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Moisturizers - Desert Essence - Jojoba Oil - 100% pure

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rated 4 of 5 top reviewer on 1/4/2012 10:21:00 PM More reviews by Remykat

Age: 30-35 Skin: Combination, Olive, Warm Hair: Brunette, Curly, Medium Eyes: Black

I use this with grapeseed oil for facial cleansing (4 to 1 ratio of grapeseed to jojoba). I mix both oils together, massage into a dry face, add one or two drops of regular cleanser, work in, and then rinse. I've also tried it in my hair and added to lotion, neither of which were met with much success. It works out great for making salt and sugar scrubs, but again sparingly and in combination with other oils. For me, the strong nutty smell was a turnoff, but I don't use to much of it.

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rated 5 of 5 top reviewer on 1/1/2012 10:52:00 PM More reviews by bludvls849

Age: 25-29 Skin: Acne-prone, Olive, Warm Hair: Black, Wavy, Coarse Eyes: Brown

I'll always come back to jojoba oil - this was the first moisturizer I ever used on my face, and it's amazing. I have sensitive, easily irritated, acne-prone skin, and this has never broken me out. It's a great eye makeup-remover and an amazing moisturizer that leaves me with smooth, dewy skin. HG.

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rated 5 of 5 on 12/30/2011 12:52:00 AM More reviews by j_leigh69

Age: 19-24 Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: Green

I've been using Jojoba oil for years - I'll review this brand however it's probably worth noting that different brands have worked equally well for me. I use it as a makeup remover and I find it to be very gentle and effective. I also sometimes use it as a moisturizer at night; it's soothing and doesn't clog the pores. It hasn't done anything miraculous for me, but I like it. The only downside is that you need to really make sure to remove any excess before applying eye makeup, otherwise you will get a lot of smudging, so make sure to wash your face afterward.

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rated 5 of 5 on 12/28/2011 8:22:00 PM More reviews by Jojojoanneee

Age: 18 & Under Skin: Very Oily, Medium, Not Sure Hair: Black, Straight, Fine Eyes: Brown

My HG moisturizer!!!
I honestly love this! I purchased this about 4 months back and finished through the whole bottle in about 2 months (I bought the smaller bottle). I used to use this with my Aveeno Clear Complexion moisturizer but I finished that and bought this again and started using it alone. I really love this on my skin, it makes me feel super moisturized and it makes my skin feel happy because it's 100% natural.
It doesn't look oily on your skin (if you don't apply too much) I use 3-4 drops for my whole face in the morning and 7 drops in the evening (yes, it makes my face LOOK like a greaseball but it doesn't FEEL like it) because I don't care what I look like when I sleep.
It doesn't really do much to control my oily skin but then again, I've only restarted using this about a week ago, alone.
Will definitely repurchase.

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rated 3 of 5 top reviewer on 12/27/2011 6:34:00 PM More reviews by joyousjoy88

Age: 19-24 Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure Hair: Other, Other, Other Eyes: Other

First off I have very dry sensitive skin and currently have acne. I used this product for about 2 weeks before I stopped. I found that the first few days of use I really liked it for my skin. I felt no irritation when using the product which is a plus and I found it did a good job of moisturizing without breaking me out. The price of the product is also very affordable and I like how it is a natural product. I stopped using this because although it did moisturize for the first week, I noticed my skin was even drier a week later. I feel that since I already have dry skin, using this oil tricks my skin in thinking it is producing enough oil and stops making it (and since my skin is dry it produces very little natural oils). I researched that jojoba oil is very similar to your natural oil and which is why it probably made my skin drier. So, this did not work for me, but I feel it would be great for oily skin. I also hated the packaging of this product. I wished it came with a dropper, instead of a spout.

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rated 4 of 5 top reviewer on 12/27/2011 8:23:00 AM More reviews by kaydeem

Age: 36-43 Skin: Normal, Fair, Warm Hair: Brown, Straight, Fine Eyes: Green

First, let me say that I am a "dry" person. I don't have acne, oily hair, or an abundance of skin sebum. I understand that jojoba can have some benefits for people who struggle with "oily" issues, but this info will be sort of foreign to me and the way I've used jojoba oil.

