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Package Quality: 4.4

Price: $$$$



on 1/22/2011 11:29:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Clarisonic Mia. It totally lives up to all the hype. It was expensive, but I got it for Christmas. Still, for a product you use every day, it makes the cost worth it. My skin feels smoother and cleaner than ever. It removes all my makeup, is safe to take in the shower, stays charged all week (using twice a day), is easy to clean (I lather the brush with Dove soap once a day), and has helped my skin look its most radiant. I use Dove soap as my cleanser. I get compliments on my skin since I started using this. If you can do a splurge, this is what you should get. Your skin is worth the investment.

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on 1/20/2011 7:06:00 PM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Blue

I absolutely adore this product though Iíve only been using this for a week. Already Iíve noticed that my complexion seems more even, my skin feels softer and seems more Ďclearí (or maybe glowing, Iím not sure how to describe it actually). I will update as usual once I've been using it for around a month.

I did a lot of research on this before I bought it as I have sensitive skin and rosacea and while I wanted something that would thoroughly exfoliate my skin, I didn't want anything which would cause irritation. I found a lot of helpful advice which helped me figure out how use this the best way for me. Here's an overview:

1) If you have sensitive skin, don't use the cleanser which comes with it.
2) Don't change the skincare products that you use at the same time as starting this, you won't be able to tell what you're reacting to if you do.
3) Stop using any other exfoliant. You donít need it and over exfoliating will damage the acid mantle of your skin.
4) Don't use at the same time as strong treatments (e.g. benzoyl peroxide) as this really does increase absorbtion.
5) Only use it for the prescribed timings - it might feel like it's not doing a lot while youíre using it, but it really is as youíll feel afterwards.

Here's my routine (remember, sensitive, rosacea skin), itís important to note I use it only once a day and have shifted all non moisturising treatments to the morning so I'm not applying them after this (e.g. emc2 with is a benzoyl peroxide treatment):

1) Dampen skin with wet hands
2) Spread Dr. Hauschka Cleansing milk over face
3) Follow the directions recommended with the Clarisonic (20 secs forehead, 20 secs nose and chin, 10 secs each cheek)
4) Compress off cleanser with warm water and lavender bath compress (normal dr. H routine)
5) Rise with remaining water then splash with cold water(normal dr. H routine)
6) Apply estee lauder advanced night repair synchronised serum and eye gel
7) Wait 5 mins, apply Oilatum natural face repair

I only wish that a body brush was available for this like with the pro version. I donít mind at all purchasing things separately, just the option would be nice :)

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on 1/19/2011 5:58:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Fair, Warm

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I only have one thing to say, I almost NEVER write reviews....GET ONE!

on 1/18/2011 8:27:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Straight, Other

Eyes: Green

I absolutely adore this! I've been using it for about a month and I can't believe how clean this makes my skin feel, it's great. It's a bit expensive but definitely a good investment.

on 1/16/2011 6:26:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I got the Mia about 3 weeks ago and let me say that I have always had problems with acne, whether it be a minor blemish one morning or a total break out, for the past ten years.I always wash off my makeup at night, but the first time I used the Mia.. i was instantly hooked! seriously- i wouldn't say that it clears acne, but it definately cleans your skin 100%..which has led to me having less breakouts! When I tone now, there is hardly any or no left over makeup on my face after I have washed it with the Mia..also makes my skin really soft. The only reason I give 4 stars is bc the price to maintain it is about 30$ every couple months because the brush head has to be replaced from time to time.
Update: Initially I LOVED the Mia, and I still do.. but a few things to note: the brush stains easily from washing off my liquid foundation, I have tried several times to clean it, but it is pretty hopeless. Also, I purchased a wash rag from Walmart ( ) and have been using it rather than my MIA lately and it is AMAZING! takes my makeup off just as well, exfoliates my skin, and keeps my skin smooth.. I don't even know if I am going to buy a replacement brush head for my MIA now that I found a cheaper alternative..we'll see..

on 1/14/2011 3:40:00 PM

Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

So I think its about time that I write a review. I was holding off until I had used the product for awhile. Anyways! I LOVE my clarisonic skin cleanser. I use it twice a day (morning+night). It removes so much extra makeup that scrubbing with your hands can't do. My face feels so clean afterwords. Like every pore is open and breathing.

It helps absorb products much better like moisturizer. It has helped my acne EXTREMELY. Anyone who is having a problem with acne and cannot find a solution I suggest buying this. It has completely stopped pimples from forming. I am still dealing with bigger ones that I have had for awhile, but they are going away! Also, some have said they brake out a little when first using this, happened to me. But nothing that was unmanageable. Just a few small ones here and there.

It is a little more expensive, but buy on AMAZON, not on the clarisonic website. You'll save money. I ordered mine from the name Skincare RX on amazon and got some free sample products.
Overall, I love this and it was totally worth the money. I am so happy that my skin is clearing up after thinking that nothing would work, my clairsonic skin care cleanser did.

on 1/9/2011 11:09:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Green

after trying a few dupes that were not impressive i finally bought this. plus it has my name, came with free engraving and i found a 20% off cupon online. i have used it for a few months now and i must say its much more gentle than any other devises i have used. it does remove makeup very well as long as you use a decent cleanser. the one big difference i see in my skin is that my pores seem smaller with less blackheads. i only use this on days i wear makeup and overall i think its a good investment.

on 1/9/2011 7:56:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I received this as a Christmas gift, and so far, I'm really liking it! A bit of background information: I have oily acne-prone skin. I consider my acne "slight" (just the occasional hormonal zits, but for the most part, pimple-free). I do have many blackheads on/around my nose and forehead area, so although I am usually zit-free, my skin still looks/feels congested. I'm currently on two different acne medications, and they can be very drying sometimes, so lately I've had lots of dry patches, even after exfoliating with a face scrub. There was a "dullness" to my complexion that I couldn't seem to get rid of.

