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rated 5 of 5 mightypog on 12/12/2014 7:42:00 PM more reviews by mightypog

Age: 36-43   Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium   Hair: Brunette   Eyes: Hazel    

When my Mother in Law wanted to get me a fragrance for my birthday, this was my request, after months of trying samples from Surrender to Chance. Now this is my signature. It's a big rich white floral, but without the problematic indoles of jasmine (think Jicky) and since it uses few synthetics, it doesn't have that toilet cake vibe of other white florals (Narcisso Rodriguez for Her). Its classic and works well day or night, decent sillage, not overwhelming (if you don't wear too much) and wonderful longevity. It's also really complicated, not just white floral, but a lot going on, and suits a person who doesn't necessarily follow trends but is very individual.

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rated 3 of 5 YoHarajuku on 2/5/2013 5:52:00 AM more reviews by YoHarajuku

Age: 19-24   Skin: Oily, Fair, Cool   Hair: Blond, Straight, Medium   Eyes: Hazel    

Definetly the classic kind of fragrance I'd imagine glamorous women wearing to a black tie party. It is kinda old fashioned but I've tried far more dated similar scents than this. I wasn't overly impressed with it however, especially as its probably considered to be right up there with the likes of No.5 for legendary status. Its appealing and elegant but not memorable.

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rated 5 of 5 Fleurine on 1/30/2012 12:36:00 AM more reviews by Fleurine

Age: 44-55   Skin: Dry, Fair, Neutral   Hair: Brown, Curly, Medium   Eyes: Green    

Top notes: coriander, green notes, bergamot and tangerine
Middle notes: iris, violet, jasmine, chinese osmanthus, lily-of-the-valley, rose and geranium
Base notes: sandalwood, amber, musk, patchouli, civet, oakmoss and vetiver

In my humble opinion, Jean Patou 1000 is a vintage-only affair, as this fragrance has done extremely poorly in reformulation, however if you are able to track done a well preserved vintage then you are in for a decadent treat. 1000 is an opulent and abstract floriental with a heart of indolent osthmanthus and dark, complicated violets. Heady, intoxicating, narcotic.
It is such a well-blended fragrance that comparisons to other scents do not come easily, although I was able to identify a distant relationship to Narciso Rodriguez for her, based on the osthmanthus note.
The EdT wears like and EdP or stronger, with a touch a sweetness, velvety smoothness, and about a mile of depth. A scent with classic grandeur, if you get the right bottle.

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rated 3 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* ella343 on 1/26/2011 3:12:00 PM more reviews by ella343

Age: 25-29   Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Cool   Hair: Black, Wavy, Medium   Eyes: Brown    

Here is a floral chypre, spun into rich gold, nothing too much or too little: there's a hint of honey and powder on muffled florals, its animal urges tamed. Chypres can be downright bizarre, as oakmoss can take on qualities of bitter green or thick dust by turns, but 1000 is only tastefully offbeat, it speaks quietly and politely, accented by old-money diction. All perfumes depend on an interplay of shifting notes over time—molecules with differing evaporation rates—which the attentive nose may follow, like silent music—1000 might be akin to Mozart's Figaro. A full ten years of painstaking (re)work, the craftsmanship is evident in every exquisite, complicated facet, and though the notes are somewhat unusual, nothing jars or snags at your senses. The first generic impressions include overripe apples, vaguely indolic jasmine, and patchouli clawing its way from a mossy base, but patience will tease out 1000's meticulous, expansive complexities: the bergamot top of the classic chypre is smoothed into a gentle effervescence, punctuated by green, aromatic angelica and icy eucalyptus, while the oakmoss bottom of the classic chypre, rounded out by vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, and civet, lends an earthy, quasi-masculine foundation for the grand, mellifluous floral heart.

Here, the classic floral patterns of bright, soaring rose, violet powder, and indolic jasmine, ever so costly and rare, do make their presence known, and indeed 1000 is ultimately intended to be a floral, and yet it is without the diamond-encrusted dazzle of its elder by Jean Patou, JOY, displaying instead a sense of discretion that is truly the quintessence of good taste. The complex chypre base provides an air of sobriety, and it is osmanthus, a flower of Chinese origin that has a green, apricot-y aroma, accented by nutty, herbaceous coriander, that takes up central position within that vast but subtle network. 1000 is not a customary floral by any means, but one that is creamy-smooth, mossy-dense, and honey-golden, not dark but full of subtle shadows. It is, like Le Smoking, an alluring combination of intrigue, refinement, and smirking self-confidence.

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rated 5 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* Melloney on 11/11/2009 2:29:00 AM more reviews by Melloney

Age: 36-43   Skin: Combination, Medium   Hair: Other   Eyes: Other    

A classically elegant ,beautifully composed chypre of world perfumery .
Distinctive ,smooth with an edge due to the civet. Gorgeous !

