Color Oops - Regular Strength Hair Color Remover


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Package Quality: 3.7

Price: $$

Package Quality: 3.7

Price: $$


on 2/20/2010 4:57:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

With this and all colour correctors, you MUST WAIT to dye your hair again. Go look at the Colorfix reviews (same basic product, different brand) and you will note that people who re-dye without waiting a week or so have their dyed colour return. This is because the new dye will "reactivate" the particles still left in your hair.

My tips:

Concentrate on the ENDS of your hair-these have the most dye

WAIT TO REDYE, at least 3 days

Also, your colour will oxidize. This means that the colour on after using this will darken with time. It could be a little, or a lot, so wait it out and see.

Also, use colorfix if this stuff doesn't work. It tends to be more effective/stronger.

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on 1/29/2010 11:41:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Dry, Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Available in drugstores for $10-$13 this works just like ONO ColorFix & I've used it before to stip my hair of old haircolor pigment that had gotten muddy looking from repeated coloring with different brands & colors. It gently removed all the artificial pigment from my hair & left a fresh base to re-color without frying my hair. Much easier to use than ONO as this product is premeasured & the applicator bottle is provided (with ONO you do your own work & provide your own supplies, as needed). I've stopped all my crazy home haircoloring experiments for a while & have pretty much tossed my wallet to the hair salon for my haircoloring needs (for now). I need a little break from all the you-never-know-what-you're-going-to-get-with-this-new-box-color madness. Next time I mess up my hair color, I know I can depend on ONO to help me "delete" it (& then probably skip over to the hairdresser for a color correction & highlights...) lol.

on 12/10/2009 5:46:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Oily, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I hate it when something so widely adored doesn't work for me.

I wanted to remove jet black from my hair to prep it for another die job. Previous to the black, my hair had been a dark red, which I got from lightening and dying my naturally black (or dark dark brown) hair. I followed the instructions and rinsed my hair for a LONG time (about 1 hr), because I was afraid of waking up the next day with black hair again. Unfortunately, it still didn't manage to get all of the black out. I'm still giving it 3 stars because it didn't damage my hair too much and it seemed to get some of the color out, but not enough to make my hair ready for another (lightening) dye job.

on 10/17/2009 2:10:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

1 week ago a "professional stylist" at a salon colored my hair. She ran out of dye halfway through and asked an associate to mix up a new batch. The "stylist" used up all the dye in the new batch by going back over my bangs and part area. The associate either mixed the wrong color or my "stylist" told her the wrong color, because the second batch was not the warm, chocolate brown that I wanted, it was a blue tinged jet black. So, $80.00 later, I got home to find I looked ready for halloween with jet black hair framing my face and the nice chocolate brown underneath...kind of like those black witch wigs you get at WalMart that don't cover all your own hair. I was furious, consulted another salon who recommended a clarifying shampoo. I saw Color Oops at Walgreens and decided to give it a shot. I ended up with the extra strength because Walgreen's didn't have the regular strength. I followed the instructions carefully, and the result is a light, reddish brown where my chocolate brown was and a dark cool brown where the jet black was. I don't plan on recoloring for a while, because my hair is long, fine and thick and I don't want anymore chemical damage. My results after Color Oops aren't perfect, but they are so much better than the jet black, and better than even I expcected! I would definitely use this product again, and agree with everyone that the awful smell is worth it to have my hair closer to normal. And make sure you use conditioner!

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on 9/21/2009 10:23:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Normal, Fair, Warm

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Green

I have a terrible habit of messing with my hair color. My natural color is dark blonde, but I lighten it (Preference LB02). Every so often, I color it dark blonde, hate it, and bleach it back to light blonde with no problem. This time, I really messed up. Initially, I used a medium ash blonde, hoping to counter-act the brassiness in my hair from coloring it light blonde. That, in return, turned my hair green/gray. So I went out to Target, bought a box of dark blonde color, and a box of medium brown as well. I used the dark blonde on top, and the medium brown underneath, hoping to achieve a two-toned color. When I rinsed and dried, my hair was dark brown, with slight green/gray casts coming through. I freaked, since I didn't have time to fix it before work (a 9 hour the mall...on a saturday...). As soon as I got home I started researching how I could fix this when I came across Color Oops. Numerous websites had good reviews, so I went out to Rite Aid to buy it. At 10.99 a box, I was hoping it worked as well as people said. I bought two boxes, since my hair is fairly long and very thick. When I got home, I read the instructions very carefully. I took the advice of other reviewers and set up the bathrom with the window open and a fan pointed to push the air out of the room. I began applying the remover, which is really easy to work through hair. Unlike actual hair color, it doesn't make your hair knotty, stuck together, and hard. The smell wasn't horrible, but it did remind me of a cheap fruit salad. I was able to comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb to work the mixture through my hair thouroughly. Before I even left the bathroom, I noticed my blonde roots coming through. I set the timer for twenty minutes and anxiously waited. I rinsed my hair for almost 40 minutes (the instructions say rinse for 15-20 minutes, but the longer the better). I did start smelling the "rotten eggs" when I rinsed it out, and it still faintly lingers through the apartment. I dried my hair, and was slightly disappointed. My hair was still a light golden brown/dark blonde. Now, that is probably my fault, since I think I should have used both boxes (I only used one because I thought my hair was fully saturated, but now I'm not sure it was). It may be light enough that I can bleach it back to the right color, but if I need to use Color Oops again, I'd use the full two boxes. If your hair is medium/long, use at least two to be on the safe side, and rinse rinse rinse.

