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Package Quality: 3.2

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Oily, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

Tried OCM about a month ago and bam, i will NEVER touch those dirty cleansers anymore.

My face was bloody congested, from my forehead to my chin, especially my cheeks. Makeup gave me confidence, but under the wrong lighting, all that clogged pores looked like shit.
Crap. It was a horrendous sight. I flipped the camera function on my iphone accidentally and i saw my face. Lol. I wanted to dig a hole and hide. So bad.

Then I tried OCM, with just hempseed oil at first. Along with my all-time favourite dickinson's witch hazel toner! Yas. Slowly, those clogs started to dissolve/come to surface. Took about 1 week to see results. The entire process was amazing.

Of course, just like anybody else, impatience. I was starting to get annoyed at the slow results, then google i shall seek. Came across a site that stated all the benefits of sunflower oil with castor oil, so yup! Tried it. 20% castor oil, 80% sunflower.
Yay! Skin was starting to see light. Those clogs were getting lesser and lesser.

Of course, i'd still have a little pimple here and there, but with the dickinson's witch hazel toner, i just pour a few drops onto a cotton pad and let it sit on that pimple for about 5-10 minutes and voila, the next morning it was less bumpy and red, a little concealer would do the trick. :)

I also use sunflower oil as my moisturiser after the OCM. Sunflower oil does not clog my clog-prone face at all. In fact, it repairs my skin so much during the night! Because OCM uses a steaming process and involves hot/warm water, my skin would definitely be a little dry here and there. The sunflower oil replenished and saved my skin barrier so much, but i could only use it at night because i like to apply it slightly thicker.

In the morning i simply splash my face with cold water and tone with my homemade ACV toner or the witch hazel, both works the same (i switch between the two based on my mood) then apply my sunscreen straight. No need for moisturizer as my skin is more to the oily-side during the day.

Currently i'm running out of sunflower oil so i replaced it with my hempseed oil in the OCM method. Still loving it.
However the hempseed oil just can't be my moisturiser as it reddens my skin almost immediately when i use it as a moisturiser.

These two oils will always be my favourite. Along with my ACV toner and dickinson's witch hazel.

My skin is now less congested, and YES, i no longer have to self-extract all those clogs anymore!!! I used to do that all the time and i have to like stay home for 3-4 days because of the redness :( But now, no more!!! Thank you to the nice people out there for sharing so much information because you guys saved my skin!

Even my family's starting say "Your skin's getting better." "What happened to your pimples?" when they used to say "Stop doing stuff to your face. It's bad enough."

- cleanse with cold water, tone with ACV or Dickinson's WH. Sunscreen next.

- apply OCM (castor oil w/ hempseed or sunflower oil) on dry with makeup face [I massage for about 10-15minutes]
- leave it on for about 1-2 minutes
- soak towel in warm/near hot water, drain water from towel and let it sit on face to steam open pores for about 10seconds, do it about 2-4 times
- wipe off oil with wet towel for about 3-4 times (make sure to get ALL oil wiped off from your face!!!)
- cool face with cold water
- tone with ACV (i have sensitive skin so i use 1 (ACV): 4 parts of water) or dickinson's witch hazel
- Moisturize with sunflower oil on slightly damp skin from the toner

If you would like to purchase items, i got mine all from iHerb!
- http://sg.iherb.com/Dickinson-Brands-Original-Witch-Hazel-Pore-Perfecting-Toner-16-fl-oz-473-ml/41443
- http://sg.iherb.com/Aura-Cacia-Organic-Skin-Care-Castor-Oil-4-fl-oz-118-ml/59056
- http://sg.iherb.com/Flora-Certified-Organic-Sunflower-Oil-8-5-fl-oz-250-ml/37009
- http://sg.iherb.com/Nutiva-Organic-Hemp-Oil-Cold-Pressed-8-fl-oz-236-ml/8348

I also use this facial spray to refresh or set my makeup. Doesn't clog pores.
- http://sg.iherb.com/Reviva-Labs-Lindenflower-Facial-Spray-8-oz-236-ml/16585

If you're purchasing, please Cart Out using code "FWN818" to get $5 off!

p/s:I'll be getting a $5 when you cart when out with that code too so let's be nice to each other!! :) do spread the word. Thank you for reading my experience with OCM and i hope y'all get amazing results too, cheers to beautiful skin and livin' the chemical-free days!

If you're purchasing, please Cart Out using code "FWN818" to get $5 off!

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Warm

Hair: Black, Relaxed, Coarse

Eyes: Black


This broke me out horribly.. I should not rub any oil my my face. I will not do it again regardless how the oil was non-comedogenic, its just too irritating no matter how gentle I did. Skin might be hydrated and the price of deep painful cyst acne is totally not worth it.


