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Package Quality: 4.1

Price: $$

Package Quality: 4.1

Price: $$


zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, magnesium stearate, iron oxides, allantoin, Apple Poly polyphenols, resveratrol, green coffee bean extract, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate


Age: 30-35

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Warm

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Blue

I have recently switched to Lucy Minerals Oil Control Silica after having used Alima for years. The shipping cost became too steep, I felt like I was paying twice as much as I used to a few years back, and it has been working less well than it used to with my skin, too. A friend has been wearing Lucy Minerals for a long time and recommended it very warmly, and with the shipping cost accounted for it's about half the price of Alima, so I looked at the shade she's wearing, tried out a sample of hers and gambled on a pot. Got another full size pot with it, they seem to have frequent special offers.

I have dehydrated skin with a very oily t-zone and frequent breakouts, and silicone primers usually work well for me, so I took a chance on Oil Control Silica. I like it. The finish is nice and natural-looking, not powdery, it keeps me reasonably non-greasy for a fairly long time and never seems to dissolve in a complete oil slick. It holds up well during the day, staying power is good and I hardly see any signs of separating or melting into pores even after 10-12 hours. Coverage is quite a bit better than Alima, and after three or four weeks I see no signs of it aggravating my breakouts; if anything, my skin is better. It emphasises flakes on my dry cheeks, but no more than any other foundation. I find that this works best applied on very well moisturised skin, even slightly oily from a heavy moisturiser. I only wear a primer underneath when I'm going out or being photographed, trying to minimise products and keep my skin as calm as possible.

I am fair with yellow/olive undertones, NC20-ish, Alima Warm 1-2, and right now I get a perfect match mixing Creamy Olive with Pale Olive. I will probably go over to Pale Olive only towards the late winter months when I'm at my palest, and switch to Creamy Olive in the summer, when I get a tiny bit of a tan. The sample I tried is Cream, which is also a good enough match and seems very close in shade to my NC20 Studio Fix powder. Pale Olive is more of an olive-tinged NC15, Creamy Olive is slightly darker than Cream, NC25-ish.

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Blue

With rosacea, acne, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), large pores on my cheeks and dark circles around my eyes, I'd say it's fair to call my face problematic. I have been on the hunt for a foundation that would make me feel not flawless but DECENT for a long time, and I have tried so many in the process...I've been through all of the affordable foundations from Sephora through the drugstores, and then to the mineral foundations...and for one reason or another, they all failed me.

I stumbled onto a comment on the indie makeup section of reddit that suggested that this mineral makeup was actually medium-full coverage, but wasn't cakey. Having tried many other mineral foundations, I was surprised, but intrigued, and after checking it out a few other places, I decided to order sample sizes of all of the palest foundations they had so I could test them out.

Upon receiving them, I was glad I had also ordered the white powder (Snow White - meant to lighten any foundation that is too dark for you) because in their containers they looked surprisingly dark (as they look on the website, which is a bit misleading). But once I swatched them on my cheek, I realized that they looked much lighter on my skin. I'm incredibly pale (Kat Von D Light 42 would be perfect colour match if it wasn't so cool toned) and my skintone is truly neutral. I was surprised that the foundation that matched me best in tone was Fair, which is supposed to be a "cool, pale shade" according to the website. I find it to be almost a pinky neutral on me, and a good match.

As far as how it applies...oh. My. GOD. I love this stuff so much. I use a flat top buffing brush to apply it, and within seconds my rosacea and PIH are nearly GONE. My skin looks even and...dare I say it? I feel so PRETTY. I haven't felt truly pretty in a long time, thanks to my skin, but this foundation can definitely make a girl a little vain. I keep being surprised whenever I pass by a mirror while I'm wearing it...I don't want to hide, I want to SMILE.

This doesn't make me 100% flawless, and I do need two layers on my undereye circles (they are SUPER dark), but I don't even feel the need to use concealer on my acne marks when I'm wearing this wonderful foundation. Even better: I live in a dry environment and have chronically dehydrated skin, but this foundation doesn't dry it out at all. The only way this foundation could be any better is if there were more shades on the darker end of the spectrum...if your skin is very dark, I don't think you'll be able to find a match here. Hopefully in the future they'll make darker shades available.

For me and my Casper like skin, this foundation just might be my HG.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Blue

I've been searching for a good powder foundation to spot-cover my acne scars and current blemishes while the rest of my skin goes make up free. I'm trying this method because I've noticed that the places where I apply make up are the places where I break out. But I'm not at the point where I can go out of the house completely make up free, because my skin still needs to heal.

Anyways, I got two samples of Lucy Light Foundation in Cream and Creamy Bisque. I am neutrally toned, leaning more toward golden than anything else. Creamy Bisque was too dark and too yellow for me (FIRST foundation ever to be too yellow! Woo! It IS possible after all!). Cream was a good match. I'm a Light in Pur Minerals, and a Fairly Light in Bare Minerals, for reference.

