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Lip Gloss -Canmake -your lip only gloss


Hmm.... I was so prepared to love this but I didn't :( I got this as a gift and used it the very next day, I liked the fact that it changed colour (I have the colourless one) and looked very pretty and shiny. Unfortunately after a few hours of wear,u lips started to tingle. I wanted to give it another chance but it would happen every time I used it. And worst of all, it opened in my MU pouch... gahhhh

Brows -Canmake -Liquid Eyebrow

on 1/10/2018 12:50:00 AM


When I saw that this had twelve 5 lippie reviews, I thought, why not blow another $8 on an eyebrow product? I mean, I've already probably blown $200 on my eyebrows alone. And nothing ever works. I watch YouTube and read Pinterest and Reddit and MUA and still can't get my overplucked-in-my-teens eyebrows to look full or even (and never at the same time).

I just suck at doing my eyebrows. I don't know why: I can draw a gorgeous liquid eyeliner. But when it comes to the whole "fill in with short, quick, natural strokes to mimic your real eyebrow hair" routine, nothing looks real.

So I was skeptical, but when I got this in the mail I just sat down and tried it. I'm not such a cynic I'm not still praying for a miracle.

As a NW20 with about shade 6 (light brown) hair, I bought the Natural Brown (01) shade, the lightest available. Knowing something about Japan and Japanese cosmetics, I was a little worried that it might be a bit too warm; despite the "Natural Brown" moniker, sometimes the lightest shade of a hair/brow product in Asia translates to bro-orange (think: black hair lifted "blond" that turns orange). But nope, it turned out to be pretty perfect: better, actually, than the taupe pencil I had been using. Like, a perfect fit.

And I was a little worried when not much product came out. Had it dried out? Nope again. It's like a watercolor. It was shockingly easy. I pulled up yet another YouTube tutorial on "drawing in the hair where your eyebrows should be" and drew the bottom line, drew the top line, and then started filling in. Product came out, it was liquid, and it was neither too much nor too little. Well, actually when I looked at my brows after the fact, I looked again; I didn't look like Divine or even the "cool" 16 year old that works at Urban Outfitters, so I added a little more. Maybe something in me wanted to ruin it.

But I couldn't! It worked! It was subtle, pretty, etc... I still didn't have model thick brows, but you could see them, they were even, neat, and most importantly, didn't look fake. I took my second fav product of the moment (having replaced my Essence Make Me Brow with Ardell Brow Building Fiber Gel, which seems to make them look much thicker) did a swoop-swoop, and was done.

So I've used this for about a week, and I'm going to try to go bolder... see if I can get a real THICK brow. Will comment back (and post photos if they're not unhappily hilarious) if I can.

One thing to note: it's January 2018, and while I was able to readily find it for $7 on eBay from Japan, I'm not entirely satisfied that it hasn't been discontinued. If this proves to be a true HG, going to stock up and suggest you do, too.

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Blush -Canmake -Cream Cheek

on 12/15/2017 11:25:00 PM


This is the blush that made me start wearing blush consistently. I've always found with blush shades it's far too easy to overdo it, or the color looked either too muddy or chalky-white on my face. But my friend let me try her CL01 (the shade name is Clear Red Heart, which is one of those cases where the shade name actually accurately describes the product's appearance), and I was sold.

It's pure, clear red pigment with nothing else getting in the way, which is important to my coloring as a confirmed Bright Winter. It's a cream blusher, so it blends really well into the skin, and so far I have not had any problems with it lasting poorly or turning greasy.

I wouldn't recommend this for everyone, especially those who find themselves overwhelmed by too-bright colors on the face (and I mean from trial-and-error, not just looking at a pan of really bright blush and getting intimidated by it). And I haven't tried any of the other colors in the line, so I can't speak for those. But I do highly recommend CL01 if you have had success with intense bright blushes in the past (see NARS Desire for a cool version or Exhibit A for a warm version) or just never bothered with blush because the Bobbi Brown type neutrals don't really work for you (and yes, I know BB makes blushes in brighter colors, but in my experience even her brighter offerings contain a substantial amount of brown, which makes them work really well for some women but terribly for others). It's really hard to find cream blushers, doubly so in a bright color, which I find a real shame because I find that cream formulations give a natural kind of flush that powders just can't duplicate.

I also use this on my lips, and am quite fond of the effect... it's the closest thing I can wear to MLBB, when actual MLBB lipsticks often make me look ill.

As for the plastic packaging, I don't mind it so much. It looks flimsy, but it actually holds together much better than a heavier case does. It doesn't accidentally come open in my makeup bag, or shatter when I drop it, and the lack of bulk in the packaging means there's actually a fair amount of product there for the size, which makes it good to carry around (I sometimes carry it in my pocket, if I'm going out for an impromptu date or lunch with friends, and I don't want to carry the whole shebang with me).

Lastly, I've only tried CL01, but I've seen swatches of CL07 (Clear Ruby Cherry) and that has a similar finish to CL01. It's similarly intense in pigmentation, and looks promising if you have a cooler and/or darker skin tone.

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Concealers -Canmake -Cover & Stretch Concealer UV Water Proof


I really wanted to like this concealer, and initially I thought I did. It covers really well and has a good texture and consistency: creamy and just a bit sticky. The color seemed perfect. I got the lightest one, 01 Light Beige. However, a few hours later I realized it had oxidized and my eye area (where I applied it) had turned subtly light orange. Although it was subtle, it was noticeably a different tone from the rest of my face, and different from how it looked when I first applied it. I forgot about that issue and the concealer before trying it again the other day, some months later. Same issue. It was apparent as soon as I looked in the mirror and I recalled the last time I wore it. Like I said, it seemed like a great concealer in every other way but I really can't make this one work.

Lip Gloss -Canmake -Stay-On Balm Rouge

on 11/28/2017 9:34:00 PM


I bought the red color which was a mistake because I didn't really like how it looked on my lips, a more natural pink color might be a better option. However it's a lip balm and it does what a lip balm does. Bought this product because of the cute packaging and flowers design, wouldn't really repurchase it because overall it's a so-so product.

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