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rated 2 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* eadinsmo on 7/5/2014 7:57:00 PM more reviews by eadinsmo

Age: 44-55   Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium   Hair: Red, Medium   Eyes: Green    

They're right. They're all right. This brush is terrible, an uncharacteristic whiff from Wet N Wild. I don't think it sheds (who knows, I only used it twice) but it's scratchy on the face.

I got it for free, or nearly so, which is why I didn't bother looking it up on MUA on my phone ahead of time. Boo, me!

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rated 2 of 5 Bryony on 10/30/2013 3:39:00 PM more reviews by Bryony

Age: Unknown   Skin: Combination   Hair: Brown   Eyes: Hazel    

I used this brush in a pinch to blend my foundation on my face. It blended it well, but was rough and irritating to my skin. Also, it had an unpleasant smell. I ended up throwing it away as soon as I could get a different brand.

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rated 1 of 5 morganmarie19 on 8/5/2013 8:28:00 PM more reviews by morganmarie19

Age: 18 & Under   Skin: Oily, Fair   Hair: Brunette   Eyes: Brown    

I lost my beloved ELF Kabuki brush after a night out on the town. I ordered a new one but had to wait until it arrived so I ran to the drugstore to try and find a cheap kabuki brush that could fill my needs for the time being. Since I knew I would only be using this for a short time I didn't want to invest in a more expensive drugstore one. I found this one for only a few bucks and figured I'd take a shot at it. Well it was HORRIBLE. The bristles are so hard that they scratched my face all up. The bristles seemed unevenly placed and the shape just didn't contour right with my face. It seriously wasn't even worth the few dollars I spent. It makes me sad because I love so many of Wet'n'Wild's other products. They just dropped the ball on this one.

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rated 1 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* SparkleBunny37 on 11/8/2012 6:21:00 PM more reviews by SparkleBunny37

Age: 19-24   Skin: Normal, Fair, Cool   Hair: Red, Wavy, Fine   Eyes: Brown    

Wet n Wild's Kabuki Powder Brush, a.k.a my greatest lapse in judgement, is a "must have accessory, excellent for all over application. Luxuriously soft brush products light to full coverage". This "soft, over sized brush sweeps on an even application every time for the perfect finish." Caught up in my search for a new kabuki brush after deciding Bare Escentual's Full Coverage Kabuki wasn't quite up to par with my expectations, I stupidly decided to pick up this brush at Rite Aid during a sale. I paid around $3 for this brush, I believe it normally sells for $5. Wet n Wild is a cruelty free brand. This brush was made in China.
Wet n Wild's Kabuki came in a silver cardboard box that wasn't much to look at and was quickly tossed out. The brush it's self has a silver, round plastic handle with the brand logo printed on the bottom. The brush handle is a little longer than on most kabuki brushes, but it still relatively short. So, how about those "luxuriously soft" bristles? They're black, synthetic, and not even remotely soft. They're downright scratchy, making this brush pretty uncomfortable to use. Though the bristles are plentiful and quite compact at the base, they aren't dense enough for this type of brush and they splay out in every direction. The brush head cannot keep a consistent shape when pressed against the skin for application, it contorts and spreads out, making effective and even application almost impossible. Those lovely splayed, scratchy bristles shed too, both during use and washing. At least it dries really fast? Not that that makes up for anything.
I've only used this brush a handful of times. Each time I'm immediately put off by the awful scratchiness and want to put it right back down. Application isn't great, but truth be told, it isn't horrendous. Don't expect the flawless, airbrushed finish a better quality kabuki brush would deliver, but this brush can get the job done in a pinch. It just won't be a comfortable process.
I really can't stand Wet n Wild's Kabuki Powder Brush. This is one of the worst beauty purchases I have ever made, and frankly, I don't know why I did it. I knew it was going to suck just by looking at it, most people who are familiar with brushes usually can judge the quality by taking a quick look at it, but I had a blind faith in Wet n Wild. They've improved a majority of their line, but everything is packaged cheap, you wouldn't know it was fantastic at first glance. I thought maybe their brush would be better than it looked too, but alas it was not. I do not recommend this brush to anyone. I definitely feel like I wasted my money, but I'm willing to sacrifice my own $3 to save a few bucks for everyone that reads my blog. I'm going to toss it after I finish this review. I'm going to replace it with an ELF kabuki, which may also not be top notch, but its safe to assume it will better than this one.

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rated 3 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* samiiyo on 5/24/2012 2:51:00 AM more reviews by samiiyo

Age: 19-24   Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Neutral   Hair: Red   Eyes: Blue    

I was searching for a brush to stick in my makeup bag for my purse. I didn't need it to be amazing, just okay. I saw this at Bartell's for 4.29, and it was 50% off. So yes, I bought it! Then I came on here and got discouraged due to the negative reviews. I don't find it to be too rough or like needles. What I do find is that it has a strange smell and that it feels quite synthetic. It seems to have some shedding, but that's normal. I will be washing it a few times to get the scent out and hopefully the bristles don't just all fall out!
Once again, I will just be using this for on the go touch ups, so it didn't have to be fantastic, just cheap and decent! I wouldn't purchase this for my regular makeup collection though!

