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rated 2 of 5 4ever29 on 3/27/2014 7:50:00 AM more reviews by 4ever29

Age: 44-55   Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium   Hair: Brown   Eyes: Hazel    

This just did not work out for me. It did not help with my pores, blackheads and make my skin feel clean and refreshed. I am not that picky about toners, but often I like to use ones with glycolic or saliac acid and usually my skin thanks me in the morning by looking brighter. Not so with this.

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rated 4 of 5 ahoymaite on 12/6/2013 10:14:00 PM more reviews by ahoymaite

Age: 25-29   Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium   Hair: Brunette   Eyes: Blue    

This is a great toner, but beware! It is extremely drying to sensitive skin. When I first purchased this toner, I was hoping it would clear up some hormonal acne I was developing on my cheeks and chin. And it did help, but it dried up my skin like crazy, leaving it feeling burnt and tight. I started following with CeraVe moisturizer in the tub and that balanced things out. The toner also seems to lighten post-acne scars, but don't expect it to work miracles.

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rated 5 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* Quilley on 10/20/2013 1:19:00 AM more reviews by Quilley

Age: Unknown   Skin: Other   Hair: Other   Eyes: Other    

It took almost a week for me to decide on this and the answer is it's a yes! I was already using the MUAC Peel which was effective, however this is now my everyday toner to make sure my skin stays clear. Yes, it does have an alcohol base. so if you have very dry or sensitive skin this may bother you. My skin is acne/aging/sensitive and I feel pretty fortunate that this did not dry out my skin at all. Probably because I use a really good moisturizer right away.

Once or twice a day is working well. My pores are all open and clean. I have not had to use my Clarisonic nearly as often which is a small miracle. It makes my skin look fresh every day, almost like baby skin. It feels soft and smooth and clean and it's a great way to make sure that anything left on the skin after cleansing gets swept away. I just can't see giving this up. It's one of the rare finds that became a holy grail almost immediately.

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rated 5 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* MsPsylocke on 9/10/2013 5:28:00 PM more reviews by MsPsylocke

Age: 30-35   Skin: Combination, Fair, Cool   Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium   Eyes: Green    

Ok I luv this stuff but I was reading some reviews and there seems to be a lot of disinformation.

1st this is a toner it will not remove scars. It's a 5% solution so to think it would remove a scar is ludicrous and the product should not be blamed for an uneducated consumer.

Since it is only 5% it will not do what a peel does. If you use this in conjunction with peels the results are amazing. Also skin builds up a tolerance so if you use it everyday after a month it will not deliver the results it did previously. Switch up toners I love muac's DMAE toner to give my skin breaks.

This is something that is to be used in tandem with the Mandelic peel for example. What this will do is tighten and clean your pores. It helps me with blackheads and any spots starting to rear their ugly head. This will also help lighten sun spots and even skin tone while fighting acne. For me these are some pretty awesome things clear clean skin with less imperfections makes me a happy girl. If your skin isn't bad with acne or sun spots it should work great for you on it's own.

If you're like me and are dealing with scaring,pigmentation,dull/uneven skin tone this is perfect to go with my peels and to keep my skin looking radiant longer in between them. I really like this product but with anything do your homework! I luv muac's products and so far they have given me my skin back. I think there is a product for everyone just do your research before you buy and don't have unrealistic expectations. This is not a cure all but it sure as heck helps!

I'm 33 and my skin has never looked better my pores are almost invisible blackheads nearly gone and sun spots lightened. It's not a miracle in a bottle but it's pretty darn close if you have the skin for this product. Highly recommend all Muac products! They are my new love that should of been in my life years ago.

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rated 3 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* pxcrunnercat on 8/4/2013 6:51:00 PM more reviews by pxcrunnercat

Age: 19-24   Skin: Combination, Fair, Neutral   Hair: Red, Wavy, Medium   Eyes: Green    

This product is one of only three products in the hundreds that I've tried that has truly transformed my skin. My skin is oily and acne prone and I always have at least a few zits on my face at any given time. However, after a month of using this product every night, my face is perfectly clear for the first time in years. Not only did it completely rid my face of acne, it has faded my acne scars much faster than they would have faded on their own. My skin is significantly smoother and more even-toned. I can actually go out in public without foundation, which is a truly incredible feeling to me. The best thing about this toner is that it is the ONLY product I've ever used that has prevented me from breaking out during my time of the month. I've broken out every month during my period like clockwork, and no other product has been able to change that at all, until this one. The only thing this product did not due is decrease the size of my pores, but I am more than willing to forgive that in light of all the other positive changes in my skin. Definitely a game-changer for me and I will continue using this toner every night and most certainly repurchase.

UPDATE: I'm editing this review to report that this product did not work for me in the long run. After about a month of great results, I stopped having good results with this toner. I had one very severe breakout, and even after that was over, this product never delivered substantial results like it did for the first few weeks. Not the miracle product I originally thought it to be.

