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Package Quality: 4.4

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Package Quality: 4.4

Price: $$$$




Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Olive, Warm

Hair: Black, Straight, Other

Eyes: Black

I have had my Mia for almost 6 months. I did a lot of research on it before I shelled out my money for something so pricey, so I was concerned that the brush might be a little harsh for my sensitive skin. So I bought the delicate brush head replacements right away when I purchased the Mia. I started with the brush that comes with it & decide I would only use the Mia every other day at night. After the first use, I admit my skin felt very clean and smoother due to the exfoliation the brush provides. I followed the directions as best I could and made the circular motions over the face regions applying only a light pressure to ensure contact with the brush head & my skin. After a couple of weeks of using it every other day I didnt notice any signs of improvement in my skin and in fact started noticing little white heads and some painful pimples on my cheeks near my nose and around my mouth. This was unusual-I normally get cystic acne on my jawline and chin and other smaller blemishes toward the outside of my face. My pores also seemed like they got larger and overall, my face looked more ruddy. I felt like I had been out in blizzard weather or something, my face was so irritated and blotchy! My face itched and the tiny hard bumps that made a snapping noise (sorry-TMI!, but really happened) when I popped them was more than I could take! I stopped using the Mia altogther and tried to be a lot more gentle to my face. After a couple weeks of not using it, the whiteheads got a little better. I switched to the Delicate brush head and only used the Mia once a week. In the days afterward I would still see small blemishes popping out on my chin, below my mouth and on my cheeks where I dont normally break out. Then I started using a couple times a week but for decreased time. So I would stop using it after ~45 sec. Still no improvement. I also did not note any improvement to pores or the need for less skin care product per application. I was so disappointed because I wanted the Mia to work and I really didnt want to send it back! BUt if it just causes acne on parts of my face that dont normally get pimples--What is the use of it??? I did not give up though and tried one last approach...
I have been using the Mia a few times a week for the whole minute, but I DO NOT make circular motions. I basically pat the skin very lightly and gently with the brush and just go all around my face staying away from the skin on top of my cheek bones and near my nose because I know those areas to be sensitive anyways. In other words, focusing on the outer portion of my face, plus my nose and then I use up the remaining time doing circular motions across my forehead only. I no longer get the "crop" of whiteheads and weird irritation blemishes that I did before. My skin feels cleaner, and I think the Mia is just as effective for me using this method, as the "official" directions. I think the Mia is actually doing its job now, and I plan to keep using it this way from now on. My skin feels really good and I dont get any bad reactions anymore. Could this have all been avoided if I had bought some muslin cloth in the first place? Who's to say? I am happy with my Mia now.
All's well that ends well...this time :) Hope this helps someone who is on the fence with the Mia.

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