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Lash Treatments - Careprost (Generic Brand Latisse)

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rated 5 of 5 on 11/11/2013 12:39:00 AM More reviews by humbuggery

Age: 25-29 Skin: Combination, Fair, Warm Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine Eyes: Hazel

12/18: Hi girls! Just here with another update after happily looking in the mirror as I brushed my teeth. So I got this stuff at the end of October... it's now mid-December...

Here are my current thoughts:
-You *will* see a noticeable difference with your first bottle, and if you are careful with application, the bottle should last around two months. Mine still has a bit to go, but I am reordering soon.
-Your lashes may not grow any THICKER, but they *will* be longer, they will have a natural curl and there will be more of them.
- Your lashes will not shed nearly as much as they do normally. Some lashes will grow longer than others. It will be rare to see lashes coming out when you take off your mascara.
-Your eyelid veins will be more pronounced, as will your dark circles.
- Itchy

I am still pleased. Ready to place my second order soon.

11/26: My lashes continue to flourish! To someone impatient or expecting immediate false lash looking lashes, it may not be much, but I am so thankful at how nice my lashes are coming along and cooperating with this product. My favorite thing is that I am growing new lashes, to fill in any gaps that I had before. Yes, they are getting longer but they haven't reached that sweet spot that everyone raves about yet. I am purging items out of my stash to begin saving for my next order of careprost. I would rather part with many, many things than be without this. My eyes are still kind of red and my dark circles are still looking darker, but no one notices or cares all that much. My lashes have never been this healthy looking. My only complaint is how small the bottle is, the dropper is meh, and it does seem to go quickly. I have plenty left, I'm just anxious about having to reorder. My lashes are more curled, btw. Even without mascara, my lashes look more pronounced against my deeper set eyes.

11/17: Hi! I just wanted to remind you girls with downturned eyes to be careful with the application! Today I was having a weeeeird sensation like there was a hair stuck in my eye, and man...this stuff WORKS because there are LASHES growing on the very outer outer corners of my upper eyelid, and two or three were stuck in my eye!! :P I had to fish em out! Now to some of you ladies this would be scary or something, but I have NEVER had lashes grow in those places. And these weren't little stubs just coming in... it seems these new lashes had just snuck up on me outta nowhere! I'm pleased, to say the least. Yeah having lashes stuck in my eye sucked, but this is awesome! I'm growing NEW lashes. This is nothing short of a miracle! It has been a little over two weeks. I received the product in the mail on Nov 1st. Now it may be me, because I'm that girl who will shave her legs and have stubble the next AFTERNOON, will pluck her brows and have to pluck em AGAIN in a few days... Maybe my hair grows faster than most...who knows!? But I sure can't wait to see the super long length you ladies are raving about. For now, I'm thrilled at the extra frills being added to my outer corners, where my eyes need the most LIFT. :D

Hi goils! I'm leavin' a review for now, I'm into my second week of using this stuff. I'll let ya know my experience as far as the side effects and everything goes. More updates to come.

*****UNIMPORTANT YET RELEVANT INFO IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START**** My first issue was all the reviews on this page written by accounts with no activity except a single review, registered recently, logged in only once or not at all since leaving the review. Every one of these reviews were a vendor promotion, and I was terrified of ordering from a site that didn't take Paypal, or even worse, had fake, watered down or expired Careprost. It took me the longest time to finally buy the stuff even though I really wanted to because I just didn't know which site would be alright to buy from. One lady here on Makeupalley had it for like $45 PLUS shipping, and while that would have been 100% safe since everyone recommends her site, I knew I could get it cheaper elsewhere. I ended up just biting the bullet on Grow Lovely Lashes. It was like $35 shipped IIRC.

Like I said, I'm only into my second week and I'm already experiencing some side effects. Namely itchy lashline, "scaly" or "bumpy" lashline, reddened eyelids and it might be just me, but yeah, my dark circles do seem a little worse too (surprisingly, none of this bothers me... Armani Master Corrector #2 and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly are working well as always!)

The itching is only mildly annoying and no one notices or cares about the rest. Doesn't affect my makeup application or anything.

