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Liquid -Cargo -hd picture perfect liquid foundation

on 9/9/2018 8:55:00 PM


LOVE this foundation. Total Holy Grail!! But I am heartbroken that Cargo has apparently discontinued it. Everything was perfect about this foundation - from the excellent coverage to the totally natural finish. My search begins for a new foundation & I can only hope to find one I love half as much as this one.

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Palettes -Cargo -Star Wars Light Side eyeshadow palette

on 8/11/2018 12:11:00 AM

This is one of two limited edition ( movie merchandising tie in) for the Star Wars franchise,released in fall /winter 2017 . I got mine for Christmas 2017.
Initially, I was wishing that I had received the Dark side palette, but after seeing YouTube reviews I'm happy with the one I have.
The palette measures at about seven inches long by about three wide and three quarters of an inch deep.
Outer box is shiny black with a metallic gold foil embossing for the light side logo and lettering.
There are eight shadows in the palette, and unlike other Cargo palettes,these are not named but numbered with Roman numerals ( reference to movie ?) . Actual palette packaging duplicates the outer box , again giving a shorthand tutorial recommendations as to how to put together a eye look. Stated shelf life is supposedly 12 months.
Inner packaging is the texture glitter in black .( I see the tie in thought- starry space hyperdrive etc. but it loses a star from me for that. I don't care for the glitter texture in my hands , I would have preferred a smooth black slightly jelly texture with silver specks imbedded within-easier to keep clean. )

As to the shadows they all seem to be warm toned in this palette , unlike the other Cargo palettes in my collection. The shadows all work well together, in 5 matte and 3 lightly satin formats.

1. Warm cream/ beige matte
2. Warm cream /beige satin possibly a hair darker
3. Warm Terracotta Peach matte
4. Warm mauve satin
5. Light terra/peach satin ( approximately two to three steps down in color intensity from #3)
6.Brown/Berry/ Burgundy matte
7. Medium- Dark Brown matte
8. Dark plum brown ( satin ? Micro sparkles)
I've enjoyed this palette, every look I've done with it has pleased me . I don't recall any creasing ( didn't use primer) . Yes the color scheme is somewhat limited ( peach/berry/ brown) but I like it ( and am stocking up on warm palettes while they are easily obtainable) . There can be a bit of fallout , but the usual tactics ( tap your brush, do eyes first, use eye shields, powder a bit heavily under eyes and brush away any fallout etc.) apply. I didn't have any major issues with fallout , and I usually do my makeup on Sunday mornings as a passenger on the way to church!
The peachy colors are also useable as a coordinating blush. Pan size is 0.07 X 8 ; or 8x 2.25g. The eyeshadow texture is sort of smooth,dry and a bit powdery, but not lacking in pigment. It's between Estée Lauder and Lorac in pigmentation in my opinion.
If I ran out and could still find it? Yes , I'd repurchase.
I'd recommend this to warm neutral matte palette lovers. If you liked the UD Daydream palette, Heat or Petite Heat, TF Peachy Mattes then this might be one you'll love too . For more variety I'd combo this palette with some metallic shades ( gold, rose gold, copper, bronze, champagne) or maybe a plummy purple or warm pink glitter pigment. Over all I'm very happy with it , as I usually default to mattes lately.

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Eye Shadow -Cargo -Getaway Eyeshadow Palette

Cargo Getaway Eyeshadow Palette

I found this eyeshadow palette at TJ Maxx for $5. I have several of Cargo’s shadow palettes and they are all great. This includes 12 shadows in plums and gray shades with a couple nuetral shadows thrown in. There are shimmer and mattes in the collection as well. Super pigmented, finely milled and quality shadows that blend easily and last all day with a good base. Love!

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Palettes -Cargo -Wanderlust Eyeshadow Palette

on 5/18/2018 4:30:00 AM


So much fallout!!

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Eye Shadow -Cargo -The Essentials Eye Shadow Palette

on 5/12/2018 11:31:00 AM


The eyeshadows are all super pigmented, buttery, very blendable and not prown to huge amounts of fallout. Plus they are more cool toned and/or neutral. Most eye palettes seem super warm, which is not for me. I love this. The brush is excellent and the eyeliner doesn't suck, it's very blendable and easily smoked out.

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