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rated 5 of 5 Clxer on 12/7/2014 8:19:00 AM more reviews by Clxer

Age: 19-24   Skin: Oily, Fair-Medium   Hair: Black, Straight, Fine   Eyes: Hazel    

This is the 'base mask' that I add my honey to:

Oatmeal : two teaspoons (Any oatmeal is fine, be it instant or just the normal ones)
Yogurt : one and a half to two teaspoons

It is as simple as that. Although simple and basic as it is, this humble mask will instantly brighten, whiten and reduce redness on your skin. It soothes any irritation and leaves your skin feeling so smooth after.

How I customise my mask to cater to my skin's needs:

1. Honey

Great for : it's moisturising, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant abilities

Honey has a great moisturising ability and can significantly prolong the time the mask stays moist. The longer the mask stays moist on the skin, the more your skin absorbs.

It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Honey also has anti-oxidants in it. It is said that the darker the honey, the better the anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties of the honey. In my picture I used Manuka honey, but I found that the more affordable honey works just as well.

Directions: add half a teaspoon of honey to base mixture

To read on about how oatmeal, yogurt helps your skin, or how I customise my masks with tumeric, coffee or lemon read:

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rated 4 of 5 acciohashi on 12/3/2014 10:23:00 PM more reviews by acciohashi

Age: 18 & Under   Skin: Combination, Olive, Warm   Hair: Brunette, Straight   Eyes: Brown    

I love me some raw honey for the taste and health benefits.
Applied, topically, I don't use it as a cleanser. I use it as a mask. I usually mix it with other beneficial things like green tea, oatmeal, gingko extract, and egg white(so it adheres to skin better and stays there).

When my skin is freaking out and red, it really helps calms it down. I also use it when my acne is particularly painful. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and acne is an inflammatory disorder so this helps to tone it down. It also has antioxidant properties, so it shields my skin against things in my environment I have no control over.

I use this primarily at night since I don't want to worry about SPF.

I use this on days I wear no makeup, I have time to kill, and I don't care who sees me, since this can create a sticky mess of things.

It's a great idea for a sleepover to make some homemade masks, and use them while we're doing each others hair. It is sticky so it'll stick to hair if you're not careful. Sometimes, I put tissue paper on top to help it stay put where I want it.

The more time you use it, the more effective it becomes.

If you leave a giant batch out in the open for more than a day, it'll lose it's effectiveness so less is more.

When I take it off, my skin looks less red and smoother and is softer to the touch.

By no means is it a miracle cure, but it works pretty well and it's cheap.

Dark honey is especially effective.

It's also great for lip balm(if you can resist licking) and especially good for cold sores. It helps in wound healing and my cold sores go away much quicker using some of this at night, of course in conjunction to some topical treatments.

If you're making your own line of skin care products, consider using some of this in the products, particularly lip balms or mixed with clay in masks.

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rated 5 of 5 Chubilovesyou on 11/29/2014 7:34:00 PM more reviews by Chubilovesyou

Age: 25-29   Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium   Hair: Brunette, Curly, Medium   Eyes: Brown    

The only thing that saved my face! Keeps my acne at bay. I love love this stuff. But it really has to be raw honey! Otherwise it doesn't work on my face.

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rated 1 of 5 Carybear on 11/20/2014 9:30:00 AM more reviews by Carybear

Age: 36-43   Skin: Combination, Olive, Warm   Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine   Eyes: Brown    

i dont buy into the whole "food on your face" crunchy/greenwashing bull. If it worked ever they'd still be using it today. Aleppo soap is a 2000 year old formula. Humankind figured out how to *make* soap. Why regress to something so messy and ineffective? I admit I tried this once or twice. But like the whole oil cleansing didn't work. In fact, it was a just an awful mess and a horrid experiment.

Just a note on the OCM. "like dissolves like" works on pavement and painted surfaces. Not on human skin. Oil is not soluble in oil any more than it is in water. Solubility is not to be confused with the ability to dissolve or liquefy a substance, because the solution might occur not only because of dissolution but also because of a chemical reaction. Start thinking about what you are using on your skin in terms of molecular weight and potential of hydrogen. Not one of us has the same chemical composition as another; thus everyone's skin has a different chemical mix forming the acid mantle and lipid barrier. Get it, Kids?

