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Bath and Body Works LLC was founded in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio. They opened their first store in Cambridge MA that year and launched a seasonal catalog along with a website in 2006. Product offerings include soaps, candles, home fragrances and body care. The parent company is L Brands (formerly Limited Brands) and Bath and Body Works is currently headquartered in Columbus OH. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Recent Bath and Body Works Reviews

Fragrances -Bath and Body Works -ORCHARD Honeycrisp Apple & Buttered Rum

on 11/16/2017 7:47:00 AM


I had the shower gel from this range and apart from the usual moisturising properties I've come to expect from B&BW, this was a big disappointment. It smelt much nicer in the bottle than it did once lathered up and applied. The fruity apple scent was really synthetic and I couldn't honestly detect the scents of buttered rum, brown sugar or juniper berry it claimed to contain according to the B&BW website. I believe it was a limited edition range, but if they bought it back I wouldn't repurchase. There are much nicer scents in the B&BW Signature Collection that actually smell like they claim to and cost the same amount too.

Fragrances -Bath and Body Works -French Lavender & Honey

on 11/11/2017 5:45:00 AM


I had the Fine Fragrance Mist from this range and really loved the scent. It's so summery! The honey came through most intensely once applied, whilst the french lavender was much more subtle in nature. I actually preferred this though, as ordinarily I'm not a huge fan of lavender. It had reasonably good lasting power - it started to wear off after about 2-3 hours - but I would expect this from a body mist, as they're not typically as long lasting as perfumes anyway.

The 236ml bottle lasted me absolutely AGES! We're talking months. Granted, I didn't use it every day but I did use it 2-3 times a week and I definitely wasn't thrifty when I applied it. The bottle had a great spray on it too; true to its name, it was a fine mist which settled nicely on skin and clothes, without leaving them feeling damp or wet.

I don't think B&BW do this fragrance any longer but if they reintroduced it, I would definitely repurchase. It's a perfect summer fragrance and one that reminds me of sunny days.

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Gels/Soaps -Bath and Body Works -Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel

on 11/8/2017 5:23:00 PM

This shower gel smells wonderful. I find all the bath and body works shower gels quite drying because of the sulfates. Which is why it foams up so well. So make sure to follow with lotion. Or you will DRY!!!
That said, I have not yet found a shower gel that is not drying. At least this one smells good.

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Lotions/ Creams -Bath and Body Works -Vanilla Bean lotion

on 11/7/2017 8:16:00 PM

I just rebought this in body cream & glitter body spray. I received this lotion for xmas last year from my parents/Santa. It’s soooooo divine! It’s so cozy & snuggly i look forward to the holiday scents all year long. This is a candy sweet coconutty toffee baking-cookies scent that will have you humming carols & cheerfully wrapping gifts. Simply lovely! <3

Fragrances -Bath and Body Works -Vanilla Bean Noel Fine Fragrance Mist

on 11/7/2017 7:58:00 PM


I just rebought this again this year I don’t kno how many years they’ve had this but it’s a very well done Vanilla. I remember buying or receiving as an xmas gift more than a cpl X!!Toasty, coconutty, hazelnut, festive simply lovely. I bought the body cream & glittery body spray this year. Last year I had the FFM. I’ve still got some of the lotion left over. This is so snuggily & cozy it makes you want to bake cookies & sing carols! You need to ask Santa for this unless ur like me and just simply cannot wait lol =]

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