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Package Quality: 3.9

Price: $$


Trichloroacetic Acid, Glycolic Acid 5%, Lactic Acid 5%, Purified Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Glyerine USP, Menthol Crystals, Sodium Chloride, Neolone, Benzyl Alcohol

on 1/25/2012 11:24:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Cool

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

One of the best TCA peels I've tried. Please let the record show, YOU DON'T HAVE TO 'PEEL' FOR A CHEMICAL PEEL TO WORK!!! That is one of the most annoying things for an esthetician to hear. You don't have to shed like a snake for the next week in order to get results from a chemical peel. Just because you don't experience major peeling means absolutely nothing. It's going to work exactly the same. In my experience you don't peel as much with TCA's but the effects are much more prominent and worthwhile.

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on 1/18/2012 11:41:00 PM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I'm in my 40's, Asian with dry skin, fine wrinkles in the usual places, some mild blemishes from sun damage and scarring (I'm a picker). I have tough skin. In my 30's I started on renova, eventually moving up to retin A with excellent results. Then at some point the benefits seemed to wear off. I've been lax with my skincare in the last 8 years aside from occasional mechanical exfoliation or masks.

I received the tca 18% solution in a swap and diluted it to 9% and gave it a go. No burning; no frosting; no real peeling. Just that totally annoying tight mask-like feeling and random flaking for 10 days. I did moisturize (not knowing that it's better not to). But overall I was disappointed. Just the tiniest fading of some blemishes. The best part was the 'firming' up it did. I liked that it tightened up my face a bit.

For my second round i prepped with acetone. it burned a little bit and I did a second swipe 1/2way through the 10 minutes. One area frosted and eventually turned dark brown and peeled deeply. The skin underneath was fresh. I minimized the lotion. But again the tight mask-like face, random flakies and no real peel over the course of 10 days. My hope was kept alive by the eventual residual firmness that I loved. And a glimmer of freshness.

So I read up on this more and decided to do a month of the 30% glycolic acid peel to prep my skin for the TCA. Once or twice a week for a month. Easy peasy. Painless. And it polished up the surface of my skin. I was hopeful that by polishing the skin and evening out any microscopically patchy areas, the TCA would apply and penetrate more evenly.

So tonight I did the 9% TCA again. Prepped with acetone. Then, the TCA. It really BURNED (!) like I had expected it to the first time I tried months ago. There was light diffuse frosting on my cheekbone which I neutralized with a qtip and solution. At 5 min, I did a second swipe and got the same frosting on the other cheekbone. I neutralized those areas only and at 10 min I neutralized my entire face. Now it feels tight and I'm really hopeful that I'll get a real full face peel in 3-4 days. I applied Jurlique Calendula cream (camomille/anti-inflammatory) and jojoba oil with EO lavender for the night. Immediately regretted this because it seemed to over-moisturize my face and gave me a sense that my skin wouldn't peel after-all.

Day 1 : sunscreen, eye concealer, liner and lipstick only. mild tightness, but really underwhelming. almost like what i'd expect anyway from not wearing moisturizer. Overnight - no products.

Day 2 : same as above. no real change. no peeling. not even a sense that I'll peel. my face feels smooth and tight and looks clearer. not even leathery and mask-like as it had in the previous peels. I'm dubious. thinking i'll need to go straight to 18% next but really afraid of how much that might burn.

Day 3-4: The leathery skin started. It seems more evenly leathery and tight, so I'm hopeful that I'll get an even peel. some areas are more affected and i think those are areas where i may have done a 3rd swipe with the TCA. Day 3 after a long shower I very gently scrubbed with St. Ives Apricot scrub and that helped the flakies to start. Day 4 I helped it along by taking fine tweezers to peel of rice grain sized skin that was white on the edges all around. couldn't even feel it when i peeled it off, so I figure that shouldn't be a problem. when i have to go out i moisturize with jojoba oil, apply eye makeup with concealer and lipstick. not so bad. I figure i'll tell people that i had an allergic reaction to a product. when i get home, i wash my face to dry it out again.

