The Best Concealers for Camouflaging Dark Circles, Marks and Zits

August 6th 2020, 7:00 pm

Check out our guide to the best-rated concealers on MakeupAlley—peppered with helpful expert tips from Sergio Corvacho, a Paris-based makeup pro. No matter your skin concern—whether you're trying to hide your sin's from last night or fake complexion perfection—we've got you covered!

Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Concealer


(2 Reviews)


PERFECT FOR: Normal to Dry Skin 


MUA COMMUNITY COSIGN: “...I have never used anything better for under my eyes. If I need to cover some dark circles this gets the job done with minimal product and without looking cakey or gross by mid-afternoon. In fact, this has held up amazingly well in and out of the high heat and humidity. The sample size was by no means overly generous, just a foil packet, but so little product is needed that I can cover any dark areas under both eyes with just one small dot of product. I don't have bad dark circles but I do find the discoloration I do have difficult to conceal. It layers fantastic for extra coverage and is almost undectable. It's also brightening without any shimmer or glitter. ”

THE MAKEUP ARTIST'S TAKE: Pat McGrath helped develop the brand's iconic foundation and though she no longer consults for the brand, the line's concealer off-shoot is just as great. It just looks so seamless when applied properly. It's enriched with caffeine to reduce puffiness, while glycerin and vitamin E helps it softly glide over and smooth fine lines. Its satin finish is perfect if you're going for the natural, dewy look and need to cover up any skin imperfections.

Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer


(1 Review)


PERFECT FOR: Normal to dry skin


MUA COMMUNITY COSIGN: “This newer concealer from Dior comes in a huge array of colors (28 in total) and in cool, warm and neutral undertones, which is a massive upgrade from the old "light, medium, dark" choices that concealers used to offer. I've only had this a few days and purchased it during the pandemic so I had no sure way to test this on myself and sort of took a gamble, based on the Dior foundations I wear, and went with 1N. The shade turns out to be perfect. The concealer itself is pretty darn near perfect too. It looks natural, does a pretty decent job of minimizing my under-eye dark circles (nothing will obliterate them entirely), lasts all day and, best of all, doesn't look dry, crepe-y or scaly”

THE MAKEUP ARTIST'S TAKE: Dior's newest cover-up is so lush and creamy feeling. Wild pansy extract is used to boost hydration. I also love the line's undertone offerings. Many luxury brands offer up numerous shades but forget about the nuances of undertone. One shade does not fit all!

"When choosing a concealer for covering up dark circles under the eye, select a shade or two slightly lighter than your complexion to brighten up the area. For scars, dark spots or pimples, select a shade that's an exact match to your skin coloring or foundation."

— Sergio Corvacho, makeup artist

Nars Cosmetics Radiant Creamy Concealer


(1031 Reviews)


PERFECT FOR: All skin types


MUA COMMUNITY COSIGN: “This is my staple concealer. It's the best I've ever used. Perfect for under the eye as it doesn't cake or crease and blends super nicely. Great for spot concealing—the effect is very pigmented but natural looking. I have "really good" skin and under-eyes... No texture, wrinkles or major issues. So I can't speak to how the product works for different skin types and issues. But for me this is the absolute best, my search is over...”

THE MAKEUP ARTIST'S TAKE: This concealer is really great for brightening an area. Plus, it's creamy texture dries down to a natural finish. It never looks cakey. However, if your skin tends to be super oily, be sure to set it with a touch of powder so it doesn't glide off or use an oil-absorbing moisturizer beneath it to give it a bit of grip.

Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Contour Concealer


(344 Reviews)


PERFECT FOR: All skin types, especially dry


MUA COMMUNITY COSIGN: “A fantastic, hydrating and full-coverage concealer that blends evenly and effortlessly, hides redness/under-eye shadows exceptionally well and lasts the entire day. It does not settle into fine lines (forehead, cheeks) and does not crease AT ALL! I use this mainly under my eye area and to conceal redness around the sides of my nose, and on both areas I dab this on with a small concealer brush, rather than the doe foot applicator that it comes with. If concealing blemishes, I opt for an even smaller concealer brush. Doing so means I get much more controlled application exactly where needed, and I also end up using less product. Because it's very pigmented, I don't need to apply layers of this—once is more than enough for me. ”

THE MAKEUP ARTIST'S TAKE: This OG concealer is a holy grail for many. Not only does it blend easily and mask skin imperfections, but it lifts, firms and smoothes skin as well. Plus, it's infused with nourishing ingredients like mango seed and shea butter—and licorice root is used as a natural brightener.

