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100% Pure Cosmetics was founded in a Napa, California in 2005 by James Wang, Susie Wang, and Rick Kostick. They are a "natural cosmetics beauty firm focused on providing healthy skin."* Products are made up of organic, vegan, unrefined ingredients, with no fillers, toxins or synthetics. In addition to 12 retail stores, their products are also available for purchase online. The company is currently based in Silicon Valley, CA. *Source: Company website

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206 products

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Not tested on animals

Recent 100 Percent Pure Reviews

Mascara -100 Percent Pure -Maracuja Mascara: Black Tea

on 2/11/2018 8:09:00 AM

Finally! I plant based vegan toxic free mascara that holds a curl. My new holy grail. Every other one I've tried make my stick straight asian lashes fall limp immediately. Not this one. All mascara add volume for me so it lives up to the marketing. The black tea is truly black. I slept with it on and did not wake up to raccoon eyes. Washed it with toxic free face wash from acure and it came right off without having to first remove with oil for the traditional waterproof mascaras. The other reviews gave it such poor ratings bc I don't think those ppl are used to using all natural no toxic chemical beauty products. The toxic chemicals is what makes it work so much better. But I'd rather use a healthy formula that don't have irritating chemicals near my eyes but still performs. This is it! The formulation is on the dryer side which is what I love. Wet formulas will make my lashes limp. Highly recommend. The only all natural mascara in the green beauty community that will hold a curl for those stubborn straight lashes.

Liquid -100 Percent Pure -HEALTHY SKIN FOUNDATION WITH SUPER FRUITS SPF 20 (full coverage / satin finish)

on 1/13/2018 10:24:00 PM


I would not recommend this foundation for those with dry skin. It feels extremely tight on my normal skin and emphasises every line on your skin and it certainly is not full coverage. Unless you have greasy skin, save yourself the disappointment.

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Mascara -100 Percent Pure -Fruit Pigmented ultra lengthening mascara


It didn't irritate my eyes, but it always smudged! So I had to stop using it as I just ended up looking like a panda 2 hours into each time I wore it...

Lipstick -100 Percent Pure -Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Lychee

on 12/3/2017 3:11:00 AM


I'm in love with this color! I normally don't choose muted colors with hints of brown, but it's the perfect daytime/almost evening color. The colors lasts and it goes on smoothly.

Treatments (Eye) -100 Percent Pure -Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

on 11/16/2017 6:57:00 PM


I tried 100 percent pure products years ago (a foundation and face moisturizer) and was very disappointed with them. Fast forward to today, I'm looking for a good eye cream and stumble upon the travel size 100% pure coffee bean eye cream. I thought I'd give it a shot.

- smells great, like you can eat it
- natural ingredients
- very happy that it came in a travel size so I could try it out before committing to the bigger, more expensive full product

- price. I think it's quite steep for what it is. Especially the travel size. I'm not against spending money on a good quality product with good ingredients, but this just did not cut it for me in terms of its value proposition vs cost
- didn't really do anything for my eyes. It claims to lessens dark circles (not in my case) and reduce puffiness (maybe a little, an insignificant amount).
- not as moisturizing as I would like in an eye cream. I ended up layering this on top or underneath another, more moisturizing eye cream to get that additional moisture

- a fun buy to try mainly because of how good it smells, it was just fun to put something that smelled so edible and delicious on every day. Don't think I'd repurchase, however.

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