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Package Quality: 3.5

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Package Quality: 3.5

Price: $$


on 6/11/2009 4:04:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

I like Avon's Imari fragrance. But not because I am an "old lady". You have to understand something about my scent selection philosophy. I select fragrances by seasons, mood or even the weather! Imari and the newer "Imari Seduction", which is my current favorite, are great scents for Fall and Winter. They evoke an intimate fireside in a log cabin, a profusion of fall leaves in the woods, a warm, spiced powder-musk scent that suits a specific mood and the season, in general. Around Christmastime or whenever I'm in a domestic sort of mood, I enjoy the sweet smell of baking scents, such as cinnamon and "Warm Vanilla Sugar" by Bath & Body Works. In the Spring, light florals such as lavender body powder from Yardley of London and fresh ozone "after-the-rain" scents, such as Avon's Haiku and a touch of Avon's discontinued "Spring Showers", are ideal. Sadly, I have to avoid many of the overt floral scents particularly anything that smells of roses, which basically describes my sister's entire house thanks to her Yankee candle collection because they aggravate my chronic asthma. There are a few scents I can get away with in reasonable quantities and Imari, which has been a top-selling fragrance for Avon for years, is among them. I would put Imari, in fact, in my top five all-time favorites. In fact, I own Avon's Imari body powder, hand cream and deodorants too. (As a rule, I never recommend applying one than more perfumed product at once, though.) On warmer days, by contrast, I prefer fruity and tropical/beach fragrances. A little coco butter lotion, light citrus scents or one of my favorites, Avon Naturals "Peach" body spray, are fabulous fragrances in the summertime.

Choosing a fragrance is about three things: Application (too much of anything is obnoxious); chemistry (how it reacts to your body); and perspective (context). There is a scent for every mood, occasion or season. Age has less to do with the selection of a perfume than any other factor, IMHO. Ironically, of all the department store brands I've bought, the high-end fragrances seem most inclined to overpower with a chemical perfume scent and yet at the same time a pungent, nose-stinging alcohol base. After many years, my Avon fragrances one of them approaching 30 years old, which I keep because it was the first perfume I was given as a child smell EXACTLY the same. I cannot say the same for my costlier department store brands. None of my department store perfumes have held true over the years and I no longer buy any of them as a result. (I feel a lot of the markup on department store colognes and such involves the brand name, advertising campaign and the top-tier packaging as much if not more than anything actually in the bottle.) I stick, instead, to what works for me: Pure oil essences, scented lotions from Bath & Body works, Yardley of London and Avon fragrances. I urge anyone who has an adventurous streak to try this approach. You don't have to wear the same scent the rest of your life it will probably be discontinued sooner or later anyhow and the added benefit to this technique is that if any one of them is offensive to someone you know, before long you'll rotate it out for something else!

Imari is about as nuanced and sophisticated as a non-department store brand gets. And while my current favorite is the revised Imari Seduction, which is more powdery than musky, I will most definitely buy this product again. The only products in the Imari series that I will not be repurchasing is the hand cream and the deodorant because those are a bit more harsh (the body powder is fine, though). Imari fragrance, in conclusion, goes on nicely and has a subdued finish to it. It is not at all like those department store brands that reek for hours on end. Imari does, in fact, have staying power, but only those you are intimate with or hug are likely to notice once the fragrance has "set". In short, don't be put off by the negative reviews. Everyone is entitled to a personal opinion, but don't let anyone make up your mind for you. Fragrances are one of those things where you really have to try the product for yourself to appreciate it (or not). Good luck!

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