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rated 5 of 5 Tpoortier on 11/14/2014 1:16:00 PM more reviews by Tpoortier

Age: 19-24   Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium   Hair: Blond   Eyes: Blue    

Ok so I have very acne prone, sensitive, dry skin. When I first heard about honey I was so scared to try it because I thought it would completely break me out. But this gitl on youtube raved about it and so i decidednto try it out. I grabbed the only honey I had in the house which was organic but not raw.. I put it all over my face and left it on for an hour. I did this every night for about a week, I noticed all my redness going away, it helped with my scars, but did nothing for my dry skin. In fact I feel like it made me more dry..

In the mornings I washed my face with the cetaphil antibacterial bar soup, then I use the nivea creme on my face. Then at night time I washed my makeup off with the cetaphil soap and put honey on for an hour. Last night I went out and bought the raw honey and I imediatly noticed my skin change. No dry flaky spots, no redness, smaller pimples. I love this stuff, I wish I know about it back in my highschool days. I will never use a different skin routine. This definitely works for me. I'm sorry for those of you it didn't help :( I'm sure you will find something, keep researching natural remedies!

Also, give it a few days or weeks to work its magic. I've done a lot of research on it and it will sometimes break you out before it starts to help. So don't give up too quickly!

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rated 5 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* aligator on 11/10/2014 6:27:00 PM more reviews by aligator

Age: 30-35   Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Warm   Hair: Black, Wavy, Medium   Eyes: Brown    

I've been using organic raw honey for a few years now mostly as a face wash but sometimes as a mask if I have the time. I like the kind of raw honey that is crystallized because I feel like it exfoliates my skin as I'm washing my face! I take a little bit from the jar with a disposable knife and spread it all over a slightly wet face. The water helps it apply easier or else it's really sticky. It's cheap, organic and the only thing I will ever use for face wash! I love raw honey!

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rated 5 of 5 sarahi15 on 11/2/2014 9:52:00 PM more reviews by sarahi15

Age: 19-24   Skin: Other, Medium Brown   Hair: Black   Eyes: Brown    

awesome for my dehydated skin. helps my skin keep moiaturized.

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rated 5 of 5 daria33 on 9/25/2014 6:31:00 PM more reviews by daria33

Age: 30-35   Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Warm   Hair: Brown, Wavy, Medium   Eyes: Hazel    

I do a honey mask/face massage every once in a while, and it's great. I just did one with thick buckwheat honey, and my pores look super clean. I should do this more often. I also want to try mixing it with ground flaxseed and maybe even some almond oil and doing a mild scrub/mask--something I heard about that sounds intriguing.

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rated 5 of 5 SepiaRose on 9/11/2014 6:49:00 PM more reviews by SepiaRose

Age: 36-43   Skin: Dry, Medium Brown, Warm   Hair: Black, Relaxed, Fine   Eyes: Brown    

I can't tell you if it's a good facial cleanser or not because I keep eating mine. I CAN tell you it's delicious, good for sore throats and cough and upset stomachs.

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rated 3 of 5 Michelle1642 on 9/11/2014 3:40:00 PM more reviews by Michelle1642

Age: 30-35   Skin: Oily, Olive   Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine   Eyes: Brown    

I really wanted to love this, and I do in some way, but the honey/face wash did not work for me. Maybe it was the particular brand that I was using (I am using raw Manuka honey), but it caused my face to breakout,and not just any type of acne, but really big cysts :( I had to stop the honey. I thought at some point that it could be the combination of honey/argan oil/aloe vera in my new routine, so I stopped everything. I just washed my face with my Origins face wash for one day and then nothing but water for the rest of the week. Thankfully, my face improved a lot and looked better again. I then decided to give Manuka honey another try, and I used it as a mask for 15 minutes, I loved how clear and bright my skin was afterwards, and I swear that the acne scars that I have were actually disappearing. I thought this could be how I can use finally make use of raw honey, as a mask once a week, but then, I noticed a HUGE cyst on my chin next day, and I mean HUGE. I really am discouraged now and I know I will never use it again. I might want to experiment again later, but this time probably with regular raw honey. Sometimes we really want to love a product and we're really disappointed when it works wonders with others and not with us, but it's just about listening to our body and give it what it wants instead of sticking to a rigid routine that can sometimes do more harm than good.
I would probably buy good regular honey again (not pricey Manuka) because it's yummy and also to make my sugar/olive oil/honey lip scrub.

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