The reason some ladies are experiencing itchy lashline and darker dark circles is because of blood vessel stimulation! This stuff circulates blood to the eye like mad. Obviously, hereditary dark circles will be worsened by this! The purple-blue hue you see is your blood vessels or somethin' like that! And do you know what happens when blood circulates in the scalp or anywhere else? HAIR GROWTH! That's why your lashes are comin' in so nice ladies :D

I *think* I see new growth, It seems like I have a few nice hairs coming in riiiiiiight above my lashline. One thing I'm pleased with...my lashes aren't coming out at ALL. I've lost maybe ONE since using this. Usually, two a week will fall out. I use mascara almost every single day, usually layering multiple formulas together, and SOMETIMES with those big bulky Essence lash powder fibers. Brutal! Yet my lashes remain :)

I'm excited and pleased! Nothing big happening, just thought I'd warn y'all about the fake reviews and just giving my first impressions. I only wish this stuff didn't come in a dropper. :(

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rated 4 of 5 on 11/10/2013 9:04:00 AM More reviews by Mojo322

Age: 44-55 Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brown, Other, Other Eyes: Green

I have used Latisse in the past and RapidLash. Did not see much improvement with RapidLash, I did with Latisse,but this is the generic. I would give it five stars if it worked quicker. Took about 4 weeks to see a big difference,saw some difference in the first two weeks. I am rather inpatient and wanted results right away. If you can hang on like I did, you will be very happy. I got two bottles on mylashesforless.com for like 58 bucks and free shipping. Good luck.

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rated 5 of 5 on 11/1/2013 3:19:00 PM More reviews by jpando

Age: Unknown Skin: Combination, Fair, Cool Hair: Brown, Straight, Fine Eyes: Blue

What can I say, but I LOVE this stuff! I am a lash fanatic and this gives me ridiculous lashes - long and dark and thick!!! I save so much time since I don't have to take forever putting on mascara - 1 or 2 quick coats and they are crazy long and thick!!! I saw results at about 4-5 weeks and now 2 months later I am super impressed. No irritation, redness or other side effects. I took the advice here and made my own brush by cutting an old eyelash brush waaaaaaaay down so it was super skinny and rather short. I put 1 drop in the cap and apply to lashes and brows (1 drop is plenty for all). Then cap and brush with baby shampoo and rinse. Super quick and amazing results! I now use every other day and have kept the same results. Try it you will love it!!!!!

P.S. Ok, so I feel obliged to mention that yes, the eyelashes do not grow out looking exactly like false lashes. Some are longer than others, etc. I find no problem and just do a quick curl (bought an ELF curler and love it; never needed one before!) and mascara to even them out. Looks much more natural this way anyway.

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rated 5 of 5 on 10/13/2013 2:44:00 AM More reviews by Sablegisbon

Age: 36-43 Skin: Normal, Medium, Not Sure Hair: Red, Other, Other Eyes: Hazel

I was so happy to find a generic version of Latisse as it is so expensive plus in Canada you have to go through the hassle of going to a doctor and having a prescription written first....pleaasee! The generic brand of the Bimatoprost called Careprost is a much more reasonable price. Hey not cheap, less expensive and this stuff actually works! I am fortunate in that I have quite naturally long lashes, but with hot curling them and waterproof mascara and lash extensions, well, they have suffered, so I thought I would give up the extensions and see what I can grow on my own. I ordered my Careprost from lifetimelashes as well as MyLashes4Less as I am in Canada and delivery from any United States based site takes longer, I wanted to ensure I got them quickly after finally finding it was available so much cheaper then Latisse! I have to say, both products were delivered within a week (thankyou!), to Canada, that is good clearing customs and all! I have been using the product nightly for three weeks now and I am delighted that I can see some new growth (I think it is important not to miss a day for the first 16 weeks as they advise) and they are already getting longer, thicker and darker (also using it on eyebrows as I over plucked and waxed in the past and they are already improving!) yet they say some see results in 4 weeks, well, I am already seeing results, I cannot wait to see how great they will look after the full sixteen weeks! I will continue to update as my "new" lashes grow!

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rated 5 of 5 on 10/7/2013 9:41:00 PM More reviews by Hdodge

Age: 30-35 Skin: Dry, Olive, Not Sure Hair: Black, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

OMG sooo many reviews and options! I've been so hesitant to put anything on my eyes, but I've been blessed with Asian lashes! I'm worried about the redness as a side effect. Has anyone experienced prolonged redness? Anyways I decided on lifetimelashes and literally got it the next day and didn't even get the faster shipping. So excited to have longer lashes!!

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rated 5 of 5 on 10/3/2013 6:34:00 PM More reviews by Jaqui10

Age: 44-55 Skin: Very Oily, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

I hardly ever write reviews because I believe a lot of things are YMMV, especially when it comes to cosmetics and skincare.

This is a product, though, that I believe will work for anyone regardless of your skintype or whatever else.