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rated 5 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* rosbergs3 on 9/12/2009 7:43:00 PM more reviews by rosbergs3

Age: 36-43   Skin: Normal   Hair: Brown   Eyes: Hazel    

Jean Patou's 1000 has to be the most divine the most exquisite fragrance ever created. You can tell very high end ingredients are used for this fragrance as it smells so realistically like a bouquet of fresh flowers. 1000 is not just a few flowers in a vase. 1000 is walking into a room that is flooded with 10's of millions of all diffrent kinds of flowers from the world over. 1000 is not a thin floral either. Its very dense and thick. It must be the civet basenotes or the sandalwood that that makes it feel so oppulent and heavy. 1000 is a fragrance for a night at the opera or for going to a broadway play.

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rated 4 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* Chamuda on 8/26/2009 12:25:00 PM more reviews by Chamuda

Age: Unknown   Skin: Other   Hair: Other   Eyes: Other    

This is a beautiful warm jasmine-osmanthus scent with some green and other notes (maybe patchouli? or wood, leather?) in the basenotes. I have the body mist which I like a lot. I didn't like EDT as much. Body mist is very wearable, it's a warmish not sweet floral with a slightly greenish drydown. Very sophisticated. I had to grow into this one.

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rated 5 of 5 vidacon on 10/19/2008 5:01:00 PM more reviews by vidacon

Age: 44-55   Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium   Hair: Brunette   Eyes: Brown    

I am trying to love my new and extravagent purchase of the perfume. I was so in love with the body lotion- it would settle into one of the most provocative and unusual fragrances I've ever encountered and the ratings are based on my love of the lotion. For years I looked forward to treating myself with the perfume. The dry down has been disappointing, I should have stuck with what worked. Only now am I learning that every product in a fragrance line can have a different effect. No more expensive mistakes! Buying samples first. Oh-- I will probably wear the perfume tomorrow for a lunch date-- one more try.

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rated 4 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* Mr_Mellow on 9/10/2008 11:05:00 PM more reviews by Mr_Mellow

Age: 25-29   Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium   Hair: Blond   Eyes: Hazel    

There are some fragrances that take a bit of getting used to, but after a full course of it, as a man you just seems to want more. Recently a lady friend has been wearing 1000 by Jean Patou all the time, the EDT from the start of the morning, the EDP at dinner unless the venue is high end. If so and always before bed a few dainty dabs of the perfume to set the mood.

I have always been inspired by fragrances, ever since I began to get ritual weekly haircuts beginning on my 11th birthday and for many years after, as I visited a classic British barber and tried out all of his hundreds of scents from limes and bay rums from the Carribean, to all the scents by Shulton, Caswell, Creed and most of the French designer fragrances. I always felt so fresh and ready for anything after those visits, right through college and into my first high powered jobs. I also appreciated the knowing glances by "older" women (somewhere over 25 years old) as they caught a hint of my scent, and sometimes were close enough that I caught a bit of theirs.

But only recently had I met a "1000 woman" thru and thru. Oddly enough for such a direct fragrance, it is very expensive and not available just anywhere. 1000 is very sophisticated and is one of the best women's fragrances when it comes to blending well with what a man wears. It blends especially well with Aramis, English Leather, Old Spice, Eau Sauvage, Fahrenheit and a quality Bay Rum or Oak Moss fragrance for men.

Indeed as a night goes on whether outdoors enjoying the sulty air or ... indoors enjoying the sultry air, there is a special sensuality about 1000 that draws a man "in" as in intimacy. Mille perfume has a special warmth that seems to draw a man closer in a gentle but persistent kind of way.

Jean Patou has always had a way of projecting femininity from a woman, out towards a man (as opposed to being like wearing a "female overcoat", or aggressive fem-machine-gun). Mille does this in a no nonsense but highly attractive kind of way. Mille it seems can work with the fresh scent of a woman instead of covering it up (maybe it's the "green-ness of it).

Not fruity or overly sweet, 1000 can be worn all day long, and the concentrated bath oil can have an extremely powerful effect on a man. It has the kind of power to make a man bury his face in the towel the woman just used and then seek her out to cradle her in his arms. It is truly an intoxicating experience for both parties.

So perhaps while Joy is all about flowers and a young lady's blossoming into a woman, 1000 is all about projecting the maximum womanliness possible. Strong modern woman seem to be best suited to using 1000 all day long, or at least women who want to be seen strong and modern might wear it for the same reason. I've seen the influence 1000 has on a woman coming to grips with the power a woman can wield, If you are spending some quality time with a man you really like and ... want, give him a message he'll understand right down to his ... soul, by wearing Mille morning noon and night. He won't ever get enough.

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rated 1 of 5 Debeh on 6/24/2008 10:48:00 AM more reviews by Debeh

Age: 44-55   Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium   Hair: Silver   Eyes: Hazel    

I received this as a sample, spritzed it on and admired the topnote. But within a few mins, I was convinced that one of my dogs had pooped in the adjacent living room. A quick check confirmed that both were napping, and then the source of the intensely fecal smell was discovered when I sniffed my wrist. An overpowering odor des poopies. I waited, hoping it would go away. But it did not, and I ended up scrubbing it off. I gave it a few more tries with the same result. My nose must just focus on the indoles, or the skatoles, or whatever molecule it is that can smell fecal in dilution. A bummer, but I blame my nose and not the fragrance, since anything that has been a steady seller for so many years has to be more pleasing than not.

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