Natura Bisse GlycoLine Glyco Extreme Peel


24 reviews

70% would repurchase

Package Quality: 4.4

Price: $$$$

Package Quality: 4.4

Price: $$$$


Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Tan, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

This is a dual review for the NB Glyco Extreme Peel and the NB Oxygen Complex Cream.

These two products have been life changing for me! i know that sounds drastic, but the reality is, my results were drastic. I don't even remember how i randomly came across the reviews in pville, but i'm sure glad i did. i was overwhelmed by the amount of good reviews on these two and i was extremely curious, though i was a bit turned off by the price. so, i did what i always do when something seems a bit steep and i'm not sure it will give me the results that it claims to -- i went to Ebay! on ebay i found numerous listings for both of these in lots of sample packs. i ordered enough of the O2 complex. cream and the Glyco Extreme Peel to last me for 6 weeks, which i felt was an adequate amount of time to decide how i felt about the product. Around the same time i also started using the OCM (i swear by that as well), and i think the combo of the cleansing, treatment and peel is definintely to thank for my results.

When i ordered these I was having terrible terrible hormonal breakouts on the daily....deep cystic hormonal zits that would hurt like hell, refuse to go away, and refuse to be hidden or camoflauged no matter what i tried. i had great skin all my life so this was a real shot to my ego and self esteem so after a few months of dealing with this, i was really distraught. the OCM, NB O2 Complex, and NB Glyco Extreme Peel changed this completely and then some!

Almost immediately (easily within the first week), the hormonal acne stopped...completely stopped. The next thing i noticed was how great my skin looked -- the tone, the radience, vibrancy, firmness -- all of it improved beyond my wildest dreams. Shortly thereafter i noticed that my old acne scars were fading and disappearing as well!! These products were a God sent!! Prior to using this combo of products, i would read other reviews on products where people would swear a serum or treatment or mask was HG, that it changed their life, that b/c of this product they didn't even have to wear foundation anymore....and when i read these reviews, i thought "bull sh*t" because even imaging my skin on its best day still required foundation. not anymore. i'm one of those people now that i thought were full of sh*t. i have never in my life (not even as a teenager) seen my skin as beautiful as it is now. i still get the occasional small zit here and there but they go away a lot quicker, scar far less often and hurt a whole lot less than before.

I will never be without these products again. Ever. Period. I strongly urge anyone who is looking for some products to transform their skin to look into these!!! Do as i did, and test it out w/ some samples on ebay and decide from there. Soooo worth it!!

For reference, i use the O2 Complex Cream in the am and pm, directly following the OCM. i take a very small amount (you really do not need a lot -- i can make a single sample packet last through 4-6 uses) and massage it into my skin until i can feel it being absorbed and sink in. This isn't greasy or anything like that. it's lightly moisturizing but i still use another moisturizer w/ spf. the Glyco Extreme Peel i use exactly as directed...2x a week (for the 1st 6 weeks)..i'm on week 5 now i believe and after i finish up my 6 weeks i will reduce it to 1x a week for upkeep. i simply rub a small amount around my face, concentrating on my big problem areas (again, you only need a little bit - i can make sample pack of this last 2-3 uses as well). on occasion, when i have an open zit (yes, from picking) it will burn for a split second but then it immediately goes away -- it doesn't burn at all like other products i've used. then i rinse it off with a warm washcloth and follow w/ the O2 Complex Cream. Very simple...not time consuming...and as i've said, the results are beyond amazing. i love this stuff!!! <3

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on 10/29/2008 7:43:00 AM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Black

I am not fond of any kind of peeling but after reading about this product on beautysnob i have got to try it. Believe me this product work wonders! It made my skin glow and there is NO sting or irritation on my skin ( i have sensitive skin) . My skin looks like it glowed from within. Definitely worth the price! I have recommended this to my cousins and they too had wonderful comments about the glyco extreme peel.

Be sure to read the brochure inside as this can only be used for a certain no of times and then you have to stop for 6 months or so before using the product again.

