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Lip Gloss -Bonne Bell -Dr. Pepper lipsmackers

on 2/14/2018 4:56:00 PM


I simply chose "would repurchase" because its a nice colour, not too extra, and very shiny for days when ur in a rush and still want to look a little made up. HOWEVER, this dries the SHITE out of my lips! Literally chapped 1 hour after applying, even when its still on. So for that reason, it's def a "once in a while when i have nothing else around" type of thing.

Lips -Bonne Bell -Lip Smackers -- Cherry Coca Cola


I met her in a club down in old Soho, where ya drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola -- or do you prefer the "coca cola" version? ... The Kinks? Anyone? I should go be a dad somewhere else? Okay. Good lip balm. It does what it should. Can't go wrong with Bonne Bell. I liked this one a lot as a kid but my favorite was the Mountain Dew.

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Lip Gloss -Bonne Bell -Lip Smackers in Bubble Gum

on 10/23/2017 12:55:00 AM


I am a huge fan of this and the Dr. Pepper flavor. This does smell like bubble gum. The Bazooka kind. I have had mine for a few years as I keep them in different purses. Very moisturizing which is more than I can say for a lot of other lip balms. I wear this under lipstick, to bed and under gloss too. Heavenly, reminds me of my childhood and I will be buying this for as long as they make it.

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Lips -Bonne Bell -Lip smacker Layer-it

Yesterday I ran across a sweet deal at the dollar store. They had six different flavored lip gloss /lip balm duos . I bought five , the sixth one was blueberry and banana parfait. I hate artificial banana flavor so I skipped that one.
I bought the blueberry vanilla creme parfait ( balm is vanilla creme , gloss is blueberry ) and tried it first . The balm was nice , moisturizing with a light , sweet vanilla creme flavor. More moisturizing than the W&W chubby sheer balms . The gloss is nearly clear with a hint of lavender shimmer ( definitely NOT glitter). This shade duo is probably suitable for most ages ( old enough not to eat the whole thing its cosmetics not candy! ) roughly 8-98 and up. It could easily be a young girl's first lip product. The berry gloss is sort of general sweet fruity flavored . I believe that the gloss of the duo I skipped , was virtually the same for color and flavor , so I'm not feeling any FOMO here.
I also got.....520 Pomegranate Lemonade Punch (lemon balm, fruity flavored " pomegranate " sheer orangey coral gloss with light shimmer and tastes fairly true to drink mix ) (trying this now ).
.....521 Strawberry Vanilla Swirl ( vanilla balm, clear with light shimmers strawberry candy from Hickory Farms flavored gloss)
.....522 Raspberry Orange Sorbet ( orange flavored balm , sheer orange color generic raspberry flavored gloss with light shimmer) .
......525 Vanilla Caramel Sundae ( caramel almost maple flavored balm { ooooh it smells SO good ! This one I'm tempted to back up!} clear vanilla gloss with light shimmer ) . This duo smells like the scrumptious caramel and vanilla coffee shop syrups , or those nearly edible smelling candles that I personally sometimes wonder if just smelling them is adding to my hip line.
Product packaging is fairly cheap , a clear plastic cap covers the balm side and feels like Wetnwild quality . The gloss' applicator wand is attached to the base of the balm and unscrews to use the product. Basic no frills doe foot wand. Stopper seems to be working well so far no goopies oozing out ( a issue I've had with more expensive lipglosses). I'm pleased with my finds. I may go get more , they'd make great little gifts for all my female coworkers this Christmas .

Lip Gloss -Bonne Bell -VitaGloss O2 Moisture Stick Simply Strawberry


I remember using this in 7th grade and loving the strawberry scent. I wish there were still jelly-like Lip Smackers like these. It's that kind of sticky that feels strangely pleasant.

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