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Package Quality: 4.4

Price: $$$$

Package Quality: 4.4

Price: $$$$


on 2/10/2014 7:12:00 AM

Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

How long have you used it?:
About a week in so far but I'll update periodically!

Where did you buy it?:
I bought this on ebay for about $100 CAD, though after I received it in the mail I found a lot of people saying that there are MANY fakes found there so be careful.

I have a lot of redness with my skin and right around the time I had ordered it, my combination (but very dehydrated) skin was starting to flake around my nose area, so I was worried the brush would be too abrasive and that I would have to wait until it went away which usually takes a few weeks.
My face also has a good number of acne scars so I use medium to heavy make up very often. On rare occasions, light make up. I was 'blessed' with acne from a very young age and have always been an ocd picker so you can imagine how inflamed my face would be every day.

Why I bought it:
I've always been very conscious of my skin and acne has haunted my life for very long. To paint a picture, I got acne before I or anyone my age knew what it was. As I entered high school, I started to become very obsessive about making sure I had good skin. I tried many products, and most would only work for so long before I would have to get another. So several years later, I learned about the Clarisonic line of products and it immediately caught my eye.
I watched plenty of reviews on youtube about how it worked for people and different skin types, and I decided to try it because I thought, at the very least, it would take off my daily buildup of make up and unclog my pores.

Verdict so far:
My redness and dry patches went away within the first two-three days, and products worked better on my skin (makeup AND facial cleansing/moisturizing).
Pores that have been huge since I was in elementary schools shrunk to sizes I never thought would be possible for me.
I'm not sure how it does with acne yet but I'll let you all know soon.

If you want to try it but you aren't sure, there's very little downside to buying it. If you buy it and like it, keep it. If you buy it and like it but the brush is a little harsh or the low setting seems to harsh, buy the delicate brush head. If you don't like the results, just return it and get all your money back. However, too keep in mind that you want to get a very gentle cleanser to use with this if you want to use it daily or even twice daily because anything with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide with be too harsh to use with it every day. If you need acne clearing medication, get it in the spot treatments and use little dabs. Get a toner or witch hazel to wipe your face after using to avoid as much 'purging' as you can and to get off whatever little bits may possibly have been left. Get a moisturizer that has no acne medication so you don't need to worry about it drying your skin. Instead, get one based on the amount and kind of moisture you want for your skin and if possible, spf esp. if you're out often. (I have witch hazel, a toner, a heavy duty moisturizer and a spot treatment.)

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on 2/9/2014 11:10:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Tan, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Quick background on my skin - I have an oily t-zone, dry patches on my cheeks, and have acne prone skin. I'm on my 3rd week of using the Mia 2 and Im hoping this is just the splurging phase because I'm getting cystic acne along the side of my face. At first I did notice a change in my skin's texture and I did feel like my pores were not as big however, I did not see any drastic changes on the black heads on my nose, nor the little white heads clogging up my forehead. Now, I am having WAY more breakouts than usual and worst of all their cystic pimples. I will continue to use it for a full six weeks and will update if my skin changes.

on 2/5/2014 2:18:00 PM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Acne-prone, Medium, Neutral

Hair: Black, Curly, Medium

Eyes: Hazel

I love my Mia2. My dermatologist recommended it for my oily acne prone skin. I use it with my Mario Mario Badescu cleanser and it leaves my skin soft and smooth. I stopped using toner because this cleans so well that I don't need it. The first month I used it I did break out a little around my chin but it cleared up eventually and it was something I expected to happen. I highly recommend this if you have troubled skin like mine.

Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

I received the Clarisonic Mia 2 for christmas and used it for a month. I stopped using it because it broke me out quite a bit. My skin felt softer, but looked rough and bad.

I used it once a day on the low setting with the gentle brush head, but it still irritated my skin. I'm using a buf puf sponge right now and love it!

on 1/22/2014 6:21:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Black, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Brown

After using this for 6 weeks, I can see how my skin has reacted to this product. First of all the price has made me refrain from buying this product ($175 + tax CAD!!!), but once bought I have had no regrets even though I have had a few issues with what it has done leading up to now.