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on 4/11/2008 11:26:00 AM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I feel just as strongly about peels as the previous reviewer. They are amazing and this is by far the best on the market. Extremely effective yet does not cause me to have an allergic reaction like some others I have tried. MD skincare, Estee Lauder, Elemis, and other scrubs that exfoiliate. When you first apply, it does sting a little, but that goes right away. I used it twice a week for six weeks and my face does look much better. Firmer, clearer and my skin stopped breaking out like it was. I am now using it once a week to maintain the results. I am hooked. I will begin to use again twice a week if and when I need. This line is effective and gentle. I try to buy from Niemans when they have a gift of course.

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on 3/24/2008 3:40:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Brown

This review is for Natura Bisse's GlycoLine Glyco Extreme Peel ($225 for 1 oz). This is the best peel I have found and yes, the hype is validated. Extreme Peel has 60% glycolic acid and firms more than the NB Glyco Peel Plus 50%. This peel requires 15 minutes (like the other NB Peels) and I rinse off with water (I don't use the NB sponges). You are supposed to use this peel 2x a week for 6 wks, take a break, then repeat again 2-3x a year. My skin is already used to acids so my improvements aren't as dramatic as the other reviews (for Glyco Peel Plus 50%) but my skin looks pretty amazing (clear, even-toned, SOFT, acne scars/bumps faded) since using this and my friends have noticed immediately saying that they've never seen my skin look so good (without me saying a word to them :-). People new to acid peels should do a patch test first but NB Peels are famous for being gentle for the effectiveness. I once left this peel on for 40 minutes (by accident). Result: the next day my face looked great but was a little flakey and for the next 5 days, I had to slather on gentle, calming moisturizers (but the skin still looked great!). The La Prarie facialist at Bergdorf's told me I was too young to consider their eye creams (I'm 42 so this IS working). The SA recommended to use the N Bisse Oxygen Complex (serum in a pump, $132 per oz) following the peel, since oxygen helps continue the pores cleaning out. It seems ok but I prefer the Oxygen Cream ($77 for 2.5 oz) as my skin feels a little softer, radiant with the oxygen benefits. I (and friends who blurt out compliments to me) have noticed the effects of the Extreme Peel enhanced much more so by using the Oxygen Cream after the Peel (every skin is different so please ask for samples first and do a test patch if your skin is sensitive to oxygen creams).

I used to get glycolic peels at the Dr.'s every 2 weeks (starting 3 years ago) but it was getting too pricey so I go once a month or 2 months. My skin tolerates and reacts to acids well. I use MD Forte III Glycolic Cleanser and the MD Forte III Rejuvenation Serum w/ Retinol and AHA acids every night (for maintenance) but I still need a strong at home peel (1-2x a wk) to really see the difference. Before this peel, I liked Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acid Peel ($21 for 1.7oz). I did the 1/2 face test w/ NB on one side and Neutrogena on the other. Conclusion? The NB side was smoother w/ less bumps and more clarity but the Neutrogena side was still impressive enough (skin was soft, velvet-y,skin tone evened out) for me to recommend for people who cannot stomach $225 for 1 oz (understandable).

I'm 42 and people guess I'm 28 - 32 and I credit the peels, acid products (and genetics) for this. My skin products HAVE to be effective as all my life, I refuse to wear skin make-up (foundation). I see my former roommate (from when I was 27) every year and she's very observant/candid and she told me my skin looks better now at 42 than when I was 27. Why? She said my skin is more even toned and flawless (smaller pores) now. I can thank the acids as Acid (glycolic, aha's, etc.) evens out your skin tone, gets rid of dead skin cells, reveals newer baby skin, helps firm, etc. and then it's important to moisturize after, etc.

I have tried Peel Pads from: MD Skincare ($75), Philosophy ($35), and Peter Thomas Roth ($36) I returned them all as I found these ineffective. People say my skin is like porcelain but it has good and bad days like everyone else. I have combination skin (dry in winter, slightly oily in summer however prone to plugged pores and occasional breakouts). I use: DHC, Natura Bisse, Jurlique, MD Forte, Clarins.

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