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rated 3 of 5 on 6/30/2011 5:50:00 PM More reviews by Dawn13169

Age: 36-43 Skin: Normal, Other, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

Although I think this is a great site, I feel that the reviews of the facial products such as moisturizers, eye creams etc. are much more appropriate as they are based on pure scientific data and are very interesting to read, but the reviews on the makeup can be really off as I believe they are very subjective and based on Paula's own personal opinions. She discredits a lot of really wonderful products that I personally love (and I am a product/makeup junkie!!) and recommends a lot that I have tried and don't care for. Her own makeup is pretty bad and she rates it as tops. Her concealer is so awful, yet she rates Bobbi Brown's as not good and I think it's awesome, especially the corrector which she claims is horrible. Use your own judgment regarding makeup products but follow her claims on facial products.

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rated 5 of 5 on 5/31/2011 7:12:00 PM More reviews by cherrim

Age: 36-43 Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium, Warm Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine Eyes: Brown

It's free now! Woohoo! This website is so valuable to me. I have sensitive skin that seems to react to everything so I take her advice on products for sensitive skin very seriously. By following her advice and using it as a basis for my own more specific research, I have solved most of my skin reaction problems. I don't mean I think she's always right for everyone, but she provides good, clear information from which I can make my own decisions. Her website taught me to read labels, taught me that I don't have to spend a fortune for a good product, and not all "chemicals" are bad. I don't always agree with her makeup performance reviews, but I do read them to check whether the product may aggravate my skin. Often I fall victim to advertising and pretty bottles and go against her advice, and have been stupid to do so. I bet she gets to say, "I told you so" to a lot of us with sensitive skin!

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rated 4 of 5 on 4/17/2011 4:40:00 AM More reviews by lucretiabrgia

Age: 36-43 Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brown, Other, Other Eyes: Green

Worth reading and understanding what ingredients are important in skincare. Provides a good set of criteria that help to make your own evaluation of the product. But in my view the following reservations apply:
1.Paula does not comment on theallergic side-effects of sunscreens and does not compare suncreens in this respect. Because of this, her recomendations cost me quite a bit of money when I bought various highly rated creams that my skin reacted to (eg, MAC Strobe Cream, Clinique Superdefence etc)
2. Paula's views on makeup are qwuite subjective. For example, she does not like eye pencils that need sharpening and gives any such pencil a medium rating.
3. Price and her rating often seem to be in inverse proportion, and if she highly rates a drug-store product, in my experience it performs considerably poorer that the more expensive products of the same functionality.

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rated 3 of 5 on 3/30/2011 11:15:00 PM More reviews by evaurie

Age: 19-24 Skin: Combination, Medium, Neutral Hair: Brunette, Curly, Medium Eyes: Hazel

I use all the time her cosmetic ingredients list, so, thanks to this, I can judge the products by myself and I'm doing a good job. But sometimes, when I'm not completely sure about a product I like to go there and read the reviews to see what she have to say. Sometimes bothers me that she gives bad reviews to some products only because one ingredient, even if the product is full of good ingredients, and really makes a great job (i.e. Arcona Golden Grain Gommage), but is just not enough for her. Or when a product has a new, special, rare ingredient, if she ignores what is it, is bad. Also, I hate that she gives perfect rating to her products when her products are just ordinary drugstore-like products full of silicones and trash that I don't really like to see in my skin care products. I know that products really need preservatives, especially when are natural, and sometimes detergents are needed on cleansers, but I prefer a balanced skin care routine than a full of chemicals and trash one, like Paula's Choice. Now I know why she's against natural products.
I like when she talks about products' packaging, though, I'm agree with her on this.

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rated 4 of 5 on 2/21/2011 8:19:00 AM More reviews by vicky4041

Age: 44-55 Skin: Sensitive, Medium, Cool Hair: Blond, Other, Other Eyes: Hazel

Beautypedia has saved me from spending $$s on dept store cosmetics. Yes I still buy some but I always check with Beautypedia first. Yes I have found some where I don't agree with and I've let her know either through twitter or sent an email. Of course everything works differently for different people. Yes she does promote her products but she also recommends others. Some of her reviews of Olay I don't agree with. Also, some of her reviews of foundations I find to be totally off base but I realize she's looking at ingredients not so much as experience with the product.

