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rated 5 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* briii on 7/25/2011 4:11:00 AM more reviews by briii

Age: 19-24   Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium   Hair: Brunette   Eyes: Blue    

These are the best makeup remover wipes ever!! I used to like the neutrogena ones but one day my local walmart was out of them and I came accross these :] these are ten times better than he neutrogena wipes! They remove all my makeup and don't irritate my skin at all. They're pretty cheap too which is always a plus [: by far the best makeup remover wipes i've ever came accross!!

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rated 5 of 5 pinkeyey on 5/23/2011 12:49:00 PM more reviews by pinkeyey

Age: 36-43   Skin: Combination, Tan, Warm   Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine   Eyes: Brown    

I love the Clean & Clear wipes- but generally, i love all these wipes by any brand! I remember using them many years ago cause i was lazy - so i'd just take my makeup off with theses and rinse with water and go to sleep. my skin looked dry so i stopped.
i recently started using these again (cause i was going on vacation). but this time around, i didn't rely on these to do everything. first, i'd remove my eye makeup with my regular remover. then i'll use these wipes to take off as much makeup as possible. lastly, i'd wash my face again with my regular cleanser. i cannot tell you how great my face looks now! i've been doing this for a month or so, and my skin is soft and smooth!!
i used to have pimples, but i haven't had a real one for the past month (even during my period!) and my acne scars look lighter! i really think the wipes act like a gentle exfoliant. so my face creams can actually get in... whereas before, there was probably always a layer of dead skin.
for those of you who experience eye irritations, maybe try not using it for your eye makeup. and for those of you who think it's too drying- try rinsing it off and apply moisturiser after. your face will feel cleaner.
if it burns, then its probably too strong for you or you're rubbing too hard- so just stop using it.
but if you have acne and don't know why- try using this for a week- they're so cheap- it's worth a try.

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rated 5 of 5 girlycar on 5/21/2011 8:53:00 PM more reviews by girlycar

Age: 18 & Under   Skin: Oily, Fair-Medium, Warm   Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium   Eyes: Brown    

Love these! Does not sting my face or eyes at all! These defiantly remove all my makeup, and if there is any left it comes off with my cleanser.

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rated 3 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* georgiasweety on 5/16/2011 10:50:00 PM more reviews by georgiasweety

Age: 25-29   Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Warm   Hair: Blond, Straight, Medium   Eyes: Green    

These do remove facial makeup quite well, however I took off a point because it does not easily remove mascara, let alone waterproof mascara like the package claims. To remove my non water proof mascara I have to fold the wipe in half over my eye, and work on it a bit. The cloth is too dry for me to wipe my eye lid with and get successful results. Maybe I wear more mascara then others? To me a good texture is that of a baby wipe. When I use this on my eyeliner & eyeshadow, the area feels like its getting a mild exfoliation and always turns red for a minute. I also took a point off for the texture. The cloth itself is not as soft as I thought it would be, it doesn't have a raised or exfoliating surface, but its not as soft as other wipes and feels like an exfoliating cloth on my skin. I believe this is because its a thinner wipe, with a thin weave. Despite the wee bit rougher texture, & irritation I get with using this on my eye- the formula is great on my sensitive facial skin that turns red easily. This does not break me out at all, however it absolutely does leave a residue. This product is oil free, but the residue is very watery/silky like a light oil-ish product. You can let this residue dry, and it completely sinks in, or do a 2nd wash. I do use my regular cleanser after using these wipes. I purchased mostly for makeup clean ups when applying, but I would repurchase if I had to. These were the only cleansing wipes at my local small drugstore. So... yes they fully remove makeup! Yes they are oil free & don't break me out. No I don't like the residue, and the cloth is too thin & not soft enough for my taste. Not a bad product. I really wish it included at least 30 wipes. 1 pack has 25 wipes- which is not even enough to get you through a month, wish companies would think about that and not be so stingy! I think these were $6.99. Packaging is very minimal plastic like a bag of chips, but the tape stays secure over the opening and none of my wipes have dried out . Very mild barely noticeable scent for anyone wondering, no added fragrance tho!

