Zotos Age Beautiful Anti-Aging Permanent Hair Color


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Package Quality: 4.5

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Package Quality: 4.5

Price: $$


on 10/2/2013 7:05:00 AM

Age: 56 & Over

Skin: Combination, Fair, Cool

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Coarse

Eyes: Blue

My natural hair color is white (non-pigmented) on the top and sides and gray in the back. The first time I colored my virgin hair I used Age Beautiful PERMANENT (from Sally's Beauty Supply) medium blonde 8N with 30 volume Age Beautiful developer (my pigmented hair pulls red) over all of my hair. This is to fill the hair with the color that is lacking. Neutral has all the colors needed to fill the non-pigmented hair. Also this color is double pigmented so it really covers. UPDATE: Before coloring you virgin hair look at the chart below for the percentage of gray that you have.

UPDATE: Ok, so this comes out too warm for me. I wanted to tone down the gold/yellow. I waited a month or so. So before I colored my hair again I used Neutral Protein Filler (from Sally's Beauty Supply) on the shaft and ends. Before when I put it on my roots (uncolored hair) the color did not seem to stay so just put it on the previously colored hair, NOT the roots. I followed the directions and I put it in a spray bottle to make application easier. I LET MY HAIR AIR DRY.

I then colored my hair with permanent Age Beautiful medium blonde 8N (neutral) mixed with 8V (violet). I used 25 grams of 8N and 3 grams of 8V. Ratio of color to developer is 1 part to 1 part. I mixed it well and put the color mixture in an applicator bottle with 30 volume developer and did my roots and let that process for 45 minutes.

Toward the end of the 45 minutes (about 20 minutes left) I mixed 25 grams of 8V with 3 grams of 8N and added 10 volume developer in a separate applicator bottle and put it on the shaft and ends and let that process about 15 minutes. I used violet over my existing color because I wanted to tone down or neutralize the gold/yellow (check out hair color wheels on the internet). Violet is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel. I washed my hair with hydrating shampoo and put a deep conditioner on for about 25 minutes. I rinsed and let my hair air dry a little bit, then dried it with a blow dryer and round brush.

The protein filler made my color come out even and my hair feels good and is very shiny. The gold has toned down a lot. Looks better. I will update after I wash my hair a few times. The color comes out a bit darker, but will lighten as I wash it, I chose a lighter color to compensate and I am very happy with the hue. Not too light and not too dark. It is a darker medium blonde.

I almost ran out of color during application so I will make a larger batch next time.

I found this on the internet for formulating color.:

If you only have 0 to 25% gray - Use 90% target color (25 grams) and 10% neutral (3 grams)

If you have 25% to 50% gray - Use 75% target color (21 grams) and 25% neutral (7 grams)

If you have 50% to 75% gray- Use 50% target color (14 grams) and 50% neutral (14 grams)

If you have 75% to 100% gray- Use 25% target color (3 grams) and 75% neutral (25 grams)

These are good basic formulas for using as is, for Increasing or decreasing the amount of color mixture needed depending on the thickness and length of hair, or for tweaking the actual color formula to your taste.

So, I used the 75% to 100% color formulation on my roots and the 0 to 25% color formulation on the shaft and ends. I have a digital kitchen scale that makes measuring easy. I hope this is helpful. My target color was 8V cool medium blonde. I have gotten several compliments on my current color. The best one is "it looks natural".

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on 9/28/2013 8:58:00 PM

Age: Unknown

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

This is wonderful color for any age group. In mid-August I had a social function and did not have time to get my hair done professionally (my last professional color was a disaster, and so I was hesitant.) I went to Sallys at the last minute and while looking at a regular hair color brand I have used in the past, I saw a teenaged girl with a gorgeous blonde hair color which is what I have been wanting my color to be ..... I saw her purchasing Age Beautiful and asked her questions and she gave me such a glowing review, that I figured why not? I have to say that I have used many different brands of hair color from drugstore brands to professional brands and Age Beautiful is my favorite ...... the color is natural looking, does not turn brassy and lasts 4 to 5 weeks, which is great considering that I have dark roots. I choose a blonde shade that is cool-toned and am surprised that I do not have to add color drops to keep it from turning brassy ..... the blonde shade is a true cool-toned and looks absolutely natural. Today I did a retouch and am once again very pleased with my results. I highly recommend Age Beautiful.

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on 8/23/2013 7:13:00 PM

Age: 56 & Over

Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

My hair is almost all white now and I used Age Beautiful 8G with generic 10 volume peroxide from Sally's. The color does come out dark blond but when I went into the sun it developed the most beautiful highlights. It's as if the color provided the lowlights so I could have beautiful blond streaks. I have been coloring my hair since 1993 and have never had permanent color leave my hair in such great condition. I went out and bought more--going to experiment with 9G and 9N. I used 10 volume for the first time because I realized I didn't need to lift the color two steps. Age Beautiful provided wonderful grey coverage (my hair is somewhat resistant) and it thickened my fine hair. Highly recommended.

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on 6/16/2013 11:25:00 PM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

I have long, thick hair. I bought this product thinking that it would cover my white hair. I really had high hopes for this product. Mind you, it's not cheap! However, I bought a lot because I need more than 1 to cover my thick hair.

The bottle is small so 1 is good only if you have a really short hair cut. Age Beautiful did not do its job. It did not live up to its claim. I still have a lot of white hair, especially on top in front of my head. Why does this product claim to have 100% grey coverage when it OBVIOUSLY is not true?!