I ordered a few bottles from growlovelylashes.net about 6 weeks ago...did not want to fool around with an international order, and growlovelylashes accepted Paypal so I felt pretty safe ordering from them. Got the package quick, etc etc

Anyway, thought I would share my results so far as well as few side effects I experienced the first week or so.

Side effects:

*After a few days, my eyes were a little red and kind of dry. This subsided after about a week.
*My eyelids darkened a little. Not a lot, not so much that anyone else would notice but me.

Results (so far):

I think I started noticing the beginnings of growth at the 4-5 week mark. Something was definitely going on. Before after I took my eye makeup off for the day I could not see my eyelashes anymore and now they are just barely visible. Which is great! I cant wait to see what the growth will look like at the 12 week mark! :D

Will keep this updated...

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rated 5 of 5 on 10/1/2013 3:12:00 PM More reviews by RomanXI

Age: 18 & Under Skin: Normal, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Red, Other, Other Eyes: Green

I will continue to re-review and update this as the weeks go by.

Right now I reached 2 weeks today, and I swear my eyelashes are a tiny bit darker and ive seen 2 or 4 new hairs growing along the waterline.

I've not had any red marks where i've put the product, and i put it on the bottom and top water lines.
So far the problem I've had is my under eye circle as getting crazy dark, I used to have very faint blue circles and now I have dark blue circles they are getting so bad I look like i've been punched in my eyes!

If it gets any worse I might have to discontinue :(

Edit: Today is monday and I will have used careprost for 3 weeks tomorrow, and i am already experiencing longer lashes, particularly on my right eye - they just about touch my eyebrow! (I naturally have very short straight lashes) how exciting when i still have 13 weeks to go! im pretty sure i'll be someone with camel lashes if they keep going at this rate!! However the growth seems uneven as my left eye has had a few lashes grow longer but not as many and not as long hmm..
Another observation though I'd read a few people have orbital fat loss, an asian girl with heavy lidded eyes had less puffy lids and i think im noticing my actual eyelid is thinner, which actually doesn't look that nice, i used to have lovely round almond shaped eyes. My eyelashes are getting pretty close to black in colour.

For people fussing over application you have to remember this is not a serum which will only work on the place you've put it, as you know it is a liquid like water, what it does is ABSORB into the skin and into the capillaries, this is why people who only apply it to the top waterlines will experience growth to their bottom lashes, and also eyebrows. Don't fuss about getting it into/between every lash, most likely it will get into your eye and cause redness and irratation. You sweep it above your top waterline and your SKIN absorbs it, not the eyelashes, and with your bottom eyelashes you sweep it below, on the SKIN - for ABSORPTION. It's silly reading reviews of people complaing of irratated eyes because they're applying drops for GLUCOMA in/on the waterlines which obviously will get into your eye and cause irratation.

Don't get complacent with application, yes it looks harmless like water but it is a drug. I personally use 1 drop per eye, which is more than what most people use, but already I am getting results. I apply once every 24 hours in the morning.

4 week update: there is a lot of new eyelashes growing in places they never have before, possible like 7 or 8 for each eye, i dont feel like my eyelashes have gotten any longer not like the really fast sprout they did at first, and my right eye has way longer eyelashes than my left.

5 week update: my undereye circles are definitely very dark, now getting worse. Eyelashes seem to have hit a plateau, but my bottom eyelashes are definitely longer.

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rated 5 of 5 top reviewer on 9/28/2013 7:53:00 PM More reviews by MsPsylocke

Age: 30-35 Skin: Combination, Fair, Cool Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium Eyes: Green

Wow I love this stuff seriously! I'm in my 30's and always had long lashes but as I got older I noticed I would lose a lash a lot easily after mascara removal. Also the volume,length, and fullness were totally lacking as I'm getting older. So I ordered the 2 box special from Lifetime Lashes it came lightening fast. I have been using it everyday for 5 and a half weeks and I can report my lashes which are blonde now look like they have a light coat of mascara on them. It's amazing it wasn't till today when I put on my mascara I was like holy fullness! All my lashes fit in the curler!!! Now I have to curl my lashes because they are long and will get in my eyes. They have filled out completely and in pics I actually have a shadow from my lashes. They still have a long way to go but so far very good.

Here's how I apply:
I ordered a Real Techniques fine liner brush because it saves on product and gives a perfect line of product. I put a half drop on the brush and that's enough to line my lashes generously. I think it's safer to drop it onto the brush without touching the tip to the brush.
I use the leftover on brow spots that are still lacking(thx 90's). The brush picks up every bit of product so you don't waste any. I wash it once a week and it stays nice. No brown spots in my green eyes. Occasional itchy-ness on the lash line but I have allergies so it could be both but nothing enough to stop. I also coat my lashes with the Argan Balm just for good measure because they are so long now. Also it helps moisturize the lashes and keep them shiny and healthy.

