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Primer/ Corrector -Boots -Botanics All Bright Radiance Balm

on 3/11/2018 8:07:00 AM


This is a little ‘Drug Store’ gem.

I use this as an all over primer when I want that lit-from-within look. It gives me a healthy glow that catches the light without glitter chunks. It is absolutely not oily. It’s also quite moisturising.

As it is a highlighting balm, don’t use too much.

I also use this mixed in with a matte foundation, or occasionally I use it to highlight my cheekbones, brow bone, nose and Cupid’s bow before applying foundation.

This has absolutely no pilling issues whatsoever and foundation applies beautifully over the top. You can even use it over foundation too.

Because it’s almost like a back light, it does help minimalise imperfections to a degree, although that is not it’s main focus and I wouldn’t use this product solely for that.

I’m really surprised more people aren’t talking about this. The price is brilliant for what you’re getting.

It can sort of gunk up in the lid, meaning you’re having to wipe product away, but you only use a little each time so it’s ladting for ages.

Unfortunately I can not compare it to other more high end products as I’ve never used another product like it. I must admit it was the price that originally drew me to this product.

Well worth it!

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Lipstick -Boots -CYO Cosmetics Two-Tone Twist Ombre Lipstick

on 3/6/2018 10:40:00 AM


There is this brand that is now offered MOSTLY online, but they do have it in some select Walgreens (and probably Boots Stores in UK). The brand is owned by "Walgreens Boots Alliance" -- so this also surprised me, because I did NOT know they are a united company? Anyway....

The brand is "CYO Cosmetics" and the lipsticks that I have tried are the Duo ones (duo ombre, so, layers of two colors in one lipstick, which is a cool block/rectangular shape) and the regular "Nutrition" cream lipsticks (they offer matte, etc - the ones I love are the cream ones). Both of those retail for $5 or $3.50, respectively.

They are:
- scentless
- packaged simply in chic clear packaging
- SO creamy - like when I picture what Maybelline Moisture Whips were like, this is what they remind me of. Beyond creamy. But not "Slippery" IMO. (YSL RV's remind me of that slippy feeling)
- They have great staying power - even if you've wiped it away with tissue, some stays behind (but this would go away if you were to eat fatty or an oily dish, etc!)
- they don't dry
- they have amazing colors in just the few "duos" they have (They are called Ombre, I'll post a link). Plus the Nutrition line is full of many colors.

The colors I have are the nude duo and the pink/peachy pink duo. (*Life and Soul is the nude, Partner in Crime is the pink)- There is a bright, classic red duo (with an orange, but TBH, there is no "orangey" type of overtone - if you wanted classic red, just swipe it on, if you want more red or orange, use either side a bit more). The final color is a violet! It has a light lavender and a deeper violet...together, it makes that classic newish color that so many other lines tend to offer in color, but fail in formula.

The only downsides are:
- you have to order online
- you may be lucky to have a walgreens that sells it near you- I have about 4 within my feasible reach, but I live in Houston.

Allure and other magazines (at least online) have featured this brand as a new force- They said that it is meant to rival ELF.

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Mascara -Boots -Natural Collection - WaterGuard Mascara

on 2/27/2018 11:46:00 AM


I always bought this mascara but Boots have recently changed the packaging and the ingredients. It used to be such a great little mascara but now it is thick and sticky and leaves my eyelashes clogged, they also changed the shape of the brush. It is just awful, I am so disappointed I just wish they would change it back to the way it was - I'm on the hunt for a replacement now 🙁

Treatments (Face) -Boots -No 7 Intensive Line Filler


This is one of the best products EVER MADE! I have taken very good care of my skin, but at 49 (how did that happen?!?) I have a couple forehead lines that I could live without. This product literally makes them disappear until I wash it off. The other line filler products I've tried didn't work if I applied any type of wet makeup on top, but this looks just as perfect before and after applying foundation. You only need a small amount and I've also found it works beautifully to hide large pores and as an all over the face primer. Please don't tell the company, but I would pay double the price - it's THAT GOOD!! This is the first Boots No 7 product I've used and I can't wait to explore the rest of their skin care and cosmetics.

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Toners -Boots -Botanics - Organic Face Rosewater Toning Spritz

on 2/26/2018 7:32:00 PM


I'm not blown away by this product but I do quite like it. It feels refreshing and invigorating (especially to spritz a few times in the middle of a hot day). Overall, it feels nice on my tired skin & I don't notice a tight, stretched feeling that some other toners can cause and it hasn't causes breakouts for me yet. The smell, in my opinion, is divine.. probably my favourite feature of this stuff. Price wise, I got it on sale in Boots for €6 and I often see it on special offer when doing the rounds down the beauty/skincare aisle.

As the price is right and I'm quite taken with the rose scent, I probably would be inclined to purchase again.

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