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Treatments - Jason Natural Cosmetics - Tea Tree Oil

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rated 5 of 5 on 9/8/2011 8:53:00 AM More reviews by tightkitty

Age: 25-29 Skin: Acne-prone, Tan, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Coarse Eyes: Grey

This essential oil has many different uses as an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and as an antiseptic. Although most people will associate tea tree oil with its medicinal properties, but did you know that it is also believed to have beneficial beauty properties as well?

Tea tree oil is no stranger to traditional medicine and has been used for years to treat various viruses, fungi, and bacteria, something that most ingredients and chemicals are not able to do alone. Tea tree oil is used to treat minor skin infections, cuts, bruises, acne, and eczema.

As wonderful as it is for the skin, this essential oil isnít just limited to skin irritations, it is also used as a healing facial cleanser and face mask. Tea tree oil has also been found to be successful at treating dry scalp and dandruff, and is used in many shampoos and conditioners. For dry or damaged hair, add a few drops of pure oil to your scalp comb through put a cap on so your pores can open up then use your regular shampoo and your dry scalp/dandruff will be banished. It also unclogs hair follicles thus helping my hair grow. The tingling effect also stimulates blood flow and helps with hair growth as well.

With its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, it's no wonder that it is used for the treatment of dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis.

fungal nail infections
yeast infections
athlete's foot
insect bites
minor cuts


Although some studies show that tea tree oil is slightly less effective than benzoyl peroxide for curing mild to moderate acne, it generally has fewer side effects. Some of these side effects include: stinging, burning, itching, and dryness.

When using tea tree oil as a home remedy for acne you will need to dilute it in pure aloe vera gel at a ratio of 2-3 drops of tea tree oil per one ounce of aloe vera.

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rated 4 of 5 on 8/24/2011 5:24:00 PM More reviews by iceymeng

Age: 25-29 Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brown, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

My skin has been cleared by using this product. iherb.com has the best price. Use code XIG796 to get $5 off. It has a tingling feeling when you apply it. I like the result but don't like the smell. I don't use it in the morning because the smell is too strong. But I use it every night. My bf hated the smell also. So I don't use it when he is around. It definitely is working. Be careful don't get it into your eyes. It hurts.

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rated 5 of 5 on 4/22/2011 4:15:00 PM More reviews by bemyanchor

Age: 25-29 Skin: Very Dry, Fair, Cool Hair: Blond, Curly, Fine Eyes: Black

For some reason, my skin has been freaking out of the past few months, and no other products have worked to clear up the acne on my chin. BP and salicylic acid just turn my skin bright red and cause peeling, so I decided to try tea tree oil and I'm so glad I did!

You really do have to be patient for this and *do not pick at your skin*! I dab it on with a q-tip once or twice a day, undiluted, and my zits shrink little by little until they disappear altogether about 7-10 days later. The best part is that my skin doesn't peel or dry out, so it's much easier to apply concealer and foundation to cover my blemishes in the meantime.

The smell sucks, there's no denying that. I've just gotten used to it by now.

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rated 4 of 5 top reviewer on 3/28/2011 2:43:00 AM More reviews by strawbit

Age: 19-24 Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Warm Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine Eyes: Brown

I use this for pimples and found it works effectively. It really minimizes the pimple size and kills it inside also. Sometimes pimple potions only target the surface but I could still feel the bud beneath the skin. Jason Tea Tree Oil takes its time, and I really mean it takes its time to address the pimple (estimate 2~3 weeks of application every night), but it is effective and does not leave glaring red post-pimple marks. For patient people, a recommended buy.

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rated 5 of 5 on 11/27/2010 8:11:00 PM More reviews by greenfaerie38

Age: 19-24 Skin: Oily, Fair, Warm Hair: Blond, Straight, Fine Eyes: Blue

I love tea tree oil, and Jason's version is the best I've tried. It's the purest concentration of tea tree oil I've found, and it works better than any other I've tried. The little bottle might seem expensive, but it lasts several months if you just use it as a spot treatment like I do. It clears up any spots I get quickly and without any scarring. I suggest only using it at night because, since it's pure oil, it is obviously quite oily and wouldn't work very well under makeup.

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rated 5 of 5 on 11/12/2010 12:44:00 AM More reviews by MsEmilyPark

Age: 25-29 Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Warm Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

This is a great, natural product to use on acne. I usually just let a few drops soak on the end of a Q-tip and place it on needed areas. It's also nice to use on scalp breakouts.

