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rated 1 of 5 ProductReviewer on 10/15/2014 11:54:00 PM more reviews by ProductReviewer

Age: 30-35   Skin: Oily, Fair, Cool   Hair: Blond, Straight, Fine   Eyes: Blue    

This is a great sunblock, for those that want a sheer, matte product. But, on the down side, it has no white color to lighten & brighten skin.

It is fragrance free, non irritating & 'chemical free' (zinc oxide is still a chemical contrary to what some may think). It is not overly thick & it is not greasy. Because it contains a high amount of zinc oxide, it is both soothing & anti-bacterial (which helps if you are acne prone). It does not pill up or flake off once applied. It is oil free, non-acnegenic, non-comdeogenic & has never caused me to breakout. It provides complete UVB/UVA protection, and has a high SPF.

I won't be buying it again though, because it is both 1) matte & 2) sheer & not white. I like a glow - not a dry, matte look. And, I prefer my porcelain skin to be it's lightest, brightest & whitest possible - so I love the white tint that other all zinc oxide sunblocks provide, what this sunblock is definitely missing.

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rated 4 of 5 k10573 on 7/5/2014 1:55:00 PM more reviews by k10573

Age: 36-43   Skin: Other   Hair: Other   Eyes: Other    

This sunscreen is absolutely worth trying out, whether or not it actually ends up working out for you or not. Because, as a physical SC, it is the most sheer, cosmetically elegant one I have ever tried and is the only one I have personally tried (alot) that looks like I have nothing on. It feels like I have nothing on ever, and gives a very, very slight luminosity if I look hard enough.

To start, I have combo skin and it does not dry me out at all. I use Cetaphil moisturizing creme at night and have not had any problems. I would consider the comments on the drying something that you will personally have to work with, but not a set in stone dealbreaker for this sunscreen.

As a spray, it doesn't bother me spraying into my fingers. It isn't as if it's a complete watery liquid. It stays in place where you spray it on your fingers and then easily transfers onto your face. It's not a messy, drippy application if that makes any sense. You dont' have to hurry before it runs all over the place. In fact, it applies easier then Neutrogena Liquid Pure and Simple. That's more runny then this.

I don't notice that it takes that long to dry. I put it on after my shower and by the time I get to my makeup it's great. I don't use moisturizer under it in the morning. Still doesn't dry me out. I do don't anything special to remove it other then my Dove Sensitive Skin cleanser and have no breakouts.

Actual protection might be a dealbreaker for some. As other's have noted, I do find it's not perfect protection. I have noticed it lets a bit of sun through. Nothing to ever even burn me or even tan me, but more sun does get through then other's I have tried. I would not wear this as my only protection on my face to the beach, unless I apply several layers throughout the day. However, it will really be a part of where you live and how you are out in the sun. For living in the cloudy NW and being so cosmetically elegant it's a great everyday physical sunscreen.

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rated 2 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* Daniela1977 on 5/22/2014 4:46:00 AM more reviews by Daniela1977

Age: 36-43   Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium, Neutral   Hair: Blond, Wavy, Fine   Eyes: Brown    

Well ... I was so exited to buy and try this after all the recommendations from the SCB. Was hard to find for me ( in UK ) had to order online and pay $$ shipping charges , costed me in total 40 to get it here. But i tho if is good then worth it .
I read that can be drying and as i do have dry skin especially in winter ( on Retin-A ) i applied the sunscreen over moisturiser. In hot summer days i skip the moisturiser , so drying wasn't a issue .
Let me start with the fact that i HATED that is a spray. Had to spray on my hand and then apply on face. Anyway the texture was nice and no white cast after few seconds.
Also was great under make up. I use mineral powder and this sunscreen was doing really good job as a primer.
Didn't had any issues with my skin while using this. No breakouts , no rush , or anything negative. Everything was fine.
BUT THEN ....... After using the whole bottle in summer i found out i have much more brown spots on my face than ever before.
I do not suffer from pigmentation ( or at least didn't notice anything till i used this sunscreen )
After using this every day in summer i found out i have many brown spots on my face especially under my eyes and cheek bones. Which to me means this isn't a good protector for sun or at least for me.
Just to mention - i use Retin-A every other night as well as AHA the rest of the nights , Mornings i use Vit.C serum and always a good amount of sunscreen. I wear big sunglasses nearly every day even when not sunny and if i go swimming pool or beach i will wear hat as well.
I use this routine for the last 10 years and never had so many brown spots on my face. So it must be the sunscreen .!!!

At the moment i use Ducray Melascreen SPF50 Creme Ligere and i m really happy with it. My skin is clearing out as well.

