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Lotions/ Creams -Carol's Daughter -Almond Cookie Frappe Body Lotion

on 12/18/2018 7:53:00 AM


I must be the only person who doesn't mind this lotion's dry-down scent! I actually find that it smells rather clean and powdery, which is appealing to me. Do I wish it smelled like almond cookies? Absolutely. But the almost perfume-like nature of the scent it actually carries isn't offensive to me. I enjoy it.
The texture of this lotion feels silky to me, and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. Rather than sitting on top of my skin, it actually seems to sink in. I've not been using it for too long, and I'll be taking a trip up to New England next week, so we'll see how it does in a much drier climate, but so far, I'm enjoying it.
I love a good, sturdy pump bottle, so kudos to CD on that.
Price at under $9 is pretty dang good, considering how expensive lotions have been getting.
Does it hydrate as well as, say, a Body Shop body butter? No, but let's be real - no lotion ever could. But for lighter hydration, I like this lotion.
If it does a good job up in CT, I'll consider putting this on my repurchase list.

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Styling Products -Carol's Daughter -Mimosa Hair Honey

on 12/16/2018 12:40:00 PM


Did nothing for my fine wavy hair except make the ends waxy and stiff and the crown greasy and flat. It also smells godawful, like someone mixed orange juice that's starting to go bad with a cloying white floral perfume. Cheap corn oil (dressed up as "Zea mays oil" on the label, lmao) is the #1 ingredient which may explain why it feels like it's sitting on top of my hair instead of absorbing. Props to Carol's Daughter for making a sample size so I only wasted $3 trying this out.

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Hair Treatments -Carol's Daughter -Hair Milk Original Leave-in Moisturizer

on 8/27/2018 12:53:00 AM


I’m so used to thick and creamy hair products that I usually used too much of this after showering, and let me tell you, my hair was greasy and stringy not often than not. When used sparingly (and with a half-decent shampoo/conditioner combo), this hair milk is just okay. I saw no difference in my curl definition after the scrunching method, and this did not moisturize them, either. The scent is somewhat non-descript: powdery and milky and maybe a bit floral, but it does not overpower anything else I wear day-to-day.

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Styling Products -Carol's Daughter -Hair Milk Refresher Spray

on 8/20/2018 11:33:00 PM

I wasn't impressed by this spray. It's not bad for taming frizz but I found I needed to really saturate my curls with it to be able to reshape them, which is not cost-effective for a more expensive drugstore product. It smells vaguely powdery like the hair milk leave-in conditioner, but I got used to and even ended up appreciating it for not outshining my perfume choices. I tried combining it with the Mimosa Hair Honey for more hold and shine, but honestly, why use two products when there has to be a single product out there just as (if not more) effective?

Also, this may or may not be a quirk of the travel size I bought, but I hate spray bottles that squirt rather than mist. Maybe the full size is better, but it doesn't change the fact that the formula wasn't ideal for me.

Conditioner -Carol's Daughter -Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner

on 8/6/2018 11:48:00 PM


I think like the dark, almost resinous vanilla scent of this, but that’s about it. This stuff will likely overpower any perfume you decide to wear, and it doesn’t do much to condition hair, either. In fact, it made my hair frizz out significantly and it’s real easy to use too much and have the product build up.

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