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Toners - Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar

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rated 5 of 5 on 4/24/2012 10:29:00 PM More reviews by kushiez

Age: 19-24 Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium Eyes: Blue

This has been a god send for me. I had a patch of dermatitis on the side of my nose that was itchy and peel and red and just plain out disgusting. I tried everything you can think of to cure it: various creams, gels, ointments, you name it. After trying to soothe it away with nice gentle creams, I got so frustrated I thought I would try to "burn" it away with something a little more harsh. Enter ACV. I read reviews on here of people really liking this as a toner, so I put a little on a cotton ball and rubbed it on clean skin and tada! Next morning, my patch of dermatitis was at least 60% better. As I kept using it, slowly but surely, it is almost gone. I definitely notice a difference when I stop using this nightly before bed, so I will continue to use this until I find something more permanent. LOVE this stuff.

P.S. You can drink a little bit of it too, apparently it has great health benefits.

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rated 4 of 5 on 4/23/2012 8:16:00 PM More reviews by treehugger1028

Age: 19-24 Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brown, Other, Other Eyes: Hazel

I never use this as a facial toner because my skin is so sensitive, but I have curly hair and wash with conditioner, so I use this to clarify my hair every 5-7 days. It gives me a fresh start without overdrying, and it is so cheap! I love this natural remedy for getting rid of build-up. I dilute it a lot, so a little goes a long way. It's definitely worth a try as a weekly hair cleanser! It gets rid of product residue very well and makes my hair soft, shiny, and clean. The only problem is it really burns if it gets in my face.

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rated 5 of 5 on 4/21/2012 9:55:00 AM More reviews by blainereyes

Age: 25-29 Skin: Combination, Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brown, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

I absolutely love this product and drink it daily in a mixture of water and lemon juice. Never knew I could use it as a toner!


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rated 5 of 5 on 4/21/2012 7:33:00 AM More reviews by blondi530

Age: 30-35 Skin: Acne-prone, Other, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: Blue

This product has been a miracle cure for my skin. I have tried everything for my adult acne. Proactiv, Clearskin, Avene, Aveeno, Prescription meds and nothing worked most of them made it worse. I do not review items as I would tend not to be impressed with most things. But Braggs apple cider vinegar has changed my life, after 3 weeks my cystic acne has cleared. I cant stop looking at my skin. This has been a long road for me, I have had this acne for the last 4 years and have been to many dermatologists and also herbal healers. I have taken many supplements and vitamins to try and help my skin and while some herbal remedies made it slightly better i always continued to break out. Through much research i began a new all natural routine. If i have makeup on I use a Faith in nature seaweed soap to remove it, then do a small cleanse with light coloured organic honey, when i have more time i leave the honey on for as long as i can as a mask, your skin will feel so good afterwards. Then as a toner i use a mixture made from 50% Braggs Apple cider vinegar and 50% water. finally to moisturise I use 100% natural organic Jojoba oil. This Regime has worked wonders for my skin i have had no new breakouts and my scars are healing daily, i am delighted with the results and can't believe that dermatologists do not encourage more people to try natural products. I would encourage everyone with Acne problems to try this. If anybody needs any further details just contact me. Good luck!!!

4 months Later this is still working better than anything I have ever tried before!!!

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rated 2 of 5 on 4/19/2012 4:38:00 PM More reviews by Sweetmomma

Age: 30-35 Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Brown, Other, Other Eyes: Green

I got this because, like everyone else, I wanted to reap all the amazing benefits people talk about. I was a little scared to put this on my face and never tried that, so I can't say whether or not that would have worked for me. However, I did try to consume it because I heard this was very beneficial as well. Maybe I am a weakling or too sensitive, but this stuff repulsed me. The smell, taste, everything was too strong and foul. I tried mixing it with green tea and honey to make it more bearable, and I was still literally gagging. It over powered the tea and honey by a mile and all I could taste was the apple cider vinegar. So...that's my opinion. I can't speak of any personal benefits from it, because of the horrid taste and smell prevented me from continuing to use.

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rated 5 of 5 on 4/7/2012 4:23:00 AM More reviews by klgbeatnik

Age: 19-24 Skin: Oily, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Other Eyes: Brown

I read about drinking ACV online for acne control. I don't have horrible acne....but it's been a roller coaster for me since high school, going between great looking clear skin and skin so broken out I don't let anyone see me without makeup covering it up. Anyways I truly believe this is the ONE factor in my skin care regiment that keeps me clear. What I do is take a small shot (a little over half of a normal sized shot glass) daily. And I NEED a chaser because the stuff really tastes awful. A lot of people suggest diluting it in a cup of water or juice. I don't do this because if the ACV touches your teeth every day it can erode enamel...its very acidic and I'm super anal about my teeth. So I just slam a shot of the stuff so it goes straight down without chillin in my mouth and effing with my teeth. Anyways, I notice if I skip more than a day of my daily shots, my skin breaks out like a mother, every time. Which is how I know this is the stuff that's keeping me clear.


a big ass jug of the stuff is pretty cheap...I think it was like 12 bucks? And it lasts FOREVER. I get it from vitamin shoppe

CONS: horrible taste

You're probably gonna have to stick with the daily shots for a while before you start noticing a difference in your skin (at least that's how I was)

Oh and also I use this as a toner for any breakouts which are usually a result of skipping my daily shots...Helps dry up pimples quickly and heals sores left over from popping (I'm addicted to popping, bad I know)

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rated 5 of 5 on 3/31/2012 1:56:00 PM More reviews by biometal

Age: 19-24 Skin: Oily, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Black, Other, Other Eyes: Green

This is a review for my skin.