Day 5-6; Crocodile skin esp day 5. My man was concerned and wondered if my skin would ever be normal again. I gently scrub with St. Ives Apricot scrub at the end of a long shower. And whenever I wash my face (using very warm water), I rub firmly, but not vigorously with my towel for an extended period when I dry off my face. I think these things help without damaging my skin. For the first time ever my sunscreen (La Roche Posay Anthelios 60) burns a tiny bit when I put it on. I probably have a few more days of final light peelies and will be done.

Overall I think the glycolic acid 30% peels for the prior month really helped the TCA achieve a deeper and more even handed peel (i.e. not as much patchy peeling). I'm just tired of how long this takes and wonder if there is a faster way. But I suspect you have to put in your time to get deeper results. Would I do it again? I think I tend to get amnesia re: the annoying wait; so I'll probably do it again in a couple months. But i will continue the glycolic acid regularly and perhaps increase the %.

Bottom line: I definitely got lightened, clearer skin. blemishes with a slight fade. skin firmed up. i feel confident to go out without any foundation or tinted moisturizer. And i used to always at least use the TM. I just need under eye concealer, eyeliner and lipstick and i think I look fresh.

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on 4/28/2011 12:56:00 AM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Oily, Olive, Warm

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Coarse

Eyes: Green

15% review: Burned a little until I put baking soda on to neutralize it. I did 3 of them about 12 days apart. Helped with my deep acne scars and made my skin smoother. Skin stayed red for 3 days and then I peeled like a sun burn. Skin felt very tight for a few days before peeling. Waited 14 days between 2nd and 3rd peel. 1st peel: 5 mins 2nd peel: 5 mins plus 2 min overlay 3rd peel: 5 mins plus 2 2 min overlays (9 mins total). Waited 24 days before doing 30% peel.
30% review: Diluted it with water alittle. Burned just the same as the 15%. Skin was very dark and the peeled off skin looked just like a potato skin. Alot better improvement on scars. Did another peel yesterday even more diluting it with water. Results of this one to come next week. I suggest getting the sample bottle because using a q-tip you can get at least 5 peels out of them.
UPDATE: I did another 30% but added water to it 3 weeks ago. My skin is definitely smoother and it is noticable!! My skin didn't get potato color this time. Next time I am gonna try not adding water. I usually do not peel for for a few days and it last about 3 days.
UPDATE: Did another 30% and did not add water this time. Burned just the same and didn't white fluff as much. Instead of brown patches this time I had burgendy patches and people thought I got hit. Didn't peel until day 4. Sun spots and pitted acne scars are definitely better!!

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Oily, Fair, Warm

Hair: Other, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Other

First of all, I would recommend 30% Adjustable Kit, as you can choose the strength you need. Start with the lowest for the first time.

If you order the kit, all you have to buy is:
- Distilled water
- Neosporin
- pipette/dropper (I use the one that came with Seche Vite thinner lol. I cleaned it of course.)

So now it's 7th day of my peel, my skin is very flaky. It's not as terrible that I can't go out of house though, just use moisturiser to mask the flakiness. I can't really see the full effect because I haven't finished peeling but I think it helps. And NO it's not a miracle cure, it's not like one peels will be all you need to have perfect skin. It's not *that* deep (at least at 15%). But slowly I am getting there. Just have to be careful not to overdo it, you have to give some time for the skin to recover and restore itself.
I looked decent and presentable on days 1-3 (did the peel in the evening (red face), but when I woke up the redness was gone), then the peeling starts.
Also, as for the peel itself, I would suggest not doing large areas at a time, full face is fine (well it stings a bit but you can do it!).I did my back (and it really helps btw) and applied it on a large area and it started to sting so much I thought I was going to pass out, lol. Then I neutralized and decided to never do such a large area at once.
Another thing. It might be just me but I find that neutralising with homemade solution (warm water + baking soda) is more painful than with the one that is available form MUAC (comes with the kit). So I save that one for my face.
Will update as my face peels completely. Feel free to message me, I will try to help.
ETA: My face has peeled but still a bit flaky on the forehead. The improvement is actually very serious and with a few more peels I think all of my red scars might vanish completely. Skin texture is also improved. My next peels will probably be in July, not possible to arrange it earlier. I think the most important thing is to be patient with your skin and not to do these peels too often. Also do whatever you can to avoid any new breakouts and new scarring. I am clear now and intend to stay clear.