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rated 5 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* maryam on 7/3/2013 4:57:00 PM more reviews by maryam

Age: 30-35   Skin: Acne-prone   Hair: Black   Eyes: Black    

HG toner. evens out skin, gets rid of pimples. it has a distinct alcohol smell so beware if that annoys you. it is a bit $$ as well. but worth it imo

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rated 1 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* cherryme on 4/12/2013 1:23:00 PM more reviews by cherryme

Age: 25-29   Skin: Combination, Fair   Hair: Brown, Wavy, Medium   Eyes: Brown    

Mehh didn't do much! And I am dissapointed because I wanted to like it. I still believe in it and I hope I will have some results soon.
I am complaining about the alcohol.
I hoped it would fade a scar above my lip but it didn't. Also hoped it would help with my blackheads.
It makes my skin oily and my pores look big.
I will continue to use it though because I paid a lot of money for it but Nucelle wash and toner (both with mandelic) did more for my skin.
Advantage- it makes my skin smooth.
Update:I used the Mandelic Toner for few weeks now and I am giving up on it because:
it makes my skin very very oily during day time (I use it only at night), it didn't help with my blackaheads and it didn't help with some pimples that I had for a while (I was hoping that the toner would at least diminsh the pimples or help with the scars).
Still the only advantage is that my skin is smooth eventhough I am still peeling (I've used Retin A and peels and acids on my skin and I am amazed that I am still peeling).
Update: 9 Sept 2013-- I finished this toner and I won't buy it again. Too much alcohol, gave me red and dry patches on my cheeks and I used it on my cheeks just 2-3 times a week. In rest on my nose and chin and forehead, I have been peeling the whole time, even if few months ago I used Retin A so my skin should be used to peels or acids.
The alcohol kills everything for me.

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rated 5 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* ExoticAlbino on 3/24/2013 1:43:00 AM more reviews by ExoticAlbino

Age: 19-24   Skin: Acne-prone, Fair   Hair: Blond   Eyes: Green    

I have *NEVER* found a skincare product that gives such dramatic results. This is the one skincare product I will not keep searching to find a better replacement for, MUAC Mandelic Toner is my absolute HG. I have repurchased it time & time again. This is as close to a miracle beauty product as I'm ever going to get. I dealt with acne for years & years since I have oily skin. I still am oily, but my skin cleared up after a month of using this every night. That is AMAZING considering I tried everything under the sun. Benzoyl Peroxide creams were the only other product to make a difference... but I still had at least 3 active pimples at all times. Also BP is very damaging to the skin. This Mandelic Acid toner actually helps renew skin, so it's not damaging, & I have ~0~ pimples now.

I stayed away from toners for a few years after trying a few glycolic acid based ones. This product is so much different. Mandelic acid toner doesn't leave a sticky residue on my skin, & it doesn't break me out the way glycolic acid toners always did. My skin actually feels squeaky clean! This stuff deep cleanses my pores & removes any traces of makeup, oil, or dirt that cleanser might have missed.Best of all - I have GIGANTIC pores that ruin any chance of me being attractive, & this product DRAMATICALLY minimizes them. I feel like I have barbie skin when I use this product! (Okay...maybe not that good, but still, I'm pretty damn impressed).

The only downside is you can really dry your skin out with this stuff & it's usually too late to avoid the consquences. Meaning if you drown your skin in this one night, 3 days later it might begin to peel. It took me months to find the right balance. I can only use this at night, as opposed to night & day as the bottle suggests.

Worth every penny. (& it's cheap, too!).

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rated 5 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* Cat1104 on 3/18/2013 1:24:00 AM more reviews by Cat1104

Age: Unknown   Skin: Sensitive, Fair   Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium   Eyes: Hazel    

7/10/13 update: I finished my bottle of this but decided not to repurchase because the scent as well as high alcohol content are off-putting to me, plus I am test-driving Paula's Choice Clear Regular 2%. It's (mandelic toner) a great product, but in the long run, it was a bit too harsh for my sensitive skin.

Original review: I have oily/dehydrated, clog-prone, sensitive skin. I'm prone to clogged pores that sometimes become inflamed, specifically on my chin. It seemed as though I always had a cystic breakout on my chin. Once it healed, another one would pop up, so I always had at least one cystic pimple on my chin. I've been using this toner for three months and don't get cystic breakouts on my chin anymore. Anything that pops up is very small and goes away quickly. I have tried this on other areas of my face for clogged pores, but it's too dehydrating and causes flaking and irritation, which leads breakouts for me. I only use it on my chin and occasionally forehead every other night, sometimes less frequently depending on how my skin is reacting.

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rated 4 of 5 greengrapefruit on 3/15/2013 1:38:00 PM more reviews by greengrapefruit

Age: 19-24   Skin: Acne-prone, Fair   Hair: Black   Eyes: Brown    

Update 1:
So I have been using this for almost a month. This has definitely helped with acne marks, they have faded!! I am still getting breakouts, and I actually got 2 cysts this week which I usually never get. I applied a little extra toner on the spots and the swelling has gone down a lot. Amazing!

Original post:
This is the first toner I have ever used. Honestly its more of a toner + treatment.
My skin needs help with breakouts and red acne marks.
I started using the Mandelic 25% peel once a week. But it was making me dry and I still experienced breakouts though some clogs were removed.
I got this toner and I still had breakouts for the first week. But in the second week my skin has fewer breakouts and they do not get as inflamed. I use it nightly, all over after I cleanse, and then apply my cream on top. Then i dab any spots with a q-tip and then heal so much faster.

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