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rated 5 of 5 anonymousme on 12/27/2013 2:32:00 AM more reviews by anonymousme

Age: 30-35   Skin: Other   Hair: Other   Eyes: Other    

Couple of things: 1. Excellent, cosmetically elegant physical sunscreen 2. Will dry you out if you don't take appropriate measures to moisturize 3. Will break you out if you don't remove with oil cleanser

I love this product - it's ingenious. Spray bottle, sheer feeling, virtually cast and fragrance free.

- great packaging
- cosmetically elegant
- cast- and fragrance-free
- light feeling
- great primer
- lightened up my sun spots!
- has antioxidants
- high protection

- MUST use moisturizer with this. Noticed my cheeks were getting flaky dry with this and it's never happened w/any other sunscreens before. Elta MD Intense over this solves the dryness
- MUST remove with oil cleanser. I use Shu and Shiseido's. Noticed I had some clogged pores when I neglected to use oil cleaning.


- HG status for me. I'll buy anything regardless of price if it does the trick and this hits my trifecta: time (easily ordered off Amazon, received two days later), quality (awesome), and value (great value for amount of product, IMO).

Run to buy this if you're in need of a physical sunscreen.

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rated 2 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* girlndocs on 9/19/2013 1:28:00 AM more reviews by girlndocs

Age: 30-35   Skin: Sensitive, Fair   Hair: Other, Straight, Fine   Eyes: Grey    

I'm allergic to chemical sunscreens and also react to something unidentified in a lot of physical-only sunscreens, and I had such high hopes for this after the Skin Care board recommended it for me. I did a small patch test, though, and felt like I'd set my face on fire.

I gave it two stars instead of one because it looks like good stuff for people who aren't insanely sensitive -- easy-dispensing, sturdy package, no strong scent, light fluid that dries down matte, lots of antioxidants.

If you have very sensitive skin, though, run don't walk in the other direction :(

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rated 5 of 5 mpshouse on 9/9/2013 8:19:00 PM more reviews by mpshouse

Age: 44-55   Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Cool   Hair: Brunette   Eyes: Blue    

Topix Replenix Ultra Sheer Physical Sunscreen Spray SPf 50 is a huge name, but the product lives up to it. As the ingredients are listed above, I will just say that it is a zinc/silicone/antioxidant blend that actually manages to give a sheer finish on my face. I have measured 8 sprays to be 1/4 tsp, but sometimes I add another spray or two. If I really look closely, knowing what I'm looking for, I can sometimes detect a very slight white cast or luminosity, but this is without a doubt the sheerest, most wearable physical ss I've ever used.

I spray onto my fingertips, then apply to my face. Following tips from other MUAers, I usually apply in two layers, and use a hair dryer on cool to help speed the drying time.(For reference, regarding drying, I wear either Replenix CF, Cerave PM, or both underneath). It still takes over 40 minutes to dry and disappear, even with those tricks. The final result is a slightly tacky finish that liquid and cream mu go over very nicely, though they don't really sink in as they would without a physical ss underneath. Powders can sort of grab onto the ss.

I've worn this for a full year now, and can report that it holds up to humidity and mild sweating, and to entire days outside. I do not rely on it for heavy-duty sweating.

I have melasma on my upper lip and forehead, as well as a couple of hp spots on my cheeks, and have experienced no discernible darkening while wearing this.

In winter, I do need moisturizer underneath, as my skin can be dry.

My skin can be rather reactive, and many ss, even all physical, cause irritation bumps. Replenix spray has never caused me any irritation at all.

I can heartily recommend it. I will continue to repurchase.

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rated 4 of 5 Yvie8 on 8/18/2013 7:38:00 PM more reviews by Yvie8

Age: 19-24   Skin: Sensitive   Hair: Brown   Eyes: Brown    

Easy to apply. It really is sheer. Best physical sunscreen I've found. Full of good stuff for the skin like green tea, vitamin c and q10. It is a little drying though.

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rated 5 of 5 fannyfan on 7/25/2013 12:55:00 PM more reviews by fannyfan

Age: 25-29   Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Neutral   Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine   Eyes: Brown    

- High UVA protection (for physical sunscreen)
- Contains antioxidants to boost sun protection
- Completely invisible matte/satin finish
- Works well under makeup

- Drying if used alone on my combination skin
- Not cheap
- Takes about 15 minutes to sink in (a hair dryer on cool can help accelerate the process)
- Only available online

HG face sunscreen for everyday. Tread carefully if you're sensitive to silicones.

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rated 3 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* sitknee on 7/19/2013 10:50:00 PM more reviews by sitknee

Age: 19-24   Skin: Oily, Fair-Medium, Warm   Hair: Black   Eyes: Brown    

This sunscreen works well under makeup and offers protection as well as antioxidants, but it is a miss for me because it is too drying.

When you first spray this on, it does feel really greasy, but the product dries down nicely. The recommended amount is eight sprays for your whole face. I do four first, pressing it into my skin. Then after that layer dries, I go back with four more. I don't have problems with it drying down in a timely manner, but I know some people say it takes forever. A hairdryer on cold seems to do the trick in that case.
I had no issues putting makeup over the sunscreen, so that is a big plus. I also liked that it seemed to control oil rather well.