I originally bought jojoba oil for my dry hair. I figured that a less-greasy oil might be the panacea for my very dry hair with especially dry ends if I used it as a leave-in serum, When I started my jojoba oil, it seemed like it would be my holy grail. My hair drank it up, but did not look greasy at all. However, after a few weeks of use, I got what I will call "The Pantene Effect." Pantene hair products are notorious for putting a coating onto certain types of hair, making a natural moisture exchange impossible, thereby drying out the hair over time. That's what it seemed like the jojoba oil was doing to me.

But I had this whole bottle! Granted the bottle was not big, but as with all oils, a little goes a long way, so I didn't want to pitch 9 months of oil, so I started using it on my skin.

I quite like it as a daytime moisturizer-booster. I just add 2 drops to a more "luxuriant" lotion that contains some silicones (silicones create a moisture lock on skin and also give a really smooth feel/appearance). At first, I didn't think the jojoba oil was doing all that much. But as time wore on, I began to notice subtle benefits. The addition of jojoba oil to my daytime moisturizer that I apply in the morning seems to allow my skin to hold the moisture in longer, giving me a dewy appearance that lasts all day. I used to feel tight and dry by 3 or 4 in the afternoon and would have to reapply some moisturizer. When I add the jojoba oil to my regimen, I don't have to do this. My skin (including my constantly-washed hands) now appear really smooth all the time...never dry, parched, and wrinkly.

I have also read that jojoba oil has some very slight sunscreen abilities. If you live in a sunny corner of the world, jojoba oil alone will NOT replace a good sunscreen protection. Jojoba oil alone may not even be ideal sunscreen for the dark and cloudy climate where I live, but because it IS so dim here, I sometimes forget to apply added sunscreen. If the jojoba oil helps at all, I figure something is better than nothing.

If you are looking for jojoba oil to help even out an oily complexion or regulate hair sebum flow, you'll have to consult another reviewer. But, if you have dry skin that can benefit from a little "turbo booster" in your moisturizer, I give it my endorsement. It's also very affordable. I found mine at Whole Foods.

The verdict?
For Dry Hair--Not the greatest
For Dry Skin--You should give it a try to boost your moisturizer
For Oily Skin/Hair--???

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rated 5 of 5 on 12/25/2011 10:30:00 PM More reviews by confuzzled

Age: 44-55 Skin: Normal, Medium, Cool Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine Eyes: Hazel

After reading all of the glowing reviews I had to try this. I ordered from iHerb, got the $5 off deal and received it on the East Coast in two or three days!

Forget pricey face creams. At age 49 I've found my HG. All of my foundations contain SPF, so I'm no longer buying day and night moisturizers. My face feels SO soft and looks dewy. Remember to use it on damp skin; that's the only way it will really work.

I'm going to look into getting a huge bottle because I think the next year or two is going to be chaotic with prices and shipping. I'm not running out of this!

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rated 5 of 5 on 12/25/2011 2:09:00 PM More reviews by jwannano

Age: 19-24 Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Black, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

I mix 2 drops of jojoba oil to my pea-size Cetaphil moisturizer.. it works wonderfully for any seasons!!!

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rated 3 of 5 on 12/25/2011 1:51:00 PM More reviews by lexigal

Age: 30-35 Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure Hair: Other, Other, Other Eyes: Other

Jojoba oil...you made me sad. :(

I have very oily skin - large pores, and have only now at the age of 33 (almost 34) been able to get my skin to the point where I rarely break out. After 21 years of skin issues I've tried every Rx product along with every drugstore product ever marketed and finally gotten my skin to the point where it looks very good - or at least as good as my skin will ever get.

The best acne cure is not found on a shelf...Eliminate sugar and simple carbs, drink plenty of water and get adequate rest; screw around with supplements like Zinc, B vitamins, etc. What works for one person won't work for all, but acne is absolutely linked to diet and lifestyle. Try to make your body more alkaline; it's good for preventing acne as well as health and disease prevention in general. Start off every day with two cups of warm water with the juice of a lemon in it, your skin will improve. (I know lemons are acidic but have an alkalizing effect on the body.)

