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Concealers -Artdeco -Camouflage Cream (All Colors)

on 8/17/2018 11:43:00 AM


My fav concealer! I've been using it on and off more than a year and I love it so much. I only recently hit the pan on it, I think there's about 2/3 of the product left. If I had to buy my makeup collection from scratch it would be among the first 5 products haha.

It's a bit tricky to apply. I read the reviews and knew you got to use your finger. You actually do because body heat melts this waxy product into skin. Wash your hands, tap into it and lightly blend onto skin as if you are using the tiniest beauty blender, not applying any pressure. It's very buildable and looks good on the skin.

The texture is unusual - once it melts it's rather thin and very pigmented, but not runny or oily. I love to use it on scars and discoloration. I can also add some to my under eye area. I prefer to blur imperfections not cancel them out entirely because all things full coverage are too much trouble to blend for me. There are days when I need to run errands and want to quickly hide some blemishes, and this concealer is the only makeup I wear. So if you like a natural look (as opposed to ultra matte insta glam), you might like it. The staying power is rather standard for a cream product, so it wears best when
you set it with powder (but because it's pigmented you don't apply too much of it and consequently it won't eat tons of powder or look cakey).

The packaging feels temporary - it's a magnetic pan you can put into an empty palette (FYI Artdeco sells empty compacts for these). But I don't mind it anyway since most concealers are much bulkier and more demanding. And it's so cheap and easily available where I live. You can buy another one for your purse and such.

I tried an Inglot concealer in very similar packaging, and it was more of a cream to powder texture. Which was ok, but I still prefer Artdeco one, probably because the shade matches me better.

I recommend trying it since it's so cheap. Yes, it's unique and takes some adjustment to use. But if you don't like it as a concealer, you can put it on your lids as a primer or use brush to clean up brows etc. You only pay for pretty packaging if you want to so it's great for a MUA kit.

+ Pros:
+ buildable
+ cheap
+ looks good on the skin
+ easy so find

- Cons:
- packaging is meant for magnetic palettes
- tricky to use

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Lips -Artdeco -Magic Fix

on 7/12/2018 9:19:00 AM


Before Artdeco I didn't know such things existed. It's a mix of fixing spray and glue. So it's like glue for your lips. It works best with: - lipsticks with a semi-matte to matte finish - long lasting lip products, like liquid lipsticks Doesn't work well with: - shiny lipsticks - classic lipgloss - colored lip balms Unknown: - lip powder - lip product with a moussey consistency (NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream) that dry down The Magic Fix makes your lip product last about 2-3 hours longer. It also fades with the lip product if you eat oily food. I feel a tingling sensation when I apply it. But is it worth it? If you need some extra hours and don't have sensitive skin, then yes. If there is a magic fix which can resist oil and fix every lipstick and even lipgloss I'd switch immediately to that. But as we know, this is impossible to exist.

Eye Primer -Artdeco -Eyeshadow Base

on 7/12/2018 2:46:00 AM


Yup, that's the eyeshadow base for the rest of my life. Got 5 of them, 4 are backups and will last me years. I used UD Original Primer (before they changed the formula), MAC Paint Pot, NYX Glitter Primer, Maybelline Superstay 24h concealer, white liquid lipstick, pure glycerin... None of these make me satisfied. Either too dry, too sticky, or I can say hello to crease after some hours. The consistency of the Artdeco EB is dry-creamy-sticky. It contains some micro glitter. Why? Because I wanna feel like a princess? I'm ok with that. My matte eyeshadows go matte on this base, so... Many people dislike the scent. I understand that. It smells like a perfume for men. Hm, not fresh though. But I like it. Sorry. I know there is a version without that heavy scent but why would I want to apply without being seduced? Oh my. The most important part: Application and effect. I want to apply it with my fingers because it's the best way to spread the product. But then, I noticed it holds crease better back when applied with a brush. I let it dry for a couple of minutes and start applying my stuff. It's better to pat your eyeshadows rather than swiping. Blending is a problem. I suggest applying a skin colored eyeshadow first, then follow with the colors you really want to use. Pigmentation increases. I'd say it's better if you apply the colors directly onto the base instead of putting it over a base that's setted. My eyeshadows stay about 8-11 hours, depending on the day and the temperature + humidity. It's the best base that I found. I'm going to use it for my undereyes as primer. Maybe before concealer or mixed with concealer. I'm sure it can do wonders.

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Blush -Artdeco -Blusher (all shades)

on 5/25/2018 8:27:00 AM


#29 is a glittery sheer light baby pink. It swatches well but on me it looks way too sheer, patchy, fades quickly, and all those shimmers/glitters go everywhere.

#62 is more pigmented, brighter baby pink. Cute but fades quickly leaving a ton of glitters.

The packaging is too annoyingly flimsy to use on its own and ONLY fits the Art Deco compacts that you have to buy separately. Its not a proper compact, just a refill with a sliding plastic cover. It doesn't click shut so it slides any which way and opens up in your makeup bag. I tried it in my Makeup For Ever or Z-Palettes, but no. The pans are high and clunky so the lids can't close. Maybe it will fit in the domed Z-Palette?

These singles did not work for me but I did enjoy one of their cheek palettes. Sooo pigmented, silky smooth and glowy without a hint of shimmer particles. Oh and it came in its own mirrored compact :)

Mascara -Artdeco -All in One Mascara

on 4/29/2018 9:25:00 PM


This mascara is OK but nothing special - for the price (CAD 20) I expected something a bit better. The formula is fine - it doesn't clump too much (although you need to wipe the excess off the brush), doesn't flake during the day and washes off easily with soap/water. But the brush is my biggest complaint: it's not VERY big but still somehow I always end up with smudges all over my eyelids and under the eyes - lots of "cleaning up" to do. I will use it up as an "everyday mascara" but I won't be buying it again.

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