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Package Quality: 3.6

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grapeseed oil!

on 11/15/2014 6:12:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I've used grape seed oil for different purposes so thought I'd give a review on all: In short, it's amazing for cooking, great for the body, really individual whether it works as a face treatment.

I used grape seed oil as a body moisturiser all summer last year, massaging it in straight after showering and it is amazing. Locks in moisture but doesn't feel too thick, and even seems to improve skin tone (although that could just be the amazing glow it gives your legs).
It does leave an oily surface however and while that's great for bare leg days (great healthy sheen stays all day), the oil leaves a smell on clothing over time, and that's the only reason I've given it up. It doesn't matter how many times I have washed the loungewear and tops and leggings I wore when using grape seed oil but the faint smell is there. It seems even clothes that are kept in the same drawer have caught the smell - it's not gross, but it's the smell of oil...

As a face cleanser, it's a bit too light for my dry flakey skin - didn't feel make up came off as well as with, say, hempseed oil which is thicker.

As a moisturiser it's great under make-up as it goes on smooth and silky rather than thick and fatty. But here's the thing, grape seed is apparently great for oily skins, but just too drying for dry skin.
In the summer it was nice to use but didn't give me much moisture - it seemed to have lost any hydration halfway through the day.
In the colder months, it actually created dry patches where I normally have just a bit of surface flaking.
Hasn't broken me out (important) but I also haven't used for prolonged periods of time. No difference to clogged pores.

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on 11/11/2014 8:25:00 AM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I suffer from dry sundamaged skin .This oil dried me out and left my hair oily. I sticking to caudalie oil

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Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Olive, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

Pure cold-pressed grapeseed oil is the only oil that seems to re-balance my oily roots and help give me extra volume which I'm sadly lacking. I use other oils for hair growth, conditioning or sealing my ends, but I can work grapeseed oil right into my roots and leave it on for 30 mins before washing and it makes a difference to my finished style. Along with Batiste Dry Shampoo it's also helping me extend the time between washes - I was an every-day hair washer until fairly recently. It's very light and I normally pair it up with sweet almond oil on the rest of my fine, coloured, slightly dehydrated hair.

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on 10/5/2014 1:40:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Oily, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Red, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

I've been using Now Foods brand grapeseed oil for about 2 months now. I use it all over my face (even eyelids) and anywhere else that needs mosturizing. I love it! I have oily, acne prone skin but this oil does not break me out and does not make me oilier... In fact, I think my face is LESS oily. I have not had any major pimples since I started using this (I had a few cysts before I started)... Just the usual little zits I get here and there during the month (hormonal, I think). My purplish/red acne scars are very slowly but surely fading away. Skin looks and feels really nice. I like the light sheen it gives. I also don't have the red and irritated outer corners of my eyes anymore. It has definitely exceeded my expectations and I won't ever go back to using lotions!

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on 9/22/2014 4:55:00 PM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Dry, Medium, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

Great oil for cooking (have been using it for years!), however it is also good to use in a body lotion and even add to the masks, remove make-up.
I mix it in a mask (avocado, cucumber and grapeseed oil), however, just recently I have learned that Hemp seed oil is much better.
Grapeseed oil can clog the pores, but hemp seed can't. My esthetician uses hemp seed oil and my skin loves it. Never broke out.

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on 9/10/2014 10:26:00 PM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Very Oily, Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Brown

I have heard this was one of the best oils for oily skin.
As for my skin it really hates just about all oils!
It makes me very greasy and just do not see any good results from using this in any manner.

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on 8/27/2014 10:53:00 AM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Oily, Olive, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

I love Grapeseed oil!! I am now following an all-natural regimen for my face and I have decided that I wanted to remove my eye makeup with oil. I tried to do that a couple of years ago with olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil. Maybe I was using too much, but I had the worst experience ever (although I love these oils for other purposes). But on my eyes, it was just too much. My vision was blurry during the day, my eyes were stinging and the bone around my eye was actually hurting!! So I had to stop. I even used jojoba oil recently, I got a similar result although a bit less intense. I decided to use grapeseed oil as my old drug store eye makeup remover had grape extract in it. I just love it. It is very gently on the eye and it doesn't burn or sting. I was bumped after I read a review on google saying that they use harsh chemicals to extract it. That's when I decided to try jojoba oil, but seriously, now I am back to grapeseed oil because it is the best for me. A little goes a long way though, so just one or drops will be enough.

