Chanel S.A. is a French, privately held company owned by Alain and Gérard Wertheimer, grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer, who was an early business partner of the couturière Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. Chanel S.A. is a high fashion house that specializes in haute couture and ready-to-wear clothes, luxury goods and fashion accessories. Cosmetics are the most accessible Chanel product, with counters in upmarket department stores across the world, including Harrods, Galeries Lafayette, Bergdorf Goodman, Hudson's Bay, and David Jones, Wojooh, as well as its own beauty boutiques (

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Recent Chanel Reviews

Powder -Chanel - Vitalumiere Loose Powder

on 4/24/2017 12:06:00 AM


This powder is life changing. I originally bought this because the beautician mistakenly gave me this instead of their loose setting powder. When I opened it at home I was worried I wasn't going to like it and it would be a waste of $80! Luckily I loved it. Normally I am combination to oily. I wear Estée Lauder double wear religiously and I would always set it with their double wear powder foundation. I can't explain the world of difference this is compared to the double wear powder. As someone who is oily and about 5 hours into the day my nose is usually worn right off. I always have issues with foundation not sticking to that area, I'm pretty sure my skin just eats it all up haha. I can wear this powder on top of my double wear for 8-9 hours WITHOUT RETOUCHING. It doesn't budge, it is extremely finely milled and the powder feels velvety on the skin. It doesn't settle in any pores, it leaves a natural skin like finish... But it makes your skin look almost air brushed. I work in a cosmetic department and my co workers have commented on how great my skin is looking since I bought this!

Over all this product is amazing, I think it would be great for any skin type but maybe not extremely oily skin or extremely dry. You'd just have to play around with it. The packaging is of course gorgeous and classy. Timeless and definitely looks high quality. I love that they give a kabuki brush in the box! It is extremely soft and makes you not feel so guilty spending that much lol.

Now the real issue I have is the amount of product you get. If someone was to use this as their only foundation... They would be running out very fast. If you compare how many grams of product you get to something like the smashbox halo powder it's almost crazy. For the price I feel it needs to be fuller. I know a lot of people will complain about the price but if you're buying a luxury makeup product and especially if it's Chanel you're clearly going to be paying top dollar. I will be sad when I need to repurchase because of the price tag BUT I can definitely see myself continuing to use this for a long time.

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Liquid -Chanel - Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 15

on 4/23/2017 7:40:00 AM


First of all, I'm being VERY generous for giving this foundation 2 stars instead of 1. However, the color match was decent and it was easy to apply (so I suppose that's something good).
I am currently about an NC25 (but lean much more neutral). I chose the shade B-30. It was a dead-on match! I have some fine lines and oily combo skin.
The consistency of this product is super runny and you have to be sure to really shake the product up very well or it will come out separated. I have found that this foundation can be applied easily with any foundation brush or fingers as well. Now on to the bad...
If you have fine lines or any visible pores whatsoever, this foundation will sit in them and make them very noticeable. In this respect, this is absolutely the WORST foundation I have ever used. It goes on dewy looking but quickly dries down to a matte finish. Although the finish is matte and dry looking, there's a sort of slight iridescence that calls attention to the most unflattering areas of an aging face. One coat is not enough but two coats is cakey. I tried various primers and methods of application and it didn't make a difference. This foundation is a total disappointment. Maybe useful for someone younger with perfect skin, but not for my 38 year old complexion.

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Makeup Brushes -Chanel - Les Beiges Kabuki

on 4/22/2017 12:05:00 AM


I love this brush! It is very handy and compact, easy to use. You can put it in your bag so easily, and bring it out for touch ups. I've learned as I've grown older, tools like this make beauty easy. It is pricey, but I find Chanel brushes are very high quality. You can use this on powder, or even their cream to powder bronzer (which is also excellent!).

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Fragrances -Chanel - No5 Body Wash

on 4/21/2017 1:17:00 PM

OMG!!!! I was taught years ago that if you want your fragrance to last as long as your day, layer it. Start with a body wash or soap, then the eau de toilette, the dusting powder, and a dot or two of perfume. I can still smell it on my skin and clothes when I get home. Surrounds me in a bubble of wonderful fragrance in a stinky world.
Yes, buy it, live it, love it. It is timeless.

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Fragrances -Chanel - No 5 l'eau

on 4/21/2017 12:11:00 PM


Oh I LOVE this! Love love! It's sweet and lemony and summery and one whiff gives me a rush of happiness. This lasts really well on clothing. I didn't think it lasted on skin until my husband told me he can smell it when we wake up (a good thing). This, to me, is unmistakably No 5, but it's a much lighter version of the parfum. It's fairly similar to the EDP, which I also own, but all the woodsy elements in EDP are gone. It's as though L'eau is the top layer of the Chanel we know and love (or hate). I have fond memories of Chanel No. 5 throughout my entire life, and I adore all Chanels; (Bois des Iles is my "grail"). I stopped wearing Coco Mlle because I still smell it on so, so many people. One of my closest friends wears it all the time, and I've come to associate the fragrance with her, so it feels strange to wear it. My husband still loves Chance, and I still wear it regularly during cooler weather. Chance continues to cause perfect strangers to stop me in my tracts to ask about it. And this has already happened (in Albertson's of all places) with L'eau! No. 5 l'eau loves my skin and I love it right back. No. 5, for me, is still the essence "of woman" in all the attributes of being a woman. It's truly timeless and it's a masterpiece.

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