"If you have dry skin, be sure your moisturizer isn't too oily; otherwise, your concealer won't last long. It will slide off."

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer


(19 Reviews)



COVERAGE: Medium to full

MUA COMMUNITY COSIGN: “I really love this concealer. It provides medium coverage and doesn't settle into my fine lines at all. I'm NC20 and was matched with shade 1N for under my eyes. I was quite surprised as it looks slightly pink in the tube, however, it matches perfectly. I was previously using MAC Prolongwear; however, I found that it did sometime settle [into my] fine lines. I would say that they both provide similar coverage; however, the Laura Mercier one has a much more forgiving texture. I highly recommend :)"

THE MAKEUP ARTIST'S TAKE: Laura Mercier was the first brand to really get concealer right. Its Secret Camouflage was in every top makeup artist's kit back in the day. This iteration wears nicely and won't settle into fine lines.

ColourPop Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Concealer


(3 Reviews)


PERFECT FOR: All skin types


MUA COMMUNITY COSIGN: “I used to buy the ColourPop original concealer but with aging skin thought I'd give this a go. I have to say, this one works so much better on me, and the original was pretty great in itself. This gives good coverage. It feels creamy and blends well. It lasts. On good skin days a bit of moisturizer or tinted moisturizer and a few dabs of this and I'm good to go. I didn't think they could improve on the original, but they did. I don't know if this is ideal for oily skin or anything, but for my forty-something kind-of-normal skin that veers a touch dry, it's fantastic."

THE MAKEUP ARTIST'S TAKE: Hyaluronic acid and coconut water hydrate skin. It's oil-free so it's fine to use on oily skin. It's creamy and cushiony and leaves a nice finish.

"I like to apply concealer directly onto clean skin and not on top of foundation. I apply the foundation around it. It allows for a better grip. Also, the textures of the foundation and concealer won't compete with each other—so you won't have to worry about caking or blendability issues."

Milk Makeup Flex Concealer


(3 Reviews)


PERFECT FOR: Normal to sensitive skin or those with rough, uneven skin textures


MUA COMMUNITY COSIGN: “This concealer goes on a little tacky and sticks well to the skin without feeling thick. It's a great blend of coverage and blendability. I wear it every day under my eyes. It's not high coverage, but it wears so smoothly and doesn't crease at all. I forget that it's even on... On zits, you have to layer it up or be OK with slightly lower coverage. If I have something I need to cover up, I use my Tarte Shape Tape instead. With that and the Milk Flex concealer, I feel like I can cover up anything my face has to throw at me.”

THE MAKEUP ARTIST'S TAKE: Chamomile helps to calm skin of any redness. Blue lotus moisturizes. I like that its flexes with your face movements so it never creases or cracks. Because the coverage isn't especially heavy duty, just build up the layers where you need it more.

Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer


(47 Reviews)


PERFECT FOR: Those with skin conditions like vitiligo or port-wine stains which require heavy-duty coverage

COVERAGE: Extra-heavy

MUA COMMUNITY COSIGN: “I've always struggled with dark under eye circles and tried so many concealers that never quite did what I wanted them to. I then thought of Derma Blend which I always associated with covering up tattoos. I figured if it can cover tattoos, it has to cover my dark circles and it did the job perfectly! I can't say enough good things about this concealer stick, it is worth every penny! Just remember to set it with powder when you're done to avoid creasing during the day!”

THE MAKEUP ARTIST'S TAKE: Dermablend's concealer is heavy duty. It's great for masking severe skin discoloration, scars, pitting and tattoos. It has a long wear and can feel heavy if too much is piled on (a little goes a long way). If skin is oily, I like to use Diva Deva Reverse underneath it; it absorbs the skin's oil and is the perfect canvas for a dry concealer like this.

