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Package Quality: 3.9

Price: $


5% to 6% (approximately 0.3 M) citric acid, Vitamin C, pH 2 to 3

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

This product can be used for mulitple uses on my body it's a great way to lighten your hair in the sun, decent toner when mixed with water & good skin lightner. It also tightens like how i use with my honey. I try to use nothing but natural cleasners on my face cuz i put so many chemicals on my face when using makeup. but overall i recomend this when you have a breakout or if you want to cleasne your face i just put pure lemon juice on than an hr or so later rinse off with just water.

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on 6/14/2011 11:22:00 AM

Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I can't say I've tried using lemon juice on my face as of yet, but last year I tried using it on these stretch marks I'd had on my chest.
They'd been there for about a year, very pinky-red and hadn't faded at all, and they were destroying my self esteem. I'd used bio oil and different stretch mark creams and nothing had really worked on them.

So, I cut a slice of lemon and rubbed it on the skin, leaving it to dry on its own, and afterwards I massaged in some Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion.

I did this every few days and started noticing a difference really quickly, within the first three or four times I'd say.

I would've done this treatment less than twenty times in total over about two and a half months before my stretch marks were so faint that I didn't think I needed it anymore.

Now I can't see them at all, its great!
I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot, especially given how cheap it is, and hopefully you'll get a good result :)

I think that you'd still get a very similar result from lemon and a different body moisturiser. Or using the lemon and a stretch mark cream on top.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

I've tried almost EVERYTHING for my few freckles and dull pale skin, until I tried lemon, I added a few drops of lemon to my cotton ball and started to apply onto my face, it burned me like CRAZY! just 15 seconds took my skin to get so ichy, irritated and RED!, i rinsed it off really fat, and went to sleep... When I woke up my skin was really tight and dullness was almost gone! I was so surprised, the only thing was that my face burnt horribly, so that day tried diluted lemon, and just the same happened, just that the next morning my face had a huge reaction, I went to my dermatologist, and he told me that really sensitive skin is NOT ALLOWED having contact with lemon, or you'll get burnt skin. He told me to use sugar and lemon as a exfoliator and it wont burn me, i tried it and Ohh my god! got rid off my freckles, got perfect glowy skin, and not irritation!

Thanks lemon!

Don't try it by it self if you have REALLY SENSITIVE SKIN

took one lippie, because the first result

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on 5/7/2011 10:22:00 AM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I don't use this all the time - because I am lucky to have even toned skin on my face, but it is a nice toner that I use from time to time. Personally, I can rub a chunk of lemon straight on my face and it does not sting very much at all.

However, I really appreciate lemon juice for lightening some of the darker spots over my body than can appear, such as in the groin due to chaffing or discoloration caused by insect bites.

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on 4/28/2011 9:25:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Everybody stop because this is an HG product right here!! Normally I have average skin, but I take a medication which causes chronic acne. I have tried everything: Clyndimycin, Paula's Choice, Accutane, BCP, etc. Acne.org's line was the best for me. Something in me changed after losing my home in a fire and I decided to go all natural- from household cleaners (vinegar and Florida Water) to skin care. I was reading the posts on lemon and I must say that it works WONDERS. It took about two weeks for it to take effect but my heavy cystic acne and the whiteheads that surrounded my mouth are GONE. I use a lemon juice toner with concentrated lemon juice, tea tree oil, and concentrated green tea. That is a nice mist before bed. Sometimes I cut a lemon in half and rub it on my face for five minutes, let it dry, then add honey on top. In conjunction with the OCM my skin and moisturising with Jojoba or Shea butter-I am going to say this... my skin ...is perfect, a month and a half later. No blemishes. My scars have practically faded. My (straight) (guy) friend said I had absolutely no need for makeup anymore. HG!!!!!!!!!! This is it! (Just be sure to wear sunblock)

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on 4/24/2011 8:20:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Brown

I never thought about putting lemon juice on my face...ever. But because I have used ACV in the past, I decided to try this.

