I'm in love with it. Though, this one is so unique that I am probably going to reach for it much more than I think. This is a fragrance you could wear for any occasion or in any season.

EDIT: The lasting power of this scent is horrid, doesn't last very long at all 15 minutes if that. So, I took away one lippie.

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Fragrances -Christian Lacroix -Tumulte

on 11/9/2011 6:22:00 PM


This smells a LOT like Roberto Cavalli for women (2002), but much more cheaply made; and since this was introduced in '05, I am assuming Tumulte is a rip off of the original scent, designed to sell for Christmas, with the red fancy bottle and all.

On me this smells like woody violets, in a sexy and exceedingly strong way. It's very similar to something a lot of Russian girls in NY wear. It's quite cloying, like any popular European mainstream fragrance. I'm getting some woods, that dept. store patchouli, with overly sweet roses on an artificial violet base. *scrub*

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