Unfortunately, this was so bad for my dehydrated (oily) skin. It doesn't have alcohol, but I might as well consider this in the same category as sunscreens that do. While it works under makeup, it doesn't if you're dehydrated and the foundation you like isn't super moisturizing. That is, this sunscreen sucks the moisture from my skin, leaving it parched and flaky. Using a hydrating serum under the product does help (Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum worked very well), but your foundation can't be too mattifying either, or you'll find that it emphasizes every flake.

Personally, I would not recommend this for anyone with dehydrated skin, oily or otherwise. Those without dehydration issues seem to use this with no problems, especially the oily. Hopefully I can figure out a workaround but until then, I'll be using this on my arms.

ETA: I added a star because although this is too drying for my face, it is great for the body! I find some sunscreen sprays to be a tad sticky or uncomfortable at times, but this feels like nothing. It's one of the only sunscreens I can put on my neck and decolletage because it is so weightless.

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rated 3 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* frckls on 7/14/2013 7:19:00 AM more reviews by frckls

Age: 19-24   Skin: Combination, Tan, Warm   Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Coarse   Eyes: Brown    

====UPDATE AUG 26, 2013====
I went back to my old SkinAqua ss when my mom and friends notice my ever so obvious freckles even more. This obviously doesn't work, since I also have Retin-A in my routine.
I knocked off a lippie and this fell out of my routine and favourite list, too.
I wanted to love this so bad since I barely have to reapply and it has a great aox concoction. What a bummer.

The SA ss is not better by any means, but it's cheaper and easier to obtain for me, while I'm waiting on my order of Bioderma Photoderm MAX Spray. Hope this one plays fine with my makeup.

I have combo-oily, dehydrated, sensitive skin with hyperpigmentation. I've always had freckles, but they got worse (in number and depth of color) ever since I started taking BCP 6-years ago. I used to have almost perfect clear skin until I had a major breakout explosion 2.5 years ago. That one time stint left me with lots of PIH on my cheeks.

I don't have problems, in terms of sensitivity, with chemical sunscreens. But finding a formula that works is the problem. I wanted high PPD ones for the sake of my hyperpigmentation, but they either clog and/or break me out like crazy or just simply uncomfortable to wear under makeup. The Japanese ones are either alcohol-ladden or not protective enough.

Many people with hyperpigmentation issue have better success with physical ss, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to try.

This got the most rec on SCB, plus I know my skin is fine with -cones and cyclops anyway, so I ordered one.

So far, SkinAqua UV Moisture Milk SPF 50 PA+++ was the most cosmetically elegant ss that I've ever used. It dries-off completely clear and with a slight sheen which looks like dewy skin instead of oily one. It made the perfect primer, too.

In comparison, Replenix dries off just a tiny bit tackier (feels a bit rubbery, if that makes sense), but also dries off clear and matte with no whitecast to me (NC30) but I have to really spread it well unless there'll be white streaks and patches on my face which can be easily fixed with rubbing it in a bit more. Although it feels like you have something on (more so that SkinAqua, but much, much, much less than other ss), but it's very lightweight and doesn't slide around and doesn't feel like it's melting when you're sweating.

Many people claim it also doubles as primer. Too bad, this doesn't work as one for me. This makes most of foundations that I use and also my HG concealer separate and pool in pores in 3 hours. Nothing a couple swipes with my fingers can't fix, but that's just annoying. Luckily, I don't wear foundation on daily basis, only concealer and setting powder. But when I have to look special on events that starts/is held in/since daylight, that becomes a problem.
It is also quite drying on my skin, so I had to pile on my serum. I've been a bit iffy with moisturizer since there aren't so many that i really like. When the air is humid, it's fine. But when I'm stuck at the air-conditioned office, my face does get dry and flaky around evening. I'm still trying to get around the drying part.

I've never worn this out baking myself in the sun. My use of this has only been on coincidental exposures in the car to the office or to meetings. I mostly stay indoors until late for work. So, I can't attest to its full protection in the sun, just yet.
However I noticed that with SkinAqua, my freckles didn't improve, and with this they're a bit less noticeable.

I also like the fact that it's chockful of aox.

So far, it's pretty close to HG. Unless, I manage to find a high PPD one that is cosmetically elegant and doesn't worsen my hyperpigmentation issue and/or works well as primer (I hate buying separate primer. Too many bottles!), as well as not drying.

And if I'm going baking in the sun, I guess I'll get a high PPD one, no matter how uncomfortable, as long as it doesn't break me out. (Bioderma MAX Photoderm Fluid Tinted SPF 50+ in Claire or Soltan Baby Lotion SPF 50+ UVA*****)

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