I have to tell you that my face looked AMAZING for about a month. I used lemon juice from the bottle, safeway brand. I had this on hand at the time because my boyfriend uses it for making cocktails. I diluted it at first, 1 capful of water with 1 capful lemon juice and the results were pure bliss. Acne scars faded, no new breakouts, and my skin was GLOWING.

Enter the lemon. I decided to use real lemon juice this time, I ran out of the bottled lemon juice and decided to juice a lemon and dilute it with water. I don't know if the real lemon juice was too strong for my skin or what but I didn't get the same results as I did with the bottled lemon juice. My skin got drier and suprisingly really flaky. I decided to stop the whole lemon juice thing, but I am giving this a 4 because of my month of beautiful happy skin. Maybe I will try again in the future.

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on 4/23/2011 11:49:00 AM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Dry, Dark, Warm

Hair: Black, Kinky, Coarse

Eyes: Black

I ditto the review above. I dab some onto a spot when I get them and it dries it up in hours. If you keep applying it it will cause your skin to peel and new fresh skin will appear underneath. It's great as an all natural face peel.
The first time you apply it may sting a bit but it works better than all those drug store pimple creams and lotions put together AND it's all natural. I use either pure lemon or lime juice (I prefer the smell of lime) in the little plastic bottles you can get at any supermarket and have chosen this over Apple Cider Vinegar as an ointment/drink with water as ACV stinks. I also prefer it over the stink of tea tree oil as lime/lemon juice works the same on skin.
I have beautiful brown skin and have no intention of using anything to lighten my shade and gratefully this doesn't do that.

The first time I tried it I rubbed it all over my face and neck for 2 days to see what it would do. On day 2 my skin started peeling. I was peeling long strips off my face and lips like a sunburned lizard. You could see the peeling skin through my make up which wouldn't apply properly and it took about another 3 days before my skin returned to normal but once it did it was clearer as it peeled off a lot of the scarred skin from spots.
I wouldn't advice this for dry skin though as it will really dry you out. For greasy skin it works to mattify the skin great.

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on 3/23/2011 3:17:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Black

I recently got back from a sun vacation and was a lot browner than I wanted to be (especially on my nose, sigh), so I mixed up some lemon juice and turmeric and applied it as a mask for half an hour, then rinsed it off. I didn't see an immediate lightening, but the next morning when I got up I did a double take in the mirror. Never spend money on skin lightening products! You can achieve the same or better results with kitchen ingredients ... The reason I give this 4 our of 5 is that lemon juice does irritate the skin when overused, so you can't just slap it on with abandon. Otherwise, it is great.

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on 3/9/2011 11:14:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Very Oily, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

When I read the reviews on here I thought no way lemon juice could be the cure all for my face....after 2 weeks of using it I think it is. I have very oily skin...after washing it my face is really dry and tight and within an hour its so shiny and oily. Ive also had what I call resident blackheads in my nose and chin that I could never get out....EVER! I recently bought the pores no more cleanser, vaccuum cleaner, and moisturizer which all work very well. I added the lemon juice in at night too, and now my 'resident' blackheads are almost entirely GONE....my skin is not oily as all! No excess oil! My skin is softer and cleaner looking and less oily! I think I have found the cure-all for my facial problems!! Thank God for lemons!!

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on 3/9/2011 10:55:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Other, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

I've used lemon juice on my face before but not as consistantly as I have recently, and in only 3 days of using it every morning and night, I can't believe how my skin looks. I started using it because I had a large pimple on my cheek that wouldn't go away. It took this away, took away a ton of redness in my cheeks that I thought I just had to live with, made my blackheads almost nonexistent, and cleared up some bumps I had on my jawline/cheek (not pimples just rough skin). I literally can't believe it. At night I squeeze some juice into a bowl, and rub it all over my face, leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse off. Then I put a small amount of coconut oil on my face as my moisturizer. In the morning I do the same routine, but after I wash off I use Nivea's "soft" moisturizer (white tub) on my face before makeup. Yes, I've had a few whiteheads come up, but I know that's just a small purging. I am so amazed, and with these results I'll continue to my routine until it no longer works!

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