Although the Mia is the least expensive of the Clarisonic line, it's still not cheap (USD$149, but you may be able to find coupons and discounts with some research). I've heard much more positive feedback with the Mia than with the original "full-size" Clarisonic, so definitely look into this version first. It basically works the same as the Plus, but with fewer "bells and whistles." It only has one speed function, comes in a smaller size, and uses a magnetic recharger. The size is one of my favorite features. It's easy to hold, isn't bulky or heavy, and since it uses a plug-in charger rather that a charging dock, it takes up less counter space, and is easier to travel with.

I started using this twice a day (morning and night), 20 seconds on the forehead, 10 seconds per cheek, 10 seconds on the chin, and 10 seconds on the nose. I really felt an improvement immediately after my first use. You know how sometimes after you wash your face and apply your serums/moisturizers/etc., you can feel flakes of dry skin ball up under your fingertips? The Mia got rid of all of that for me! Just one minute using this, and it sloughed off all the loose dead skin flakes from my face. My face products go on much more smoothly now, and I can apply powders without worrying about flakes looking more pronounced.

Also, since this works so well in removing dead skin cells, I no longer have to use my regular face scrub. Great time-saver.

It came with a "normal" brush head and a sample of the Clarisonic's own facial cleanser. I didn't care to try the cleanser because I've read about too many experiences where people started breaking out from it. Plus, the tube didn't list any ingredients, so it wasn't something I wanted to risk. The brush feels quite soft. I was expecting it to feel a little harsh, since it's the "least soft" of the facial brushes (the others being "sensitive" and "delicate"). But I was pleasantly surprised. I do plan to try out the "sensitive" brush though, just to compare. Brushes need to be cleaned with warm water and soap reguarly, and replaced every 90 to 120 days. Clarisonic sells replacement brushes for $25 a pop, but I've managed to find many sellers on eBay who sell them for less than half the original price. It's worth it to do some research.

For the first week or two, I did start noticing a small increase in pimples and whiteheads. However, since a lot of users said they experienced an initial purging, I confidently stuck with it. It's around the 3-week mark, and the breakouts are starting to heal.There seems to be very little improvement with my blackheads so far. However, it's only been a few weeks, and blackheads take much more time to get rid of/control, so I can't really assess this part just yet.

I started using it twice a day, and the charge lasted for almost 2 whole weeks. I was impressed! It takes about a 24 hours to recharge completely (maybe sooner if you don't wait till it dies completely). I will eventually cut this down to once a day when I see more improvement.

But yes, so far so good. I'm not one to spend a lot of money on skincare products (I usually stick to drugstore brands), but if I didn't receive this as a gift, I definitely would have bought it myself.

Will update in a few weeks!

***UPDATE: It's been a month. Had to bump this up from 4 to 5 lippies. It's been a month, and I still love this! It saves me so much time with my skincare routine, and I am amazed at how gentle it is... still using it twice a day. No irritation at all. My face feels so much smoother. My complexion looks healthier. Still no more dry flaky patches! I'm no longer experiencing "purging" and my skin is now getting under control. I still have some leftover hyperpigmentation spots, but they appear to be fading much faster. Slight improvement with blackheads... definitely fewer, and not as dark. Easier to extract too. I wasn't expecting miracles with my blackheads overnight, but I expect to see further improvements within the next couple of months. Will update again!

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on 1/9/2011 1:49:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Other

Eyes: Brown

The Mia is the best thing that ever happened to my skin. I have been using it for almost a year. I use it with Cetaphil for Normal-Oily skin and follow it up with moisturizer, which is a must.

Over long term use, the Mia has:

- Drastically reduced my cystic acne
- Faded old scars and craters
- Made my skin noticeably smoother.

A single charge lasts me about 3 weeks. I use it once a day. I used to use it by the sink, but in my personal experience it's a lot more effective during a hot shower, especially if your pores have had a chance to steam open a bit. It also helps to lather up your face well before you use the Mia, since the brush can get a little abrasive otherwise.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Curly, Medium

Eyes: Brown

UPDATE 02/07/11: I've been using this once or twice a day for a while now, and I really enjoy it! My skin stays clearer more consistently, and any acne that flairs up goes away a LOT faster than in the past. Keeps the flakes at bay. Only needs charging every couple weeks. When I replace the brush, I'll definitely go for the delicate over the sensitive, and I'm not even that sensitive. It feels kind of harsh sometimes. I also have given up on foaming anything, they're just not necessary and I'm now using Aveeno Ultra-Calming Cream Cleanser, which is great paired with the Mia.


I've used this twice in the last 3 days, so I'll update with my experiences down the line.

But as far as initial impressions go, I'm quite happy with this! I've only been using at night AFTER I've removed my makeup. I've so far been using the trial cleanser that came with it, but since it doesn't foam I can't really see where I have cleanser and where I just have water, so once I finish that I'll be returning to my usual baby shampoo.

It's definitely left my skin much smoother and softer than any previous products I've used to exfoliate, although this isn't meant to exfoliate, per se. My skin does seem a little brighter, and it's making my healing acne disappear faster.

I haven't noticed a decrease in oil, but then I'm not really an oily person. If anything I can be a tad dry, and I really was hoping the Mia would help alleviate these dry patches scattered over my cheeks. It has improved that somewhat, and moisturizer sinks in faster and I don't need as heavy duty a moisturizer, either.

I'll update in a few weeks.

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