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Hair Treatments -Biosilk -Silk Therapy

on 5/10/2018 10:53:00 AM


I have used this for nearly 20 years, so I think a review is in order. First off, oils are now a thing, but when this came out there was nothing much else like it. I remember being wowed by the results so many years ago and my stylist saying "it's the best in the industry." So what does it do? Well it really does soften, silken and detangle. I have long, chemically treated hair that is increasingly prone to tangling after washing. I apply about a quarter size blob evenly through my hair (avoiding the roots) and voila! Zero breakage and much softer hair. You can use a small amount applied to dry hair to prevent fly-aways as well. As someone who doesn't wash their hair everyday I can say this really does leave minimal residue/build-up. Other oils seem to compare well on the detangling, softening front, but usually very quickly my hair feels heavy and weighted. I have tried the MoroccanOil Argon Oil and found that Biosilk put it to shame (MoroccanOil left my hair heavy and dirty feeling). Same with various other oils from brands ranging from Aveda to Sally Beauty generics. Anyway, this used to have more of an "exclusive" feel, but now I routinely find it for a song at TJMaxx. I think it's even sold at Walmart, which is kind of funny because it used to be such a big deal. Honestly I could live without the scent. It's a light floral smell that does fade quickly, but I just don't like florals. The scent is gone almost immediately though. Packaging is not great for travel, but otherwise it's fine. I recommend this over all hair oils, high-end to budget.

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Shampoo -Biosilk -Silk therapy shampoo

on 4/22/2018 11:46:00 PM


I've been using Sulfate free shampoo for years now. I purchased this on sale. The smell is ok, lathers well, doesn't dry my hair out. The only problem is my hair looks oily after two days. I usually go at least four days between shampoos. This shampoo makes my hair very oily. I will not repurchase. I'm give the rest to my husband to use.

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Hair Treatments -Biosilk -Silk Therapy Lite

on 2/20/2018 1:01:00 AM


For years I've been addicted to the original formula until I realized that alcohol in it really drying my hair. So I switched to LIte.

- nothing makes my hair as shiny and healthy looking as this stuff (my hair is fine frizzy textured and highlighted and it loves silicones);
- shine stays on from morning to night I don't need to add more product in the evening and I only use one drop on my mid-length hair;
- it smells amazing, light sweet fruity. If the smell was available as a fragrance I would have bought it;
- little goes a very long way, travel size bottle will last you for months.

- it brakes me out badly, the back and the sides of my neck get some very large and nasty looking pimples each time I use it (I have an oddly sensitive skin and I react in an unattractive way to tons of products).

This is an amazing product and despite the fact that I can't use it myself and I won't repurchase I'm sure it worth trying! If you're sensitive like me, just grab one from the store that accepts returns.

Hair -Biosilk -Farouk Biosilk-Leave In Conditioner spray

on 11/26/2017 10:04:00 AM

I am surprised that there is only one review on this product. The version that I used called 17 Miracle and I found it in TJMAXX for 1/2 the price. I have to say that the original Biosilk was a turn off for me because of the alcohol contents. This however is a great product and I think it would replace my Kerastase. I tried this on damp hair and dry hair before blow drying and curling iron. My hair looked and felt healthier. The fantastic feature of this product is that it can be used on skin too. Many may not be aware of this but majority of hair products can cause irritation to skin in the back or around the shoulder area. For example, some have acne or some can have allergies. With the usage of most products, my back gets dry and itches, but this product has stopped that. It is pretty much what it is promised to do as advertised. All 17 functions are well done.

Hair Treatments -Biosilk -Deep Moisture Masque


Used this on bleach blonde, fine hair. Nothing to write home about. Truthfully, I'm pretty disappointed in the prouduct. Its gentle, no reactions, redness or itching. It's feel and moisturising ability is equivalent to regular conditioner. The fragrance is not unique or exciting, smells clean. The texture is light and in no way rich or soothing. The results are not worth $15 for a 9oz tube. The directions are to leave it in for 3-5 minutes, but even leaving it in after 10 hasn't gotten a better result. Neither has applying warmth. I'm going to finish the tube, and move on to another prouduct.

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