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on 9/18/2009 2:33:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

Loved this product! It worked wonders for me! :) Been dying my hair for YEARS and still turned back to my natural hair color.
I know if you have bleached hair you remove natural pigment from your hair and ColorOops cannot restore that. Also, If you use a 20v or more developer it removes natural pigment and cannot restore that either. I found that out from other people. Hope this helped anyone who is considering using it!

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on 9/15/2009 7:56:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Very Oily, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I have naturally medium brown hair. This summer I was dying it Dark Golden Blond which I really loved, but was tired of fixing roots. I grabbed a medium brown color but it was a cool and I was A-S-H-Y! So green. Was really scared to use this stuff.

Verdict - worked like a charm! Back to the color it was, EXACTLY! Smelled like crap though. I could smell it on my hair for weeks after. But, worth the stink for not having green hair.

Highly recommend! Stick with regular strength, I hear scary things about the Extra Strength.

on 6/30/2009 3:04:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Normal, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

So I've been dying my hair a dark reddish brown for years, however this past winter I went for super dark brown (next to black).

My roots have been growing out and I wanted to go back to the dark red so on friday, I dyed my hair a dark red -- big mistake!! My light brown roots turned orange and my dark brown hair turned a cherry/purple color!

I googled around for about an hour and found a product called COLOROOOPS! I read alot of reviews and liked the fact that it doesn't bleach your hair because I have processed my hair and it is baby-fine and really long, I hate the idea of bleaching it!

anyways, I picked up a bottle of color oops this morning, put it in my hair and left it for about 30min. I rinsed it out for about 15min with cold cold water and when I dried my hair it was left a gingery orange color, which in all honesty isn't that bad. I don't know where the color came from but, whatever!

my hair didn't feel brittle, dry, tortured etc at all -- it felt like it normally does! just to be safe, I ended up deep conditioning my hair this evening and the gingery orange color I had ended up darkening up, idk what's going on but again, it doesn't look too bad.

anyways, this stuff works! it lightened up my hair dramatically without killing it and I plan to dye over this gingery red in a week or two, just want to give my hair a break.

I reccomend it to anyone who has had a bad dye job with dark colors; COLOROOPS will lighten your hair and allow you to re-dye it and not damage your hair like a stripping kit will.

plus, it's $15 and available at walgreens! :)

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Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Very Oily, Fair, Cool

Hair: Black, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Blue

my hair used to be really dark brown- pretty much black. i had colored it a dark ruby red and it was fading into an ugly brown. i wanted my black hair back so i tried to use this. first of all, the smell is SO terrible i could barely stand it. and my hair still reeks of it too; i used this stuff 2 hours ago!! disgusting. but i got over it considering the miracles i thought it would produce. it took out the ugly faded brown a little, to a point where it just looks like my hair is black with brown highlights. it's not too bad, but it didn't remove it completely and i wanted my hair to be all over black again.

on 4/7/2009 5:01:00 PM

Age: Unknown

Skin: Normal, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Silver, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Blue

I have never written a product review before, but I feel so strongly about how wonderful Color Oops is that I just have to write! Five days ago, I colored my hair with a semi-permanent that was supposed to be light brown, but turned my hair jet black with green undertones. I used Clairol Uncolor twice on the same day that I dyed it, but it barely made a difference; same with dishwashing liquid I used over the next few days. Out of desperation, I tried Color Oops; I was really afraid to put my hair through another chemical process. I followed the instructions (they're really easy) and less than an hour later, I had my own hair back--shiny and soft, too! This product is absolutely amazing!

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