I have found out after a few months use that grapeseed oil was a bit heavy on my eyelashes. I would experience loss of eyelashes every time I removed my eye makeup. What I did (again) was go back to coconut oil since it is lighter, but I made sure this time to REMOVE the oil really well after usage with baby wipes. These things saved my eyes. I used to wash the excess of oil with plain water and that's why it hurt my eyes so much, but baby wipes remove everything and clean your skin very well. So for all of those out there who have sensitive skin, make sure you remove the oil from your eye area really well so that you don't experience stinging anymore. I still use grapeseed oil with a cotton bud though to remove the excess mascara on my eyelids after i apply my makeup on.

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on 7/28/2014 12:15:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Coarse

Eyes: Hazel


I, like most people with combination & acne-prone/sensitive skin, was very hesitant to try ANY oil on my face what-so-ever. After being bombarded by cosmetologists, my doctor and basically any online advice column that oil-free products are vital to treating acne and oily skin, I steered clear of any that listed oil as an ingredient. As a result, I developed extremely dehydrated skin to a degree that I imagine would resemble a patient on Accutane...flaking every time I applied or took my makeup off. Lo and behold, drying out my skin trying to alleviate my dripping oily face only exasperated the problem which of course, led to more breakouts.

Fast forward; after reading about how several oils can actually be beneficial for acne-prone skin, I opted to try Grapeseed oil, reluctantly still. I had some clogged pores on my jaw line and the following day after applying the oil, the plugs just fell out. I then tried it on my forehead, which also...after a day or two became completely unplugged. It's also VERY VERY anti-inflammatory-more so than anything I ever tried before-and full of antioxidants. The first two weeks I loved it so much, I think I applied too much. My makeup began pooling under this stuff as it wasn't soaking in well enough and I also started experiencing dry skin again. Turns out Grapeseed oil is a dry oil. As such, use it sparingly and use it as a spot treatment/blend with your daily moisturizer for unaffected areas.

This oil definitely made me less terrified of using oils on my face. I think I may try jojoba oil to use as a moisturizing component in addition to the Grapeseed oil next to help reduce the drying/astringent nature of the Grapeseed oil.

I guess the point I am trying to make is...anyone who suffers from oily/acne-prone skin...STOP using products that are marketed for oily skin and even acne prone skin. Chances are, these solutions contains alcohol or some kind of sulfate that cuts through oil and leaves your face feeling tight and stripped. Dissolve oil with oil!!

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Brown, Relaxed, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I bought this in the brand Life Flo. After my amazing experience using organic rosehip oil as a night serum/moisturizer, I wanted to venture and try out more oils. This one caught my eye because it is geared towards oily/acne-prone-sensitive skin. Unfortunately, this is most likely the culprit behind my recent unexplainable break out. My skin was doing so well and when I ran out of my rosehip oil I bought this one instead and used it for a week....Terrible idea because my face is broken out in tiny flesh colored bumps and whiteheads (((CLOGGED PORES FROM HELL!!!))) I repurchase more rosehip oil and is back to my normal facewash routine for 3 nights now. So far no improvement but I hope this clears soon....UGH!!!!!

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I use grapeseed oil as a body moisturiser as it is a rich source of Vitamin E and has natural astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It will not keep as long as some other oils, so keep in the fridge if not in use for a longer period and/or buy in small quantities. The scent is very subtle and not noticeable once applied. Not all oils are created equal, and I found it is best to go for cold-pressed, organic grapeseed oil. It can be found in the supermarket with the olive oil or on health websites like iHerb. Grapeseed oil can be very helpful in reducing and preventing scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles.

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