Dear MUAers,

After two rounds of user beta testing, we are implementing the snappy Boards interface. Our testers believe that the new version is viable for use, with the understanding that we are not yet finished with our planned changes.

Our Tech Board post about the additional changes-to-come is here

Hello again MUAers,

06/14/2019 Here is our promised update:

Thank you to all who helped us test the boards this week. We are working aggressively right now to implement your feedback (I.e., writing code) from this testing.

Updated timeline: based on the feedback so far, we estimate we can launch the Snappy Boards UI within a week or two. We are committed to continue to improve the interface after the initial launch.

Thank you for your patience as we make this right.

To our users:

06/07/2019 We're writing with an update on our progress; but before we get to that…

Q.* Many of you have asked: "why can't you just go back to the old site?"

A: The May 21 update included not only changes to the UI (User Interface) but also major changes to the underlying technology of the site. This technology update was necessary and over a year in the making. What this means is that the old UI is not compatible with the new, underlying site. What we can do, however, is change the new UI to look and function as the Snappy Boards once did.

Progress report: since our initial message, we have been working as fast as we can to create a Snappy-style interface that is compatible with the new, underlying architecture. We will post an update on our progress and what users can expect by next week ( week of 6/10).

Timeline: we are looking at weeks, not months, until the Snappy-feel is back; as of now, that's all we can say.

Our sincere regrets over the upset the change to the UI has caused the community. Please rest assured that we are working furiously to rectify the situation. More soon.

Hello MakeupAlley members,

05/25/2019 After listening to your feedback it is clear to us that the new Board design will not meet the needs of our members, and that it has removed what made MakeupAlley the place you know and love. This was never our intention, and we now realize that the Boards cannot stay as they currently are.

We are going to make significant changes to the Boards. Our first focus will be the areas that the largest majority of you have said are unacceptable. These will include:

  • Each Board "home" page will return to the former, full-thread format.
  • Clicking a post will expand/collapse the post.
  • Post text will be black.
  • Spacing between lines (and overall white space) will be reduced.
  • "Latest Replies" will return.
  • "Most Actives" will become a link again on each Board "home" page.
  • Individual Board searches will return.

We have read how upsetting this has been to the community, and realize that there have been missteps - not only with the design, but also with the implementation and communication to our users. As so many of you have said, without you, MakeupAlley does not exist.

Thank you for reading.


The MakeupAlley Team