I also highly recommend 8% BHA from MUAC. Good stuff. Very potent.

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Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

I purchased the 8% TCA peel from MUAC in an attempt to firm up my face and get rid of fine lines. I am biracial, and was afraid to use anything stronger because of my coloring. I used two layers on my forehead, and one layer on the rest of my face. I left it on for five min. It burned a little, but didn't peel at all. I tried it again two weeks later, this time layering three layers on my forehead, and one layer on the rest of my face. I immediately got 'frosting' around my eyes. I washed the eye area off after five min (it burned like hell). My undereyes and crows feet looked terrible for almost a week. I looked 80 years old (I am 39) with wrinkles and redness. After a week or so, I cannot believe the results. My undereye fine lines are GONE, and my crows feet have improved significantly!!! I am sooooo happy! Unfortunately, my forehead looks the same. I will need a higher strength peel for the forehead, obviously. I am a Retin-A user, so I am assuming that I have tough skin.

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Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Very Oily, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Brown

Hi guys! I bought this peel a while back this year and let me tell you, this thing is a pain in the bum!
I’ll start with a description. I am East Asian and currently 17 years old. I have very oily skin (Give me 30 minutes to an hour after cleansing and you’ll see I’m covered in oil) My skin has large pores, is prone to scarring and hyper pigmentation, and is also extremely sensitive to stress, anxiety, and hormones. Due to my anxiety issues (I get panic attacks) and high stress levels my breakouts have been severe (nodular cystic acne. the kind where it hurts to wash your face or even shiver.) I had 4-5 cases of severe acne. Every time one subsided I thought my skin was ‘better’ but something always came up –sigh- Anyway…
That was two years ago. It took me two years to get in control of my acne. And let me tell you this. Before you undergo any type of cosmetic procedure in order to fix up the scars acne left you, make sure your acne is under control. (As much as possible. It’s best to have clear skin when you undergo these procedures.) After all, what’s the point of clearing up the scarring if your acne isn’t under control? If you’re prone to hyper pigmentation or scarring and you breakout after the procedure then It’d be all for nothing.
Alright. So I ordered this peel (TCA 12.5 %) during the winter. I did a patch test on my left cheek…and I barely peeled. Honestly, I was so scared I’d mess up so I used so little I didn’t peel much! Lol, so guys follow the directions. Apply it liberally but NOT to the point where your Q tip is dripping! And… I also broke out. (And I broke out really badly.) I peeled but it wasn’t noticeable to me. But my skin certainly did… I have oily skin so it makes sense that the dead skin piling up would clog my large pores.
So! Tip #1: If you have oily skin or are acne prone, ask your dermatologist to put you on a LOW DOSE antibiotic. Even if you get clogged pores during the peel, the antibiotic will kill bacteria from the inside out and prevent or at least help prevent the clogged pores from becoming inflamed. And if you don’t want to go on an antibiotic, use a topical antibiotic. But be careful. Topical antibiotics like Neosporin should not be overused. Doing so may build a resistance.
Alright.. so that was my test peel. And it scared my shitless. It’s been so long since I had that kind of acne I was scared it’d happen again. (And it left me with my left cheek scarred and covered with hyper pigmentation spots…ugh… now my entire face has dark marks. Wonderful.)
So a few months later its Spring. I did it one more time. This time I treated my entire face with one layer. But again I didn’t do it liberally enough. I broke out this time too, but it wasn’t as bad BECAUSE this time I put myself on antibiotics! (Prescribed by the Dermatologist. It’s called “Solodyn”) I didn’t see any improvement in my skin tone or anything. A peeled a little more than last time but still barely...
OK Tip#2: When you dip your Q-tip into the TCA bottle make sure it is a sterile Q tip (obviously) and just dip and take it back out. No need to wipe it on the sides of the opening, as long as it is not dripping its fine!
Alright so this is my third try. It’s summer time and I have two months off!! I did two layers on my entire face. The first 2 days were fine but then, I broke out. They are small papules and some comedones. Strange though, I broke out on my forehead and left cheek but my right cheek is fine. Completely clear there! (Thank the gods for it…I hope I can keep it up)
Anyway, the lesions are eventually going to clear up (yea...Eventually…) but I got so fed up with the break outs (cause it happened every time I did the peel!) I contacted MUAC. This is what they told me