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rated 5 of 5 on 1/3/2011 4:03:00 PM More reviews by makeupandmintchocolate

Age: 19-24 Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

- I always take all the reviews on beautypedia with a grain of salt, but nevertheless I do think that Paula and her team are more honest then anyone else in the business and in my opinion you do get your moneys worth. (I used the half off coupon code both times).
- Now I dont always agree with her makeup reviews (once in a while her top picks are loosers for me, but to be fair some mua top picks are also products I have tried and disliked). For skincare I really do think her reviews are incredibly helpful. I don't know what I would do without them. My skin would probably be a mess because I would probably end up using products that harm instead of help my skin.
- I actually check both beautypedia and mua before making purchases which may seem a bit too much for some, but to each their own and I have learned that impulse purchases are rarely worth it.
- If any of you are at all curious I just wanted to let you know that for beautypedia is FREE for everyone so its definitely worth checking out because you have nothing to lose.

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rated 5 of 5 on 10/21/2010 3:17:00 PM More reviews by atapia2

Age: 44-55 Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brown, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

To me, Beautypedia provides a useful perspective. It is really helpful to have a voice of reason out there debunking some of the nonsense that the cosmetic companies try to put over on consumers. (I have first hand experience with this as I worked in the industry for years). I think that is exactly what Paula set out to do, and that is what she does. However, I make up my own mind about these things. Skin care, cosmetics is very subjective and just because something doesn't work for someone else doesn't mean it won't work for me. Where skincare and make up are concerned its always a combination of ingredients, desired effect etc. that are all very personal. She just provides another perspective, and btw I quite enjoy her touch of humor. I have enjoyed reading her reviews, but by no means to I take it as gospel. You have to take charge of your own decisions, and Paula's site just provides information so that you can do that! Go Paula.....

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rated 4 of 5 on 7/19/2010 8:06:00 PM More reviews by sillycat

Age: 30-35 Skin: Oily, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: Hazel

Hello MUAers. Longtime reader, first time poster!

I though it would be fitting to write my first review on a website that reviews products. I am an everything beauty related junkie, and I will read anything and everything on the topic. I also enjoy sharing what I learn with friends and family.
That being said, I used to read fashion magazines to educate myself about the cosmetics industry. The problem is that cosmetics companies advertise in the magazines and the editors can't say anything negative about their advertisers. Going to the drugstore or department store can be overwhelming with all of the choices they offer. I started to read Paula Begoun's books and discovered a whole new perspective on the business that is beauty. Granted she is not a physician, but she is a unique voice in the media. And don't forget, lots of M.D's endorse products, which makes it a matter of $$$ and not necessarily what is good for the consumer. I subscribed to her newsletter for product reviews that were not in her books. With the exception of her own brand (which I will get into later), she does not profit from the companies that she reviews. Paula has been researching the industry for years and is an informed source. I think any consumer should refer to many resources for information, not just one. Which is why I also have been reading reviews for years on MUA (thanks ladies!).

As for Beautypedia:

Convenience- I like being able to access Paula's reviews from a computer. I may be interested in a product and not have access to her books at the time and can look to see if a product has been reveiwed.
I think they do a pretty good job in updating the products that are being reviewed, they are always new products on the market so there will be products and brands that have not yet been reviewed. I could research the ingredients myself and try to analyze the products, but I probably would just purchase the item instead of looking up all the ingredients.
I find it helpful to know if there could be potentially irritating ingredients in the product before hand.
The price for a yearly subscription is not that much more than a magazine subsrciption, so I dont find it to be expensive. If it is something you refer to frequently, it will be worth the money.
I find the content to be useful, especially the products she gives a very good or a very bad rating.I like that she compares expensive and inexpensive products, I may want to try the inexpensive version before splurging for the expensive version of a product. I also want to know if an SPF product will actually provide sun protection. Its not the gospel, but a good resource. And I can follow up reading reviews on MUA to see other's opinions on products.

