Nature's Gate Sportblock Dry Sunblock Lotion SPF 30


6 reviews

83% would repurchase

Package Quality: 4.3

Price: $$

Package Quality: 4.3

Price: $$

Not tested on animals


Age: 30-35

Skin: Oily, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

Lately I have been trying not to wear too much sunscreen since (although the sun may cause wrinkles it also blocks vitamin D from being absorbed which keeps us from getting sick)! But for my face, neck and chest I do use this. It does absorb well but being I have slightly oily skin it does tend to make me a little greasy but primer helps. It does a good job but I left out one star for the white cast in photos it leaves you in photos. Do know this is a better natural sunblock with better ingrediant, but it also has a heavy white cast in photos so you may not want to use flash on your camera. I've also noted Coconut oil is a great alternative to having a light natural sunscreen without the heavy white cast in photos. ;)

on 11/10/2012 8:16:00 AM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Green

I was hunting around for a more natural, 'safe' sunscreen. I've used other Nature's Gate products (shampoo/conditioner, body lotion) and thought I would give this a go. I've used up most of the tube so it's time for a review...
It comes in a fairly sturdy squeeze tube and is a good size for the money.
I picked this up at a Whole Foods in Portland, Maine. Sad to say, I've never seen this in Canada but hey, most of us Canadians are south of the border a few times a year or use the almighty Internet, so it shouldn't be too hard to replace.
The Good: it truly is fragrance free. Really. Absolutely no smell. And it does work as well as any other sunscreen I've used. I've worn it for a reasonable amount of time outside and not burned. Also, according to the packaging and the reviews, this is a really nice, safe product.
The Bad: well, there is no 'bad'. Bad is a strong word. Let's try uninspiring.
The Ugly: really strong white cast. I am really fair. Almost glow in the dark fair. And this left a noticeable white cast on me. I've tried rubbing it in, using less, etc... no dice. It is hard to wear this with such a white cast, not to mention the whiteness left on any clothes that brush against me.
So, the tube is almost done, and to be honest, I am using the rest on my kids. At 3 and 4 years of age, they don't care about the white cast, or at least think it is funny rather than bothersome.
The feel good factor is high but that whiteness means I won't repurchase. I have found another sunscreen I like better and I'll stick with that.

Update: because I'm a glutton for punishment, I used this again for my run yesterday. I was out of my usual, and thought that this deserved a 2nd chance. 25*C, 75% humidity, buggy, muggy run in the woods. When I got home, it looked like I had spilled white paint down my chest and arms. Long, wet, white drips as the sunscreen sweated off. So not only do I look like I'm about to get caught by the Ghostbusters for my eerie paleness, it didn't even stand up to basic sweatiness. You're a SPORT sunscreen, this is your job. I'll overlook the white cast but sweat is your reason for being! It's your unique stand in a world of everyday sunscreens! Epic fail. If a product embarasses me, it's done. Binned. Never to be bought again. Nature's Gate, check out Coppertone Sport for the dictionary definition of 'dry touch' and 'sweatproof'.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Cool

Hair: Red, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I can't believe I found this at the 99 cent store! I got it because I say it was a dry finish (and it does stay dry and matte!) and then loved it because its fragrance free and paraben free because I have sensitive skin and I never though I would be able to find something at the dollar store that I could use on my sensitive skin! I don't know if it was a fluke or what but if I see any more of these there I am going to pick them all up!

on 4/23/2009 4:15:00 PM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Oily, Fair, Cool

Hair: Red, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

I agree, this is a great sunblock. Non-greasy and matte, great for sports or just being outdoors. I'm always on the hunt for matte sun protection, and this one really does the trick without smelling like I should be at the beach. It does go on very white so I would not recommend for darker skinned gals. I also have not used this on my face, only my body. I will definitely repurchase.

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on 4/26/2004 4:00:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Sensitive, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I bought this product to use during the two summers I worked as a whitewater raft guide because it's a dry formulation and I didn't want anything to make my hands too slippery (lest I lose my grip on my paddle and accidently knock an annoying guest in the head with it!). I LOVE this sunblock. It really is a dry formulation -- the only one I've used that actually is dry. Unfortunately, due the dry formulation, the application isn't quite as elegant as with a more moisturizing sunblock (this was mostly apparent on my forearms, where there's hair, but wasn't really noticeable anywhere else). I used it on my face as well as my body, and it didn't break me out or make me a greasy mess. And the best part is, it actually blocks the sun. For two entire summers, I literally spent all day everyday outside in the sun, was constantly being splashed, and never ever got burned. I did reapply it between trips down the river, though (every 2-4 hours), which I'm sure is part of why I never got burned. I did end up very tan by the end of the summer, though, but I haven't met a sunblock yet that can prevent that. I still use this sunblock sometimes when I go cycling or rock climbing because the dry formulation won't affect my grip, but if grip isn't a factor, my favorite sunblocks are from the Ocean Potion line.

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on 11/8/2003 3:08:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

This is a wonderful dry sunblock lotion that is oil-free, fragrance-free and dries completely matte with no color at all. It feels like you have nothing on your skin!! Wonderful product. I will definitely be purchasing again!!

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