My skin is combination with eczema. My biggest problem is bumpy blackheads on my forehead and on my inner cheeks. My skin was so congested and looked horrible under makeup. I'll have an occasional pimple but I stress the word "occasional". I have enlarged pores because I am oily. I also get dry, flaky patches due to my eczema.

I started using this the third week of December. The first week I felt it only smoothed the surface, but no addressing the blackheads. The second week, things stayed the same. The third week, my skin was much more smooth and I noticed my products being better absorbed. But with the smoothness came some dry patches.. Very stubborn patches! Moisturizer wouldn't rid of them, and the clarisonic did nothing for them. I realize now that it was eczema.

The fourth week I had given up hope that this woul do nothing for me. I'd given up nearly $200 for this to do nothing except give me some dry patches!! Yet I continued to use it since I couldn't bare to lose out on that money. I decided to get radical one night and extract my blackheads on my face. Every single one I could find since I noticed the clarisonic opening up my pores. The blackheads came out very easy.

The fifth week, my skin has stayed clear from when I extracted. My skin is smooth, more even toned, pores are clear, no more blackheads, and my makeup looks beautiful. I actually enjoy looking at myself in the mirror now and not cringing when people look at my face up close. Without makeup I feel confident.

This is the sixth week and everything is still going good. My skin has never looked better and all I had to do is wait 6 weeks for results. Thank god I never gave up. To address the dry patches I went to my doctor and he told me it was eczema. He gave me a cream and that has taken care if it. Baby soft, smooth skin free of flakes. In addition to clearing my pores, I also use Murad T-zone pore refining gel. Without the clarisonic this gel has done nothing for my skin. Now it's blackhead free and this duo together prevents blackheads and clogged pores.

I wash my face with Olay sensitive foaming face wash. Apply the Murad gel, then apply my moisturizer which is Nivea Soft face body hands. My skin is mostly oily with attacks of eczema every now and then. This combo is perfect for me! Also, I did not purge and I use the sensitive brush head. I wash my clarisonic every week with an anti bacteria hand soap. I only use the brush at night after removing my makeup with a makeup remover wipe.

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on 1/21/2014 4:49:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Blue

I researched this product extensively before purchasing and reading so many excellent reviews eventually encouraged me to go for it. I'm adding my own review because despite really wanting this to work my experience was incredibly disappointing.

Just to give a little bit of background, I have combination skin which is prone to the occasional breakout (usually just a couple of spots once a month) but is generally in pretty good condition with no major issues or sensitivities. I purchased the Mia2 just hoping to generally improve the radiance of my skin and 'perk it up a bit' because the winter weather was leaving it looking a bit tired.

I used the 'sensitive' head which was supplied with the brush once a day in the evening with my standard REN mayblossom cleanser. For the first 2-3 days my skin looked radiant, my products sank in right away and I didn't get a single blemish. However, it all went down hill from there and soon after I developed around half a dozen very deep, red and painful spots on my cheeks and chin where I had not previously had issues. In addition I developed a sort of rash on my forehead with lots of tiny little bumps that never came to the surface but looked terrible even under make up. I had read about the 'purging phase' so I wasn't put off and continued using it in hope that it would be over soon and then the amazing skin stage would start.

Unfortunately this never happened, I developed more of these deep, painful spots and eventually gave up using the product after about 4 weeks. Within a couple of days my skin began to calm down and the angry spots stopped appearing so I'm pretty certain that the Clarisonic was the cause. After a month I still have the marks and I imagine it will be another month or 2 before they fade. I returned the Mia2 under the 90 day guarantee so at least I got a refund.

So I suppose while this product works for many people it seems that it's not for everyone and perhaps if you have good skin in the first place it might not be worth it. The guarantee certainly takes the risk out of splurging on the product not working out but frankly for what it's done to my skin and the distress it's caused I wish I hadn't bothered.

