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BeneFit Cosmetics was founded in San Francisco in 1976 by twin sisters Jane and Jean Ford. Starting out as a small beauty boutique called "The Face Place" in the Mission District, they developed their first product called "Rose Tint" (now famously known as "benetint"). After a move to downtown San Francisco in the 80's, they went on to develop and debut "lip plump". After changing the name to Benefit Cosmetics in 1990, the first Benefit counter at Henri Bendel in New York City a year later, eventually opening counters in London and worldwide. Aquired by LVMH in 1999, the best-selling products include "They're Real!" mascara, "Gimme Brow" brow gel and the "Porefessional", a pore-minimizing balm. (

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Eye Primer -benefit Cosmetics -Stay Don't Stray Eyeshadow Primer


If you'd asked me 6 months ago if I liked this primer, I would have enthusiastically endorsed it. I've used it for so many years as an eyeshadow primer as well as a concealer primer under my eyes to cover dark circles. I was happy enough until I went to buy it online one day and saw the reviews weren't as good as I expected. It made me think twice, and I decided to branch out and try something different and now I can't look back.

I think I used this so much because it seems to be the ONLY primer that markets itself as a concealer primer. My under-eye circles have always been really bad, so I wanted that extra layer of coverage, and this seemed to be my only option.

As a concealer primer:
Being the only known one of its kind, I think I have to say it works just fine. It DEFINITELY provided an extra layer of coverage that I needed, otherwise my concealer just wouldn't cut it. So for that and the yellow tone to cut through my dark circles, I liked it, and more than other drug store colour correctors. But I still found my concealer faded throughout the day no matter what brand of concealer I used, so this might be the culprit.

As an eyeshadow primer:
Not good. I'm using up the tube now and comparing it to others, it barely works. Colours go on well but the vibrancy seems to fade throughout the day, partly because the colours seem to mingle together and get muddy. And the creasing is not terrible, but it definitely happens after about 8 hours of wear.

One big con that I've always hated - even when I loved this product - is the oil. As it gets towards the end of its life, it will become oily and the oil will almost be its own element and make it hard to use. This was really bad when it was a pump, so the wand helps to cut down on that.

FYI for those wondering what products I switched to - I now use Bobbi Brown Undereye Correcter as my concealer primer and Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden for my eyeshadow.

Mascara -benefit Cosmetics -BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara

on 11/18/2018 5:47:00 PM


This absolutely my go to Mascara now. The lengthening effect is beyond any other mascara I’ve tried and believe me I’ve tried a lot. It doesn’t flake, it stays on beautifully for 24 hours plus it’s easy to remove when you get ready to. The only negative I can say about this mascara is several of the tubes I’ve had to exchange because when I open it the brush isn’t attached to the wand, it had broken off before the first use. But after exchanging for an intact brush I love the mascara. Really adds huge volume too.

Mascara -benefit Cosmetics -They're Real


Did not like it, hurt my eyes and did nothing for my lashes. Bad brush. 2 lippies because it lasts well and is black.

Brows -benefit Cosmetics -Goof Proof Brow Pencil

on 11/16/2018 4:05:00 PM


I received a sample of this in an ulta order. I had not tried a mid-end brow pencil prior and was excited to see this sample, even though it was very small.

The color was a decent enough match: number 3 "medium brown" was a taupey warm leaning brown with red undertones. Although this was a tiny sample, the product was presented in a way to mimic the full size: the pencil shape was a wide tear-drop shape.

I ended up very unimpressed with the product overall. I'm sure this works for some people just fine, but this was a very stiff product and I'm sure I lost brow hairs with every application. The color was taupe almost too-light, but with the red undertones I did not want to apply any more than necessary product.

After it was applied, the product would tend to smear if I touched my brows. I tend to have dry skin, but this somehow made me more oily. I would find that it would not last all day. It didn't completely disappear, but it didn't stay around with full impact.

The product was advertised as "soft, glide-on color, 12-hour, waterproof-wear." In my experience it did the opposite of all these claims.

Blush -benefit Cosmetics -Gold Rush Blush

on 11/15/2018 8:43:00 PM


This is a really beautiful blush. At first it didn't seem to show up on my skin, but I scraped the shiny stuff off the top, and voila! A buttery smooth, peachy blush that I can also use as a finishing powder. I LOVE this. Thank goodness (for me) for Karen at Makeupandbeauty Blog. She wears a lot of the same colors I wear in foundations, blushes, and lipcolors, so I get oodles of inspiration from her. Her review of Gold Rush showed me how to scrap off the top to get to the pigmented part of the blush. (THANK YOU!) This blush does have a stronger, less gentle fragrance than other BeneFit blushes, but I like the scent. It doesn't smell like's like a "beachy" breeze. This blush is a definite favorite!

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