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rated 5 of 5 on 8/12/2010 11:14:00 AM More reviews by intheflatfield

Age: 30-35 Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine Eyes: Brown

This stuff has been a miracle in a little bottle for me. I've had problem skin ever since I was young (no major acne, but almost always a few spots here and there due to pores that clog VERY easily), so I've been through a ridiculous amount of washes, toners, and OTC spot treatments over the years that were aimed at helping troubled skin. Nothing I had tried worked well enough to leave me wide-eyed and impressed enough to be rave ready of the product. That is untiI I tried this. I apply the oil (undiluted) directly onto my fingertip and then rub it on any area that may be giving me problems. It doesn't irritate my skin (unless I go overboard and apply way too much...), it absorbs quickly, and the results are quick as well. I apply it at night and by morning any full blown zit that I may have seems a good 50% smaller. Repeat the process and by day 3-4 it's pretty much gone if not gone entirely. For super stubborn pimples I'll also apply a bit in the morning, and the oil doesn't interfere with concealer application in the slightest. Truly great stuff, and all natural at that!

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rated 5 of 5 top reviewer on 6/1/2010 4:01:00 PM More reviews by miserlymom

Age: 19-24 Skin: Oily, Fair, Warm Hair: Brunette, Curly, Fine Eyes: Blue

I honestly believe this product has been what has helped calm my skin and get rid of breakouts. I have been using this for a couple of months now and recently noticed that my face had infact looked so much more clear than it has in a very very long time. I hadn't changed anything up except adding this in. I use this in 3 different ways. First, I use it in my face wash. I don't add it in every single time, but try to remember to add it into 1 of my 2 daily face washings. I add about 3-4 drops. Then, I also use this as a toner. I wet a cotton ball with cold water and then squeeze out most of the water, just leave it damp. I add about 2 drops and apply all over my face. Again, this form of toner isn't used each time, but probably once every 2 days. (the other times, I have a different toner I also like to use). Finally, I use tea tree oil as a spot treatment. I take a Q-tip and drop it on just until the swab is saturated with the oil...not diluted with water or anything...and apply it directly to any blemishes or areas that feel as though a blemish is working on coming through. I kind of massage the oil into that area for a moment just to be certain it is being absorbed in to the trouble area. I have had no problems with additional breakouts or over drying of the skin. Because this is a natural product, I feel good about using it and don't at all feel it is over-kill in the ways I am applying it. Plus, it is an antiseptic so it is REALLY killing the bacteria that causes breakouts--great product, love it... don't love the smell, but I can over look that considering all the wonderful things it is doing for the condition of my skin. (my husband HATES the smell, but he can get over it..lol) Let me also add, this is an oil, but it does NOT leave the skin oily. It absorbs right in and you don't even notice you applied an oil to the skin after a few minutes.

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rated 5 of 5 on 10/2/2009 12:37:00 PM More reviews by klaiyr

Age: 30-35 Skin: Oily, Fair-Medium, Warm Hair: Black, Wavy, Medium Eyes: Black

I hardly ever do any reviews - I am more of a reader than a reviewer - but I just had to do one for Jason's Natural Tea Tree Oil Gel (the one with the koala bear on the packaging). It is awesome! It is very calming and moisturizing! I also slather it on after a shower on my arms, chest, and stomach. Whenever I start peeling from too much retin-a, I just slap on some tea tree gel and it immediately calms my skin down. Sometimes it doesn't do away with all the peelies, but I have coconut oil for that. I really like how it dries immediately too.

I put it on after I wash my face and tone, morning and night, and I love it. I don't mind the natural smell either. I picked mine up for $4.45 at the local health food store and I am so glad I did! Repurchase? Hell yeah.

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rated 5 of 5 top reviewer on 9/21/2009 2:38:00 PM More reviews by YellowroseofTexas

Age: 44-55 Skin: Oily, Dark, Warm Hair: Black, Relaxed, Coarse Eyes: Brown

I have battled acne for at least 25 years and always on the hunt for a miracle cure. Recently it seems I always had a zit along my jaw line even when it wasn't time for my period. In the past I would cover with QHMJ and they would eventually go down but not away.

I saw reviews on the skin care board for Tea Tree OIl and thought I would give it a try. Well, it has done wonders for my skin. I had two pimples along my jaw line and another on my forehead that would not go away. After washing my face I put the oil directly on the pimples. I did this morning and night and within two days my face was CLEAR.

Yes, it stinks. It smells like medicine and pine forest (I think that's what another reviewer said) but this stuff works. I can get past the smell because I have clear skin. This is a stample in my house, My 13 year old daughter has dry sensitive skin (total opposite from mom) and it works for her. continued >>

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