Ben Nye Color Cake Foundation


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Package Quality: 3.7

Price: $$

Package Quality: 3.7

Price: $$



Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Brown

I use this as a foundation. I take the amount i am going to use fron container using an espatula and mix two colors, then with the wet sponge i apply and blend while it is wet. It gives a great coverage and stay all day even with my combination skin.

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Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Oily, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

I found this online and saw all the great reviews. it was $11 so there wasn't really anything to lose. Wrong! so wrong. first i couldn't tell what color i was since I had to order it online. I'm in between light and medium with yellow undertones so I ordered Bisque. I tried to put it on today. It was white on my skin. I guess that's my fault, but still. I tried to apply it with a wet sponge, a dry sponge, a wet brush. Nothing worked! It gave absolutely no coverage. It didn't blend very well. It was overall just terrible. Oh and by the way with the outrageous shipping cost, I think it added up to be around $20. I will try to maybe figure out a better way to apply it, but I doubt it will ever work. This was so disappointing, don't waste your money on this!


Age: 36-43

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Warm

Hair: Red, Straight, Other

Eyes: Green

First I have to say that I have never worn this stuff outside of my home. Only played with it to see the possibilities. Finding the right color was a bit hard. If the color looks like it matches your skin, go for the next darker color. It dries lighter once on your skin. I'm an NC-15/20. I tried Bisque & Cine Fairest but they were too light looking. Or a better use for them in winter? I might use them to mix. Use them around my forehead or jawline. The best color I found for me (summer color) was Cine Beige.

I thought this would be my HG foundation since I'm fairly oily and sweat quite a bit. Buuuut it turns out I'm lazy & this takes more effort than I'm willing to do for a daily thing.

I will absolutely use this for a formal/dressy occasion (if I ever happen to go to one...) because the look I achieved with this was fantastic! I suddenly had this smooth china-doll skin. You couldn't see the makeup.

After using my rosewater toner, I applied this with a wet makeup sponge/wedge. Using a water/LiquiSet mixture. Blotting it over my face. Let it nearly dry, then smoothing it with my hand. It smoothed out suprisingly evenly.

I was not capable of getting it to look good under my eyes. This is partly due to my not repeatedly trying different methods. I did read another MUA poster who uses it successfully under her eyes with a silicone mixture. (User: sefis) So I think I'll try her method soon & see how it works for me! Thanks :)

After having applied it, let it dry and then did housework. Sweating while cleaning, I happened to check out my face in the mirror & this stuff was still hanging tough just as I had applied it. Nice!

I do use it as a top-powder for particularly bad blemishes on top of my Ben Nye concealer.

Seems like a great product, I just have not used it enough.

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Cool

Hair: Blond, Curly, Fine

Eyes: Blue

I haven't tried this product as an all over the face foundation, but I have used it to set my undereye concealer. I apply my concealer, then my foundation, and then I apply the Color Cake onto my undereye area. I then apply my powder all over my face and over my undereye area to blend. It looks okay as far as I can tell - adds some nice extra coverage. The Color Cake applies with a matte texture.

The shade I purchased is Bisque, which is about a shade or two too light for me. I didn't get to try a tester at the costume store that I purchased the Cake Foundation from. The yellow tone of Bisque works fine though since I am using it under my eyes. So far though, I am able to blend my powder in with the Cake Foundation.

I would recommend this product for use as I am using, but don't know how well it works for a foundation. It seems pretty heavy coverage.

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Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

First of all, I have VITILIGO for now on my hands and a little on my face and I am brown so it shows up like a neon sign. I have tried so much makeup hoping to find that it had the staying power of the mistress of a rich man in Paris. I LOVE this cake makeup! Talk about flawless? OMG! I can't stop looking at my beautiful self! I tested it out at Atlanta Costumes here in Atlanta and it's really hot outside and I stayed out for hours walking around with my fiance.

I sealed the cake with Final Seal from Ben Nye too and mixed the cake with Nye's mixing liquid and fixative, can't remember the name of it but it's a richer mix than with just water, meaning, you get a richer color on your skin in my opinion.