CONS- I think one of the biggest complaints about Paula is how can she be objective when she sells her own products? Of course she gives Paula's Choice products her Paula's Picks. I don't go to Beautypedia to read reveiews on her products, but on other companies' products. I can always come to makeupalley if I want to read reviews on Paula's Choice products. It could be considered to be a conflict of interest that she reviews competitors' products and promoting her own, however, I just take it with a grain of salt. She does give positive reviews to products that aren't hers. Besides, if every other celebrity can sell their own product, why can't Paula? She does have some valuable knowledge and expertise. But I will just stick to the topic of Beautypedia for this review.
There are times I have a difference of opinion from Paula when reading her reviews. Sometimes it comes to a matter of preference instead of science. She may give a product a neutral rating to a good product because she feels it is overpriced. I may find that particular product work better on me than some less expensive products. That is why I may still try something even if she gives it a less than favorable rating. I will just have a little bit more information on it than I would have if I didn't go to Beautypedia beforehand.
I find that her personal opinions really come into play when she reveiws makeup. She tends to prefer a natural or neutral, matte look. That is one makeup look, I like to experiment with different looks. Just because something is colorful or shimmery doesn't make it a bad product. I like to use a variety of products depending on what look I am going for. I find (for me) Beautypedia is a better resource for skincare products than makeup products. But I may consider a product that I could otherwise overlook if I read an interesting review.
Again, its all about the information.

Whether it be Beautypedia, MUA, other websites, books, magazines, tv shows or even word of mouth; its import to weigh the options and figure out what works for you at the end of the day.
Everyone is different and has their own likes and dislikes. I like to try products and see how they might work on me (or share with people around me if I think it could benefit them). I appreciate the work that Paula does on her website and thinks she provides a valuable service. It may not be for everyone, but I like to refer to Beautypedia when I get the chance. I will probable renew my subscription when it expires, as well as continue to come to this site and refer to other resources.

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rated 1 of 5 on 7/10/2010 3:35:00 AM More reviews by ibrusat

Age: 36-43 Skin: Dry, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: Hazel

I like Paula's book and website (I subscribed at half price). She provides very useful yet very accessible information on the composition of products and strip them of all the fancy marketing claims. I think she is doing a great job at informing and educating consumers.
I got rid of some Elemis, Eau Thermale, Nars, Giorgio Armani and other products that were potentially unsutable for my skin. By reading Paula's reviews I discovered other products that otherwise I would have not used.
It is still up to me if I want to splurge on a Bumble & Bumble shampoo even if a high street shampoo would deliver the same result. But now I make a choice based on objective facts.
4 lippies as I do not like Paula's bitter/critical approach of some of her reviews.
** EDIT: I have now used this website for over 8 months and I do not agree with 90% of the reviews, Paula says some products are rubbish and they work great for me, Paula says some products are great and they work rubbish for me. I can't understand how she can say that something is good/bad just by looking at the ingredients. Especially make up:you have to try products to say what they are like. I hate Clinique and I think it is total rubbish, she raves about it. Kerastase? Nowhere to be found. It is a decent point of reference, but take it with a pinch of salt. Now the website is free and you have to claim the refund within a certain deadline. Really cheap, the refund should be automatic. And the special refund/gift does not work fir the UK. Paula, you should start walk the talk. Less than impressed.

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rated 2 of 5 on 7/2/2010 4:04:00 AM More reviews by berna

Age: 36-43 Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium, Warm Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine Eyes: Hazel

I really liked the idea that a professional reviews the products of other brands other than hers. I thought that she made an honest job and still think in a way that she still does. Personally, I do not have an easy skin, which is dry and sensitive and therefore, I have to be very picky. Her choices and recommendations rarely coincide with mine. Evertime, I have to come back to MUA and research her thoughts and recommendations. But still, it could be used as a second source.

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