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Package Quality: 3.9

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I started doing the OCM with various oils (including organic ones) and at first my skin felt so good! The plugs in my pores came right out and I looked like I did not even have pores they were so clean. Boy did it feel like I was pampering my skin..... until the breakouts started to happen. At first I thought that maybe my oil was expired because the OCM had worked so well for the first couple weeks (I would wake up with a couple whiteheads but just figured that I did not get all the oil off). I purchased new oil and I tried to push through the “purging” stage so many talk about. Boy was I naive.

Well, let me tell you that my skin is still suffering 5 months after I stopped doing the OCM. You see, oil does remove oils from your skin (idea behind OCM)... but how do you remove the oils that you place on your skin if water does not dissolve oil? There is also a toxin in Castor beans (Ricin) and if the castor oil is not cold pressed and filtered it still contains the toxins. I went from beautiful radiant skin from the Mario Badescu’s Enzyme Cleansing Gel (with the only problems being dark pores) to horrible BOIL INFESTED SKIN. I suffered from cystic acne around that time of the month (1 cyctic pimple), but I NEVER HAD BOILS BEFORE OCM! Even months after I stopped OCM I would wake up with huge dime sized boils (cystic looking inflamed spots) with usually two to three whiteheads on each of them. Some days it was even two or three lesions together. My face hurt and it throbbed. Some of them would break when I talked…. And others would “pop” when I gently washed my face (no washrag –just cleanser and gentle fingers). It took at least a month to clear each lesion and I was getting more daily (again… even months after stopping OCM). I had stopped wearing my usual mineral makeup because I did not want to stress my skin more by washing the makeup off. Having extremely fair skin that scars very easily I am full of scars from the boils caused from OCM. As a grown adult, I actually cried one night over this. I had to hold a cold washrag against my entire face because it hurt so bad from the boils all over (checks, chin, jawline, neck). I was really upset because I knew that it would probably take a year to get rid of the pigmentation scars left behind. The weird thing is that I got all those crazy boils on areas that were not problem areas (cheeks, jawline, neck, chin). I even read that Castor Oil can cause infections to the skin. Now I have dark purple scarring that concealer won’t even cover.

I have done tons of research on OCM since I stopped using it. If I ever dare to use OCM again (because of how well it cleansed my pores, moisturized, and balanced my oily skin so that it stopped overproducing oil) I will be adding Polysorbate 80 and Peg-7 Olivate into my formula. Peg-7 is a water soluble Olive oil ester and Polysorbate 80 is a water soluble emulsifier that disperses oil and water. What this means is that they will help the oils rinse clean with water (something that will not happen without these ingrediants …even with using a cleanser after OCM). Add 5% of each into your formula. I would also use only up to 20% of organic cold pressed castor oil from either GardenOfWisdom.com or MountainRoseHerbs.com. Another oil that could be helpful if you are acnegenic is Safflower oil high in linoleic acid. See http://www.makeupalley.com/user/notepad/d_E_S_S/ for more information on how to figure out which oil is oleic or linoleic and what this oil can do for your skin.

Please make sure that you do not use the oils you have laying around in your kitchen. Those oils could be expired or spoiled from exposure to sunlight or air.

Also everyone's skin reacts differently to OCM. Some can’t use heat with OCM so they just massage and wipe off without steaming. Other people’s skin cannot handle being massaged for a lengthy amount of time (because they are severely acnegenic) so they only massage 2-5 minutes max. Others do not even massage. Make sure that if you do use the steaming method that you frequently change the washrag during the rinsing/steaming cycle and to use fresh water each time. A hand drying bathroom towel is the perfect size for these cycles.

I have been using Safflower oil along with 12% Polysorbate 80 and 12% Peg-7 Olivate all from GardenOfWisdom for 3 months now and I love it! I fill the mixture of emulsifiers (1/4th of the bottle) in an 8 oz bottle and fill the rest with the safflower oil. I than use it as a precleansing oil (I am still worried about breaking out with boils... so I wash it off) before using my Mario Badescu cleanser. I keep it stored in the fridge and replace it every 3 months (which I usually use it up by than anyways). I roll the bottle around and shake it before use to disperse the emulsifiers. I put a teaspoon amount in my hand and rub it into my skin like a regular cleanser to get the makeup and excess oils off. It acts like regular oil until I rinse. When water is added it turns to a gentle white foam that rinses right off. I rinse with warm water to open my pores. I pat completely dry (if still wet the oil will feel sticky when applied) and repeat. The second time around the oil loosens sebum plugs. Next while my skin is still wet I use my cleanser. My pores have never looked so clean and small! I love this stuff! Once in a while I will get surface white heads, but this may either be purging or excess oil that was not rinsed off. Either way my pores look great and I have not had any cystic pimples or boils from using this. I would highly reccommend if you get clogged pores, or as a treatment to clean skin deep down.
*NEW UPDATE* still using cleansing oil with emulsifier following with toner only! For over a year my fave mix: 3/4 hemp seed oil, 1-2 Tbsp cold pressed castor oil (less dry skin, more for clogged skin), 1-2Tbsp Rose hips seed oil (summer-winter), 1/4 emulsifie

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