I just got home and my hands look very good even after washing them which I always do when I come home. I used a bit of soap but didn't use the soap on my back of my hands where the cake is, just hot water and the makeup is still there sans around the cuticles. It's still on the cuticles but not as much as it was before washing my hands, although not perfect anymore on my hands but certainly good enough!

My face looks as if I just applied it and even better actually as now it's melded into my skin. The color is alive not dead as I hear some people say with pancake. Not Ben Nye! Ben rocks! And $9??? Come on! Ben Nye has an excellent moisturizer that I also used and the sales lady said it was great so I bought it...for $8. Ha! Remember, though, buy the mixing liquid and Final Seal. You will not go wrong and it's WATERPROOFED (more than anything I've ever tried) No\w we all can look beautiful from morning to evening with no muss no fuss.

I'm so happy that I can now use this cake makeup for longevity and not worry about it sliding off onto paper and objects in the office or a restaurants. I can wipe my hands on my face and no makeup. I can dry wipe my hands and no makeup! When I wash my hands, I just pat to dry and the makeup reverts back to being immovable. I'm in love. Lemme go look at my beautiful self again...(smile)...

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Oily, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Red, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

This is a great foundation but does take some practice to get it right, if overapplied or not applied in the correct way it can become chalky or cakey. It can be applied wet or dry but I have found much better success applying it wet, with a lightly damped sponge (the big yellow sponges they sell at home depot for doing tile/grout cleanup are the exact same as the hydra sponge sold by ben nye.. for .99 you can buy one and cut it up to make many sponges). When applying it wet it is very important to pat/blend before the foundation dries, as per the instructions, if you do not do this it is much more likely to end up looking cakey. Rather than pat with my hand I use a second, dry sponge to blend it in.

Another way to apply it that is even better in my opinion is to mix it with a little silicone to create a liquid primer/foundation all in one, I use a blend of 97% cyclomethicone and 3% dimethicone DM1000 ( I put that silicone mixture in a 1oz. airless treatment pump and to use I dispense one pump directly onto the cake, then blot it up with a damp hydrasponge and apply to face. When using this method you do not have to worry about patting it in or using a second sponge to blend, the silicones keep the product from caking and allow you to build up good coverage using a very small amount of product. (this same method works wonders with ben nye concealers too)

As others have stated, the colors on this can be difficult to match, they tend to look much darker in the pot than they do once it dries on your skin. FYI I am a redhead NW15 and I use the Ingenue shade, for slightly darker like NW20 I think the shade Fair Lady would work well.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

I haven't been wearing it long, but I wanted to post on the color since it can be really hard to buy foundation over the internet. I am pretty pale with a ruddy-pink undertone. The ecru and bisque are nice, but looked kinda yellow in the store. I went with geisha. It is slightly too light! If you are really casper white with a pink undertone than this is the color for you.
This makeup is really nice. Sets quickly, wont come off on your fingers even 2 minutes after putting it on. Matte, smooth, easy on. Really covers. I just need the right color!

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Sensitive, Tan, Warm

Hair: Brown, Kinky, Medium

Eyes: Black

This foundation makes me look flawless and amazing. I do think that it might contributed to a recent breakout, but I also was about to start my cycle, so we will have to see. Generally speaking, stage makeup is NOT for everyday use - sadly, I am a peformer by trade, so it just is what it is for me...

I will say that this, with a coating of Ben Nye's Sweat Proof Powder (the white stuff) looks AMAZING - and even if there is a little breaking out if I wear it too long, it is totally worth it to look flawless and beautiful on stage. I can always just do really good pre-application and post wash care for my skin - and again, I am not even sure if this is the primary or only culprit if at all...and it was nothing major...

I mix Japonese and Tan Au Lait colors. One is too light but has the perfect undertone, the other too dark but adds the perfect amount of warmth. The two together are great! You'd think that a pressed powder foundation wouldn't blend well when mixing shades, but this blends beautifully. I've received so many compliments when I'm wearing heaps of this or just a little and it does NOT look caked on at all (sometimes I need extreme covreage if I am battling hyperpigmentation from a recent zit or several). People compliment my skin and not my makeup - so that speaks volumes.