To those of you in your late teens/early 20's who are still struggling, please know that many of us feel your pain and about the only consolation I have to give you is that you WILL look amazing for your age and from 30-60 when your drier skinned counterparts are wrinkly and crepey, you will for the first time feel appreciative of your grease! My oily skinned buds and I have zero wrinkles and easily pass for being a decade younger. Just hang in there, sisters. Just hang on.

Being the masochist that I am, I recently decided that I wanted to change skin and haircare products as it dawned on me the inconsistency between eating "clean" and then slathering my face and hair in chemical-laden products. So, over a period of months I switched to simpler products and my skin was still good. While it was not "glowing" as it had been with the chemical AHA/retinol arsenol it also wasn't breaking out so I was satisfied enough.

Enter Jojoba oil. I read glowing reviews here and elsewhere and finally had the courage to pull out the jojoba oil that had been on my shelf for a year. Derms and the skincare world at large were wrong about many skin-related issues, so I reasoned it made sense that just as a low-fat diet can be unhealthy, an oil-free skin regime to prevent pimples may be more bunk. I washed and applied a few tiny drops and rubbed in well. Skin felt great and the miracle of all miracles happened: I WAS NO LONGER OILY! No matter what I have used on my face in the past, around noon my forehead was shiny...until now! I went all day without a hint of shine on my face.

Well, after about 1-2 weeks of this non-oily perfection, I began to break out in tiny zits all over my forehead, around my mouth and the jawline. Even little buggers on my cheeks which never, ever happens. My skin hasn't looked like this since pregnancy or since I was a teen. Now, is this a purging? After all my AHA and retinol use I just don't think so. I'm in the camp of gals who when I break out like this it isn't a phase but a reaction. And...I'm super sad that jojoba oil didn't work for me. My skin just loves the damn chemicals.

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rated 1 of 5 top reviewer on 12/21/2011 More reviews by crazyfrog13

Age: 25-29 Skin: Very Oily, Fair, Neutral Hair: Blond, Curly, Medium Eyes: Blue

My story: I have extremely oily skin and have been struggling with whiteheads all over my cheeks, forehead and jawline for a few years now. After doing some research, I discovered that this condition is likely "acne cosmetica" (google it) and that foundations and moisturizers are likely the culprits--my skin was always pretty clear before the beauty and skin care industries duped me into thinking that I needed all these extra products to "care" for my skin. So after learning this, I decided to go all natural and started reading about all the benefits of jojoba oil as a cleanser/moisturizer and decided that I was going to use nothing but jojoba on my skin.

My experience with jojoba: At first, I was terrified to put this on my face, fearing that it would cause a massive breakout. So to start I tested it on my chin and nose since I don't normally break out there. So far so good. I eventually worked up the courage to use this all over my face as a moisturizer after using my normal cleanser. For the first couple of weeks, I was happy. My acne wasn't cured, but it seemed like it was getting a bit better, and my skin felt really soft and had a bit of a glow, so I thought that with patience, things would eventually improve. I mistakenly thought that using more of this stuff would speed things along and that I would finally be rid of these annoying whiteheads. I started using this as my one and only skin care product. I used it to cleanse and moisturize my face. I did this for several days and now my skin is worse than ever. I started breaking out in pimples--even getting pimples in weird places like the outer edges of my eye area. That to me is a dead giveaway that a product doesn't agree with my skin. I've stopped using jojoba and have just gone back to cleansing my skin twice a day with a gentle cleanser and things are slowly improving.

I don't normally write such lengthy reviews, but I wanted to share my experience with the hope that others will use this product with caution and not make the same wrongheaded mistakes that I did. Despite all of the claims that jojoba mimics skin's sebum and is non-comedogenic, it absolutely can and does clog pores and cause breakouts in certain individuals. Be especially careful if you are oily and prone to acne cosmetica.

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