Age Beautiful is a scam. I wasted my time and money on something that I had extremely high hopes for. No exaggeration at all. I just finished coloring my hair a few minutes ago and I am very disappointed. I want everyone to know that this product does not cover gray/white hair. Please don't buy. You will thank me.

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Tan, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I tried this colour for the first time a couple months ago in 3RV colour Darkest Plum Brown and I really did love the colour. Exactly what I had wanted! I have thick wavy hair and I found this colour did my hair a have a bit of a residue on it because it is supposed to help thicken for ager people with finer hair! So I had to make sure I deep conditioned after to remove some of that residue and restore moisture.. Impressed with the colour overall

on 5/19/2013 11:14:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Red, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

Minimal fading (The first time I tried to fade using baking soda and clarifying shampoo. It didn't budge)
Very affordable (They had a sale last month 2 for 1....ended up being less than $6 for 2 tubes of color!)
Gentle on hair (My hair didn't feel like straw afterward using 20 developer. 2nd time I made 25 developer and it felt a tad bit rough when I rinsed but nothing like it has felt in the past using Nice and Easy)
Low odor
Covers grey (I probably have 40% grey)

Finding the right shade (get someone to help you if possible. I didn't ask for help and went way too dark the first time. 2nd time was perfect though and worth the experimentation to find the right color b/c this is definitely the right product for me)

Best applied with a brush and bowl not a bottle (this is a preference thing, I'm sure most pros prefer the brush)

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on 5/15/2013 2:37:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Olive, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I made the transition from drugstore hair-dye to salon quality and popped into my local Sallys beauty supply store. I always keep my hair jet-black, so picked up the darkest shade in this collection in permanent. I'm only 29, but have alot of grays around my temples, mainly towards the front area surrounding my face. This stuff is AWESOME! The color is RICH! And it really does LAST! I have dyed my hair twice already with this and have only noticed new growth, no fading, no changing color, no blue/purple or reddish tinges. I have tried the Ion collection and the Argan collection--both in jet/darkest blacks, but they are NOTHING compared to this!

on 3/25/2013 12:29:00 PM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

I have over 50% grey hair and in my center part it is 100% grey. I have been using this product for two years and it does a fantastic job on the greys with no fading. Getting the right color is another matter entirely. I am a medium-dark blonde - because of the 100% white I have to lean towards the darker blonde to achieve that medium effect in my part area. This color throws red in a big way even if you use the ash which I also use. I use 1/2 medium ash blonde, 1/2 medium blonde, I/2 dark ash blonde and 1/2 dark blonde = 2 parts and 2 parts 20 vol developer.

Here is my recent experience. Over the last numbers of year, my hair has becomes finer and I am also losing more hair. With stress and hormones going nuts, I have been experiencing even more hair loss recently. Yesterday I colored my hair (I always add about 1/2 teaspoon of Phyto Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment to the color). As I shampooed my hair in the shower, it started falling out to the point I began to panic. I don't want to insinuate that the hair color is the cause for this, but until my tests come back from my dermatologist, I also can not rule it out. The other issue I have had is increasingly dry hair. I do not use any products except oil and gentle hair shampoos, etc. so that is not contributing to the problem. I only use a hair dryer set on medium setting.

The main point of this review is to tell you that this is the best I have found to cover grey hair. Will I continue to use this? Given my current situation - I just don't know for now. I will post again with an update.

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on 1/23/2013 10:40:00 AM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Green

OMG!!! LOOOOVE IT! I had strawberry blonde hair when younger-hated it then, but would spend a small fortuen to get it back. I went to Sally's and they had d/c an old color I used to use, so I got 9RC-I was worred because the swatches looked a little weird, with even a little green on strands.

I used 9RC Light Strawberry Blonde with their 20 Developer. Put it on roots for 30-35 minutes, then added water to color and massaged it into the rest of my past-shoulder hair, massaging the watery color through roots to end and leaving for another 10 minutes. The color I had on (except gray roots) was faded Red Penny, which had been used over faded Light Redish Brown (both from other brands).

The color is natrual looking and beautiful-not too brassy/coppery/red-just a nice neutral (not too warm or cool) strawberry blonde.

My hair is in wonderful condition. I used a pre-color treatment that you put on and then color over to distribute color evenly. And I used a conditioner that came in another DS coloring kit.

I LOVE the color!!! Red Penny was a little too red, especially at roots when retouching. Light and medium reddish brown was too warm-something not quite right. Other brands of Strawberry Blonde scared me with the bright cover photo (and I remember once ending up with pinkish hair with one brand), and Auburn came out purplish.

This color is perfect.

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on 1/14/2013 4:14:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Black, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Green

I picked this up in 1N (Jet Black) on the recommendation of my stylist. I've used this a few times now and have been quite impressed. I don't have grey but my natural colour is dark/dirty blonde and I dye it jet black, and it covers very well and holds up without fading until my next 4 week touch-up. It's a true, jet, jet black with no brown, red or blue undertones. I also find it spreads through the hair easier than drugstore box dyes I've used previously, so I don't miss any spots. It leaves my hair super, super shiney and silky right from the beginning as well (of course after conditioning when I rinse the colour out), whereas my hair's normally a bit stiff until the first shampooing after using a box dye. They're also very generous in the amount they give you compared to box dyes. My hair is shoulder length and with the 2 oz of cream colour and 2 oz of volume, I probably only end up using 1/2 to 2/3 of the mixture (I use all of it with a box colour). I can't vouch for the other colours as I haven't tried them, but if you're looking for a good jet black permanent dye, I'd highly recommend this one!

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