“Thank you for your note. When you first begin using the peels your skin will begin to purge. During this time anything under the surface will emerge as a blemish. This typically subsides within the first 4-6 weeks of using the peels”
Alright, so this is like Tazorac or any other prescription retinoid! (That your skin may get worse before it would get better) But it just works a lot faster O_O I hope this purging is worth it...
I won’t give this a high rating just yet… If my skin clears up, I will make sure to update and change my reveiw! I’m crossing my fingers…I hope this will clear my scars up…
UPDATE (July 8 2010)
Okay this is the 7th day of my TCA peel and, like I said before, I broke out and the lesions haven't healed yet. However, I'll say that my overall skin tone is much more even. It's not as red as it used to be and my skin is very smooth (where there is no Acne)
I'll keep you guys updated.
UPDATE (7/9/10)
still peeling on my forehead...But man this SUCKS! I HATE PURGING! I have a total of 18 lesions right now! O_O (most were clogged pores but they became inflamed because I had such a stressful week...) I haven't had this much since my last severe breakout! Oh my GOD this purging BETTER be worth it! >_< I worked so hard to clear up my skin and this just had to happen...Anyway.. I'll try to update. I hope I have the guts to continue this...
UPDATE (7/11/10)
Well my skin is clearing up. I went out today and I applied foundation to cover up my discolorations. My right cheek (where I didnt get any acne) was so smooth! Foundation was a piece of cake!!! <3 (I need to focus on the positives or else I'll break out from all the stress build up. As you can see, I'm not the most patient person in the world...)
I can see that this purging may be worth it. so here's my plan. Get acne under control (After having acne since junior high and two years of severe acne...I finally found a regimen that works for me! Now I just need to control my stress levels...) Then Use the TCA peels to clear up the discolorations and scars that acne left me (of course, ice pick scars will be harder to treat.) and finally continue controlling my acne and preventing further discolorations with retinoids!

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Normal, Medium, Warm

Hair: Blond, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Blue

This product is amazing! I used 25% on my face, as I have used other peel products in the past and knew my skin could handle it. I didn't have huge issues with my skin to begin with, my main concerns were some pigmentation areas, enlarged pores(not many) and just a dull, weathered look in general to my skin. I hadn't been happy with my skin for sometime, and nothing I had tried was working. I was sick of foundations not looking that great, no matter what I tried. I have always had really nice skin, and wanted to get that back. So after being recommended this by a friend, and then reading all the reviews, articles, forums, books, as I really like to research things before I try them, especially this, being an acid peel, I decided to buy it. I have worked in the beauty field, so am not a novice with this sort of thing so I felt pretty comfortable attempting this at home.
I won't go into a day by day diary entry, as other people have covered that really well here already. My first peel I was a bit scared about, the first time I saw the frosting, it did freak me out, but as everyone say's. it is necessary and does go away. The first one i did seemed to really get rid of the dead skin on my face and perhaps slightly lightened my pigment. The subsequent peels were amazing, I worked up to leaving it on for about 7 mins, in that time it would frost right up, then any stinging/buring would die down, and then I would remove it with the solution to neutralize. I then used the green tea soap, and would slather my face with bepanthen, an ointment we have here. After two or so days my skin would harden, look very leathery, brown and stiff, bascially I looked like a gargoyle for about 5 days, and then after the peeling, I was left with beautiful, clear smooth skin and no pigmentation. I have now completed my final peel and wow, I cannot believe how good my skin looks, and I am no longer wearing foundation, most days I wear a tiny bit tinted moisturiser, it is all I need. I highly recommend this if you have issues with your skin, but like everyone say's, do your research first, know what you are doing and take it slow, start out low too. Get to know your skin and respect what you are doing, it isn't rocket science, but it isn't for the faint hearted either, nor is it something to take lightly. Oh and be prepared for some ugly downtime, I advise staying indoors if you can, I am lucky enough being able to hide out at home, as I certainly wouldn't have liked anyone seeing me during the nasty peel stage, but hey, if you don't care, go with it, it would be worth all the stares, because at the end, you will be looking, beee-auuuu-tifuuulllll!

