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Honey, propolis (some versions)

on 2/24/2014 12:35:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I just try it under my eyes. It works not bad

on 2/18/2014 4:53:00 PM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

I've tried honey on my face and was not impressed.

HOWEVER, Honey for dry lips? AWESOME! Honey does a great job exfoliating and moisturizing chapped lips. Of course it also tastes delicious which is a big plus when you are putting a product on your lips.

on 2/18/2014 3:38:00 PM

Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Cool

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Blue

I've tried honey as a facial cleanser countless times, hoping it would help to balance out my skin and calm my breakouts. Sadly, it seems to do the opposite for me. My skin is always more oily and broken out the next day, guaranteed. I have very sensitive skin, so maybe that's to blame? *Sigh* back to the drawing board.

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on 2/10/2014 7:02:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

So I don't use this on my face. I've tried honey on my face and that just doesn't work. Anyways... for the hair this is GREAT! I mix it in a container with my conditioner and let it sit for a bit (10-15 min) while I shower and then I put in my hair, leave it for 30-40 min and rinse in cold water. Hair is healthy, soft and LIGHTER! Check out Andreaschoice on youtube, cause that's where I learnt it :)

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on 1/20/2014 1:03:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

Ok...first a little background. My skin has been CRAZY since I was like 12. I mean...crazy. Like split personality nutso. One week it's great...then it turns on me and for weeks on end is hideously red, broken out and shiny. I've battled acne since I was 12. Tried proactive...it worked...for like 2 seconds. Continued proactive for a year and finally weened myself off of it. My skin went through withdrawals from that stuff...not just redness and zits but it was like dirty...blackheads in places I had never had them. So I googled ways to get rid of blackheads and came across a honey mask. Tried it....and my skin looked like 10 times better after just a 30 minute mask...calmer...and clean!! So I saw how people used it as a face wash..._WOW. I've been using it for about a week now...washing twice a day and using an apple cider vinegar toner afterwards (1/2 acv 1/2 water) and my skin has not been this amazing since before I hit puberty. Almost all of the redness is gone...and the acv is helping with the marks I had from acne. No little bumps anymore and my pores look smaller. AND my skin is GLOWING. Who knew the answer to all of my problems was in my kitchen cabinet this whole time? The acv has also helped with oil balance and the honey makes my skin feel soo clean all day. Try it. Seriously it's amazing.

8 out of 8 people found this review helpful.

Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

Every since puberty hit, i was always battling with acne. Some hormonal, others my own doing.
I was so busy adding more and more things into my routine that i THOUGHT was helping but was actually worsening the entire mess.
Well, anyways, i decided to go au naturale and simplify my entire skincare.
I read up about raw honey, specifically manuka honey, which my family had anyways so i started using it as a 30 minute mask every time i washed my face in place of a cleanser.
My face felt clean but breakouts kept on coming, whiteheads and stuff. After a month, i stopped using it.
But then, after an average result with the OCM, i decided to go back to if but as an actual face wash.
I don't know why but it worked better and cleared up my face more in a mere 2 minutes than an hour on my skin did.
After that, i hooked my face up with a honey toner. Every night after i finished cleansing, i massage a pea sized amount of honey on wet, not damp, skin, let it absorb for a minutes then dab off any excess.
I then, follow up with avocado oil (which i don't need as much now since the honey toner completely hydrates my skin).
The best thing is that it LIGHTENED MY STUBBORN HYPERPIGMENTATION. i saw the difference after 3 days, slight, but noticeable. I credit this to the toner, as honey releases hydrogen peroxide when it comes in contact with water. Peroxide is the stuff they use in OTC products to lighten and cure acne, only it is gotten from chemicals and synthetics and stuff while this one is natural.
Honey is an antibacterial and antifungal, with studies backing up its powerful benefits.
It also gives you a healthy glow and cleans out pores and loosen blackheads when you really massage it (needs to be kinda sticky though).
All in all its amazing and i use it for everything now! I so recommend it as a cleanser, toner, mask, spot treatment and supplement.

