Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup For Face & Body


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Package Quality: 4.3

Price: $$$

Package Quality: 4.3

Price: $$$


active ingredient: titanium dioxide ingredients: isododecane, titanium dioxide, isohexadecane, methyl methacrylate crosspolymer, petrolatum, glyceryl stearate, quaternium-18 hectorite, ethylene mixed copolymer, microcrystalline wax (cera microcristallina), kaolin, cholesterol, aloe barbadensis extract, lavender, sandal wood, tocopheryl acetate, isomerized linoleic acid, geranium, silica, jasmin, stearyl glycyrrhetinate, bisabolol, propylene carbonate, polyethylene, rose, polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate, BHT, mica, bismuth oxychloride, iron oxides, chromium oxide green, chromium hydroxide greens.

on 2/13/2013 12:34:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Brown, Curly, Fine

Eyes: Green

OMG this stuff covers like nobody's business! I really like this foundation. It covers absolutely everything without drying my skin or make me greasy and cakey. You have to use just a tiny bit (a pea size is more than enough) to cover all your face. It blends so easily! First I was scared because this product has a very thick consistency, but I have feeling like applying Armani Maestro Foundation on my skin (because of this dry-oily consistency which is liquid by Armani and thick by EL, but it blends similar). The finish is matte, but in my opinion this foundation is almost invisible on skin. It feels very very light on the skin and last all day long. It didn't break me out which is very important for me. I have very pale skin and shade 11 VERY LIGHT is very good match for me (it's just a little bit more pink than I would like, because I have a yellow undertones... but it's nothing terrible, the foundation adapts to the skin after a while). The formula is not perfumed, non-comedogenic and contains anti-inflammators.
I use it with EL Translucent Loose Powder in 01 LIGHT and for me this two products works very well.
The only thing that make me angry is that this foundation doesn't control my oil very well... I have to do touch-ups during the day, but anyway for my acne prone skin is things like good coverage and no-breakouts on the first place.

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on 2/10/2013 11:41:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

One thing that I love about this foundation is that it does provide maximum coverage! I have tons of acne scars and this helped conceal & lighten the look of them (although they were not completely hidden, my skin looked almost perfect)

However, this tends to get me oily later on in the day (even with a setting powder) so I do need to blot once in awhile. In addition, it tends to settle onto the areas around my nose and mouth and it does start looking un-natural later on in the day. It also dries fast so you have to quickly apply and blend it, and if you have dry skin, make sure you moisturize and exfoliate to smooth it out or else it'll accentuate your dry skin. Also, if you add another layer onto your previous layer for more coverage, it starts looking cakey.

on 2/5/2013 5:09:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Oily, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

So I've had this product for quite a while and originally bought it when I was obsessed with full coverage foundation - for reference; I have a very sensitive but very oily t-zone, particularly my nose which breaks down the normal DW, MAC studio sculpt and Chanel Perfection Lumiere within an hour (seriously; I could cope with the shine, but it literally breaks down and even when I blot, it just disappears and leaves bare, ugly patches) and very red cheeks that are also dry! I used this occasionally for covering particularly bad breakouts but had never used it over my entire face as it's very, very heavy and tends to dry quickly and "stick". Recently, my nose has become even oilier and as I'm getting married in 8 months, I've begun the quest to find a foundation that truly lasts all day and that will battle against my oily nose! I finished my make up today at 07.30 am (for reference; I applied an oil free moisturiser, no primer as I find them too greasy and unhelpful and then applied a thin layer of thing with a combination of real techniques expert face brush and my ring finger. I then used mac mineralise skin finish in medium light). Throughout the day I still had to blot and the usual things happened (some came away from my nose leaving it a touch patchy but not as bad as usual) and at 13.30 (on my lunch break) very lightly dusted my nose and chin. When I arrived home, I touched up very, very lightly (probably not recommended) with my finger by patting (and a small amount of very light patting with the RT buffing brush) using a touch of the foundation (and I mean a touch!!) and a small amount of Collection lasting perfection. I then applied a light dusting of mac prep and prime transparent finishing powder and now, at 22.06 as I write, my foundation is still in place and looks almost as good as fresh. It is a little shiny still on my t-zone, but there is no sign of cakeyness or any of my very large pores busting to get through. I've gone into so much detail because I struggled to find anyone else providing similar reviews with similar experiences as me and hope that someone with the same sort of skin finds this useful. Honestly; with a little patience and blotting, touching up and powdering along the way, I think this is definitely one to have a go at using. If I could attach a photo to this review to show you how intact the foundation is, I really would!!!