I tried OCM a while back ago with numerous oil.. Jojoba, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, rose hip oil, sunflower oil, mineral oil, castor oil (diluted with other oil).. All of them broke me out with inflamed cystic acne especially on my chin area.

But I still want to try and search a minimal skin care routine to take care of my dehydrated acne prone clog prone skin so I tried again with Avocado oil and tamanu oil. Avocado oil did wonderful job on fixing my dehydrated flaky problem but its too oily and made me break out with surface pimple with pus here and there. Then I tried Tamanu oil, it broke me out bad and dried my skin...

As I did more research and I came across Minimalist beauty blog and learned about oleic acid vs linoleic acid and for acne prone skin should be using high linoleic acid oil. I thought back when I was trying with grape seed oil which is high in linoleic acid but I still broke out from it and maybe my skin cannot handle the astringent property of this oil. Anyways, I followed her foot step and have been using pumpkin seed oil since 1/3/16.

My routine is
Apply pumpkin seed oil and message a little. ( I don't go to crazy about message as it can cause irritation for acne prone skin)
Remove with microfiber cloth wet with warm water(I skipped "steaming" as heat is irritating as well)
If feeling dry, apply a few drops of pumpkin seed oil. I do around 3 drops with wet hands rub together and press on.
Apply tea tree oil for spot treatment
Apply sunscreen and make up

Apply pumpkin seed oil and message a little
Remove with microfiber cloth wet with warm water
If feeling dry, apply a few drops of pumpkin seed oil. I do around 3 drops with wet hand.
Apply tea tree oil for spot treatment

So far so good. My angry nodule/cyst acne on my chin are not painful anymore. My mineral make up can be applied smoothly as oppose to my mineral foundation used to cling on my dry skin bits and pores accentuated.. My pores seem smaller. My oily skin is still oily but not as oily. But the past 2 days I see some under skin hard closed clogs on my chin area. Not inflamed though, just bumpy coarse skin texture.

I am also taking krill oil and fermented cod liver oil.

To be continued..

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Oily, Dark, Neutral

Hair: Black, Curly, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I have been oil cleansing for about a month now, and I will never go back. I use either 100% grapeseed oil, 100% almond oil (both food grade) or a combination of both. I rub the oil on my skin, even if there is makeup on my face. I massage the length of a song (I always have music playing) and rub off all the dirt and oil. I then rinse my face with warm water and continue to massage away dirt. I follow up with black soap. After I will either end with witch hazel toner and more almond oil (in the morning I use rose hip oil to moisturize)...or I apply a mask then tone and moisturize. My skin is the best and most glorious it has ever looked. My skin is so even it looks like I have a tan in January. All my acne seems to have disappeared and the marks on my face are almost invisible. My skin is plump and moisturized even in the cold weather. Sometimes I will exfoliate with a pad or sugar....but other than that this is my beauty routine. It has done amazing things for my skin. I got into makeup because my skin was so bad...acne and hyper pigmentation....I have been trying too manage for years. I literally have no marks on my face and not one blemish since I finally committed to this routine exclusively.

My skin never needed to adjust, and honestly....if the oil does not immediately work to heal your existing acne (which could include unclogging pores....but skin should immediately look better, not worse) then your skin may not agree with the oil you are using. I use grape seed oil and almond oil because they are non comedegenic and they both heal a number of skin issues, including acne. Those that use castor oil....castor oil is great at healing existing scars and wounds but it also can clog pores. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend you use the oils I recommend and only use castor oil to spot clean to purge stubborn pores or if you have hyper pigmentation that needs to lighten....not for the actual oil cleaning process.

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Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

Everyone's skin is unique and will react differently to methods of cleansing. After using the OCM for several years, here are some things that I have discovered either from personal use and by reading many testimonies. Coconut oil is comedogenic for many people. I personally cannot use it without creating a zit farm on my face. I've read that a lot of people react to EVOO too, but I really didn't experience trouble with this oil myself. I use 90% organic Apricot Kernel Oil, which is low on the scale of comedogenic oils and is great for sensitive and aging skin. I also mix 10% cold pressed, hexane free castor oil with the AKO. My skin does not react to most essential oils, if diluted properly, so I sometimes add a couple of drops of Lavendar, Frankincense, or Geranium oils to each ounce of oil. This is not necessary and if you have extreme skin sensitivities, I would not add any essential oils. This is like a mini spa retreat for me every night. It feels so silky massaging this into my skin. It removes every trace of makeup. I do not use hot water to soak my washcloth. Hot water will create broken capillaries on your face! The oil actually wipes off fairly well. If you do not want any remnants of the oil left on your face, perhaps use a little bit of rosewater. My skin glows! I have very few fine lines and I am nearly 50 years old. I can certainly attribute that fact to genetics, but I think the use of pure, natural oils has also been key in keeping my skin fresh and young.


Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Other, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Black

I've tried OCM for a few times (not in a row) as a deep cleansing routine. I use combination of castor oil and sweet almond oil. Yes, I found I have the same experience as those whose clogged pores are dislodged (a grainy texture on your fingertips). While I appreciate that, I found that the process is very time consuming. I only found the clogged pores started to dislodge after about 30 mins of continuous intense massage. Even then, only about 5% is dislodged. So don't expect miracles here. I don't always have the time to do the whole process and I feel without investing the time, the results will be ineffective and you risk of getting more clogged if you don't wash it completely. I followed up with a gentle cleanser after the OCM and I found my pores were more clogged a few times I tried it without following up with a cleanser. I'm not sure if this is supposed to take so long to dislodge the clogs or it's mainly due to the oils I use.. Maybe I will venture out using oils with higher lineoleic acid? Maybe that's supposed to dissolve the clogs faster? I'm not sure.

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Age: 36-43

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Green

Back in 2004, I learned about OCM, or Oil Cleansing Method for facial cleansing. I only do it once a month now as I never had the guts to stick out the purging phases. But it really does being a refreshing glow to your complexion, even if it is just due to increased circulation from massaging.

Am I crazy? Another one of Bonnie’s hair-brained beauty rituals that no one’s ever heard of before? Well I had never heard of it until about a month ago. Everyone is raving about the wonderful results they were getting from this method of cleansing their face. The testimonials were so numerous; I had to try it out for myself.

On June 23, I started using what we will refer to as OCM (oil cleansing method.) to give it a fair chance, I ONLY used this method to wash my face, even if I had to wash it 3 times a day (which most days I do) I didn’t want to use anything else to skew the results. According to what these women were saying, you wouldn’t need anything else. You may not even need moisturizer anymore.

From June 23 until July 11, I only used OCM. The results were AMAZING. My skin never looked so clear. It was glowing. No zits, the old ones that I had went away. My skin was soft, smooth, and LESS oily than before. How is this possible? Getting rid of dirt and oil with OIL just defies all logic. And why would my skin become LESS oily. Is this Bizarro Beauty world??

The truth is, oil alone will not give you pimples. You have to get it though your head that OIL DISSOLVES OIL. You must first get over your fear of putting oil on your face before we can move on. Skin breakouts are cause by several factors all working together- hormones, bacteria, dead skin cells, and other factors. There is a reason why your skin produces its own oil- because it needs it! Oil helps your skin remain smooth and soft. (Just like the oil sebum on your scalp helps lubricate and condition your hair.) Your body knows what its doing!

What you need:

Wash Cloth
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Castor Oil
Maybe a little container to keep the oils premixed.

The basic combination of oils for OCM is Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and Castor Oil. The olive oil is found in the cooking section and the castor oil is found in the uh, laxative section. The olive oil is for moisture and the castor oil is the cleansing part.

If you have dry skin, you would want to use more olive oil than castor oil. Say 75% olive oil, and 25% castor oil. Oily skin would be the opposite: 75% castor oil, 25% olive oil. I would start with 50/50 when you first start and then adjust.

The Method:

On DRY skin, massage the oils all over your face and neck. Do this over makeup, dirt, whatever else is on your face. Take your time and really massage it in.
Take your washcloth and wet it with hot, or very warm water (the warmer the better so it can dissolve the oil better, but don’t burn yourself.) Wring it out and then drape it over your face. (This is steaming the pores) I do this a couple of times.
As the washcloth cools, start wiping the oil off of your face. Rinse the washcloth and repeat as much as necessary.
After that, you can rinse your face in cool water.
If your face feels tight, you can apply your moisturizer. If it feels good, you don’t need to.
You don’t have to use this method every time you wash like I did. You can just do it before bed, or in the morning. You will be very surprised that this actually works! Castor oil has many healing properties, and both oils are great for your skin!

I haven’t been using it long enough to know if I will stay with it forever, but since it worked even temporarily, the information must be shared!