Oh and when its comes in contact with damp hands, dont worry, its not sticky at all and rinses of clean.
Definitely give it a try :)

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on 12/15/2013 9:22:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Normal, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

I kept hearing about how great honey was for your skin so I went and bought locally produced raw organic honey. I was so eager to try it! I should have patch tested it on my arm to see if It would react but I didn't think It would since it was natural but boy was I wrong! After 30 seconds of having it on my face started burning and getting really itchy so I ran to the bathroom to wash it off and my face was so red and itchy and there was so bumps on it to. I now have a terrible rash :( I have never really used honey before and now have discovered I am allergic( only when I apply on skin I can eat it but it weirdly reacts with my skin :( )

on 12/14/2013 1:34:00 AM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Other, Fine

Eyes: Blue

I can't believe that washing my face with honey has given me the best skin I can remember. Clear, less oily, happy in general.
When I have time in the morning I make a mask with honey yogurt and aspirin/turmeric/cinnamon (or sometimes all 3) and the pores on my nose are totally clear.
You do have to use sonething first to take off makeup but cheap baby wipes and grapeseed oil for eyes works great. -EDIT- I use unscented generic non-flushable baby wipes with no problems but the other day I used a different kind and immediately had 6 clogged pores so be careful :)
I'm not positive but it seems like the manuka honey is a little more effective? Idk.
the hardest thing has been finding one that smells good (to me some don't) while not being so delicious that it's gone in 5 days. No exaggeration I've probably gained 5 pounds from eating so much honey. I feel like Winnie the Pooh.

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on 12/7/2013 9:27:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Blue

When I first started using this on my face, I would use it as a mask and let it sit anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. It wasn't really doing much for me and I was bummed because I bought the highest quality stuff which is about 40 bucks.

Well, I started using it again and now I'm using it as a face wash instead. This has provided me with much better results, I'm not quite sure why. I think maybe because when I'm in the shower (to avoid a mess), my pores are open from the hot water so I think the honey gets deeper in there which allows better results.

I can't use this daily because I have extremely dry skin, especially now that the harsh winter is here. It might not dry out normal skin but for me, it can. I usually follow up with a moisturizer.

I have found that the honey really helps speed up healing on pimples whether they have been popped or are just there. This has also really helped clean up my nose pores which is another plus. This is a great alternative for other face washes that contain chemicals.

Overall, I'm happy that I started using it as a face wash and will probably buy again once it runs out.

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on 10/24/2013 5:45:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Grey

As far back as I can remember I have had mild acne. My skin has mainly been uneven, with an array of whiteheads and has thrown me the occasional painful red spot for good measure.
Sometimes it gets worse, sometimes it clears up. (I see no pattern in foods I'm eating or anything like that. I exercise well, drink a lot of water and eat healthily. I just put it down to hormones I guess).

I have tried everything, and I mean everything for a smoother complexion. In almost 9 years "experience" if that's the right word, I have used every brand of face wash, foundation, moisturizer.. everything. I have put down my skin being worse over the years to over washing my skin and stressing over the few spots I did have.

This year I stopped with the abrasive scrubs and toners.. gels and whatever else and decided to go all natural.

I bought some 'all natural honey', light in color and in a bottle and began using it around 3 weeks ago 2 times a day, morning and night. I can safely say I have never felt so hopeful or happy about a product.

I notice a glow to my skin that I have never had. My skin is evening out by the day.. I even notice a difference morning to night. It makes my face feel soft. And whats-more, seems to be combating a bad breakout I had. A few spots showed up around 2 days ago which I put down to trying a new concealer. They are now completely flat and smooth with a small amount of redness. Other than that.. my pores appear smaller and my whiteheads are disappearing away.

My routine is to splash my face with warm water.. squeeze out a generous amount of honey and rub in small circles all over my face. (I also make sure to tie back all hair obviously, but use a cloth headband as honey seems to make its way to my hair line and stick there). I rinse and repeat with a smaller amount of honey and rinse with cold water. After this my skin feels amazing.
I then moisturize and apply a light BB cream, maybe a dab of concealer here and there for any redness. ( I use Nivea Day cream for sensitive skin, Maybelline Pure BB Cream with Salicylic Acid and am testing out concealers at the moment).

My skin is finally smooth and glowing all thanks to honey.

9 out of 9 people found this review helpful.

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