Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair


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Package Quality: 3.7

Price: $


on 1/2/2013 2:32:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Tan, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I started using this as a toner for my face a couple months ago. I just had a baby and my hormones were all out of whack and made me break out BAD. I've never had acne before beiregnant it sucked. It also left some pretty gnarly acne scars. Well my face is under control now. Haven't had a break out since. My scars are also clearing up. Not completely gone but nothing a little concealer can't fix. Before the scars were so bad nothing could cover them up. This stuff does smell but you get over it. Oh I bought the Heinz brand it has "the mother" stuff in it for like 3$ at Walmart. I also use it as a hair rinse once a week and my hair is awesome and shiny. This stuff really works :-)

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Age: 36-43

Skin: Acne-prone, Dark, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I don't get this easily where I live so I buy mine from supermarkets that sell imported stuff. Even so, it's not too expensive. I use this as a rinse for my hair after a baking soda cleanse and it instantly makes my hair seems more moisturised. The label says you can use it for several other things like cleaning (regular white vinegar is cheap and easily available here so I'd rather use that) and even keeping flowers fresh in vases. I haven't tried that but I intend to!

on 12/31/2012 4:11:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Cool

Hair: Brunette, Curly, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I never would have started using this if it wasn't for some weird experience. I got box braids and immediately after I got them my scalp started itching intensely. I looked up what I should use to stop the itching since no braid spray would work and it wasn't because my braids were too tight or they were pulled. When I looked it up I realized it was the synthetic hair that was causing the itching and I should use ACV in water to rinse the chemicals off the coating of the synthetic hair. I did this and it helped relieve the itching. After that I read some great things about ACV. So I began rinsing my hair with it and my hair got shinier and I never get a dry scalp anymore. I began using it as a toner for my face and it's helping to make my skin more normal and uniform since I have combination skin - oily t-zone, and dry skin around my nose. I also use a little in my pedicure soaks to remove any dead skin. I'm glad I caught on to this simple product and I'll be constantly finding new uses for it since I think it's so awesome. It is a bit stinky though at first but it wears off and it's no biggie.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Warm

Hair: Blond, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Green

I was using ACV as a toner for a long time (two-three months) and then something happened. I started getting these red bumps that would never come to a head but would just hurt and would never go away. I don't know if the pH of my skin changed or what, but it was awful. It did make my white heads seemingly vanish though, but I'd rather have white heads than red bumps.

However, for the first couple of months my skin was doing great. I would recommend this just because it may work in the long run for someone. It does make a great hair rinse, and I also use it in my clay mask. The only thing that stinks (pun intended) is the smell. It does linger if you sweat or your face gets wet, and my partner would comment on the smell as well.

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I used the Heinz acv - (even though i bet the braggs might work better in making it more shinier, but it was more expensive). I bought the 1 litre for like 2.37 or something, which was an ok price to me, especially in comparison to conditioners and shampoos. I really wish this coudl be used alone as a shampoo, but i don't think it can, unless you slowly stop using shampoos and conditioners. I have this very drying shampoo, that works great but is drying, and i'm trying to finish taht, so i used that . First, I put 1/3 acv and 2/3 water, in a spray bottle and sprayed it in all parts of my scalp and gently massaged. I left it in for 25 minutes- 40 minutes. Then, I shampooed regularly, and because i could feel a little itching, i sprtized it in a few problem places, and put a very gentle (and not super conditioning) conditioner on the very tips of my hair. Then I rinsed :D I have done this twice already, and my head does not itch, except occasioinally maybe 2-3 times a day, i feel a small itche which will hopefully go away later. Also, I had to watch my hair only on the 4th day, because my head didn't get oily/ produce much oil till then. I htink it works great at removing residue, and the smell did take approx. 1/2 day to go away complete/ until my hair got dry, and then it didn't smell at all. Amazing so far. :)

on 12/14/2012 9:09:00 AM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Acne-prone, Tan, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Brown

As a hair rinse, I love this stuff! I use it once a week, diluted with water, to clarify my hair. Somehow, it rinses the buildup out of my hair while still leaving it soft (not dried out). It also got rid of my dandruff. I use it after my shampoo and don't rinse it out. Yes, the smell is gross, but it goes away when your hair dries.
If your hair is colored, don't use it. It will strip the color out.

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on 12/8/2012 2:30:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Black, Wavy, Coarse

Eyes: Hazel

Let me tell you! This stuff is the business! I am trying to lighten my hair by using honey and some other natural ingredients. So I will shampoo my hair and then rinse and pour some apple cider vinegar on rinse and condition. My hair becomes so much more shiny, soft, and all around healthier looking. This stuff is awesome.

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on 9/17/2012 3:04:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

I don't use this as a toner on my face but I do take 2 tbs a day. I just dilute this by adding 1 tbs twice a day to a glass of water. This is supposed to be good for speeding up your metabolism and aiding in weight loss. I haven't tried using this in salads yet but I'm planning on it. As far as the taste, it took some time to get used to it but now I don't mind as long as the glass of water is cold. The smell is more pungent than anything so I can see why some people wouldn't like it. But the benefits outweigh the smell. The other day I woke up with a really bad stomach ache and I poured a glass of water and added some apple cider vinegar to it and drank it. It really helped my stomach feel better so it definitely helps with digestion. Ive also used this on my hair as a rinse and it really helped give my hair some shine and felt clean. II buy big bottles of it off of and the price isn't bad at all for the size you get. I will be repurchasing again and again

UPDATE 10/2/2012: I used this a couple days ago as a dressing for a salad and included some olive oil and it tasted really good. If you like an oil and vinegar dressing then replace the vinegar with apple cider vinegar. It's much better for you and saves calories and bad fats that are found in a lot of other dressings.

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on 8/11/2012 5:03:00 PM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Acne-prone, Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Other

Eyes: Hazel

So...the jury is still out, but so far pretty happy with results! I am taking it internally-2 tbs mixed with honey, shot style because I can't stand prolonging the taste in a glass of water!( Yuck)...also using as a dilution with a couple drops of lavender. I've been at it a week now and know my skin is's also brighter and smoother. It helped heal a cyst on my cheek in three days!...and for anyone who gets those you know that's a feit! I'm going to try this regime for a month with hope :-)
*sorry...just realized this was the "hair" reveiw, but, it really is great for skin and overall health too*

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on 7/23/2012 8:19:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Oily, Fair, Cool

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

I have a plastic bottle filled with acv and shampoo (any inexpensive shampoo will do-Suave, V05, Tresseme etc...and the shampoo can either be clear or pearly opaque) and shake to mix. I literally and liberally pour it into my hair to wash. Lathers beautifully. I wash and rinse my hair with icy cold water only. I cannot stand the smell of acv on its own but mixed with the shampoos it brings out the appleness of it and it isn't bad at all. If it didn't there's no way I'd use it because the smell is just YUK. The combo of cold water and this special shampoo mix makes my hair very clean, shiny, smooth and just plain nice. I wash my hair only every 3-5 days and use this shampoo every time. I usually do not need a conditioner afterwards either. Just buy any generic acv-doesn't have to be Bragg's or anything expensive. I pick up the huge bottles of Kroger brand acv. The best (or my favorite anyway) bottles for my shampoo mix are the opaque plastic rubbing alcohol bottles from CVS, the large and the small ones. They are easily washed and they are square and they just look really cool. Plus they are good in the bathroom because they don't break if they fall!

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