I only do this at night in the day I use my usual eye makeup and am thrilled now because I don't lose lashes anymore! They are significantly longer and fuller for real! So far though they are darker,fuller, and longer. No irritation or changes to my iris.:)
Update:8 Weeks
On almost 8 weeks and they are super long and a nice dark colour like a light mascara brushes my lashes. On my left eye on the edge of my eye there is a lot of growth because the lashes their were short now that they are longer they are a tad unruly because there in that middle phase. Plus I have natural curl so they are a pain but once grown out the fullness will be amazing! They are super long where people are noticing so that makes me happy. My lash line is normal colour no redness for me anymore it was only in the beginning.
10 Weeks:
My lashes are very long I barely use lash primer anymore with mascara because I just don't need it. My lash line is full,even, and darker blonde. I used to have pale blonde lashes so I like the change to dirty blonde a lot better! I actually had to trim the middle lash because it was so long it was freakish! I just made it even and even the curl has grown up and isn't in my eye anymore. This stuff is amazing I don't have darkening of the lash line just a little pink after use. In the morning they have no redness. I think at 16 weeks it will be crazy so I'm really happy. I'm not even finished with my 1st bottle!
Update 16 weeks:
This stuff is awesome now it's just keeping up with what this has done. I apply it still at least 4x's a week and my lashes are so long and full but they were getting dry. Problem solved with some Argan Balm I realize you need to moisturize your lashes because this stuff does make them a little dry. Any thick balm like coconut oil,Castor,Olive will do the job well. I'd like to find a lash conditioner with an applicator so if anyone knows please E-mail me. Otherwise I am stoked and could not be happier my boyfriend took pics of my lashes last night and he couldn't believe it. I'm going to put the pic in my profile asap.

I can attest this product works and works well! A little redness and itching when I started but now I have no ill effects to report. My eyes are still green no brown spots and I only get a small pink line at night when I apply. By A.M. it's gone. I have had a very easy time with this product. I have repurchased am only on my second bottle and will use this as long as I can and tell people all the time to try it. I had a friend spending $$$ on Lumigan when this is so much cheaper and just as effective from what I have read.

So if you haven't tried this yet or are still on Brand try the Generic your wallet will thank you and so will your lashes. I've never been happier or more confident with my eyes. Primer is a thing of the past I can just enjoy my love of mascaras:) Wonderful product I luv it and is lash HG. Recommended!

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rated 5 of 5 on 9/23/2013 12:45:00 PM More reviews by tazzzzzy

Age: 44-55 Skin: Combination, Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: Green

I was left with very short eyelashes after using eyelash extensions for about 3 months.
Bought this product and it lives up to its expectations very well! I would buy again!

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rated 4 of 5 on 9/20/2013 2:09:00 PM More reviews by EricaErica79

Age: 30-35 Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure Hair: Other, Other, Other Eyes: Other

Hello ,
I have been wanting to try Latisse but could never bring myself to fork over the money. So I did research online and found the generic version of Latisse ...waaala Careprost ! So Im a total skeptic and have never used any thing like this. I like to keep my investment to a minimum , No love lost if it doesn't work.

Any how, after my many searches I found All Day Chemist had the cheapest prices. Like seriously how can you beat $ 12.71 for this coveted sought after miracle eyelash potion.

There were a few things I didn't like about All day chemist, There were all these negative things on the internet about it being a scam or stealing peoples financial information o_0,

Then the way they accept payment, what is it ?? Some over seas money laundering ? LOL like why cant I just pay via paypal or online like normal business do. So that was frustrating but again after research and listening to different feed back I decided, what the hell I will try it.

There is a flat fee for shipping no matter what you order for $25 dollars. So I got a few girlfriends in on deal and we all spilt the cost of shipping 5 bucks a each. We snagged Retin A and Careprost grand total of $22.25 a person once split.

I called All day chemist and asked whats the deal and will I get my stuff , they were very helpful and assured me that I would receive my product after payment,

I paid over the phone with a pre paid Visa (It felt like I was regressing due to technology, has now made me lazy as I wave my phone and pay for coffee , calling to pay for something seems prehistoric now a days)

I was sent a confirmation email with a tracking number , two weeks later I received my shipment. Every thing was nicely packaged and sealed. I feel like my lashes have already grown and I cant wait to order more.

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