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Age: 36-43

Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Cool

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Coarse

Eyes: Blue

I used the 12.5 peel and I will update the review when I finish the process.

I have been using MUAC Gly-hauloric acid every other night in addition to working up to a 60% gycolic peel. I guess I have durable skin cause my skin, although never experienced "chemicals" before my mid 30's, was not affected by the lactic acid or the 40% gycolic. I washed my face and dried and then used a flat concealer brush (which I use for ALL my masks and peels) to apply the first layer. Set the timer for 5 minutes and did not notice much stinging or burning. I applied a second layer and then WOW, let the burning begin. Luckily, I took a fiorinal w/ codeine prior to help with the pain and sat in front of a high powered room fan to assist with the discomfort. After 5 minutes I neautilized with the baking soda/water mixture and THAT hurt the most! It assisted with the frosting that I did not see much of on my face. I did notice some whitish tone on my forehead, but that was it. I was kinda bummed actually, I wanted to see the frost. I have a huge sun spot on the site of my face which I actually saw a Beverly Hills derm to remove with dried ice about two years back. It did the job, but he did not get all of it- so this time I was determined to get rid of the sucker. After washing with the green tea soap (LOVE!!) I got aggressive and went back for the sun spot. I applied a layer in that area and waited 3-4 minutes, then a second and waited 3-4 minutes. A lot of burning and frosting did occur. After washing again, my skin felt sunburn and a tiny bit swollen. I applied this cooling gel that I purchased at Marshalls (MUAC has the same product) and then Apricot Kernel Oil to my face (it's my night time moisturizer). The next day my skin looked shiny and felt very smooth. On day 2, the age spot that I treated is now dark dark brown. Mmooooolllleeee moley moely moley... =) It's pretty huge and I can not go in public. I sure hope it scabs soon. Day 3, my skin is tight, dry and is starting to look a little leathery around my mouth and sides of my nose. No major changes to my huge brown age spot. I will update. Day 3 - evening: My skin still feels tight and now around my chin it is starting to flake and itch a little bit. I keep applying my apricot kernal oil. Day 4 - Skin is tighter and more leathery looking and feeling wiith more noticeable peeling around my chin. It feels as though it is going to crack. I think anoother day or two and I will start really peeling. Yeah! One interesting note: My nose is not dry or peeling. My nose feels soft and smooth with no blackheads.

Day 7- Sorry I dropped the ball, but nothing much was happening to my face other than the consisitient light flaking, ALTHOUGH the age spot that I initially did the peel for (applied 4 layers on that spot) came off! Yeah! There is a faint layer of pigmentation left but I think it will come off with the second peel. I emailed MUAC and true to form they emailed back a day later addressing all of my questions. She suggested I do 3 layers of the 12.5 and then progress up to the 18%. I must wait 2 weeks in between peels. So far, my skin is clearer "younger looking" and feels smooth. However I am a bit disappointed with the wrinkles. I was hoping for more of a drastic improvement, but I think that after my next 3 layers (gonna do 4 layers on my forehead and laugh lines around my mouth) will do the trick. I am very pleased with this light peel and feel it is not much of a risk if you follow the instructions carefully and have reasonable expectations. I'm 36 and this is my first medium peel. I will continue with it. =)

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on 11/1/2008 2:31:00 AM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Cool

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Brown

I'm new to TCA peels, but I''ve built up to using 60 percent glycolic and 25 percent salicylic peels off and on for a few years, and my HG face/body mosturizer is AmLactin, a drugstore moisturizer that's 12 percent lactic acid. (It used to be a prescription item.)