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rated 1 of 5 DivaDeLosMuertos on 3/27/2012 6:52:00 PM more reviews by DivaDeLosMuertos

Age: 18 & Under   Skin: Combination, Tan, Neutral   Hair: Black, Wavy, Coarse   Eyes: Black    

It's okay I guess for the time being...I'll continue using it to buff in my foundation just because I don't have money to buy a new one currently but it's very hard and stiff...Hurts especially around the eye area and sheds long black hairs! Dont bother :\

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rated 1 of 5 pink3rbellx on 3/11/2012 1:23:00 PM more reviews by pink3rbellx

Age: 18 & Under   Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium   Hair: Brunette, Curly, Medium   Eyes: Brown    

Kubuki's are not supposed to be this hard O.o
Unlike everyone else, when I touched it, I didn't think it was so rough. However, upon touching it to my face... it feels like you're using a face brush to exfoliate or something! What the hell.
I went on ebay to find a real kabuki. Wet 'N Wild is trying to give somebody a face rash. Even though I only payed like, 4 bucks for it, I still don't want to throw it away.. it's like flushing cash down a toilet.
Yeah, it does blend, but it also flicks the product everywhere cause its so rough and makes a mess of your pressed powders. Do not do.

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rated 1 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* karebear0099 on 12/19/2011 2:15:00 PM more reviews by karebear0099

Age: 25-29   Skin: Sensitive, Fair   Hair: Blond   Eyes: Blue    

This is what I get for not checking MUA before buying something! I bought this the other day and have used it once. I think I am going to throw it away. After using my face had dry patches on it, I think because the brush it rough enough that it actually exfoliated my skin. No thank you.

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rated 2 of 5 *TOP REVIEWER* Christinaann5 on 12/2/2011 2:36:00 PM more reviews by Christinaann5

Age: 25-29   Skin: Normal, Fair, Cool   Hair: Blond, Straight, Coarse   Eyes: Brown    

Well this isnt the best nor is it the worst but its pretty bad. They attempted but failed sorry wnw but stick to makeup unless you are willing to really put some work into brushes.
The WNW Kabuki Brush can be found wherever your WNW Products are sold. Mostly found at drugstores like Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid as well as Walmart. Its normally by the powders. The kabuki is def cheap its around $3.99 which is a great price but i know Walmart has one thats a dollar or so more which is my favorite kabuki. Price & availability will vary depending on location as well as sales/discounts
The brush comes in a cardboard silver box and inside is the brush. The brush is made of scratchy mostly dense synthetic hairs. The brush hairs are what throws it off. Its like their cheapy brushes they throw in w/ their brushes. I just dont like the feel of it. The handle is short but still big enough for your fingers to grab onto it. The handle is silver/metallic shade. It holds the hairs nicely, ive not had any shedding with this ever & ive washed it a few times thinking it would help w/ its little bit of scratchiness but it didnt. Its not horrible but its bad. I know Walmart & Elf make some great kabukis that are the same price so Id have to say to pass on this. Its just not good. I didnt expect much since WNW has not had any brushes ever but decided i give it a try for giggles. Ive used it enough to decide. It does blend out powders/creams a bit but i feel it will leave it a tiny bit unblended. its the fibers that theyre made of that make it not perform that well. I have used it though in a pinch when i needed a kabuki & my others were drying. I think theyre headed in the right direction if theyd just change what the brush is made of. Thats all. It can work in a pinch to blend out powders/blushes. It does a good enough job to keep me satisfied but not fulfilled.
Overall, its a bit off. I think they gave it a good shut but i wish either they take it away & give us more matte shadows or liners or go back & change a few things. I love my WNW products but this does sit around collecting dust. I wasnt a huge waste but really i dont use it since theres others that cost this little which are AMAZING!

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rated 1 of 5 Kestrelsong on 10/26/2011 11:02:00 PM more reviews by Kestrelsong

Age: 18 & Under   Skin: Combination, Fair, Neutral   Hair: Brown, Wavy, Medium   Eyes: Blue    

Scratchy, cheap, and hard. The brush is not soft in the slightest way. It's probably the worst quality kabuki brush on the line, next to the plastic ones that come in little girls' play makeup kits. DO NOT BUY.
I was looking for a kabuki brush and picked up the first one I saw. I thought, "Oh, Wetnwild has some good products!", and bought it. I was excited to try it out. When I got home I took it out of the box and felt it. It felt more like a toothbrush than a makeup brush! I tried to put a little of my foundation on it, but it just blew foundation everywhere. The kabuki brush wastes makeup, is terrible for your skin, hurts, and is just overall terrible quality. Again, I would like to warn you! DO NOT BUY!

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