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Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Fair, Cool

Hair: Brown, Curly, Fine

Eyes: Other

I tried this only for a week and a half and should've read reviews here before I even tried that long and wasted money on organic oils. My skin HATED, HATED, HATED oil cleansing. I tried safflower oil first since it's high in linoleic acid and supposedly in those with acne-prone skin, their own body is low in linoleic acid and so the oil gets harder and causes clogged pores (that explanation isn't very helpful, I know - search the web for "linoleic acid acne" and you'll find more info). I have acne-prone skin only on my chin and nose, so I moisturized my dry areas with rose hip oil after cleansing. I was left with flaky dry skin at the surface, but with blocked pores, blackheads, and breakouts all over my oily areas AND zits on my cheeks. I thought maybe safflower oil was too drying and switched to grapeseed oil which is more balanced and it got even worse.

I know you're supposed to give your skin time to adjust, but I agree with another reviewer who said that even though oil cleansing is supposed to work because of "like equals like", I didn't feel like it was doing anything to help unclog my pores. I switched back to soap night before last and used benzoyl peroxide for two days and the breakouts are already better. I just don't have the patience to try this any longer.

This may work for some, but it didn't for me, and I wanted to post a review here since it seems like most of the information I could find insisted oil cleansing should work for everyone, if you used the right oil.

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

This is the worst thing I have ever done to my skin and I really regret trying it! I have normal/combination skin which has always been clear as in I have never had proper acne, only the occasional blocked pore and tiny blackheads on my nose. Anyway after microdermabrasion and a strong glycolic peel I felt like my skin was a bit dry and probably over exfoliated I thought I would give the OCM a go. It didn't help at all and after a week I was covered in blocked pores and blackheads all over my face especially forehead and cheeks. I have tried everything to clear it up and have spent an obscene amount of money! Even my usual Aha's and bha's didn't work. My skin has never been sensitive but it seemed that no matter what I used my skin didn't like it. I was so depressed and thought it would be like that forever. Anyhow 2 days ago I started using benzoyl peroxide 5% alcohol free and I have used the clarisonic clay mask once and my skin is practically clear! 2 days! I wish I had tried BP before but I thought it was only good on inflamed acne which mine never turned in to luckily. I would never ever ever recommend this and I didn't even have acne so I can't imagine the damage it could do to someone that has. I will never use any oil on my face again!

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Cool

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Green

A "friend" of a cool blogger and hairstylist living in Paris swore that jojoba oil works wonders on removing blackheads and making your skin trouble free. She went into detail describing the wonders of this oil. It was totally out of my character to by into silly blog comments like these. I became obsessed: I needed JOJOBA and jojoba needed ME.

I was an excellent convert. I cleansed. I moisturized. All with 100% pure jojoba.

The change appeared slowly for me. After 6 months on "the method" my pale, always so dry cheeks were infested with ACNE! YES, ACNE! :-( The surface spongy, full of blackheads, pored, oily, irritated. My always oily t-zone worse than normal with more (!!) blackheads.

Since I refused to use Roaccutane I was recommended Differin gel acne treatment and was told to endure at least 4 months before seeing results. This horrible gel made my skin even worse, cystic, more scars and inflammation everywhere. I stopped and started my own regimen. In the beginning the only thing clearing my skin was washing with PH sensitive Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Beauty Bar.

It took me 1 year (!!!) to get my skin in some sort of balance. Nothing is ever the same again. I suffer awful red acne scarring on my cheeks (3 years later). For example, any product with the tiniest amount of oils wields me right back to crazy breakouts. I have a difficult time choosing serums and moisturizers. I don't care for foundations. I only use concealer to lessen the redness of the scars.

I learned my lesson. I love my old blackheads : ) I don't need no oil to make them go away.

Just smile and shine...and STAY AWAY FROM JOJOBA OIL!!!

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Coarse

Eyes: Brown

I have normal to dry skin, no acne, no blackheads, my skin isn't particularly sensitive. It's just getting old :/
I've been oil cleansing for quite some time now.
After using Castile soap forever, I simply appreciate how gentle and moisturizing OCM is. I've used coconut oil mostly, but grape seed, roship seed and olive oils have all worked fine for me as well.
I'm using Rx tretinoin and cleansing with oils really helps mitigate dryness and irritation that's typical for me when I use a traditional cleanser. I also use oil infused with targeted EOs to moisturize my face/provide anti aging.
I've found that using a cloth and hot water to remove the oil is optional, at least in my case. If I happen to be in the shower I just let the water run down my face while gently massaging.
For me it's been great. My skin is plumper, more hydrated and texture is much smoother versus when I use soap or even the gentlest cleansers, (I've tried a good few and keep Neutragena Gentle on hand for my husband). I buy one gigantic bottle of coconut oil, and use it to cleanse, moisturize, make concoctions, etc. I save so much money on lotions, cleansers, serums...

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