Still, I have fairly sensitive skin, so I didn't want to start too high with a new product that penetrates not just in the epidermis but the dermis.

I bought the 18 percent for some melasma on my temples and a couple of faint age spots on my face and not so faint ones on my hands and legs. For me, the 18 percent on my legs (dabbed on with a Q-Tip) was a yawn. Nothing. A bit of tingling, and I did two layers and a few days later repeated it. Clearly, I need something stronger there.

My hands fared a little better. I definitely got frosting with two layers, and the age spots got a little darker and I was hopeful that would cause a peel, but within a few days all but one spot had lightened again.

The one spot that stayed dark actually developed the faintest of scabs: it didn't look like a scab, but it felt like a scab. That age spot was a seborrheic keratosis--a stuck-on age spot. On that one, I swabbed three layers of acid because I really wanted it gone.

Still, several days later it hadn't peeled, and didn't look like it was going to. Impatient, I put another double layer of acid on that spot and the others on my hands, and got more frosting. A few hours after washing it off (I didn't bother with neutralizing; I just washed with the fabulous green-tea soap and rinsed a zillion times) my hands looked shiny, the next day the skin got a little red and hard and the stuck-on one peeled off. Halleluyah!

On my face, I've only treated my problem areas: the melasma at the temples, the age spots, and the top of my nose, where the pores and one small ancient acne indent are visible (at least to me). After my hands had been so slow to peel, I right away went for two coats of acid and waited for the frosting. My temples got shiny and tight right after I used the acid, and, surprisingly, peeled the next day.

The age spots got a little darker but didn't really peel. They just got flaky-looking. I waited five days. They were still a little flaky, but mostly back to normal. Grrrrr. So, I took a Q-tip and dabbed the 18-percent solution on the age spots once again. I put on a second coat after 5 minutes, and let that coat marinate for another 5. It burned, of course, but in this case I see pain as a "No pain, no gain" kind of thing. Besides, for me it wasn't that bad.

I waited until the skin was really white in the magnifying mirror, kinda like a horror movie right before things get REALLY disgusting or a dermatology text on skin diseases you so don't want to have. I was tired of messing around with it; TCA is so different from the instant gratification of glycolic/lactic/and salicylic acids.

Next day: redder and a little crusty feeling. Peeled on the third and fourth days.

Age spots are lighter but by no means gone. Since I didn't use the stuff on my whole face, I can't comment on the overall quality of the skin, etc.

The stuff clearly works, and there's always a learning curve in using a new product. Now I know that I need to keep this stuff on longer for it to work, or maybe user a stronger solution. I'll update as I learn more.

UPDATE: Tried the 18 percent again, just on my hands. Couldn't afford the down-time for my face. Even a heavier application this time. More than frosting--it was more like frothing in the spots I really hit, like curdled milk. I wouldn't take that chance on my face, but I wanted to see if more would be more effective. Harder scabs formed in those spots the next day. Those peeled in 4-5 days in the shower, but then rescabbed--though a far lighter scab.

Two weeks since the peel, it's pretty much done except for some faint pinkness in the spots I hit hard. And again, I've noticed improvement, but again, not as dramatic as I had hoped. That said, even when the dermatologist burns stuff off, it's not a miracle, and it's not overnight--so why should this be? If these results occurred overnight, it would be a small miracle, but two weeks for a, say, 20 percent improvement is just a very good thing.