6 out of 6 people found this review helpful.

on 2/4/2013 11:23:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Brown

A few days ago, I went to the Estee Lauder counter to pick up some Double Wear foundation. As I was about to pay, my makeup obsession kicked in, and I started to see what other goodies I could grab while I was there. During this time, I got into a conversation with the sales person about the Maximum Cover foundation. I was hesitant to try it because of the mixed reviews I read here. I was also concerned that it would be overkill on my face, as aside from the occasional one or two pimples, my skin is not as bad as it used to be when I was a teen. That being said, I do have scarring and therefore I feel I need a full coverage foundation.

The sales person told me that she personally liked the maximum coverage foundation over the Double Wear because of how smooth it made her face look and feel. She also said that she had an issue with the Double Wear separating on her in the areas of her face where her biggest pores are and even though she loved the coverage it gave her, she had to switch either to the double wear light or the maximum coverage to try to avoid the separating.

As soon as she said that, I was pretty much sold on the maximum cover. The last time I used the Double Wear, I had the same issue with it separating, but the foundation is just so amazing that I thought it might have had to do with the combination of my primer (Benefit Porefessional) and the foundation together. She assured me that it was not just me or my skin type and that she has had several other customers come in with the same complaint.

She then started to demonstrate on the inside of my arm just how the maximum coverage worked, and OH MY GOODNESS. It felt so powdery smooth, and light weight. And I can't even begin to wrap my head around how that tiny bit of foundation covered up most of my arm. She kept rubbing the little drop in circular motions all over my arm, and the veins that you can usually see were practically disappearing before my very eyes. She had me try to move the foundation around and it would not budge. I mean, I used a napkin and everything, and it just won't rub off without some sort of remover.

I decided to get a sample of the Double Wear foundation I had gone in to purchase originally and purchase the Maximum Coverage. It was actually a few dollars less than the DW, which was an added bonus. She discouraged me from getting any concealer or powder as the maximum cover would be enough to do the trick.

To apply, she told me to just put a bit on a warm finger and start rubbing/buffing it out in circular motions. I would suggest starting with your cheek and applying the foundation to one area at a time as it tends to set fairly quickly. I can guarantee you that a little bit goes a long, LONG way, so be very careful and just use a little squeeze to start. Also, she was totally right about using your fingers to apply. I definitely didn't believe her on that one, but this stuff sets so beautifully and seamlessly on your skin that it using even a Beauty Blender (which I absolutely adore) is sort of pointless.

I have worn it for a few days now, and I couldn't be any happier with the product. My skin looks flawless, and there is no cakey look going on which I'm thrilled about. I have worn it for long periods as well as outside in the heat, and I still looked great at the end of the day without using any sort of setting powder or anything like that. And of course, it doesn't rub off. At all.

I would definitely recommend that you put on some bronzer or blush after applying this and walking out the door as it gives such a full coverage that you want that dimension added back on your face. I cannot attest to how the makeup works without a primer, as I never go without applying primer first, but I'm sure that if you use a moisturizer for it to stick on it would do well, as I have played with it on my arm a few times since without putting anything under it and it stays perfectly in place until I use soap and water to take it off.

I love the packaging because it doesn't take up much space in my makeup bag and there is no worry that it will break during travel. There is no wasting product to worry about with this packaging, either.

As you can tell from my lengthy review, I am just amazed by this foundation. The only negative I have to give it, is that there aren't that many colors to chose from yet, but it's a small negative as the color I found (03 Creamy Vanilla) works wonderfully for me.

If you are curious to try it, I would get it somewhere with a money back guarantee and purchase the Maximum Cover along with getting a sample of the Double Wear. This way if you end up not liking the results of the Maximum Wear, you can return it for your money back and still have some of the Double Wear to use until you can swap them out.

If I see any changes with this product, I will report them but so far, this is my absolute HG foundation/concealer product.

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on 2/3/2013 1:05:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Oily, Tan, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

Been through my fair share of foundations and never has one lived up to maximum cover. I have oily skin with acne scarring and this foundation works like a dream! The tiniest amount is enough to cover dark pigmentation, use sparingly or it may look cakey! The consistency is almost cream like but once on it doesn't feel heavy or mask like. HG foundation don't know where I was all these years!!

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on 1/31/2013 1:39:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Tan, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I was really excited to try this product- thought it would be a great match for my extremely oily, acne-prone/scarred skin. They were out of my shade at the estee lauder counter, so the lady gave me a 10-day sample. The first day I wore the foundation, I LOVED it. You really do only need the tiniest amount (even to cover all of my acne/scarring) and it seemed to apply really smoothly. The oil-control seemed good at first, but after a day or two I started getting oilier and oiler? Now, after a few days of using this product I have broken out in places I don't usually, such as my forehead and nose. Also made acne on my cheeks and chin worse, too. So disappointing because I was prepared to buy the full version of this product after reading reviews! Guess the search continues...

on 1/23/2013 2:31:00 AM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I bought this to use in conjunction with my regular EL Double Wear foundation. I was hoping I could alternate uses and not use heaps of product, and this definitely has been the case, I only need the smallest amount of this. I apply with a stippling brush for the most natural appearance (wash your brushes immediately after use, because it will dry hard on them if you don't).