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on 1/19/2014 10:45:00 PM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

I don't understand why people are writing reviews for the Clarisonic after only using it a handful of times. You shouldn't be reviewing this product until AT LEAST a month's worth of use.

I have pretty nice skin that I'm always complimented on. My skin is normal to ever-so-slightly dry, but i still get breakouts here and there. I'm 35 and people ALWAYS think I'm in my early 20's. I work in the beauty industry, so I definitely have easy across to some of the best of the best. I take very good care of my skin and didn't ever really think I NEEDED the clarisonic. But being the skincare junkie that I am, I finally decided to take the plunge.

Afraid of the "sensitive" brush, I dropped an extra $25 to buy the "delicate" brush.

Right off the bat, I used this every night. For the first 2 or 3 nights, I was in heaven. My skin was smooth and glowing, my serums and creams absorbed in instantly.

Then I started getting flaky. Really dry and flaky. The sales rep for the brand told me to keep using it. And then the purging started about a week in. I kept using it. I kept purging. I got a couple of large blemishes that left marks (it's now about 8 weeks later, marks are still there).

So now I'm about 10-14 days in and I'm super flaky, extremely dry, and breaking out. I'm using very rich moisturizers to compensate for the dryness - whilst worried about breaking out from the richness of my creams that i normally only used occasionally at night and oils (yes oils! I was literally using Argan Oil as a serum, then my rich moisturizer, and then MORE Argan Oil).

The breakouts minimized but never really went away. The extreme dryness continued. Someone suggested I use it twice a only made my skin more dry!

Suddenly I developed a rash/patch of extremely dry/angry/pink/flaky on my nasolabial fold between my nose and mouth - on both sides. A couple days later I developed these same patches just under my mouth on each side of my chin.

I tried everything to heal it - more moisturizer / no moisturizer / oil cleansing / oil moisturizing / toning with ACV / doing GA peels / leaving it alone...nothing made it better!

My husband kept telling me it was the Clarisonic and I kept ignoring him. Until finally one night when I fell asleep with my makeup on (gasp! I know!) and the next morning my face actually LOOKED BETTER than if I had washed it!

I skipped the clarisonic for a few days and my skin (everything but the rashy areas) got a little better and less drier. Whenever I used the clarisonic again, my skin got dry and irritated and the patches on my skin flared up.

Additionally I now have pinkish veining on the apples of my cheeks - much like a very mild form of rosacea, it even has a slightly dry texture to it. This is also brand new and coincides with the use of the clarisonic.

I haven't used it for a few weeks now and my skin has gotten much better. I finally went to see my Dr and he said the clarisonic gave me "Perioral Dermatitis", which is something that can't be cured. I could potentially have these scabby pink patches on my skin for months and months or even forever - at times looking better than at other times.

Imagine this happening to you... The Clarisonic has more or less left me permanently disfigured. I am a make up artist and skin care salesperson - how am I supposed to sell skincare and make up with these patches on my face?!?

And to answer your questions - the clarisonic was the ONLY new thing I'd introduced to my skincare line, I've never had other skin issues, I have no allergies, I don't have any auto-immune issues etc etc etc.

The clarisonic is absolutely, undeniably, without question responsible for these AWFUL changes to my skin.

BUYER BEWARE!!! It may work for some, but it may not work for you...and even worse, it can change your skin - possibly forever!!!!

Learn from me, if it ain't broke... Stick with the cleansing routine you currently have.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Blond, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Brown

I received my lavender Mia2 for Christmas and I am in love! I have taken care of my skin fairly well prior to using this and my skin wasn't terribly bad as far as breakouts are concerned. Primarily, I was looking to even my skin tone, reduce my pores, and deep clean my pores more so than any way I've ever done in the past. I've always removed my makeup before bedtime with a washcloth, extracted as needed (on my nose mostly), and exfoliated with various scrubs and/or tools, such as the olay pro x. I still think the pro x is a wonderful tool, however it doesn't oscillate like the clarisonic does. My bf loves the pro x so I passed it on to him.