My skin has never been so clear. I can't express my gratitude as I have spent years trying to improve my skin with everything on the market.

I consume the ACV both internally and externally. Once a day I drink about 2tbsp. in some water, and once or twice a week I use the same diluted amount as a face toner.

I won't lie, it is absolute torture to drink the vinegar and I am near-vomiting every time. But I will do what it takes to NATURALLY achieve beautiful skin.

PS. Hormonal breakouts still happen as they cannot be avoided with this, but the rest of the month I am very clear :)

Also, be sure to obtain a natural brand of the ACV, not "Heinz" or anything filtered &processed. The benefits are within the bacterial fermentation and are best when the ingredients are undisturbed.

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rated 5 of 5 on 3/29/2012 6:15:00 PM More reviews by Jessye84

Age: 25-29 Skin: Combination, Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

I use this as a hair conditioner. Yes, you heard right, a hair conditioner and quite frankly I will never buy another drugstore conditioner ever again. It works that well. I have very long, very straight, fine hair and a few months ago I noticed it was getting more tangled than usual and breaking a lot during combing. Upon searching for a solution I stumbled across this as a very cheap, all natural, effective alternative to conditioner and my hair has never looked better!!! Just mix 1 cup water with 1 tbs apple cider vinegar (double if you have long or thick hair), dump over head after shampooing and rinse out. That simple. And in case you were wondering, NO, you will not end up smelling like a salad! The smell goes away once it's rinsed. Give it a try. I promise you won't regret it!

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rated 3 of 5 top reviewer on 3/27/2012 10:58:00 PM More reviews by LeMinx

Age: 30-35 Skin: Acne-prone, Tan, Warm Hair: Brunette, Curly, Medium Eyes: Brown

Oh how I wanted apple cider vinegar to work for my skin. Sadly, most natural cures just don't cut it for my acne prone alligator hide and this is no exception.

About a year ago, I had a bout of acne that just wouldn't quit. I tried nearly everything and was searching for anything that would help. After reading about the benefits of ACV, I decided, why not? I bought the Bragg's version based on reviewers here because I figured the more natural, the better. I even used bottled spring water to dilute it. I will admit, I didn't really ever adjust to using ACV on my face. It smelled a bit too much for my liking and something about all those floaty things staring back at me from the bottle was a bit unsettling. However, I dutifully used it for about six months. I didn't see a significant decrease in my acne or even in of the brightening effects that others have reported. My skin just kind of kept on keeping on and doing its thing (which is almost never a good thing). I did notice that ACV is good as a spot treatment. I think something in the ACV kills the bacteria in acne a bit quicker than harsh OTC spot treatments, but it did little to stop the acne from beginning which was my goal.

Despite ACV not being my face savior, I do like it as a dietary aid. Taking ACV in water or apple juice really does work as an appetite suppressant, and since it's natural I don't have to worry about any weird side effects. I also still use it to mix with the Aztec Indian Healing Clay mask that work wonders too.

Even though this wasn't the miracle product I hoped it would be, I'm glad I tried it because I have found other uses for it. Plus, it's dirt cheap and healthy. Can't go wrong with that!

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rated 4 of 5 on 3/26/2012 2:41:00 PM More reviews by woooooosha

Age: 25-29 Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Straight, Medium Eyes: Brown

This stuff hasn't been a miracle worker, but it has definitely improved my skin. Minimally, but I'll take anything. I firmly believe this stuff has long-term benefits, so I will definitely purchase again.

I've been taking it internally and using it as a toner. My number one complaint is that it is somewhat time-consuming, and finicky. You have to use the right amount, or it will do more harm than good. I started out diluting half and half (for topical) and it worked great. I was impatient, so I went 100% and wow, that was a mistake - it actually made the acne worse. I suggest diluting, for sure.

I put it in a small spray bottle, spray it on after washing my face, let it dry and sit for about 20 minutes (I find I break out if I leave it on too long). I then rinse, put a drop of jojoba oil in my hand, and do one more light spritz to mix with it and moisturize my face, so that only a trace amount is left on to fight breakouts during the day. This seems to work great, and oddly enough, it hasn't dried my skin out one bit.

Internally, I just mix 2 capfulls of ACV with some water and drink it whenever I'm able during the day. It does burn a bit going down, so I don't drink it often, as I think I have an irritated esophagus from undiagnosed acid reflux (although it has certainly helped minor heartburn attacks that I've had). I would not recommend to anybody who has poor enamel or esophageal issues, or to take sparingly if you do.. and with a straw. It is very potent.

Taste and smell are pretty gross. I didn't think it would be as bad as what I've read, but the good news is that you definitely get used to it. In fact, I've found on a couple of occasions that I've enjoyed the taste.

When you get the right mixture, the topical treatment can give you so much instant relief if you are suffering from irritated and inflamed lesions. It will sting like crazy when you first spray it on, but after about a minute you will start to feel a calming sensation and your skin will flatten out and redness will start to fade.

Overall, I am a fan. It takes a while to figure out what mixture your skin will react to, but it is work the wait, and the smell, and the taste. It's awesomely cheap, so don't hesitate to at least give it a try. If you don't like it, use it for cooking!

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