I think anyone who thinks this looks caked on is either wearing the wrong color and does not know how to properly apply it. I use the same brushes I would for my mineral foundation (Alima and Tris McEvoy). I sometimes lightly dust on a darker shade with a powder brush if I look washed out or two pale with my mixing. And with this, I look airbrushed and natural.

Nothing wears perfectly all day, but this definitely will give you one hell of a run. I recently opened for Patti LaBelle and was sweating like crazy on stage (lights, nerves, etc.). I took tons of photos afterwards and I looked amazing! Enough said!

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Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Very Dry, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

=/ I am on the fence about this one. Got it for about a fiver ($10) online, so that was a great bargin price.

First applied it wet with a sponge on to a face of glycerin&rosewater and sunscreen. WOW. Amazingly flawless coverage, for the first 5 minutes, came back to check myself out ten minutes later, and it looked really wierd, like yuk cakey, all over my nose - slipped inside the pores on my nose and my face just looked dried up. So I took it off.

This time no glyecrin or sunscreen. Naked face canvas; took a powder brush, swirled it around the pan and dusted over my face. Less coverage this time, but still very good. Overall I liked the look, but I still looked a little dried out. I think I may experiment, maybe mix this with something else. But I adore the coverage and the wear - been doing crazy exercise, and its still perfection (well it would be, if it were a little less dry!)!!!

Oh and also the colour, was very orangey, 'tear', Im going to buy a lighter shade.

Ok so doing som research on some makeup artist frorums, powder foundations are incredibly bad for anyone, unless you have very oily skin. So if you adore the coverage/wear etc of this or any other powder foundation you can turn it into a cream:

For eyes, mix it with an eyecream.

For the face, you can use vaseline (apparently not greasy!), you normal moistrizer or the glycerine and water mix (1 part glycerin, to 3 parts water).

EDIT: So first of all I mixed some powder, having broken it down with a knife, with some moitrizer. Horrid, no matter what the consistency, it made the foundation peel off my face.

Next I tried it with some vaseline. Ohhh this looks very pretty - glowy and full coverage! I like it! But not major coverage, so I apply to any major spots the foundation dry. I like this, but I can't touch my face or else I get some wierd, pink spots on my face where my true skin shows through. I will experiment some more, although this is a current HG =)!

EDIT: Yuck, I do not like any variations of this - having acne. the matte texture of the powder, highlights how rough my skin is, to make my skin look smooth and healthy I need something reflective/illuminating, to 'smooth' the texture of my acne infested skin.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

This is the best looking foundation I have ever used. It has better coverage than most of my concealers even, yet applies thinly and doesn't look thick. I got mine in Cine Light Beige which is a shade or two darker than my skin tone when applied, but I can usually get away with it.

How I apply it is I squeeze a fair amount of water from a dropper bottle directly into the pan. Then I rub a latex sponge on the cake, mixing it with the water, adding more water if needed. I then wipe and then stipple it on in a fast patting motion. I then gather more product and repeat the process until my face is as covered as I want it.

I love that you can build this foundation, to create as thick a coverage as you want. I seriously think that I will be using this for a long time, as the cake is so hard that you hardly use much each time - and you don't even need much to make your face completely covered and flawless.

The one drawback is that this stuff breaks me out. Not heaps, but my skin is left with a rough texture after a night out wearing this. It definitely clogs your pores so you have to wash it off as soon as you get home. It does make your face feel kinda gunky and clogged after a while if you're oily-skinned like me. However, regular good skincare can counteract this. Just make sure you wash your face every night, tone just to be sure your pores are completely clear, and exfoliate now and then.

The packaging could do with being a bit more travel-friendly, as the twist off lid comes off to easily. But it was made for being carried in large makeup artist cases and doesn't need to be makeup-bag compatible.

Even though this foundation clogs my pores and doesn't feel very good for my skin, the result is the best I've ever found and I'm gonna give this a 5/5 on these grounds alone.

UPDATE 09: I don't use this as my going-out foundation anymore because I break out so easily and don't like putting on more face makeup than I need to. The high-coverage looks nice but these days I try to stick to lighter foundations that don't clog the pores as badly. If I did use this again, I wouldn't use it with as heavy a hand as I used to!

5 out of 6 people found this review helpful.

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