Fortunately I have not experienced a "purging phase" in the time that I've used it, which is not quite a full month yet. I believe if I were to have a horrendous break out, it would have already started by now and I would have at least noticed odd pimples in unusual areas. Not so thus far and I believe its due to the care I have taken for my skin prior. Perhaps it's different for everyone's skin, but I feel lucky either way.

If anything my skin is much better than before. My pores are actually smaller and I notice less clogged pores, even the ones under the skin on my cheeks where I believe make up/residue might pile up. Not to mention the smoothness I've noticed as well! My moisturizers and make up seem to be performing better than ever. Even my foundation appears to stay on longer and look more skin-like.

I use the sensitive brush head. Before cleansing, I remove eye make up and all that I can with a MU remover wipe, then wet my face and cleanse with my neutrogena naturals cleanser. Sometimes I have gone two minutes because I want to, though that's only once a week I may do that as not to over do it. I don't recommend sensitive skin individuals to do that.

I look forward to using this each night. I love the color, the feel of it in my hand, even the gel cleanser that comes with it. I only use that cleanser on days when I've not worn any make up and have none to remove. It's expensive so I only use it sparingly. I love it so much and I'd recommend it to everyone. My skin is on its way to looking fabulous already.

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on 1/13/2014 11:26:00 PM

Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

I'm not sure about how I feel about this quite yet. I have been using if for almost three weeks. At first I was using it with purity from philosophy. I had never used purity before and I got the worst break out ever after using it with the clarisonic only after two times. I thought it was the purging stage and continued to use it. The acne got so bad and in places I haven't ever had acne before, I figured it was the purity. I stopped using purity and used the sample size cleanser that came with the clarisonic. My acne cleared up a little. But then at two weeks, it started getting really bad. I have huge painful pimples all over my forehead. I have white heads beside my nose. I have never ever had that before. This is probably the purging stage right now. I use my clarisonic twice every single day. I think that is also the problem. I am going to cut back to only nights and see what that does.

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on 1/10/2014 11:36:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Cool

Hair: Brown, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Green

3/13/14: I've been using the Mia2 for 3 months. My face looks great. It's that time of the month for me when my breakouts are typically at my worst and all I've gotten is a little tiny red spot on the side of my chin. Yay! No big bumps, no blackheads. Occasionally I get a whitehead around my nose/mouth/chin, but they are very very small. I still get a couple of tiny red bumps around the nose, but its nothing that can't be covered easily. My skin is soft and much smoother. No flakes or dry patches. Makeup looks 10x better. Looks like I've broke through the "purging" beginning stages that I read about. They can last over 6 weeks. I am very happy with my Mia2. Looking forward to spending more days makeup free! I wipe my face & eye makeup off with Simple wipes first. I use the Mia with a gentle foaming cleanser, toner or witch hazel, and a moisturizer. It seems to be a good combination.

UPDATE 2/11/14: It's been 4 weeks since I've used the Mia2. I've had just a couple cystic acne, red and painful, along my jawline. I'm randomly getting little zits & whiteheads near my nose and mouth, but not cystic acne. My forehead looks awesome, smooth, & clear. The exfoliation is still awesome and my face still feels and looks very clean after using. The Mia helped reduce that "surprise" zit faster if used once a day, however, it hasn't yet eliminated my breakouts. So far, I am happy with the results, I feel like my cheeks and forehead have improved, but the area around my mouth, chin, and nose are still breaking out (like they always do!). I will keep using the Mia to see if it keeps improving.

1/10/14: I just got this yesterday and have only used it 2x, but so far I am pleased. I am happy with the immediate results. It does make my skin feel extra clean. My skin looks polished and the pores seem smaller.Some of my dry flaky skin is disappearing and seems to be clearing up the tiny bumps on my chin and forehead, as well. I use the sensitive brush head on low speed. My fiance says my skin is super soft. That's a plus. It is a bit pricey brand new, but can be a good investment. I bought mine brand new on ebay for $80 (no warranty). I'll be back to update to share some long term effects.

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