However, it does have a few notable differences to the regular DW. It's a lot creamier, and I find it is lightly less adherent as the day goes on. Maybe it's humidity where I live, but I find it does melt away a little, if I put my fingers to my face I can feel a slightly softer product. I usually set it with a translucent powder just to help wear length a little, but I think in a moderate climate you shouldn't have much of an issue with this.

It's shade range is limited, only five of them, which is a huge bummer. I sometimes mix a little with my regular DW shade to get a closer shade match for my skin. One thing I did find, and I'm glad I swatch tested a couple of times and got the SA to do a full face application before settling on a shade and buying, is that it darkens over time quite a lot on my skin. It's not really like the orange oxidisation you'll get on MAC foundations, more than it's a general darkening by a couple of shades within the first hour. I always feel weird applying this, looking at my way too pale face in the mirror, but I just have to remind myself it will darken and be the right colour by the time I reach work. I don't know if this is a problem unique to me, or if there's others who have experienced it, but definitely test your colour, and let it wear for at least an hour or two before you decide to buy.

This is miracle cover territory though, it's going to cover and stay, you probably won't need concealer, and you'll only need a small amount of product. Make sure you wash it off well in the evenings (when I wear this, I try to wash it off as soon as I'm able, plus I use a face cleasning brush to help remove it). I have found through experimentation that a good quality silicone primer really helps to lessen the risk of breakouts associated with heavy wear foundations (not just this one either). Without a primer, I break out badly, but with one, hardly ever. I also skip morning moisturiser to prevent breakouts and just use a good night cream.

Along with the regular DW line, this has seen a recent price drop from $68Au to $50Au, so it's definitely a lot more affordable than it was. It loses points for the limited shade range. The squeze top bottle lessens the risk of it drying out, and helps to dispense a small amount at a time, but it would be nice if it had a window on the side or back to see how much poroduct is left.

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on 1/18/2013 10:13:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Other, Other, Neutral

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

This is a luxury item for me. But really, a tiny amount goes a very long way. So in that respect, $33.50 is very reasonable. I bought this in Very Light (Revlon Colorstay in Buff for my color reference). It's more neutral than warm or cool. Pretty good match! The texture is really nice (goes on better than Revlon CS, but you still have to do a section at a time). I use my MAC 187 to lightly set my t-zone with powder (maybelline dream matte is nice for this). And, I don't need concealer under my eyes being I use this all over. I would suggest using over a moisturizer and primer as you will get the best results this way. May I suggest BE Prime Time? Then set your undereyes with a light powder like dream matte. Stunning.

on 1/15/2013 8:10:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Oily, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

Ive been using this for about two years now. It really is the most covering foundation which is easily available in shops. It has creamy, quite thixk texture but it easy to spread on your face and only little amout is needed. It gives quite dewy finish so i always dust a bit powder at the end. If prepped and powder properly can stay on quite a while. Problem is, any dry patches or flakes will be highlighted dramatically and if you have any wrinkles or lines it will settle in them too. Also it doesnt really merge with yoir skin so after after few hours it will melt and transfer on everything you touch with you face. And because of that it if you dont blot and powder it will rub off slightly.
Its great for night out cos it covers anything, all acne scars, blemishes, dark circles under your eyes and it doesnt have titanium dioxide which causes 'ghosting' on pictures.
To get the best results i blend it with some lighter foundation to get the cover without feeligs to heavy. Also to get the best shade match because colour range is quite limited. It also plays fantastic as a concealer or if darker shade than your usual foundation to contour your face.
To sum up, i would definitely buy this again cos it covers absolutely anything, last for ages and you can use in multiple ways: foundation over your whole face, blend with another foundation to create light yet covering effect, as a concealer or to contour. Also its good for all skin types ive got very oily skinf and i used on my friend who has dry skin with a bit of redness and it did a great job.

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on 12/28/2012 1:55:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Normal, Fair, Cool

Hair: Brunette, Curly, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

Amazing corrective foundation! I only use this as a spot concealer as my skin is not really that bad, but I do have pigmentation issues from previous blemishes that most foundations won't completely cover. You seriously only need a super tiny amount. This spreads out and covers beautifully. The most amazing thing about this product though is that it offeres outstanding coverage without being ridiculously thick and heavy. I used to use the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer but it became way too thick and cakey under my matifying foundations. This is also my favorite under the eye concealer because it covers all of the color issues and stays put all day.
Definitely recommend and would definitely repurchase.

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