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rated 3 of 5 goldieb19 on 5/10/2011 7:42:00 PM more reviews by goldieb19

Age: 19-24   Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Warm   Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium   Eyes: Brown    

I wear a full face of makeup everyday (foundation, concealer, setting powder, bronzer, blush, and all of the eye necessities), and it such a hassle to take it all off at the end of the day. Because of my oily skin type, I have to wear the "all-day", smudge/sweat proof formulas of foundation, powder, and eyeliner, and these are much harder to remove than traditional formulas. After months of using an eye makeup remover and cleansing my face twice to remove all of my makeup, I decided to to go with a different option. I picked these up at CVS because of the convenient packaging and promise that the wipes were "oil-free, and I have been using them for a few days now. Overall, I give them a 3/5. The wipes truly do remove all of my makeup--waterproof mascara and eyeliner, Revlon Colorstay foundation and all. However, they are far from an all-in-one step. Though Clean & Clear states that there is "no need to rinse", I beg to differ. My face and lips feel very greasy after using these--as if I've used a lightweight oil to cleanse my skin. I was expecting a fresh, clean feeling--similar to using Clean & Clear facial washes--but my skin feels kind of dirty after using these. So, even though my makeup is thoroughly removed, I still have to wash my face. Another of my compliants is the price. I paid $6.29 for these at CVS, and there are only 25 wipes in the package--which averages to more than $0.25 a wipe. Somehow, I feel like I should be getting more for my money. I said "yes" to buying these again, but it's more like a maybe. I would like to try the Neutrogena brand next, or the Yes to... brand that another reviewer mentioned. I don't recommend these as a one step option for oily skin--you're much better off going with a makeup removing wipe that includes toner.

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rated 4 of 5 30oldbagbeauty on 5/6/2011 8:24:00 PM more reviews by 30oldbagbeauty

Age: 30-35   Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium   Hair: Black   Eyes: Brown    

I guess out of all the drugstore brands that I have tried (Neutrogena, Ponds, and Boots) this is the one that I like the most. It did not irritate my eyes as much as the Boots, it removed my make up waaaayyy better than the Ponds, and the residue is not as oily as the Neutrogena. Still need to see if I prefer this over the Neutrogena.... I can see myself repuchasing this product but I wanna try the Yes to Carrots/Cucumbers/Blueberries wipes first. Will keep you posted. So if you're wanting to try the product and still cannot decide I would suggest go ahead and purchase this, it's cheap, it works and it is gentle on the skin.

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rated 5 of 5 kttaylor10 on 4/5/2011 4:33:00 AM more reviews by kttaylor10

Age: 19-24   Skin: Very Oily, Fair   Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium   Eyes: Hazel    

I'm honestly surprised these aren't rated higher. I'm going to Sasquatch this year and didn't want to have to deal with washing my face twice a day, so i decided to pick some of these up to test them out before the big trip... and I can honestly say I will be continuing to buy them for as long as they're available. These things are amazing at removing my makeup and cleaning my skin. I have REALLY oily skin and clogged pores that are impossible to control, but since I've started using these, my skin has actually improved, which makes me think my cleansers never did a good job at removing my makeup in the first place.

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rated 5 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* Bambie_Blonde on 3/29/2011 7:41:00 PM more reviews by Bambie_Blonde

Age: 19-24   Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Neutral   Hair: Blond, Straight   Eyes: Green    

I feel that these are the best makeup removing wipes on the market. I have tried so many from Equate, Olay and Neutrogena. All of them would always leave me with breakouts, and would never fully remove my makeup- especially eye makeup, and mascara. I recently have been purchasing a lot of drugstore products, and I feel that so many brands have improved thier products (including Cosmetics & Skincare) ......I am so happy with these cloths, they are great for days where your to tired to cleanse, or simply for travel purposes. Somtime I even like using these to refresh my face.

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rated 5 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* mtycer on 3/12/2011 1:57:00 AM more reviews by mtycer

Age: 25-29   Skin: Other, Fair-Medium   Hair: Brown   Eyes: Brown    

To be honest, I did not like these at first. I felt like they left an oily residue. However, after trying many cleansers and makeup removing wipes, I've come to appreciate these! They easily and completely remove waterproof mascara and sunscreen, without tugging or scrubbing. I follow up by cleansing with bar soap, and my skin is looking great! I wish the packaging was better though--maybe a flip top instead of the resealable sticker.

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rated 3 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* aprilpinkbeauty on 2/4/2011 10:37:00 PM more reviews by aprilpinkbeauty

Age: 25-29   Skin: Very Oily, Fair-Medium, Warm   Hair: Brown, Straight, Medium   Eyes: Blue    

I bought these because I couldn't get to Costco to purchase my normal makeup wipes and I needed something to hold me over. I picked these up at the grocery store for about $7 which for me is outrageous for 30 wipes considering I get 150 wipes for $12 at Costco. These smell really nice and they do the job for removing makeup but not overly great for removing waterproof liner or mascara. I still have to use my Clinique makeup remover to get everything off of my eyes if I'm wearing heavy night time makeup. They left my face feeling wet and although it dried fairly fast I just didn't like the feeling. I will be sticking with my cheap Costco makeup wipes so I said no to repurchasing.

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