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Recent Artdeco Reviews

Lipstick -Artdeco -Art Couture Lipstick

on 3/17/2018 8:28:00 AM


Amazing, high quality packaging. The lipstick itself is very creamy and accentuates texture on your lips, so exfoliating is necessary before application. It transfers everywhere, doesn't last long and gets on your teeth (fortunately I had gotten a nude shade). I'd recommend checking out the matte formula of the same range (which I haven't tried), because the creamy one isn't great. I had the shade 233 Cream Skin.

Eye Primer -Artdeco -Eyeshadow Base

on 3/16/2018 4:40:00 PM


Unhygienic packaging. Product creases on the lid. Dries out quickly. Useless. I prefer priming my eyelids with concealer and setting with translucent powder.

Eye Shadow -Artdeco -Eyeshadow - General Review

on 2/27/2018 11:20:00 AM


Great range of colours and very good quality. Smooth, highly pigmented and long lasting. I always apply a thin layer of Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer, wait a few minutes and then apply my eye shadow, eyeliner etc. When applied this way, Artdeco shadows easily survive 8-10 hours. No fading, no melting, no creasing (and I have very oil eyelids), even in very hot and humid weather. Very good value for money. Have already repurchased.

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Lip Treatments -Artdeco -Repair & Care Lip Oil


This is not a perfect lip treatment but currently it's my favorite.

It has gel-oil texture and stays in place, not sticky. In a few minutes after application it soaks into my lips. I like the lack of color, and simple packaging is appealing to me.

The only downside is the strong vanilla scent. I would prefer it to have none.

Misc Beauty Tools -Artdeco -Beauty Box (all)

on 12/20/2017 12:13:00 AM


This is what initially sold me on Artdeco -- a DIY compact? I had been looking for something like this for ages (after being thoroughly unimpressed with Aveda's -- for a company with so many environmental pretensions, I did not expect it to not hold up in my purse, or for it to be designed so the lipstick would dry out ASAP).

Two quibbles: it's a little more than I would like to pay, especially for the largest size (wait, three quibbles: I would love an ENORMOUS box!), and, I would like to see at least a small range of lipsticks and even a cake mascara so I could have a full face go-to in one box.

But that's it. I have had zero problems with the hinges like the previous reviewer. The boxes are very sturdy and have a nice heft and snap shut neatly, but open without fuss.

I was *so* happy to get so many things I wanted into one box, without the fuss of de-potting (though I will definitely be saving some small Artdeco pans to fill with my own lipsticks...), the size often involved in ditto -- this is just right for me -- or the (seriously, what?) cardboard of a Z-palette. With the price and quality of a Z, you're better off cleaning out an old cigarette tin, adding magnets from the craft store, and doing it that way...

But the Artdeco boxes are so wonderfully fuss-free and perfectly customisable. I had also wanted a full/mostly full palette for my car, and could not find anything that suited. I am a minimalist shadow user; no ready-made palettes play well with that. I am oily; I needed a powder, an item oddly lacking from a lot of palettes. The moment I saw the Artdeco counter show up in a Shoppers (Cdn pharmacy that has this positioned as a high-end product -- which it definitely is -- but the prices are AMAZING!), I bought the "magnum" box and loaded it with a pressed face powder; a brown contour powder that does the job for a quick powder liner, brow powder, shadow; a blush (I was dismayed to find when I saw it in sunlight that it had shimmer, which usually doesn't want to be my friend; this stuff was "radiant" rather than "glittery" and quickly became a favourite); a yellow-tinted cream for under the eyes; and a simple neutral shadow. I've got just enough space left for one more shadow.

I often use the blush and the brown powder together, and loved being able to position them next to each other so one quick sweep did the trick. The shadow is next to the cream concealer and I have had no problems at all with the shadow (or any of the powders) venturing in to the cream; Artdeco has very minimal "dust"/fall-out.

That the make-up is first rate was just sort of icing on the cake. If it had've been mediocre I would still have made do and been happy to have a custom-picked one-box bit of "car makeup" to leave in there to suffer through temperature extremes and replace as needed. HA! This is not "car makeup." It lives on the most accessible spot on my bathroom shelves, and is my quick go-to for simple, no-thought-needed out-the-door-ASAP looks. Perfect!

If you wanted even more portable makeup and just a few odds and ends -- a shadow in your bag with a lipstick, say -- the Artdeco containers, minus the compacts, are not ideal for regular use, but are perfect for stashing in small spots.

The magnets on the boxes are very strong, and fit so well into the compact that I tend to forget that it was bought separately -- while it's easy to swap out, once in there, it definitely stays in there, very neatly. (Caveat: I have a nice bamboo magnetised palette for depotted stuff. The Artdeco items were too thick to fit, still being more or less in containers and not truly "depotted.")

A+++++ HG stuff for me. Have since bought more Artdeco, will be looking to fill more large boxes with themed contents to simplify and de-clutter -- I now want an "evening" palette, an "[X]LBB nude" palette, etc, etc, and desperately hope the brand sticks around in Canada so I can stop fussing with one-size-fits-all palettes, or having to dig around for items for various occasions. Some of the designs they've put out are quite lovely, so I'm hoping to see more of the decorated ones -- the usual ones are plain black -- so I can distinguish between them quickly.

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