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rated 4 of 5 whogrrl on 12/3/2012 5:22:00 PM more reviews by whogrrl

Age: 30-35   Skin: Acne-prone, Fair   Hair: Brown   Eyes: Green    

I have been using the original P50 for a little bit over a month now, and I have to say I am pleased. When I first started using this, I had SEVERE breakouts all over my jawline and chin. I mean huge cysts that lasted well over a week. The absolute worst I think I've ever had. Normally, I would have stopped using this product but after reading the reviews I decided to persist. After the two week mark my breakouts died down and my skin now looks much better than it did before using this product. I am not completely clear but I would say that I have seen a reduction of breakouts by at least 50%. I am going to keep using this product and see if I have any more improvements. I will also add that a few weeks ago I added the BR Masque Vivant and the BR Creme Durmopurifante and am pleased with those products as well.

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rated 5 of 5 nitadlondon on 10/27/2012 12:33:00 PM more reviews by nitadlondon

Age: 36-43   Skin: Other   Hair: Other   Eyes: Other    

The most amazing product ever!!! My skin has gone from severe breakouts to so clear and glowing that I now get compliments. I just wish I had found it sooner before I got some nasty scars from acne. Yes the smell is not that great but you get used to it. I've been using the Original 1970 one and then switched to new formula but it's not as good. I get mine from because they ship to UK and are always there to answer questions on products.
P50 is the one product I don't think I can live without!

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rated 5 of 5 SanjaFika on 9/25/2012 1:16:00 PM more reviews by SanjaFika

Age: 25-29   Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium   Hair: Brunette, Coarse   Eyes: Black    

How can something so foul be so freaking good? I am not kidding about the "foul" - this stuff smells like something died, then was splashed with gasoline, burned and finaly liquified just in time to be bottled and passed on the eager consumers lining up at a uber fancy French pharmacy counter...YUCK!!!
I remember when i got my first bottle, I was so surprised by the stench that i was convinced that i must have gotten a bad batch or something! I was assured that the smell was normal and that the preformance will make it all worthwhile! I was sceptical to say the least and almost afraid to put it on my face, fearing some kind of horrible acid burn lol
Since this is stuff can be hard to find and the price isnt exactly cheap i dont use a cotton pad to apply it - instead i pour a few drops in the palm of my hand and just gently pat it on my face. Surprisingly the burning/tingling sensation is not that strong but the skin does go a little numb for the first few minutes (scary!). It doesnt get absorbed completely on me, my face feels plump and slightly tacky to the touch. However its not a film or a greasy layer that can "pill" later - just a moisture "trapped" feeling that makes your skin feel smooth as silk, reminescent of silicone. The smell doesnt last - its completely undetectable after a few minutes and i am kind of getting used to it.
This toning exfoliator has definitively transformed my skin more than anything else i have ever used before. My skin is glowy, plumped, clear and calm - breakouts are almost non-existant and i always notice a difference if i stop using it :) if only they sold it in at the drugstore, then it would be perfect...Until then i will gladly pay the high shipping fees to Canada and hoard it like a crazy cat lady! Its the one thing in my bathroom that i dont share :)

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rated 5 of 5 2790 on 7/9/2012 1:46:00 AM more reviews by 2790

Age: 30-35   Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium   Hair: Black   Eyes: Black    

I was bumped into this product while ordering Institut Esthederm's NO SUN. It is said to be a cult favorite among celebrities. I have been using this for two weeks now and my oh my! how my pores shrunk and my skin feels baby butt soft. I love love love this product!, my husband is also using this too! and raves about it. Now it had become our very first Holy Grail. I have normal skin and break out once in awhile. My husband on has horrible oily sensitive skin and breaks out every day. I highly recommend this product. My husbands skin has almost completely calm down from breaking out. It's pricey but worth every penny!!. I got mine from rescue rittenhouse spa

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rated 5 of 5 mo98103 on 6/3/2012 3:35:00 PM more reviews by mo98103

Age: 30-35   Skin: Oily, Fair, Cool   Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium   Eyes: Green    

Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about this. Yes, it smells, burns, numbs your face, is hard to find, expensive and full of scary ingredients. It caused me to purge after a week of once daily usage for about a month, though not as badly as retinal or aha. My pores were noticeably clearer after about 3 months - not smaller, but no longer filled with grey sebum, either. This is the first product I have used in a long time that has allowed me to cut down on my 2% bp, which I have used for year even though it has not kept me really clear of acne or clogged pores. I now use the p50 twice daily, my skin is not perfect, but it looks much better than it did with the bp.
My skin is very oily and dull, with open pores that clog easily. I know that this is drying for some, but for me the glycerine makes it moisturizing - I no longer use any of the half dozen oil free moisturizers I have littering the bathroom. I can apply powder foundation directly after this, sometimes with a single spray of liquid aloe or one drop of pure argan oil applied with damp hands.
Yes, I will repurchase. I'm only on my first large bottle of this after first using a trial size (1 or 2 oz, I think), so 2 bottles a year should be enough. I purchase BR products at a local skin care clinic and they recommend using p50 with a thin cotton gauze instead of a cotton ball or round because the gauze soaks up so much less product and I find this to be very true. Find it at a beauty supply store or order it online from a first aid company. Trust me - I've run out and used cotton pads and you need twice as much product for the same result - not cool when a bottle is $90.00.
The bf also uses this when he shaves and likes it.