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on 10/12/2008 5:48:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I initially tried the 12.5 percent TCA peel. I did my spot check, and I got no peeling from that area, so I knew that when I treated my face, I needed to leave it on for the full 8 mins. I have a habit of overdoing whatever it is that I am doing, so I went light on myself for the first time, and only did one layer, and left it on for 8 mins. I had a little bit of flaking, so the next time I double layered it. Let me say that I have been using Retin A micro for at least 6 months (that is why I jumped into 12.5 percent first). I also wanted to explain the reason I got this peel. I have a few freckles to get rid of, and one specific acne/cyst scar on my cheek that I just couldn't deal with any longer. Also, after reading all of the other reviews about how horrible you look, I decided to treat my face in sections so as not to look horrific. I treated my cheek first, and that is where I had the min. peeling. Next I did my forehead with a double coat, and it peeled a ton, but no thick sheets. I went back to my cheek and redid it (about a week later) with 2 coats this time (like the directions state you can safely do). This time it got this creepy dry look to it and of course, I started picking at it. My picking posponed the healing I am sure by a few days, but after a week, it was looking back to normal. I believe that the scar has become less visiable, but I am definitly going to have to treat it again. I also redid my forehead, and this time I guess I put it on thicker, so it peeled off more in sheets like my cheek, and I actully peeled off the freckles! They are still there a little, but much lighter. It was the second time I treated each area, that the freckles got dark and peeled. It seemed like if the skin doesn't turn dark where the freckle is, they do not peel off.

If you are like me, and can't hide out for a week, I suggest treating your face in sections. Do your forehead by itself, and as it is almost done peeling, do a cheek or your chin, or something along those lines. I did it this way, and although the parts I was treating looked gross, I put on a ton of makeup (the instructions says not to, but lets be reasonable here), and nobody seemed to notice a thing or look at me strange or even ask. This is a tolerable way to get the job done, but still leave the house. It does drag out the whole thing (I have been messing with this stuff for weeks now. I have gotten braver, and did my whole jawline and up onto my face about an inch as one section), but I think it is worth it. One other thing, picking at the skin REALLY delays the healing process. I did one of my cheeks, picked at the skin, did my other cheek several days later, did not pick at it, and cheek number 2 was done and looked good, and cheek number one still had some pink spots on it. Try not to pick!

So, if you already have very nice skin, or if you are not having issues with scaring, or uneven pigment, this is not worth your time. I need to get rid of that "hole" on my face as I like to call it, so while I was at it, I figured I would go for it, and treat any and all freckles I could come up with (even if they were barley there), but besides helping with those 2 issues, I can see little other change in my skin (I am also in my 20's, so that could be why). I don't think it helped with the few fine lines I have, but being so young, it is proably hard to say for sure. I will repurchase if I find myself with freckles that need to be removed, or in the future when I need to brighten my skin.

Bottom line here is this:
If you have pigment issues, scaring, and possibly wrinkles, this is a great product. If you are 20 with beautiful skin, you are just wasting time and money because it is doubtful you will see any difference once you are finished hiding inside for a week!

Update 12/2/08: I am finally finshed treating my face in sections, and it looks great! Even better than I expected. It seems as though this product removes even hints of freckles that are kinda there, but not too terribly noticeable, and in the end, your skin is clearer and more even than you imagined it would end up being. I treated the sides of my face where I have kind of neglected sunscreen in the past, and it seemed to get a ton of discoloration off. There were small freckle sized dark spots all over the place. I realized I had some freckles over there, but not that many (could be because the sides of your face are a bit hard to get a good look at w/o a couple of mirrors.) Basically, as my skin was peeling off, the skin that was coming off had the small dark spots on it which were I assume were freckles that I didn't even realize were there.

I am very pleased with how bright and fresh it looks. I really think this brightens up your skin a ton and I this is def. in my top 5 favorite products, and that is why I have gone so crazy reviewing it. I want everyone that is considering trying it to go for it..totally worth the time and effort!

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