Immediately after application, I felt a burning/stinging in my face where the make up was. I knew it was due to the make up, but because it's Lucy Light (made for people with severely sensitive skin) I wanted to leave it on all day just to see what would happen. Nothing really happened at all, actually. No allergic reaction. My skin burned after the second application and third, but less each time. After that, my skin never burned after wearing the make up again. I have no clue what that's all about....

This make up did end up breaking me out, with painful, deep, cystic pimples. I have no idea how or why this happened, because I had so much faith that this wouldn't have aversive effects because the ingredients are so limited and it's made for sensitive skin. I'm really bummed. A very kind MUA user messaged me and told me that my cleanser (St. Ives Apricot Scrub) doesn't take make up off very well, which could cause the left over make up to break me out and clog pores. This actually WAS the case. I began washing my face twice at night and once in the morning; twice at night to get off all the make up. I then dry my face with a white face cloth to make sure there's no make up residue left. This has really been clearing up my skin. She's basically a life saver. So, I can honestly say that make up residue is not the reason Lucy Light caused my break outs.

I used this make up for about a week, noticed my acne flair ups, and then stopped using and switched to Physician's Formula Organic Wear (my Cloth Mother. Psychology enthusiasts will get the joke). I always go back to it; it's my comfort zone. After waiting a week, my skin got better, but not perfect, and I switched back to Lucy. I used Lucy for about a week and a half, and acquired the same types of pimples again. I stopped, and my skin is back to normal. I officially give up.

The coverage is quite good. It's the same as Organic Wear, but a bit better. Organic Wear makes my scars look slightly purply. Lucy just straight up makes them make up colored, no tinting. That's my favorite part about Lucy, actually. Both powders cover under eye circles, freckles, hyper-pigmentation, and minor scarring. I was afraid to apply to much Lucy at first, so I did a bunch of light layers. I didn't get the coverage I wanted. So then I did moderate layers, about two of them, and got good coverage. Experiment and don't be afraid to try different amounts. There was never any cakiness, although this powder does cling to dry skin, so exfoliate and moisturize before application.

I think they have a great color selection. The owner will even custom mix a full size order for you, if you find you are in between sample colors. Don't go by the pics on the website, they're useless. I just knew I was neutrally toned, and on the warm side, and very pale, but not snow white. If you can figure out your tone and your depth on your own, you will be ok. Just go by that.

The lasting power is great. I didn't need to touch up during the day. Nothing melted off my face in the heat. Nothing rubbed off my chalky skin in the cold. It was bliss. Yeah, the weather here has been bonkers this month.

This would be my HG if my skin could handle it.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

As a mineral makeup junkie, I know what good mineral makeup is. And this is it!! If your looking for full coverage mineral foundation look no further. Lucy minerals is the best foundation i've tried. Great color selection, great prices and good ammount of product for what you pay! I have very very acne prone super oily skin and the OCS formula is perfect for me. It doesn't clog my pores at all and doesn't cause any breakouts. Lucy provides $2.50 sample jars for about everything! I really recommend getting samples before purchasing the full size just so you know what formula and shade works for you. I love lucy!

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Normal, Tan, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

This is for the Lucy Light, golden medium and creamy bisque.

What I've noticed about this foundation is that it gives EXCELLENT coverage, and I don't have to spend nearly as much time applying it (I currently use Everyday Minerals' Jojoba Base). Unfortunately, it's also cakier and more evident that I have foundation on. To be fair, it really is quite subtle; I asked some friends, and they said that while it was noticeable, it was only noticeable since they were looking for it. However, I consider this to be a negative as with the EM Jojoba Base, no one could tell I was wearing it, it just looked like I had nice skin. Looking natural is incredibly important to me, so I will not use this as a foundation anymore. However, it does work really well as a concealer and it even does an amazing job covering up redness! I personally wouldn't recommend it as a foundation unless you don't mind it being noticeable, but I will definitely invest in it as a concealer.


Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Brown

first of all i LOVE this product so much!
been using it for 2 months now, AND i bought this just like everybody else, i wanted to change my foundation routine to a more natural and eco friendly to my skin, last 5 months i was suffering from a TERRIBLE hormonal outbreak * adult acne* prolly bcos of my age, but thankfully my skin cleared out now and i m still happily using this!

i was reading this site for more details before i could get my hands on it, and i was convince! ^^ the coverage is VERY good! full coverage, just what i needed! i used a flat topped angled brush from Missha , btw, cause i m a newbie to using brushes, and it really create that flawless look , though, it couldnt hide bumps thats for sure, its suitable for acne prone skin, SENSITIVE SKIN, but not SUPER DRY SKIN!

i do want to note that , the foundation needs to be applied after moisturizer , and primer,
i use the PHB PURE HALAL BEAUTY , *( a vegan uk product ,) which works well , and also GOODAL PHYTORAIN to make the foundation glides like nothing else! it covers my SUPER INFLAMMED red skin, previously and yeah i couldnt imagine if i didnt found this foundation, i mean i ve tried several other mineral brands, they dont do that much, other than making a mess,

i also think that its very important to know what your skintone before purchasing this foundation if you want full coverage, i think that's why some ppl ended medium or sheer coverage, bcos i seriously think its full coverage !

do check my blog i did a review on it :

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Very Dry, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Black

NOTE! If you have dark coloured peach fuzz (Asian with black fuzz here), do shave or thread it off first because this mineral foundation seems to hightlight the fuzz quite strongly. (I didn't notice this happening with Silk Naturals or Bare Minerals). YMMV.

I think this foundation will require you to be very vigilant in exfoliating - it accentuated all my mini-pimples (think allergy 'pimples'? they're smaller than a sewing pin). And be very very very good with moisturizing! After 6 hours of wear, the creamy bisque shade is much less forgiving than an emollient concealor as all the little fine lines are being highlighted ;____; Though this is used without any primer - mineral or liquid silicone type.

- - -

CREAMY OLIVE - too olive, not quite the right tone of yellow for my skin tone

PALE OLIVE - oooh! qute opaque. too light unless i blend but the colour matches my undertones than cream

CREAM - it can act as a brightener. In terms of light/darkness, this shade matches my skin the best but it seems to make my face seen much brighter (paler) than what I want for an everyday natural look. (I

CREAMY BISQUE - Tooooooooo dark, it would match if I tanned during the summer months. However, the yellow-orange tone of it makes it a good under eye concealer.

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Age: 44-55

Skin: Very Oily, Fair, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

I'm a person who reads a lot of reviews,but I don't write a lot. I had to write about Lucy Minerals,though.I've been a foundation junkie,just because I haven't found the one for me.I want high coverage without greasiness to cover skin cancer scars and hyper pigmentation .The high coverage foundations felt heavy and slid off my oily skin. And the breakouts-sheesh.Bareminerals-stinging and too shiny. Everyday minerals-stinging,too shiny,not enough coverage.
Lucy minerals-Holy Grail.Excellent coverage,no heaviness,satin look,not too matte,not too shiny.Did I mention the coverage?
Just buy it.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Cool

Hair: Black, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

This review is solely for the Lucy Light foundation. First what I love about it. The foundation has incredible coverage that lasts all day.

I have extremely sensitive, dry skin, that currently suffers from rosacea and hormonal acne. I even had a bout of eczema one winter. And this foundation does not break me out! However, if I leave it on for 8+ hours and let it mingle with sweat and w/e, it does leave my skin blotchy and red in spots when I finally wash it off. But that's about as good as it gets for me, so I have no complaints there.

What I do dislike about the foundation is its texture. Two gripes. First, if you have any dry patches on your skin, this foundation emphasizes them like no other. It will gather on top and under those dry lines and make you look like your skin is flaking. Secondly, if you do moisturize with natural oils like I do, the foundation will slowly condense with any excess oil you have on your face and make your face look cakey with enlarged pores after a couple of hours.

However, those two reasons alone are not enough to make me move away from Lucy Minerals. If you do moisturize the right amount, and apply the foundation by stippling lightly instead of buffing, you can end up with incredibly beautiful, flawless, matte skin.

But Lucy will never give you that dewy, moist, luminous skin finish that you see in Korean B.B. cream advertisements, which is what I'm looking for. So I'm now on the impossible hunt for a B.B. cream / tinted moisturizer that does not break me out.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Oily, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I recently bought four sample pots of Lucy Minerals two Foundations (Lucy Light and Oil Control) and two blushes in Sedona and Juicy Peach. Overall, I would say they are better than most mineral makeups. Every mineral makeup I've tried, Bare Minerals, Everyday Minerals, and many less expensive store brands. Every other mineral makeup has broken me out. Lucy I the exception to the rue. However, the trade off is that many of the smoothing agents, like Lauryl Lyosine, are absent from Lucy which means the finish just doesn't look good on my skin. I don't have dry skin, maybe combination, and it seems to accentuate every dry patch. It also has the effect of sitting on top of my skin instead of blending in. I've tried applying with a light hand, a heavy hand, super blending, it just doesn't seem to look right. If you're in the market for an all-natural, mineral makeup, and have needs such as sensitive, acne-prone, or rosacea skin I would say go ahead and try it. It shouldn't do any harm, they have good color selection, their blush I LOVEEE, and at worst you've spent a few bucks on a sample and it just doesn't look great.

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