"If you have dark under-eye circles and are of a darker complexion, apply a peach, orange or red tinted color corrector before concealer. It will help neutralize the discoloration while balancing and maintaining the rich liveliness of your natural skin tone."

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Full Coverage Treatment Concealer


(5 Reviews)


PERFECT FOR: Blemish-prone or oily skin types


MUA COMMUNITY COSIGN: “This is a completely genius HG miracle product for me. I've recently been breaking out really badly, and of course, the more you break out, the more makeup gets piled on. I couldn't bear to pile on concealer over my breakouts; but when I switched to the Bye Bye concealer, I was able to reduce my makeup by 80%. This does a phenomenal job of completely covering redness while drying out your breakouts so that I don't need a face full of makeup. Because it's made with great ingredients, I'm comfortable keeping this on my face all day long. I've slept with this on overnight and [it didn't break me] out. This is an acne treatment, not a concealer, so it does dry out your skin. Use it where you need it.”

THE MAKEUP ARTIST'S TAKE: If you have acne, this might be the concealer for you. This cover-up is formulated with kaolin clay and witch hazel to soak up oil while tea tree and sulfur treat pimples. Plus, its heavy pigments effectively masks any type of discoloration. Just wish it came in a more extensive shade range.

Sephora Collection Make No Mistake High Coverage Concealer


(10 Reviews)


PERFECT FOR: All skin types, especially oily or acneic


MUA COMMUNITY COSIGN: “This is my HG concealer! ...A little goes a long way with this. I apply it to the under-eyes and to redness/blemishes. I then spread it with my finger a tad and finish blending with the damp RT sponge. Works like a dream! The finish is very natural and very high coverage...a perfect combination! This sits well over foundation as well as on its own. It doesn't crease under my eyes when my skin is prepped with adequate hydration and primer [and lightly] set with a powder. It feels so very thick but once you start blending it out, it melts into the skin beautifully...”

THE MAKEUP ARTIST'S TAKE: A little goes a long way when using this concealer. It's pigment-packed so it definitely covers deep, dark discolorations. If you're going for a dewy look, this might not be the concealer for you since it dries down to a matte finish. I also like the fact that it contains turmeric which helps soothe inflammation.

"If you're of a fairer complexion and need to cover up intensely red birthmarks, flare-ups or spots, try dabbing on a green color corrector with light to medium coverage beforehand. It will help counteract the redness."

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Flawless Wear Concealer


(543 Reviews)




MUA COMMUNITY COSIGN: “This is the best concealer I have ever tried. I have tried quite a few concealers and none has made my under-eyes look good. Mind you it's not perfect but it's close to it. I have dry under-eyes and this doesn't dry up that area making me look like I'm 20 years older. It has full coverage and it's buildable. It doesn't crease which is awesome as I have fine lines under my eyes. The only "negative" thing I have to say about this, is that even though it doesn't crease or make my under-eyes look dry, it doesn't make my fine lines disappear or make the skin there look completely smooth. They are still visible but only a little bit...”

THE MAKEUP ARTIST'S TAKE: This concealer is oil-free, waterproof and budge-proof, which makes it perfect for sweaty work-out sessions or hot, muggy summer days.

RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up Foundation Concealer


(138 Reviews)


PERFECT FOR: Those looking for a clean beauty formulation

COVERAGE: Lightweight and sheer

MUA COMMUNITY COSIGN: “I have this in the shade 22.5 which is a decent match for me in winter when I have no color and is good for under my eyes and to cover redness around my nose in the summertime. At first I was unsure about this. It's a nice emollient formula for the under-eye area but I found it accentuated pores around my nose. Then I watched a video of the creator explaining that this required light layers with a light powdering pressed in with a puff in between layers for a lasting finish with coverage. I thought this would result in a caked on mess but with a light hand this makes all the difference and now I really enjoy this..."

THE MAKEUP ARTIST'S TAKE: This is great for those who need light coverage. It's sheer but buildable. Mix this with your favorite face emollient and use it all over as a tinted moisturizer for a fresh, natural look.

"Don't use a heavy concealer under the eye. They can get cakey and crack, and age you. Remember that the under-eye area is where you need more light and freshness. You want to look healthy."

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