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rated 5 of 5 AuntieKoko on 4/21/2012 4:37:00 PM more reviews by AuntieKoko

Age: 30-35   Skin: Combination, Fair, Cool   Hair: Brunette, Curly, Medium   Eyes: Green    

I love this product. I have combination, pale, Irish skin. It's always in need of exfoliation to keep the blackheads away. As p50 is expensive, I've tried to find substitute products. My skin behaves so much better when I'm using p50. It promotes the exfoliation I need to prevent some parts of my skin from being flaky. Just good stuff.

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rated 5 of 5 awaymirer on 1/9/2012 5:00:00 PM more reviews by awaymirer

Age: 30-35   Skin: Normal, Medium   Hair: Brunette   Eyes: Brown    

A co-worker is big into skin care...she's always getting facials, buying new products and her skin always glows and just simply looks great. My new year's resolution is to take better care of my skin so that it looks great as I get older. I asked her for her advice on staples she can't live without and she mentioned P50. I did my research (read all the reviews on this site) and found that other women have claimed this as the one product they couldn't live without. I purchased a bottle of P50 1970 from Rescue Rittenhouse Spa ( since it was good all skin types and began using it immediately. The product doesn't smell great and the first week was tough because of the redness but that was because it was purging all the toxins from my skin. I started using this stuff on 12/26 (okay, so its an early resolution). The redness had largely gone away in time for the NYE party and I got so many compliments on my complexion. When I went back to the office, my co-worker knew immediately that I had been using P50.

Grab P50 now if you haven't already!

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rated 4 of 5 kpavoni on 6/25/2011 2:10:00 PM more reviews by kpavoni

Age: 36-43   Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium   Hair: Blond   Eyes: Green    

Ok. This is my first post. I just had to rave about this product. I've struggled with acne since I was in my teens and went on accutane...wait for it, THREE times! Proactiv seemed to help when I was taking oral antibiotics in conjunction but I was tired of the meds. After reading other reviews on MUA, I figured I has nothing to lose with the P50. I opted for the P50v because I have fairly sensitive skin. Within one week my skin had cleared up. I'm on week 4 of twice a day use and I haven't had one blemish. I'm still using the proactiv as a cleanser but this stuff is amazing. My only gripe is how oily it leaves my skin which seems counterintuitive to the drying out I assumed it was doing. I'll gladly stock up on blotting paper to keep this skin!

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rated 5 of 5 sj48 on 2/5/2011 1:49:00 PM more reviews by sj48

Age: 56 & Over   Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium   Hair: Blond   Eyes: Hazel    

I read about this product in Town and Country, ck'd reviews online, with this site having the most and decided to give it a try. I'm 63, have pretty good skin but still have an occasional blemish (can you believe my age). At any rate, after reading the success others had with the product clearing acne prone skin...well, the decision was made.

I am now 4 weeks into using the products and give it 5 stars. I've used Obagi for years along with Retin-A and though I wasn't unhappy...those darn blemishes continued to be a problem. BTW...I do love Obagi too. But that's another review so, getting back to BR... I read every review and all I could find online about the products before deciding what to purchase...I settled on the Lait VIP O2 cleanser, P50, MC 110 (#2) and Creme Dermopurifiante. I love the cleanser, P50 (you do get used to the smell) and MC 110. My skin has the same glow it had with Obagi but the red marks from an old blemish...GONE in about a week and in two days I noticed that it was beginning to disappear. I have questioned my purchase of Creme Dermopurifiante and the reason are: though having a somewhat creamy texture it didn't apply and spready easily on my face and the same with my makeup after using Dermopurifiante. I was not using my moisturized before or after....thinking the Dermopurifiante was enough. So I quit using it after a couple of weeks and went back to my usual moisturizer. Today I researched more about Dermopurifiante and found that applying a thin layer of moisturizer before helps with applying Dermopurifiante. Tried that technique and it worked beautifully...wondered why I didn't think of that myself. Now I have another chance to see if I like the product.

The one thing I didn't order before but did today is L'Eauxygenante...some like it, some don't...but thought I'd find out for myself.

A big thanks to all of you who routinely take the time to review products...I am most appreciative and will do a better job at reviewing products myself. I found this site so unbelievably helpful....Thank you.

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rated 5 of 5 rawrkit on 1/14/2011 6:18:00 PM more reviews by rawrkit

Age: 19-24   Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Cool   Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine   Eyes: Brown    

This toner has been absolutely amazing for my skin. For the past few months I've been breaking out terribly and had no idea why. I started using P50 and within literally a matter of days, my skin looks amazing. The effects create something like a 'glow', it has just made my skin appear so fresh and clear. My red acne marks have faded and spots are drying up, this is no surprise because it is essentially a non abrasive exfoliator. It is a very addictive product as I now cannot see myself doing without it, I really wouldn't want to go back to how my skin was before. To keep this product effective, I think it is really important to cleanse your skin well before you apply it so it can do its job and sink in properly.
I really really recommend this product to you if you have temperamental skin that is prone to breakouts and you are looking for that healthy natural looking glow.
FYI, I use the non-Phenol version.

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